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dreamy @dreammboi Brooklyn, NY 💕💕💕 dj, producer, designer, performer

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Halloween costumes are just intros to porn parodies and I respect that @rihannasgayson 100 grands smack ...taste like aged snickers 😘Bored as shit jk I love naps want a butterfly tattooIconiqqqq @MacyRodman on Grindr lol @nanobii So committed to the vision...gotta love it @stonedmazes Me with old Greg @FAIRYBOYMUSIC Of course ❤️❤️ @FAIRYBOYMUSIC Sometimes I accidentally get good vocal effects by poorly using autotune/vocaloid a lol @stonedmazes What’s this ones deal @FAIRYBOYMUSIC Not reverb, I don’t think. Eq out the low end and play with some distortion and compressionOh of course it’s a full moon right now. Me and the cat are both lichrally wide awake @tommybravos @NeutralGena @pukenlasko LOL
@DJHIMERA 2 recessed 2 be stressed @WTCHCRFT666 Hell yeah HAHA! My HALLOWEEN MIXXX IS OUT NOW go get stupid! 🖤👻🖤👻
Retweeted by dreamy @NipahDUBS @AmaitoFuu 🥺🥺🥺me & @BladeeCity 'drama' out now 🎈🍀 vid by @ECCO2K
Retweeted by dreamyFeaturing collaborations from @caminodisco & @ivy_hollivana, I am proud to present 'Funny Looking Dog'. My best alb…
Retweeted by dreamyTwitter is in the hands of the barbs🩸⚔️ M1R ⚔️🩸 OUT NOW 🪓🔪 LINK:
Retweeted by dreamy @StephenKing and the point of burying this behind a paywall was?ME: HI ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER FAN:
Retweeted by dreamy @laidedgez that generation of politicians are just theater kids who were scared of being poorSAVE ME
Retweeted by dreamyi am overwhelmed by how much new music came out..... @MeishiSmile Missed you!!1ST SINGLE “HATE FLOODS SLOW” OUT NOW “RESSENTIMENT” OUT APRIL 2021
Retweeted by dreamyNo like I’m obsessed
Retweeted by dreamy @qualiatik @pcmus So rad11mins of new music and video coming tmrw for @pcmus halloween livestream
Retweeted by dreamyMusic doesn’t all have to sound like SHDJGKLFKSFLKGKGKFKF ............just saying @MagentaQueenT It needs to be said!!! @itsSTAR_MEEKS HorizontalNEW DVNOTS REMIX OF "BOYS LIKE IT" BY @DavyMunster & @bea_brat OUT NOW!
Retweeted by dreamy @woncherino @veganslvt @JakeMar51218177 @H0tchk1ss @backt0nature It’s weird that you have a dog and are bragging ab… @th3saddestangel @FAIRYBOYMUSIC Me 😭😭My parents going thru my search history when i was 12 and finding “naked men”
Retweeted by dreamySome of y’all need to hear this!!
Retweeted by dreamyAll I wanted was to have a quarantine like this (art by @celesse) @WTCHCRFT666 Is “make a big peefy” fart
@EmberSuxxx Most daysBitches that muted me lost today @l8rh8r420 Cat or fish!!Hi music twitter- crazy sale on plugin alliance going until tomorrow!! @blamsamran LoooooveCow experimenting with condensation
Retweeted by dreamy @veganslvt @JakeMar51218177 @H0tchk1ss @backt0nature And forced to stand until her legs give out and then she’ll be dragged to her death @dragthemartyr No I’m serious we were best friends and then I moved 😢 @dragthemartyr She was my best friend in elementary school @dragthemartyr Life isn’t fair @SkinnyMcT @dvnots 🙏🙏 @kyttenjanae 🥺🥺🥺It’s always some white FIT student who happens to have a studio in Williamsburg and experience working with resin a… @B_E_A_R_C_A_T @ceno_nyc Agree, the original is totally different than the remake as well. The original is the firs… @chazzzy420 none of them even met jesus 😩 @byrunt i'm so uncomfortable @xoxoabbyxoxox Remember, [obvious thing]My moms trying to get me to play fishdom look at her tank @FAIRYBOYMUSIC His face is gonna stay stuck if he keeps squinting his one eye that much @badgalkiki420 When I moved to London I only had a Nokia for the entire 3 years, I used to have to hand draw silly… @thefrankienoir @beaxbee I thought Victoria would die and the cycle would 🔄 @boobarrymore Heads up 7 up in outer space @thefrankienoir @beaxbee AGREED like what was the actual point of anything otherwiseHey bestiesss ! 😈 time to shop exclusive @enterfairyworld items at Naughty Vail Co. today ! So excited to introduce…
Retweeted by dreamy @solarishilton aged like milk!!!!1 @solarishilton I’d dig up a tweet and say “this aged like milk!!!1”
Retweeted by dreamy‼️‼️‼️ lack of Black artists in this disturbs me
Retweeted by dreamy @ignatzhoch Some day !! I’ll dm u when I’ve got smiths I’m pleased with going ❤️ @FloMilliTeam @XunamiMuse @BET She is the baddest 💔💔💔💔💔Flo Milli killed her cypher at the @BET #HipHopAwards tonight. 😱
Retweeted by dreamy @th3saddestangel Please say there will be lipgloss MUSIC VIDEO OUT NOW✨💖🍭
Retweeted by dreamyJoe Biden on November 4th @byrunt Oh my god I miss this video @from_hearteyes 👋Wow. Emotional moment as mother of #KaronHylton confronts DC Police over death of her son. “You know it was wrong”…
Retweeted by dreamy“He has been fvcking with this community since before I was born. He’s fvcked up. He had a history. Go view the fil…
Retweeted by dreamyKaron mom just watched the video of what happened to son.. and walked out of 4th district and was pepper spray by p…
Retweeted by dreamy“You’re defending a building. I’m defending my son!” Mother of #KaronHylton #DCProtests
Retweeted by dreamyI don't wanna change, and I don't wanna be ashamed. I'm the spirit of my Hair, it's all the glory that I bare. I am my #Hair.
Retweeted by dreamy @nightcoreboi @powerd0ll @blackwntrwells @digiyams bb 💞💞💞💞GASOIID - DOIN' IT 💮✨ 。 ・ : * : ・゚ ★ . 。・ : *。 ・ : * :・゚★ ゚☆゚ OUT NOW ゚☆゚ production! @powerd0ll vox! me🤭 mixing&…
Retweeted by dreamyshe was the blueprint costs $0 to rt and share a queer artist’s zine sale 💖✨ -I ship internationally -Dm me an “x” for more info
Retweeted by dreamyDONT KNOW FEATURING @moistbreezy OUT OCTOBER 30TH ~~~ photo taken by me and edited by @fendiWRAITH
Retweeted by dreamy @imbabynyc It is literally just a very long calm down session with myself @chazzzy420 Proud of u 🙏Hey everyone! i am proud to announce that after much deliberation i decided to order 8 hot wings and a chicken noodle soup.
Retweeted by dreamyjust kidding maybe @SherryPoppinsNY hell somethingmy new bedtime ritual is drawing then animal crossing then gossip girl then the great british bake off then over th… fact they even had to think about it
i miss when 5 am on sunday still felt like saturday night @dragthemartyr Carry on. You can’t hurt usjust want to remind people to stream Breezy or something i guess
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