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ĐЯ∄∆Я¡∆ @DreariaMusic Sterling Heights, MI

The original Darkwave vampire.... He/him, Bi, 1/4 øf @EmpireVampyre, Founder of @TheDarkWaveCult

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@davidhkofficial DM'd you the playlist!This #FF, I'm! I'm! Falling Down! @SarahAllenReed @MerylSKavanagh @julesneonfawkes @PlikeProject @pro_merch
@davidhkofficial Visual Kei is a big giant rabbit hole that if you look around, you can find a LOT of quality in. I… @HeribertoMtzArt @davidhkofficial Oh lol Thought you were replying to me XD Thanks though @HeribertoMtzArt @davidhkofficial Never forget this classic! @davidhkofficial Thank you! The "heavier" feel you get actually stems from 90's and early 00's Japanese Visual Kei… @maddieoldsmusic @spitfireman65 "I get the helicopter if you move to China" I can't rn. Also something I just rem…'m just starting to get this TikTok thing, I can't use the app since my iPod Touch is too old, but Maddie has a go… @maddieoldsmusic @spitfireman65 For sure! I got a good kick out of yours. I saw this one though the other day and I… @maddieoldsmusic @spitfireman65 Ya welcome! Looking at your TikTok btw and you're good at this. Have you seen Kaska… @maddieoldsmusic @spitfireman65 Can this please go viral? Lmao I literally can't rn. That said, that acoustic take… @maddieoldsmusic Rage Against the Machine on "Know Your Enemy". Zach De La Rocha's upfront and brutal political sta… @maddieoldsmusic Yes, I know my enemies! They're the teachers who taught me to fight me Compromise conformity assim… would be no Drearia without these to all of this! Will take this time to give love to those in #synthfam who not just partake in my music, but s…
perfect comeback to any insult really
Retweeted by ĐЯ∄∆Я¡∆ @BlackettMusic @pro_table @bytemappermusic @cgak @CheddrMusic @K_Langelier @DouglasAldridg @EdensEndMusic @MeganMcDuffee @IZRART Animated music video? @pro_table @bytemappermusic @cgak @CheddrMusic @K_Langelier @DouglasAldridg @EdensEndMusic @elaineepresley may or may not have another speech ready in a few hours @MeganMcDuffee You're always welcome! 🧛‍♀️🧛‍♂️🦇
@dumbmen2017 Thank you! Sandra has been an essential part of the new transition and I am thankful that in the midst… of the Vampire has had a bond with each other that I did not expect, I have frequently expected it to collap… people around her have been MUCH less understanding about this than me, and in spite of the lack of communicat… another positive note, Sandra did speak to me earlier today, and we talked. It turns out the lack of communicati… is one of #synthfam's greatest gifts when it comes to its artist lineup, and I am happy to see her continue t… @MeganMcDuffee @julesneonfawkes The vampires all appreciate what you do! Me, Q, Sandra, and Mav are all supportive… @alicia_artist You're most welcome! Keep doing what you are doing. You are creating and fueling one part of a wonderful communityBless these gentlemen and gentlewomen! All five of them (Don't forget @alicia_artist!), they are the cornerstone of… @CZARINAnyc @julesneonfawkes @TheNeonArcadia @KaarinZoeLee @dgruetter We are blessed to be in a community with thes… @CZARINAnyc @alicia_artist Underrated part of the community for sure! @MrJameZtown @UnderGroundMics If there was a 75% button, I would hit it. Gotta make an effort to stand out, I think…
@MerylSKavanagh This weeks #UnderGroundMics #Rock Playlist! @EmpireVampyre has claimed the #1 spot! Want to be fe…
Retweeted by ĐЯ∄∆Я¡∆ @davidhkofficial @Ukranium1 @TheUnawakeState @AdamH1966 @HammerDownHard1 @DemonScarNYC @sinseermusic @HoneyBoneRush want to rag on the night crew manager at my work place for letting some of his co workers be lazy, but he also ap…
Since #BlueMonday is still trending, let's give a salute to #synthfam queen @MeganMcDuffee and her behemoth of a co… @Moldiver Every time I see an article about Joe, I always end up like @TheUnawakeState @davidhkofficial @Ukranium1 @DemonScarNYC @sinseermusic @HoneyBoneRush @CarmillaBand @vane_band @Ukranium1 @TheUnawakeState @AdamH1966 @HammerDownHard1 @davidhkofficial @DemonScarNYC @sinseermusic @HoneyBoneRush #BlueMonday, remember it is also Dr. King's day, and remember his powerful messages. This one particularly goe… @primothealien Ah, yeah tbh I would expect this. The Finnish are fairly active in the synth scene. VVOV and Levinsk… @primothealien What is this for?Thanks for all of the RTs, I might have a drummer, (Still contact if interested) but no solid guitarist or vocalist… song is absolutely adorkable, and is what I needed rn @cattempermeow I still rep the 707, this is a great track that it was used on @CZARINAnyc We've never really had that kinda guitarist tbh. When we got the more shreddy solo on "The Looks That K… @CZARINAnyc Fucking Shredders, I swear there is a quote for everything when it comes to progressive shit! @CZARINAnyc "Shut upa you face Steady a disgrace What’s a matter you Momma told me there’d be days like today Where… @xxFT13xx Feel free to toss a follow and I can DM then @CZARINAnyc Hey, this was the same shit that those two kids who were dragging at Elay were doing as well. I wonder… @CZARINAnyc These are the same children who will call Billie Eilish an industry plant because they don't understand… @CZARINAnyc Eugh, sexism. When men aren't successful, they will compare you to men. But I mean, EotV were getting d… @xxFT13xx Just recording @xxFT13xx I would be looking for those who specialize in real instruments (Guitar, bass, drums) or women who sing.… @MerylSKavanagh @bestkoreamusic I will also elaborate as well that I see a sort of set of silence and since tomorro…
If you can't contribute, RT the above post to get it out there! Someone else will find it, and if they are interest… might need helping assembling new lineup for Empire of the Vampire! Guitarists, drummers, and women singe… @PolarisVanSamus Oh and fun fact actually: This actually did prove in effect at Coachella lineup this year. Lewis C… @PolarisVanSamus In short, a band with 500K following that can sell out Arenas, that will always be of more value t… @PolarisVanSamus If they are the headliner over an actual longstanding act? No, that is actual bullshit. I personal… @PolarisVanSamus It is usually based on who has the bigger base atm, whose name will immediately sell the show fast… @FemaleProducer Honestly, given this set of influences, I'm surprised this has not been a point of discussion and t… @FemaleProducer If we want to get deeper really, the band that popularized "Goth" culture in its modern context, Ba… Fall Out Boy 4. Alice Cooper 3. Iron Maiden 2. Metallica 1. Rage Against the Machine No band told me the power o… @MerylSKavanagh on Bandcamp to keep her rising, stream her and include her in your playlists to keep those… is a question that I suppose comes upon many who see my thread and realizes the issues of bigotry and the sile… @MikeOrvisDamn @MerylSKavanagh It happens. The indie scene is rather silent on some of its issues, but we all gathe… @thesynthsquad I also would like to thank you guys for bringing up Visual Kei when discussing this track! I love th… said it when my band Empire of the Vampire was featured on here and I will say it now that they feature Drearia,… for new samples on Splice rn and ran into a set of ASMR samples, which include a few clips of some girl ram… @PolarisVanSamus @primothealien @julesneonfawkes @KaarinZoeLee @NathanielWyvern @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye And we lo… @elayarson shirt came in the mail today and my folks showed me the package and were like "What is that?" and the… @KaarinZoeLee @NathanielWyvern @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes @JaylynSnowMusic @julesneonfawkes @KaarinZoeLee @NathanielWyvern @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye I could only make as much progress as I h… @julesneonfawkes @MerylSKavanagh @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @DimiKaye I prefer my trains to be set to rap music… @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes You're absolutely fine and there are seve… @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes @JaylynSnowMusic I owe so much to her, no… @KaarinZoeLee @DreariaMusic @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes @JaylynSnowMusic music is people and people are music :)
Retweeted by ĐЯ∄∆Я¡∆ @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes Unfortunately so, but I stand clear on th… @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes I did not know this was a thing but OMG t… @NathanielWyvern @KaarinZoeLee @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes I can understand this! Even some active m… @KaarinZoeLee @NathanielWyvern @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes It is scary actually! Recently Elay Arson… @NathanielWyvern @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye @julesneonfawkes @KaarinZoeLee Admittedly, I am not always in the absolu… @inspectahemo I'm not sure how much this counts, but here's some Mathcore. I know Marko has praised this band a fai… @elayarson I didn't notice it at first, until I noticed how similar it was to when The Merry Thoughts brought forwa…
@julesneonfawkes @MerylSKavanagh @DimiKaye Make no mistake, we have a long ways to go, not just for women in #synthfam, but for othe… @MerylSKavanagh That's because I believed her music was simply that good. The only person close to a credible… @MerylSKavanagh I've put a lot of money into helping Eyeshadow further herself since she has aligned with The Dark… spite of transphobia in #synthfam, in spite of her struggles to get any major notice, and in spite of working wi… ready for the snow to bore me to death from work. #synthfam, please send me tracks to listen to when I get… @HeribertoMtzArt @SynthopsisPod And upon tweeting this, I just realized they have a new album due out at the end of March!!!! Cannot wait @HeribertoMtzArt @SynthopsisPod OMG you do not know how jelly I am. What a band! Hoping we get news on an album fro… @SynthopsisPod I could name several songs from this band that fit this lane. I think this one works best for this t…
Just wanted to say hi, #SynthfamGet ready to rock! All or Nothing by @DreariaMusic has been added to the Eden's Friends Choice #collaborative
Retweeted by ĐЯ∄∆Я¡∆I might end up changing entirely the way I think and proceed with this record, and it is going to start with the tr… really listening to tracks for the new Drearia album and tbh, I feel I hit the gas pedal a bit much, expecting… @Riffcoms I had to look some of these up, but I will say Gabbard probably won't drop out, and probably make a whole…
I don't think I have identified with a single tweet so much than I have at this moment today. This is the absolute…