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Dr. Doogh 🐇 @drdoogh Im everywhere

I’m a med student who loves doogh. nothing more to it 👩🏽‍⚕️🥛

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In @lady_basturma best dream @Nataliabm9 UR THE HOT STUFF @scuderia_303 Thank u sooo much !
@Nataliabm9 know what the lowest kind of people are? Those who fat shame pregnant women or women who just gave birth. Lmao fuck off @_matinaaa Excuse ME @snozayeee Yerevan state medical uni, it’s in Armenia :) @ShadowOfMyOldS1 1stMy first tik tok, follow me y’all twitter sorry for being inactive, med school is killin meI’m excited to try a new tea ☕️ is this what adulting is? PEEING
After the Arab invasion of Persia, the caliphate banned speaking Persian all together, except for in poetry. In an…
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Iran cannot catch a break ..
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇My heart aches for the Iranian people
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇imagine never going through an ugly phase. the audacity
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Why is she me ass itches but I’m in public and I can’t scratch itI want a baby want a ferret so fucking badly
Last time I checked being raped wasn’t a “privilege.”
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇ATTENTION At least 50 people have died from Coronavirus in Iran and we are not sure whether that’s the correct numb…
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇bunny,, with a bunny hat
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇 @lady_basturma Don’t put yourself in life long debt @lady_basturma That’s actually amazing. Don’t go to the US for medicine, way too expensive. Italy is cheaper and mo… could never date someone dumber than me i would actually die. my future husband gotta know shit i wanna have inte…
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇I left my kabob skewers at home so I had to improvise
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Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇I just took a 4 hour nap with my bf
Pls share for all the Iranians #iran #Corona #Coronavirius @ArashKomayli 😘😘 @Habisebestian 😘😘listen closer
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Sorry to disturb your scrolling, we may not know each other but have a good day @mahsak_ I had a chem teacher who laughed when I told him I wanna go to medical school. He said I don’t have the ca… MADE YOU GUYS NURSES? LIKE WHO ALLOWED U TO HAVE THAT NURSING CERTIFICATE. can’t believe joji and filthy frank is the same personBest thing about med school is you have a free doctors appointment bc all ur profs are doctors. So any questions or concerns u just ask themIn histology we’re learning embryology and its really crazy how much work comes to be made, it’s almost impossibleme with my mice when i’m having a rough day
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇I’m on a series of medications rn and I’m experiencing a really bad side effect: I keep getting this horrible, viol…
who cares what different cultures put in the dolma. Bro what’s in ur heart?25. MY HAORT ❤️😩
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ur all crackheads mac and cheese is not a side
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Look at this beauty 😍😍 @mahsak_ Gorl @bomayegbk Yeah I say ay/ Vay khoda @levantguy Ironically I do say either ya Allah or Vay/ey khoda when I hit myself against somewhereActually I do say Allah or khoda when I hit my foot against something floor is lava
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇I — really is something else
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Lapat: Is a persian term used to describe that line guys with beards have, it also translates “between your legs” stg my tits are 5 kgs rn each AT LEAST @_matinaaa Pls SHUT UP. Ur not fat I AM fat, youre THICCI was today years old when I found out that the X chromosome mostly gives the penis size ...My toxic trait is that it doesn’t matter how tired I am if everything is not put away and the place isn’t clean the…
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇 @Dorsanb It looks disgusting do u see the ash
This is the bracelet also sorry for my ugly laugh (tweet didn’t send this was in drafts) @lostkiiit amen sisterIran could’ve been a world power right now if it wasn’t for the regime they don’t know how to run a country , all t…
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇 @lostkiiit All men cheat @flowerhunni I HATE DATES TOO OMG I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE. THE TASTE IS GROSS AND PPL FORCE ME TO EAT DATES IN… reality shows >>>> American reality shows. Don’t @ meThe fact I’m getting “Dr.” in front of my name by 24 is so humbling and I’m so blessed. Hopefully I can make it❤️ @_matinaaa Jooonn @_matinaaa Ily 🥺❤️ @Emin28326553 @kianoway That’s very true. I’m against religious education in school anyway and I went thru it in Ir… my bf a custom made bracelet with his name on it in white gold and his reaction just melts my heart every ti…“Destination: Persia” because Whole Foods is also a time-travel machine
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Hi guys @_matinaaa is peng. That’s it, that’s the tweet @kianoway @kianoway I guess so @kianoway Exactly! I feel the same way, but honestly it’s a lot for some reason. That’s why I kinda voted against i… @bomayegbk I honestly still do believe it should be an elective but there should be like a current events class of… @kianoway For an example, I’m in med school in Armenia and I have a mandatory history of Armenian course (I took it… are your opinions on chicken noodle soupAnother q: should history be mandatory or an elective in your opinion?You all had amazing points! Thank u for contributing. But another q: should we just talk about the important things… @bomayegbk @_matinaaa Sorry ur wife is sadly stupid 😔🥺 all I know is wherever my wife is from her coochie is 💣This makes me want to eradicate all Americans @_matinaaa Omg u said crisps 🥺 just got reminded my bae is English @drdoogh the best duo
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇 @urfaveitgirl It’s amazing omg I read surgical at first @Habisebestian Honestly I should’ve @lady_basturma The DUOjust has shawarma and tan for lunch it slapped 🥛🌯❤️
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇To do that. She looked terrified, A man came quickly and told her “no no no problem no problem” I called her a fuck…’m already having a bad day and I don’t speak the language so she opened the door and I said don’t open my ducking… houses entrance has a metal bar and a glass door. The glass door doesn’t lock but the metal bar keeps me safe. T… idk maybe this sounds controversial and can trigger some people. But i don’t think we should learn history. It s… y’all will do anything if u can see it but I’m hungry @drdoogh
Retweeted by Dr. Doogh 🐇Happy bday to my boyfriend about y’all but my first love was the boy on the kinder boxThis Ukrainian girl in my class is so annoying I wanna sock her the face. She’s so petty and passive aggressive. Sh…