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@pinkiesbrains This is it. The ultimate power couple everyone wants to be.
@BoiraPlushies YE I can't wait to see my boy done up as a plush!
@Katiecakesinc @Bartholomeows HE ATTAK!!! @DrawKill @Bartholomeows Exclusive baby bart footage
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹He woke up and started opening all my drawers while am trying to sleep. This is my payment for baby Barty pics. @helicopterVe He used to sit on my foot and I'd walk around with him on it. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ💕I think kittens should evolve to grow slower so I can witness smol for longer.Never before seen footage!!! asleep, post baby Bart!!! used to be same size as Mario 🥺 @bfox135 I had to play hunting game where I point at him and he sits still and hunts my hand lmao.Thanku little kitty for bringing lots of joy to this dead girls heart. 🥺💜Happy birthday to best boy Bart, he 1 year old today!!
waiting for this to fall on me killing me immediately upon impact.
@pinkiesbrains It was nice knowing u pinkie... @kapsulecore Ooh that's smart! I remember I'd get blisters from doing this. @kapsulecore RIP to your hands.
@Vapen_penguins Steins;gate. I've never actually watched it but whenever I see someone talk about John Titor someon… @TokiOceans Someone play the pun drumsLike if it was just an ARG do u think he's mad and wish he copy righted his name- Or proud cause he made enough com… time to go back to bed.I wonder how John Titor feels about being in an anime... 🤔This gonna be funky to sleep with.Fingies crossed I can play vidya game normally again. 🩹't live my best life cause anxiety lives it instead. :) @oryozema Oh noe- she cute!! 🥺💜
@SnowNeana Her sweater looks so comfy 🥰✨we ar̷e̶ ̴a̷l̵l̴ ̴c̵o̸n̷̝̂n̷͙̔e̵͕̋ç̴̹̔͘t̴̛̓͐ȩ̶͕̺̠̏̑̄̍͠͠d̶͇̳̙̀̒̄͂̚
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹descent
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹Bloodletting
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹melting poi n t
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹Cut my heart and hope to bleed.🔪🩸
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹Kᴇɪɪᴄʜɪ-ᴋᴜɴ, ᴏᴘᴇɴ ᴛʜᴇ ᴅᴏᴏʀ... #higurashi #ひぐらしのなく頃に
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹Spooky bus ambient complete.
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹I actually use desktop a lot tho so... 😔
Finally!!! 😩👌 @tiredtadpole steal them all. @kapsulecore Just everyday ordinary vibes.
Die Wonder Update! Current pages: New Readers:
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹Die Wonder Update! Current pages: New Readers:
@oryozema Happ birth!!!!!!!!╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯🎈✨
@pinkiesbrains I love my Demonia's but I can only wear them for so long cause it has 0 arch support. 😔 Only comfy o… @Lunetasy Lune has blessed us with cute demon gorl 🥺💜 @Rezllen UVs........ @guropulp Agreed, it can be pretty suffocating won't lie. If you need help with anything am here friend. 😔 @Adorabirb It rly is, I see people just *do* things they need to do all the time without the mental agony and im just-- how? @Adorabirb Our bodies are against us... ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ😔I beg and plead to my brain to just LET ME do the draws.... but it won't.I put my pen on the screen- Extreme frustration and drawing rejection flows into my hands.sometimes u just procrastinate on an almost finished comic page for a week. 🤷‍♀️ @JubeiMuffins You are now immortal.
@SketchMeNot These pages look so good, great job! Misery-chan's a cutie. 👌💜 @chocovania I haven't been using it idk if anyone else has been- It was just so frigging slow my impatience couldn't handle. @VictorZ369 He kinda tried when he was a kitten right on my neck, but I taught him to stay on his pillow so I don't… @VictorZ369 Sometimes they just want to be noticed with a slam. @kittiefriedrice LET HIM IN!!Bart keeps opening my draWERS-- (⊙__⊙)💢
@guropulp I haven't seen this movie since it came out but I still think about it randomly. Will little prawn husband ever be happy?... 😔 @batbandage Hah ye, I been seeing some wild designs. One of them was a straight up fortnight pay card.
@MinkRuler You can either go through the main screen and select mii's or if you go into your menu while in game the… @grave_weaver YEA-- Except when it's suddenly 5am and you realize you spent hours creating a single mii. ✊🥲 @ArtistMuch Miitopia demo if you got a switch~ @grave_weaver It's an actual thing! There's a demo for Miitopia on the switch and they updated the character designer.someone take this away from me.
@Katiecakesinc BIG SPARKLE ENERGY! ✨💜 @Katiecakesinc YESS JOIN MEE!! @Katiecakesinc It's the miitopia demo in the nintendo shop 👌Brb gonna make all my OCs into mii'sthe ultimate picrew....
I wish twitter had audio posting or better then 2min max 120p quality video. 😕 @LivingTombstone Still a based song I gotta listen to sometimes even though the fandom went a little too hard for me. ✊😌 @chilidude2 I still lowkey wanna put some point and click in it somewhere somehow... @drawibug She looks her grumpy best! 💜o (◡‿◡✿)tsuki, die wonder
Retweeted by DrawKill 🩸🩹 @Akouryo Ah thank you! Glad you enjoyed it so far! 💜(ノ´∀`)
thank for liking my moths that took 3/4 of my soul to animate.Hell world! 👏 Hell world! 👏 @lapin__lapin This. We are tired.
i got such bad RNG with my body. 🤕 @lapin__lapin Can't wait for more pretty Inu curry animation ✨ @ColaLordKyo Hope u gettin a good taste of dark moe.I cant wait for more miserable lesbians. (•‿•) @gestart333 Thank you!💜 @honkertherat I do got some, yes. @Applepixie the go to blinks: Blink once! Blink two more time!"...Why are they like that?"
anyways, pls learn from my lesson and don't use bad hand/wrist posture. At least mRNA might have a good hand in rev… @yunimoindanger I don't know much about carpal tunnel but I'd assume my dr would have called it that if it was.i can't believe i gave myself carpel arthritis in my left hand from playing WASD games and injuring myself in the s…
I will finally never have to worry about if Twitter's AI is gonna decide my OCs feet is the best crop.When will I be blessed with the full image preview update... 🥺
@Ankitta_ Gotta tuck him in, give him a little kiss!He had to bite it first tho. made Bart a bed for my desk to hang out on when I'm working and he actually been using it. 🥺
@pinkiesbrains Did you try either deleting the background or making it unvisible and then saving as PNG? It worked for me. :o
@weeniedesu Oh ew wtf. :-( People always gotta suck the fun out of things, just creates extra work for the streamer… @weeniedesu There's bots invading streams now- I haven't streamed in so long so I haven't experienced, do they spam you or something?
Bus ride into the abyss...
@StrawbKaerel It's blender! It's for my comic, decided to make blender my colourist to speed up the process for mys…