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@GetSpectrum somehow a small problem is now a big problem because I tried to reach out and fix the small problem so annoyingHaving problems with my internet cutting out occasionally, not a big deal but annoying, so I call @GetSpectrum. The…
@haileyhargreeve I like Justin Bieber’s new music I must be weird @notch @skeppyextra Was my most recent photo from my last tweet 😂😂 I was lazy @skeppyextra @Techgee75428292 That’s what George keeps saying “if wE lIvEd tOgEtHeR wE cOuLd bE tWiCe aS PrOdUcTIvE” @GeorgeNotFound
I’ll be trying a more frequent upload schedule next month than I am right now. Just been pretty busy with life stuf… context I’m not talking about myself, and this is a parody song with 70 million views on YouTube @sqifeyy Of course not 😂😂 it’s a parody song from a while ago, and I’m not talking about myself hahaMinecraft girls: -Make a minecraft event- Minecraft guys: 🎵 Women are stupid and I don’t respect them! 🎵
@CAECAE154 Awesome!!
@RedstoneHomie thicco mode @skeppyextra @F1NN5TER that’s your best idea yet how’d you think of that
@tayayummy @GeorgeNotFound multi-channel meme @tayayummy @GeorgeNotFound that’s become a channel meme definitely @rydan say it louder @a6doff @MrBeastYT @Ninja Maybe it did and I didn’t notice @a6doff @MrBeastYT @Ninja I’ve been messaged by verified people and it didn’t create that. Is it only if you’re als… @MrBeastYT @Ninja Does any social media site have this?
@TeamYouTube All they said was that there's a backlog and it could take another few weeks for a reply. I hit 100k a…
New Game: how many subscribers can I get before @TeamYouTube decides to verify me Current high score: 1.53 million @GeorgeNotFoundthis is pretty cool
Thank you guys so much for 1.5 million subscribers :) I love all of you so much! Thank you for helping me make my dreams come true ❤️❤️❤️
DRACARYS @Flammmez Context? hahaha this is great
New video tonight. Probably my favorite concept I've done on my channel. Lots of development & completely original.…
@HydraWulf We did one :) If you mean another one, probably not for a bit! @notch I jump from project to project rarely finishing one. I get done with the hard part and then realize the actu… 2020: 10 Uploads 1,838,876 average views per video +420,000 subscribers Let's do it again 😎 thankful for you all❤️
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@SchlattWalk epicccccc @notch @DatBoi43801139 @CallMeCarsonYT @GeorgeNotFound Not only threw it away, but threw it into the Nether portal it turns out
@insideotears I disagree that it's a slur. If I thought it was a slur, I would think it's horrible to use it, just… @marcysdreaming @insideotears Marcy I love you and all, but this is something I feel strongly about. People can cal… @insideotears But you thinking it's is a slur makes it a slur? Who gets to decide? You fall flat on responding to t… @ClaraGraal I didn't say it at all. @Heartashley_ I completely agree. I'm applying a little bit of sarcasm there, because that's how most people who r… @pinevole @p3p3p1g Far too late for that. I've come to realize that I don't care. I love my fans, but the 10% of th… @marie_asdfmagic @p3p3p1g Of course, I love everyone and I do my best to not offend as many people as I can. I've n… @SaintsofGames @p3p3p1g watch out, the language police are on their way @p3p3p1g It's not that hard to not get offended by a single word. If you call someone fat, that's offensive. Should… @younumptymuffin @insideotears @a6dspam I agree, and I'm so sorry you have to go through that. I would never call s… @SIimecicIe @insideotears @a6dspam That's a fair take. That's why I would never use the word in a video, or on a li… @softwilbruh @insideotears @a6dspam But you do? Where's your authority? Okay, lets say you don't, then who does? Th… @QuackyBaId @softwilbruh @insideotears @a6dspam Are any offensive words okay to say? Stupid? Idiot? Dumb? Moron? Wh… @softwilbruh @insideotears @a6dspam Says who? The language police? You don't get to go around enforcing your own la… @insideotears @a6dspam All people do is make a fuss to make themselves look like the better person. They use the st… @insideotears @a6dspam When was the last time you saw someone with an actual mental problem offended by the word re… @insideotears @a6dspam [in regards to calling Oscar gay] "I would have never called him that if I knew. You don't… lot of the time successful people are just the ones who didn’t let failure stop them from trying again
@jamescharles @TapLHarV @skeppyextra A horseback ride through the plains @a6doff you were in my Q&A video and hardly anyone noticed, irrelevant kid no screenies for you jk obviouslyif you want a screenie I'm there for a bitThe first project I ever coded was a Minecraft prison server years ago because I had an idea and none of the develo…
@lesirhype @akaarie1 @bugha @PlayDeceit Minecraft gang gang
100 million views 🔥🔥🔥 so thankful :)Hypocrites have a hatred for the truth @YeetMan85229129 not me
Not a huge basketball fan, but still shout Kobe whether I’m shooting trash into a trash can or an actual basketball… take for granted every moment you spend with those you love. Could be the last. no matter how rich or poor,…
@SaintsofGames @a6dspam "what do you want for christmas dream? I saw these buckets of M&M's like an actual bucket f… @Memeulous -pulls out phone showing they're subscribed to you- "see?""cleaning my ass off" "spraying my ass off"got my parents a really nice toilet bidet/seat for Christmas... “CMAO”
@trioethot Legend by Marie Lu @Graser congrats :DIt's finally complete. We've done it. 4,657 days. Almost 13 years. 1,000,000 subscribers. Thank you all, I love you…
Retweeted by Dream @RegexMC @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel Will have the same effect as 1.8. The faster you click, the faster your hit will r… @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel 4 tick not millisecond @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel You’re talking about a 4ms difference, and kids, with no visible indicator. On top of that,… @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel Speaking of which, how does it work? You have an axe in your off hand and a sword in your… @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel How does this solve any problem that has been presented at all? The only thing it brings ba… @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel Okay, then replace what I said with damage cool down. I understood that, just worded it incorrectly @Pepziplayz @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel why 😂 it makes no sense it’s a gardening tool @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel Varying levels of attack cool down per weapon with no visible indicator? Axes still doing m… @Pikaclicks @HelenAngel Seems like this would accomplish nothing the PvP community has been asking for, and make Pv…
At this rate, @Skeppy's apartment tour is going to come out after they've moved out
Retweeted by Dream @marcysdreaming that's too scary for me @SaintsofGames Minecraft Speedrunner VS Hunter (ft. BadBoyHalo's Mom) @SaintsofGames No but it's why your mother left me :(If you're giving a content creator an idea and the main point can't be easily explained in less than like 10 words,…’s the tweetthrowback to when I somehow managed to go to the bathroom in my dream and piss all over my bed while my girlfriend… @a6dspam a6d: @eahcaZ @ImRodry_ Of course, just thought I’d chime in because I found what you said insightful and I enjoy hearing… @eahcaZ @ImRodry_ every video of mine is custom coded and a unique idea I come up with. You can’t say that about ma… @eahcaZ @ImRodry_ I see what you’re saying. Although, I just find making those videos incredibly fun. Plus, they’re…
(: @GeorgeNotFound @notch @YouTube update: it was returned, deleting this so whoever saw it originally might not know it's my address if they…
@xDemoned @YouTube yeahhh pretty stupid @realQuig you can edit your fov super high in your Minecraft settings and everything will look upside down, if that's what you meanthat was a blast, video soon! @GeorgeNotFound @notch @notch I spend most my time thinking about the various things I’d love to learn about and much less time actually l… @burpled Congrats 🔥🔥 @SlippyBird_ First person view, like you're actually the character and you're not seeing the character from above (third person) @SkepCheeks infinite world is the fourthThe world needs another infinite-world game like Minecraft that also has: - First Person - A Copyright Free Soundt… @a6doff I have always thought that YouTube uses the file name to solidify SEO but then again everywhere I just sear…