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Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992) Episode 9
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCFar as I can tell a typical Super Sentai series paces itself as such: Introduction, Part way through the series a… this little shit out for a walk and she decided to bug some of my uncles neighbors lol. @OmegaAurora0__0 Trying to think of something funny to say but it all turns out awful in mud head lolHow is everyone this Thanksgiving otherwise haha
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @OmegaAurora0__0 Lmao i was like "okay what con is being played here" than I opened up and saw the whole tweet. Got me good lol! Princess PreCure - Toei Animation - 2015/2016
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC Its hilarious that the best maps of Reach ive played on so far are all remakes of previous Halo maps 🤣 @ShaneorMC How its meant to be played. I mentioned sactuary was well built for mid to long range encounters with s… @ShaneorMC Powerhouse is the one that is sticks out to me (its the one I've played the most by happenstance) and i… Ninja Arashi (1972) Episode 1
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC I dunno maybe I'm overselling it i think most of these devs just work with death match in mind in most cases 🤣 @ShaneorMC I'm coming to appreciate multiplayer map design lol. Any developer worth their salt has to design these… @ShaneorMC That reminds me that there are free for all modes in Halo as well. There are probably maps that work re… @ShaneorMC Yeah thats a Good point. A good team could hold the middle structure for cover and elevation, meaning op…降参しようよ ダーリン
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCGiving thanks to 1977 - 1980
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCThis is all like... legit right? I've looked at this map and uncovered how its a pretty well put together bit of le… those close range weapons are all hidden in those areas how bout that? The close range weapons aren't as viable… range combat seems to be less practical here but the underpasses, the central structure and a couple rock lad… also offering them weapons appropriate for those situations as ive noticed BRs, Carbines and Sniper rifles are… map has a clear layout, with a symmetrical layout and three clear paths left right and center to go down. It s… @ShaneorMC Shane i just had an epiphany about Sanctuary from Halo 2. I'm pretty sure that map is brilliant and tel…'ve only see a few tokusatsu shows and only Kamen Rider Zero One all the way to the end but that ill be surprised… @ShaneorMC @AAAAAGGHHHH Dogs for the win \(•w•)/Just got to the half way mark of watching both Mahou Sentai Magiranger and Turn A Gundam. Pacing of both is throwi…
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC Cant wait. @mikelikehikebi1 Hope you can get this shit sorted my man. Sounds like a pain.おしり!🍑🍑✨ #いいおしりの日
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC @mikelikehikebi1 Oh my God... You're RIGHT @mikelikehikebi1 @ShaneorMC Says every Eva fan watching that scene @mikelikehikebi1 @TwitterSupport Check your settings and see if there are any location based settings you might hav… writing
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCフィットネスシロナ
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCSomething about Tokustatsu shows in their middle section seem to drag. Its not necessarily that they are badly pac… once again to Fanboy over how cool i think Getter Robo is lol Episode 13 of Getter Robo Armageddon
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC @mikelikehikebi1 @ShaneorMC 👌 @ShaneorMC I'll pass on the bulimia but I'll accept Halo 2's loving embrace 🤗 @ShaneorMC Just jumped off of some Reach and am starting up some H2. Keeping all I gleamed from that cursed lemon r… @ShaneorMC Armor abilities in a nutshell lol. @ShaneorMC Based and Chadly. Also is it not the DUMBEST thing in the world that Reach gives you jetpacks yet has m… @ShaneorMC Scooby dooby doo? @ShaneorMC Catnip and squirrel meat soda... Ew 🤣 @ShaneorMC Brian Reed needs to wake up to a fat baseball to the head for writing in that twist 😂Still utterly shocked as to how horrible butchered Cortana was in Halo 5 Guardians. Like... that was absolute char… and Grimmjow have the same voice actor, they are automatically budies #JujutsuKaisen #呪術廻戦
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCRandom people on the internet are better teachers than most paid professionalsThe M90 doing work on the Flood
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC Probably a perfect example to use if you're trying to explain map control. Top floor has the advantage,… in Halo 1 is a fun map cuz if the a team takes over the upper floor the others guys are kinda fucked 😅 @ShaneorMC @ShaneorMC Yeah lol and I probably wouldn't have noticed if you guys hadn't told me 😅 On the brightside i can uniro…*Wheeze* 🤣 all the retarded bullshit in My Immortal the only thing that actually pisses me off is that a vampire wears Cruc… in a MAGA hat is an... interesting choice lmao last major goal of 2020 is to put in at least 200 hours into Master Chief Collection lolWhether I'm using an SMG or a Bolt action rifle the game plays the same, moving cover to cover shooting guys from b… about it as I slowly peck through Call of Duty 2 a problem I feel it (and other COD campaigns thinking abo… you want to get good at Halo but your Internet is dogshit 🤣 @ShaneorMC all of Halo except for 4 lolTook like 20 hours but I've managed to reinstall The Master Chief Collection lol
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC I want it to be good... Then again I love a good dumpster fire... your watches gents... @ShaneorMC @ShaneorMC Examples of CNN being shit: @ShaneorMC Yeah COD killed shooters for like... 8/9 years lol. Took Doom ripping and tearing its way back to relev… @ShaneorMC Missed out on the golden age of shooters unfortunately. Was just a whee baby when most of the GOATs came… @ShaneorMC All the classics. Wasn't able to engage with their multiplayers but as far as single player goes Doom h… @ShaneorMC I've heard thats a good one. Don't own it tho never felt the need to own a dead multiplayer only game l… @ShaneorMC other dead ass games id love to try probably one of the Quake games or Unreal. I own most of the quakes… @ShaneorMC Okay thats pretty good lol @ShaneorMC That shit is DEAD as hell. @ShaneorMC Just Googled it and... Apparently not 😬 @ShaneorMC 4 was the first shooter i ever played so I gotta respect it at least a bit. Unfortunately ever be able…'ve been watching Slayers lately
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JC @ShaneorMC I kinda want to immerse myself in some proper COD, just so I can expand my newfound fascination with mul… @ShaneorMC 3 Lane maps ive heard are very popular in COD cuz they are small and seem to facilitate the rapid death rates the game pushes. @ShaneorMC And I don't much know how you build a map in a game where everyone comes in with different guns and abil… @ShaneorMC COD is probably impossible to make good maps for because in Halo (as far as ive gleamed) a great map is… @ShaneorMC Also I could NEVER figure out which weapon to use. Possibly just inexperience but thinking back to it C… @ShaneorMC Back in the day My brother played a lot of Black Ops 2 and what little I partook I died nearly immediate… fights ghosts and demons with his ugly friend, a midget and a pretty boy'm just saying Crash 4 was still better and you guys didnt even make it
Retweeted by Dork-Ass JCMaybe its too early to tell but COD seems like a series that I won't be getting back into. Its just not as interest… toss grenades and shoot from behind cover. Its very... simple. Compared to gears, which is also say is simple… only about an hour into COD 2 on hardened mode but so far it hasn't presented anything interesting compared to G… a Call of Duty Campaign after having played through Halo and Gears of War is an INTERESTING experience. Th… @mikelikehikebi1 @NerdySpencey @SirPunchy3 @616Middlechild Aliens at the end of 2020 wouldn't shock me at this pointFunny little thing, Booted up Call of Duty 2 and one of the first things you see is a russian diary entry calling… A Gundam Episode 24 The moon race people are hilariously racist lolBooted up a rom of one of the Super Robot war games and immediately MOTHER FUCKING GETTER ROBO AAAHHHHHHHH @ShaneorMC Reinstalling right now lol.Keep booting up Master Chief Collection but whenever I try to start a multi player match or single player mission… characters from Dr. Slump making a cameo in Dragon Ball is quite cute. @OmegaAurora0__0 So long as it doesn't win GOTY I dont care lol. Doom or Tsushima earned that shit.