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Pre-Pandemic Stand-Up Comedian and writer. Future employee of Hell(Contracts Department). Let’s do stuff. Geoph is pronounced Jeff. #Comrade He/Him BLM/ACAB

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@MillieMouse13 @KingLouXI I haven’t had to do above very basic math since 2010 tho. Like I didn’t even have to take… @MillieMouse13 @KingLouXI I sure as shit didn’t @KingLouXI >me, notoriously bad at math @RoboRobMusic Man he’s a piece of shit lol @_jadeisabelle @CaptAmazo You got this! @RealSteveCox @curtisrobin Aaaaaaaaaaaaand Steve starts to get shit from randos on the internet for a harmless statement in 5, 4, 3...Normalize sitting down to pee. Like for real. Why the fuck are we aiming and then having to clean it up(for those o… in power, Diego Maradona. One of the greatest on and off the pitch
Retweeted by Geoph DraperOwning the libs by killing grandma this holiday season
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I'm raising money to Buy Ian Miles Cheong a Malaysian Bridge to Haunt. Click to Donate
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @herosnvrdie69 I’d get tested again in about 5 days just in case. I hear it sometimes takes a bit after you’ve been…
Retweeted by Geoph DraperRemember: When someone complains that communism/socialism stole their family’s farm to ask them what type of farm i… @Fight_4_USA_Now @briebriejoy Ooooo you sure did show her. “Let’s delegitimize her by poorly photoshopping her to l… @lenavalkyrie “(username redacted)” @RaviSubbie Noble work. Awesome to seeI wish James Woods wasn’t such a piece of shit cause I genuinely think he’s funny on screen. Like him as Hades? Com… am now the sole owner of the only picture of me that still exists with no beard. It was taken back in 2012. It wi… @NepswirlDaBeard Growing up in Texas I personally know ALOT of people that think that blackface is okay specificall… @velma_dankley Eddy hands down. Idgaf if Otto has an ego the size of ocean shores, he’s the homie FOR SURE. @audreys_trick @ExtraKisses @matrixreloaded_ Yeah you’re right. I was definitely wrong about that at the time
@princess_antifa @bekiund That’s fantastic! Excellent job! Love the birds! @kaypee S A M E @velma_dankley @shantilly_t I don’t seem like the type but hip hop is pretty important to me. @shantilly_t @shantilly_t They don’t like hip hop. I could’ve avoided a lot of abuse if I had just stopped at that one with my l… @ginfueledart That shit sucks. I’ve been tazed before but also this year I let my finger get too far behind a wall… at race in America is a pretty damn eye opening experience. Exposing systemic racism in society is so impo…
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Retweeted by Geoph Draper @MillieMouse13 I was staunchly against guns until this year so not me @MillieMouse13 I literally ask myself this question within minutes of being on twitter for the day @Dystopian_Rob @GoosebudsPod
I wish I could share playlists I make with you all but no one else but me is on tidal apparently. Smdh. @MillieMouse13 The story of Noah’s Ark killed it for meA friend of mine from Nebraska is missing. If you see Denny Stephenson (@dbo360 @dbo360x), his dog Bane, and/or his…
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @SandyFrizzle H A R D A G R E EThe police are weaponizing the pandemic all over the world. We organize socially distanced protests, they force us… friend Kaylin wrote this abt one month before she died, 4 years ago today. I loved her. She shld not have had to…
Retweeted by Geoph DraperIt’s okay. The only people leaving California for Texas are racists anyway. That’s the only reason someone would WANT to live here. @NepswirlDaBeard This person is REALLY showing off by doing that boss in an order where that’s even possible. The s… @yedoye_ You’re getting there dude!
@badfox153 @Dystopian_Rob I voted for Alien and I can’t even disagree with this. @Dystopian_Rob I’m not saying this sounds good cause it doesn’t. I am however also not saying it looks bad. @kaypee Nah we got fleets instead.This #ShouldBeInTheConstitution
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @ComradeBreanna It is not better than Whataburger but it’s decent @Staya_Stray Also I’m 99% sure I wouldn’t have received any help being that I am a 6’3 guy in Texas and she was a 5’1 woman. @Staya_Stray I don’t know what to answer here. My most physical abuser got put away for something unrelated so like… @JesseDoctor UHHH @AJadeNewWorld @shantilly_t I like this definition the most even if it isn’t quite the most accurate. @shantilly_t “The left wants to take away your Friday”Kyle Rittenhouse better hope he’s safer on the outside than he was on the inside.
@emilyonhere’s been a week. could just be that I’ve been up since 5:45 but today’s moving awfully slow. @KingLouXI I’ve been known to eat Cheeto puffs with a fork so I don’t get Cheeto-finger. @lenavalkyrie Offices get awfully cult-likeMy most important daily update
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I can’t take someone seriously when they have some kind of screen name like BLOODY DARKEDGE or something like that then they play healer.
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @RoboRobMusic Just keep going @MillieMouse13 No wonder I prefer cats. hoes are too loyal. I thought people said you were supposed to not be loyal. I need space. Help.Congress is getting $700 a day to sit at home till January and not talk about stimulus but they gave us $1200 back… is beginning to stop the investigations on Trump. Watch him pardon him. Watch. Watch.
The TLDR of my longer PTSD post is that Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyers sent men to my old apartment and these men knock…
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @K84UnitedLeft @BarackObama @LastArtistOTL @K84UnitedLeft Pretty sure he is, yeah. @SandyFrizzle @KingLouXI Basically came here to say this too @panicbombbby It can be if you want it toStarted lifting weights and walking today. Gonna’ hate this fact tomorrow. @goblinsaurusrex I just partook myself and for half a second I thought you were about to roll up using the fruit by the foot.Good morning don’t say it back or so help me- @bambooney That’s why it keeps getting delayed. They’re fighting over how big to make the peepee sign.It’s a club. And we ain’t in it.
Oh god my first partner is a literal childTime to play America’s favorite game: Every time I lose at apex, take a dab. @kaypee @panicbombbby Yeah well the stuff never happens when I threaten it so you’re welcome.At 450 followers will post holes. This is a threat. @D8bitGaming I’m no financial expert, but that $3 savings is holding you back, clearly.They could delete all the nazi’s accounts in a few seconds but no, yeah, let’s just add stupid features from other…
Retweeted by Geoph Draper @RNGundam Oh this is where they launch the Hy-Goggs right?Some of y’all have never been dumped cause your hair is better than your significant other’s and it shows. @Santa21206409 You’d be making them nice and toasty too. I’m sure they’d appreciate that. @Complex “NYPD breaks up good time to be had by all, honoring the popular film Rumble in the Bronx”. Fixed the headline.I write this with the assumption that we’re all on a watch list anyway. PURELY HYPOTHETICAL, but I wish that someon…
@slvggirl @AristotleSR @ElectedEmily @peachflavorjess Wrong answers only @rabbitgundam Okay this is awesome @SimplyStapha Which one is your favorite? @K84UnitedLeft I’m relatively sure I’ve never dated anyone that isn’t bi. @softbabycarrot @Empnewblues Whoever controls our politics needs to be criticized the most in ANY setting. @panicbombbby