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The most ruthless, athletic competitor in video game history || @TurtleBeach @Gamefuel @FanDuel @Roccat || Memoir AVAILABLE NOW! 📕

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@RocketLeague @Lamborghini Yayayaya @RocketLeague @Lamborghini No 1990 Diablo VT?
@ZLanerOFFICIAL Don't be shy🔴LIVE NOW - WARZONE A brand new map and 100k tourney this week? Oh baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby b… @NICKMERCS Kickboxing I'd lay you out so fast.
@FRSkyRRoZ Minimum
Champions Club is taking over Wall Street’ve been streaming Warzone for over a year now. @ZLanerOFFICIAL @CouRageJD 💪
Yayayayaya🔴LIVE NOW! - WARZONE Aggressive new pistol meta looks incredibly balanced and fun to fight against! No rage today… @CouRageJD Games tomorrow? @CouRageJD Hahahaha hahahahahaha Hahahaha haha
@FreakazoidA Lots of nights watching the Freak @KING_BABYBAY Oh baby baby baby babyCalling my shot...
🔴LIVE NOW - Valorant Aggressive Phoenix player trapped in this sewer pit silver league. Today, I get out.… this day, I still have no idea what League of Legends is about. Is it a trading card game?
@timthetatman Three pretty basic snipes🔴LIVE NOW! Can @ZLanerOFFICIAL and I make a historic loser's bracket run to the Grand Finals of the 100k Warzone… @drdisrespect the VSM can’t be contained.
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @drdisrespect first we grab em...
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @drdisrespect you put it in the wrong locker but I found it nonetheless. 🤝🤝
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectRed ink (blood) Autographed book - Secure Audiobook - Secure Water bed - Don't need it Gonna enjoy some VSM with…
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @drdisrespect, did you add the sound person from Infinity Ward or Raven Software to your team? Geezus.…
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🔴LIVE NOW! $100,000 Warzone Charity Tournament w/ @ZLanerOFFICIAL Drippin in Heat... @randomfrankp @bravoINTEL BR, BF4 speed...oh baby babyDICE and EA "are really going to bring it" with Battlefield 6, according to @drdisrespect. "I'm excited for Battle…
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@JakeSucky I'm sending your buddy a jersey. A custom one.Good night...
🔴LIVE NOW - Warzone 100K Tourney Practice Also, I'll be talking a lot more about the NY Times. Lets set the tone… @ZLanerOFFICIAL WOW WOW WOW WOW @ZLanerOFFICIAL Practice sesh today, all day? @Kross @ZLanerOFFICIAL QOTDDrippin in Heat with @ZLanerOFFICIAL Tourney next week.... oh baby baby baby baby!
Champs, we crushed it. The reviews, the excitement, the story. Our total numbers blow out these numbers, we sho… @nytimes, a book that made Top 15 on your new bestseller list sold under 5k copies. We sold more than that fir…
🔴LIVE NOW on the @FanDuel YouTube Channel! Drafting my DFS lineup for #TheMasters and playing PGA 2K21🏌️… @lts_Iron had to be wallhacks on the rock... unless he's a pansy @H3CZ @nytimes I’d watch your mouthChampions Club, Tomorrow we find out if we made the @nytimes best sellers list. Buckle in. @cloakzy I can’t even tell the difference
@CouRageJD @Fwiz Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Hahahahahaha Hahahahahahahahaha @BKoepka I’m putting together my FanDuel lineup. I’d love to see a win baby...FanDuel 🤝 @drdisrespect Tomorrow the 2x back-to-back CHAMP will be LIVE on our YouTube channel drafting his DFS li…
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @timthetatman @NICKMERCS Solo contest: - 4 hours of solos - Winner with the most wins with 10+ kills Flip phone i… @NICKMERCS Que pasa babycc @NICKMERCS’s going to be a memorable weekend at #themasters I can feel it. So I’m hosting my first @FanDuel Masters compe… @ZLanerOFFICIAL Nothin like it
Session just ended... @TylerTeeP @Envy I think @hastr0 is gambling on this one. Has he even done anything in the CoD scene before Warzone?🔴LIVE NOW - Huge Day in Verdansk Triple Threat Challenge w/ @ZLanerOFFICIAL ✅ Duo Win w/ 30 Kills Minimum ✅ Trio… @Asmongold Tomorrow? Why tomorrow? Sounds like another delayed excuse. @TSM_Break DeadlyThere's a reason I dominated the field yesterday. @drdisrespect #VSM
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectSilver 3 Teamwork
Happy Easter!'s a difference between old...... and defeated. We're nowhere close to either. @Cult_Of_Gozer @TTV_PrisonMike @fuGue_tv What a champion! @Zak_Bagans Careful, it’ll whisper to ya tooBig firm handshake to @drdisrespect for sending me this masterpiece. I don’t read often but tonight think I’ll crac…
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @DrLupo Until my tire blew offMy memoir is a best selling Minecraft guide. I’ve never played Minecraft. Think about it.
@Greekgodx Duos? @Zedd I’m already writing a song, to this pic, for you.Thank you @drdisrespect for this future 2x NY Times bestseller
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectWant a signed copy of @DrDisrespect's memoir and swag? Enter for a chance to win: 📕 Follow @GameFuel 📕 Like this…
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect @justinsilversc1 Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow @NICKMERCS @Pamaj I'm working on mine as well. Will have for you by Monday.
🔴LIVE NOW WARZONE, VALORANT, PUBG, ROBLOX, MINECRAFT, FORTNITE, AMONG US, WoW, CS, MORROWIND, METROID..... at the… @shroud I'm on a 2 game solo win streak in PUBG. FYI. I'll be watching tonight.Good morning United Kingdom! I was thinking of taking my private jet to get the UK version of my Memoir. Unless… @H3CZ Dominant, good looking, million dollar smile..... Oh, and you don’t look that bad either Hecz.Congratulations to my friend @drdisrespect, joining me as a Best Selling Author. Don’t worry about my hair.
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New 2021 Rebrand else reading @drdisrespect book today?
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectOff work for the weekend and baby does it feel good to sit back with a cigar and gin and tonic and read this master…
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectThis book has better audio than Warzone.. and it's literally a hardcover.. Think about that... Yayayaya raaauuulll…
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@JakeSucky Ah, so you’re playing these games? Watch your back. @Zedd @fvckrender @Sillygabe @niftygateway Knock it offWe're celebrating the launch of Dr Disrespect's new book 'Violence. Speed. Momentum.' with a HUGE GIVEAWAY! 💪 Foll…
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectLIVE BOOK SIGNING! grade design ideas from 1995 @WhatScope I might be starting a new pro CoD team soon... @AustinOnTwitter infinite @AustinOnTwitter Read it first, then listen to it. Then read it while listening to it while sitting in a hot sauna… @ShadyGFella Almost too good to be real @Gambo302 What a pic yayaWhat an incredible day. Record breaking numbers because of you Champs. Firm 🤝
@hambinooo @GalleryBooks Incredible @CouRageJD @Valkyrae @Corpse_Husband @fuslie @Jack_Septic_Eye @QuarterJade @DisguisedToast @bretmanrock's only one way to read his new book.. Violently with lots of speed and momentum. Congrats on the book relea…
Retweeted by Dr Disrespect🚨 GIVEAWAY 🚨 We're giving away 5 autographed copies of Dr Disrespect's new book 'Violence. Speed. Momentum.' yaya…
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectViolence. Speed. Momentum. Available now!'t wait! yayayayayayayayaayayay @drdisrespect
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectAnd so it begins @drdisrespect ✅ Fire place with some whiskey ✅ Hard cover book ✅ Audiobook 🟩 Signed copy (TBD)…
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectJust purchased the autographed edition of @drdisrespect's new record-breaking bestseller, 'Violence. Speed. Momentu…
Retweeted by Dr DisrespectPre-ordered my copy #FirmHandshakes 🤝 @drdisrespect
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🔴LIVE NOW Solo Gaming God - PUBG, Warzone, Valorant. Tomorrow, the 📕book launches. Have you grabbed a copy yet?…