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@Kathryn65430380 😍😍😍Morning! I am drinking in this sunrise today so I can always remember what it feels like after the moment has pass…
With everything going on I can’t stay silent as staying silent is being complicit No matter how hard you work, wha… @JacqusRus Ah thanks so much x“I liked you before, I like you even more now” @BBCNaga speaks for the nation on @BBCNews when talking with…
Retweeted by Dr Amir Khan GPMorning! The wildflowers on my run were alive with bumblebees today seeking nectar and collecting pollen! That go…
It’s FRIDAY! And time for my weekly victory lap of gratitude for surviving another week in the NHS and staying heal… @yvettedoc50 😂😂😂😂 @phillipread8 Thankfully it is not!! @ethansgrumps It definitely does!! @ceg30 Just a bruised ego! @nliwilson 😂😂😂Doing a video consultation with a patient from home French doors to garden open sun streaming in, both me and pat…! It’s another glorious morning on the Yorkshire Moors - the scenery is absolutely spectacular! The sun is…
@Janice98589781 😍 @BridgetEllerin4 @Proudfoot I think the starlings are too noisy! @alisonla14 Here are the two most photogenic ones! @AmandaWilliam75 Here they are x @oeysterpearl Here are two of them! @DanClegg4 It’s all me! @AnExpatWife They have fledged! But not very far as they come everyday for food...mum and dad still sticking close…! I am working from home today doing telephone/video surgeries and have come out for a 5 minute break An… shares how you can keep fit and active from home during #coronavirus lockdown.
Retweeted by Dr Amir Khan GP'Don't delay in contacting us. We are here to help.' @DrAmirKhanGP joins other primary care colleagues who are here…
Retweeted by Dr Amir Khan GP @TheSerpentina Yes some rain would be nice! @Horsemary60 Otley, leeds x @Lily77114339 Love this gif!Morning! I am LOVING the fact that so many fields and green spaces have been allowed to grow wild and lovely! Bea…
Typical antics from #MamaKhan who is still isolating: 📞 Mum: When you drop off the groceries later can you cut th… new study has found that the longer a male's ring finger is the less likely he is to suffer complications of Covi…
Retweeted by Dr Amir Khan GP @FollowingForFu2 Hellooo! @ALIJTMOT I hope so too x @sallyj748 Of course! @tatemercer3 He’s a stunner! @SaeedaButt4 😆😆😆 @LippyDeville Im saving them for Friday! @Saralimback Happens to me all the time! @Lily77114339 Cow and calf xMorning! It’s a stunning sunrise here in Yorkshire! The moors are lighting up in anticipation of the day ahead,…
@Vegansorrel Of course! @Poppysmum I hope to do so if im@allowed! @researchDawn Yes I’m my northern tones! @PhilippaB Definitely will be an audio book x @MrsSCook2 I hope so! @dog_gem It certainly will! @ThatLyanne Absolutely! @andreapitt24 Definitely! @jeff_rumwoods Of course! @Dr_Ellie Thanks Ellie! @janeskuds I’d love to! @TaraBeau 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @Lindawa22842749 Thanks so much! @MikeW_Digilead Can’t wait to hear what you think! @purpleplaits 🙏🙏🙏 @thentherewere7 Thank you so much! @helemarleyIM Yes!! @VickyTierney I remember you too Vicky! The good old days! @hewitt_angela Thanks Angela!! @joanneperry13 Thank you! @Bambi_254 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @battybev1 🙏🙏🙏 @ALIJTMOT Fab thank you! @jillian_hendry Thank you x @emmacookeee Fab thank you! @Titch_K Thank you! @sburton1000 Thanks Steve! @Vic3769 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 @brienmullins @IrishMichelle2 Wooop! Thank you @JaneyT46 Amazing thanks xx @starsandskates Woohooo!! Thank you x @kazzikammy Of course x @SueGenevanana Yes x @poppletones Thank you xx @drbosheaGP Thanks Brendan! @IrishMichelle2 Thank you x @SandraM25036658 Yes x @Kate_Hallworth Thank you! @birt_br It is both xxx @lizzieb99 Thanks so much liz! @julieetheringt1 Thanks Julie x @LizzyRatcliffe Thank you!! @DaniEStewart1 Oooh thanks so much xxx @jopeters23 Thank you so much! @karenspicer51 Yes! Thank you @suekcraft Thanks so much! @dog_gem Yes it will xx @dornerk 🙏🙏🙏 @louisehgraham11 I saving that for the next book! @LornaManie 🙏🙏🙏 @bassetnormand 🙏🙏🙏 @hausofrushdi Thank you x @SusanUnderhill7 🙏🙏 @Xpert_Wizard Of course! @tillymal Thank you xx @by_witter Yes a bit! @JackieR56630754 Fabulous thank you! @SuzanneB6 Thank you! @adammitch6 Cheers Adam! Nice to hear from you! @phyllis_hotmail Thank you x