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This Day In Horror History: Love It Or Hate It, ALIEN: RESURRECTION Opened In 1997 - Has You Escaping From A Destroyed Space Station - Hunter World: Iceborne Getting Crossover Mission With Movie - VS KONG Headed to Netflix or HBO Max! -
Exclusive: Cult Film Star Honey Lauren Talks SWEET TASTE OF SOULS - couple surprisingly critical replies here considering how most horror fans know a thing or two about being misfits.#TheDawnFilm is part of @VuduFans #Thanksgiving sale! Tons of awesome #horrormovies are only $4.99 including THE D…
Retweeted by Dread Central @kksampodcast @Ketryn want to feature your stuff!'s a bootleg #thanksgiving this Friday as we invite @Veloci_trap_tor to discuss her fav "Spider Man" movie…
Retweeted by Dread CentralAnya Taylor-Joy Thinks She's 'Too Weird-Looking' To Be a Star - Little Monsters Originally Massacred A McDonald’s - Producing GET OUT Style Thriller FORTY ACRES For Netflix - WITCH 2 Director Not Interested In Director's Cut - Paulson's New Thriller RUN Nabs Hulu’s Biggest Opening Weekend Ever - Plot Details Reveal Reboot's Set In The Past - King Praises Hulu's Nerve-Splintering RUN with Sarah Paulson - Day in Horror History: THE ROAD Hit Limited Theaters in 2009 - Up Some Gods in Dark Fantasy Game Gods Will Fall - Martha is Dead Trailer Features Creepy Imagery, Marionettes - The Medium Trailer Reveals What Threats Await In The Shadowrealm -
Exclusive: Composer Patrick Kirst Discusses His Visceral BREAKING SURFACE Score - Collab: Pennywise, Lecter & Leatherface Team-Up for Side-Splitting Beastie Boys Parody -… Horror Shocker SPELL Hits Blu-ray & DVD January 12th - Cerebral Indie Sci-Fi THE CONTROL Now on DVD & VOD - best Thanksgiving horror movie is THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
Retweeted by Dread CentralTrailer: TALES OF THE UNCANNY is a Documentary About Horror Anthologies - The Hangman Aims To Become the Next Slasher Icon in BACKWOODS - thrilled to be a part of this series with several of my favorite ⁦@DreadCentral⁩ writers! Thanks to ⁦…
Retweeted by Dread Central @adamvass We fixed this yesterday hopefully it's working properly for everyone now <3Get your promos submitted for inclusion in our guide!'s PREDATOR Sequel Was Supposed to Be a "Surprise" -'T BREATHE 2 Is - In Every Way - Its Own Thing - DESTINATION Creator Confirms New Movie Will Shoot ASAP - 10 Killer Cameos from the Showtime Series - Shark To Terrorize Academy Museum Visitors in April 2021 - KONG & GODZILLA Combine as One Kaiju Creation by Rebor - MAN: Brendan Fraser & Pauly Shore Up For Disney+ Sequel -'s Body-Swap Bloodbath FREAKY Hits P-VOD Next Friday - Day in Horror History: Happy Birthday, GARRET DILLAHUNT - Hill Curse Continues; Fan Film Delayed By COVID - Goes There Podcast: Ep285 - BASKET CASE - Goes There Podcast: Ep285 - BASKET CASE via @AudioboomAfter 12 Years, The World Ends With You is Finally Getting a Sequel - Management Sim Bio Inc.: Redemption Coming To iOS - Daily Dose: Laputa Is Castle-Mania - 10 Horror Films To Stream on Netflix Now! - makes me very happy to announce that we are planning the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021. Fans make sure you're foll…
Retweeted by Dread Centralstill cute
Retweeted by Dread CentralVideo: The EVIL DEAD Trilogy Gets the "Honest Trailer" Treatment -
Sequel to Shocking Shark Attack Horror THE REEF in the Works? - Nyholm's Fest Hit KOKO-DI KOKO-DA Hits VOD December 8th - Major YouTube Star Daymon "Daym Drops" Patterson Talks New Comic SUPER OFFICIAL - MONSTERS: A TRIBUTE TO TRAPPER Airs on Travel Channel January 3rd - REVENGE OF THE DEVIL BAT is Modern-Day Sequel to 1940's Bela Lugosi Movie THE DEVIL BAT -… Grieving Grandparents Turn to Satan When ANYTHING FOR JACKSON Hits Shudder 12/3 -! Filmmakers! Store Owners! Advertise Your Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals on Dread! -… Dread Talks Horror, Filth and Glamour with DRAGULA: RESURRECTION’s The Boulet Brothers -… @CHEVYWOODS Wait, that's not how the game works? @steinekin At this point, it's looking like 2021 for me. Being patient but cant get one locked down. @HollyBerryBelle I think it's one of the better entries for sure. @KirkWedig @FANGORIA Yeah but that was a pre-Baby Yoda world. With how everyone reacted to the child practical char… TREATMENT Blu-ray Review - Witch Doctor by the Sea -! Filmmakers! Store Owners! Send us your BFCM sales and promo codes using the form below so we can feature y… STINE Shares 16-page Writing Program - For Free - or Die in Our Exclusive Clip from Survival Horror RELENTLESS - Trailer & Poster Debut: Sandman Makes Your Nightmares Reality in BRING ME A DREAM -… KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE 2 In Talks at Netflix - 3 Writer Promise Little Monsters Will Be Tangible Puppets - Tatum Mysterious UNIVERSAL MONSTER Movie In the Works - Blumhouse's Body-Swap Bloodbath #1 at Box-Office Again - Day in Horror History: SCROOGED With Bill Murray Opened in 1988 -
Retweeted by Dread CentralCult classic FPS PowerSlave has made its way to GOG, and even better, there's an expanded version currently in deve…
Retweeted by Dread CentralPowerSlave Returns to Store Shelves, Expanded Version on the Way - Daily Dose: M. Stain In The Membrane - PS1 Demo Disk 2021 Announced And Open For Submissions -
BloodRayne And Sequel Remasters Released On PC - you’re looking for something to slip into your workout/motivational playlist, check out the trailer music from…
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The latest trailer for The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark gives the first look at case 2 and 3. It involv…
Retweeted by Dread CentralThis Day in Horror History: THE MIST Was Released in 2007 - Cawthon Announces Five Nights at Freddy's Movie Has a Script and Starts Filming Next Year -… Looks to Make the Dystopian Future Cute - Cawthon has shared some "bad news" about the FNAF movie on his subreddit. The bad news being that he's no lon…
Retweeted by Dread CentralPREDATOR: New Movie Snags Director Dan Trachtenberg -
Trailer: Syfy Delivers LETTERS TO SATAN CLAUS on December 19th - Horror Anthology IT LISTENS FROM THE RADIO Adds Tiffany Shepis to Season 2 Finale - Ho-Ho-Horror Begins November 24th with DEATHCEMBER on Digital - Highlights for December 2020 Include JOE BOB SAVES CHRISTMAS & CREEPSHOW HOLIDAY SPECIAL -… Channel Paranormal Programming Highlights for November 23rd - December 6th - Tony Todd Tells 9-Year-Old Journalist "Helen Might Come Back" in Nia DaCosta's CANDYMAN -… ON HORROR: 10 Films That Shaped Tyler Doupe' - Best Reviewed Horror Movies of 2020 (So Far) - Channel's KINDRED SPIRITS Returns with New Season of Mind-Bending Hauntings - Lets You Grow Steaks from Human Cells--Makers Promise It Isn't Cannibalism! - Press News: BEYOND #4 & MANIAC COLLECTION Begin Shipping Today - Stephen King Recommends Netflix's Limited Series - Directors Confirm New Movie's A Sequel, Not A Reboot - Englund and More Joins Netflix's STRANGER THINGS 4 -