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“dunder mifflin, this is pam” $drizze

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@MathewNoKnowles they don’t give my girl enough credit.Quiet as kept, she actually brought this aesthetic back for the girls
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”50 trucks when I pull up we a fleet away! behind the register is actually killing me 💀 @omgnotkeef pls go away 💀💀somebody said RANGE?
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”had to clock out early yesterday but it’s up today. @hoodopulence yuuup. @boys_luh_Rich 💀 @iBen_jam_in can’t
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”sit on it...Rihanna once said
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @SafariJoe_ sis was PISSED😂 @Cheeteaux funniest shit ever 💀 this clip sends me @vincsmith This was the part for me! 😍😍
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”’s mama in the plaid skirt for me
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”bring back this hair @Beyonce 🥲 already know how this makes me feel. I love & respect this Queen!
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @jranxls iconic tv. A😜🏆
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”new york @ 2:03 💀💀 girl what singing at Joe Biden’s Inauguration. #RHOA
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”😭
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @TonyTh3King just a messLMFAOO @quethemusic_ she is a mess @theinfamousRIOT beyond! She gets on my nervesand JAIL!drugs.*Jen
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”New year . New giveaway RT then reply with yo PayPal or cashapp
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”Capricorn women.
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”
@KEIKOYASHA pls and thanks @alscottwrites long as hellllllLOVE this for us! ♑️
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @iBen_jam_in I scream everytime you post this clip. if u only knew how much me and my friends quote this scene 😂😂😂any bitch I fuck wit, you know dat bitch a ten!love language. @itsTimHell a joke @roseinharlem there were like 3 or 4 fights last night @TheJDangerfield 🥴 @theleolondon smh @mydropofreality 💀 @xo_juler hate to see itMaybe Capricorn’s made points
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @hoeslovegianni lmao imagine being on yo way to the Walgreens and seeing this shit 💀 @jsullivanmusic Say less! ❤️
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”also, I’ll take 2 of whatever they’re on. thanks.the b*go gworls STAY @itsTimHell same 💀this music is killing me being yourself, stop trying to be someone or something you’re not. 🤟🏽♥️😍✨
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”I used to beg my mom for this and she never got it for me wtf
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @dre__cole I mean you know juggle ya balls like the Wringling Brothers.
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @safalucian I’m the harajuku barbie I ain’t trippin on ya change me can I see ya dangalang brothaaaBeyonce:
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @vincsmith every time I see my friends out eating
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”I wanna go back to sleepLISTENN! @ChaseZeros bye bitch @Hawt_Tamalee 1am for me @Hawt_Tamalee send help chile @TreyDay06 🥴 @ChaseZeros I wasn’t talkin to you @iBen_jam_in sjsjsjs @TreyDay06 I hate how thick they are.💙🔵✨
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”❄️
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @TreyDay06 I hate those things 🥴 @iBen_jam_in get deez.I need a fuckin Gatorade dawgToday was great day 🎬 #steadygrind #netflix
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”- “give people the space to do what they want.” @jsullivanmusic
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”everything is better in color. ✨🏳️‍🌈
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?”my dick hard ......respectfully. @_jaytovah feel better ♥️ @xvjaquese 🤤 @roseinharlem 🥴’m so’m always late #bigbankchallenge
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @xvjaquese 🤤 i— @thekoolkatmike_ lmao she’s a whole mood
@Brandivo best part of the songtrina & nicki ate 5 star chick remix the fuck UP!! I remember watchin that video for the first time gettin my whole… @MikeBeLike “do say” 💀💀💀 @HeyBeauBone TASTE!! 🔥🔥🔥 not at all“Ssslide a tape in boy !!” Omg I thought I was the only one still jamming this one 😂🔥🔥🔥💜
Retweeted by “MISS JACKSON?” @MikeBeLike close! dusse & lemonade