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Episode 30 of #AWIPODNxtTALKover will be out this evening! Erica and Brent will discuss everything from this weeks…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @RetroWWE1 @WrestleJim @AWIPOD That is geniusRetweet this for a chance to get a #Madden21 beta code. I’ll give away 5 of them.
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @ThisBrodieLee 😪😪 another Friday without getting an email from the dark order... @SCW_Steve @MTOWrestling @Taeler_Hendrix 457pm here.. but morning:) @CashWheelerFTR Indeed @CashWheelerFTR Very offensive... how do you waste a perfectly good beer like that.. I mean.. @ZickyDice Ask the master @TheMattCardona @simplyqxeenn Actually, I'm replacing Nikki for Shayna :) @simplyqxeenn Io, Tegan, Rhea, Sasha, Kairi, Asuka, Charlotte, Nikki and Ruby @OfficialEGO Brian and Cardona to challenge the north?? 😱😱😱He is a former world champion.. @YoKweav @NeonGre39543483 @UnnaTuitera @ChumelTorres Haha eso ya lo se.. pero si pagaría para que te pusieras esa imagen @UnnaTuitera @ChumelTorres Haha yo te pago el. tatuaje si te pones esa pizza haha @KingOfFuzzStyle 😎 trivia is coming up soon.. who out there wants to go one on one vs me for a chance to win a $25 gift card…👀👀👀👀👀 This article Harry Burkett wrote about me is absolutely dope! If you purchase a physical copy, bring it to m…
Retweeted by Dre RodgersTrivia time!!! Labsters vs into the lab sports scientist for a$25 gift card ps5 let's you play games from ps2 😱😱 Hop into our life pod and comment @Taeler_Hendrix @RonPoole16 With what? It's our live podcastWe are giving away an nba jersey!! Join us now the lab is live... come join us at: finally
@TheMooseNation I've reported and blocked them. screw those guys champDid you see Home Court Advantage Trivia last week? Who knows #NBA best? Guest Podcast: @LockedOnRockets @JTGatlin
Retweeted by Dre RodgersThe difference - for the time being - between former Mets’ outfielder Bobby Bonilla and current Chiefs’ quarterback…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers😱😱😱😱 @FiteTV Wcw @theangleradio @THETOMMYDREAMER You better show some respect to Mr.Impact wrestling and our champ!! He is the franchise player!! @LanaWWE @ToBeMiro Why? How? I don't get it @reisner_steven Steve the wrestling fan 😎 @angelspackers Normal @thunderrosa22 @thunderrosa22 Aztec warrior Rosa 🤟🤟🤟🚨GIVEAWAY🚨Win this Max Kepler autographed #MNTwins jersey! Here's how👇 1. FOLLOW us 2. RETWEET this post Winner c…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @reisner_steven @mldiffley @thesportgene Our investment in into the lab haha @PepsWrestling Njpw Impact Wwe because of nxt Aew @sofysiller Uff, bueno, ya nimodo. Para la que sigue hehe.. provecho.. yo tmbn tq @sofysiller .si encuentras un restaurante que acepte PayPal yo te mando algo de cenar :) @reisner_steven @mldiffley Shit, so who keeps our 2 mill? @mldiffley Haha sorry @reisner_steven 🖐🖐🖐 @AWIPOD Always has.. #facts @TheMooseNation @THETOMMYDREAMER Jealousy of the champ @UnnaTuitera Haha 🤤🤤🤤 @thephantomjazzy *it @thephantomjazzy And he has a few songs about me haha to Promo Class. #IMPACTonAXSTV
Retweeted by Dre RodgersI still haven’t gotten my rematch. Just saying. @IMPACTWRESTLING #IMPACTonAXSTV #Slammiversary
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👀👀 @x_Beast17_x Sasha banks @kell5ykelly I live in it.. bali :)GIVEAWAY "To make your own day, make somebody else's." Some more love needs to go out in the world. Hopefully this…
Retweeted by Dre RodgersSince I’m locked out of my main, RT to help me find my mutuals on there 🙏
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @Taeler_Hendrix Morning TaelerA few days later, but finally listening to episode 208 #keepinit100 Starting off with Edge's killer promo on Randy… @clairedabear85 Whaaat? Did I miss it? Oh my... haha what a bad follower I am haha @clairedabear85 When's that packers one coming out hahaWow, Michael Elgin also released... @sofysiller's better than Mike Tyson.
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @sofysiller Porque andas grumpy @AngelGarzaWwe Can you send @PylesClash a gift like this as well? 🙏 @AWIPOD @WrestleSketcher @ericaAWIPOD Ill take some banana bread 😁
@HipsterTito @mayorofcanton @AWIPOD @KingOfFuzzStyle @gawrestlenut @ilyassWillDraw @Coffeetime_18 @Duke45Toys @SteeIerNation @clairedabear85 @TotalSportsEnt @VaughnDalzell @SteelCurtainPEHIf you haven't yet make sure you checkout episode 29 of #AWIPODNxtTALKover!!
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @OfficialBudhole happy belated man.. hope it was an awesome day @shooters_pod Oh snap.. happy bday bro!! @MrImpact_blog @ZickyDice @IMPACTUK Where'd you see this? @MrImpact_blog @ZickyDice @IMPACTUK That would be some fun shit @Hpc2sweet That could headline mania and make it a match for the ages... But I think Tessa is gonna stay in Mexic…’s try this.
Retweeted by Dre RodgersSuicide figures are up 200% since lockdown. Could 2 friends please copy and re-post this tweet? We’re trying to dem…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @DeonnaPurrazzo It's awesome isnt itThis is a "if it was real" time I don't think @ONEYLORCAN would automatically win... I think they would be evenly m… @reisner_steven At least we now know who is making it to the triple ts segment this weekYeah man they shoulda cut Tom Brady years ago so we could make sure we sign a black guy. That was so racist of the…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @RaiderJenni I trim it and groom it.. so that can't be classified as lazy @RaiderJenni What if I like my beard?Ladies and gentlemen.. let's enshrine this in the twitter Hof!! @MLW Ligero
@StrokerAceKid Astros small @TenilleDashwood I live in Bali, you should come visit.. @reisner_steven @AntoineMac10 @thephantomjazzy @MTMVSports @shooters_pod @reisner_steven It was an awesome show I don't know why it would need one @AWIPOD @ericaAWIPOD so are we doing sleeper hold shots then? HahaDon't miss out this weeks episode... it's even got Austin powers sound effects 😎😎'm buying the new @AndradeCienWWE It is fuckin awesome #tranquilo #razaWith over a dozen fight scenes, this #novella is an action-packed #sports-fiction story you won't want to miss. Alw…
Retweeted by Dre RodgersAn action-packed story with over a dozen fight scenes. Does Aaron have what it takes to climb to the top of the…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @AntoineMac10 @reisner_steven @thephantomjazzy @MTMVSports @shooters_pod Yea, we only drafted 2 players over 25. Good work man! @AntoineMac10 @reisner_steven @thephantomjazzy @MTMVSports @shooters_pod I'm waiting for steve to say something haha 😂😂I’ve been slacking on bringing one moment of happiness a day to you. So here’s my weak attempt for today. Have a wo…
Retweeted by Dre Rodgers @DeonnaPurrazzo Nights @MissionProWres1 go sign @Tess_Blanchard We need a Tessa vs @thunderrosa22 match 😁