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The original Darkwave vampire.... He/him, Bi, 1/4 øf @EmpireVampyre, Founder of @TheDarkWaveCult

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I'm sorry for my first tweet back to be that pissed off, but that just threw me for a loop. I am sad, infuriated, a… @JenBad47 @CZARINAnyc @moonrunner83 I will when I get off work, but let me say I WISH I was being outlandish. Czari… @PolarisVanSamus @AthenaQueen17 It is fitting that the term around me was often used in my camp to describe manager… @PolarisVanSamus @AthenaQueen17 In my vicinity, cracker is used to describe an entitled and stuck up person, usuall… @PolarisVanSamus Well she at least seemed complacent in that situation, and that's just as bad if not worse. Straight up cracker shit
@LindseyBoylan @sueonthetown @jaydestro @RepJerryNadler @AOC @NYWFP I would really like to ask @AOC and…
@runaway_void @IrratixMusic There's a REAL right wing populist, Saagar Enjeti, who put it best, that Trump doesn't… @runaway_void @IrratixMusic I'd put that more on Pence, which tbh emphasizes what IMO is so scary about Trump, he k…
@SpectrumPulse I read this as Paula White-Chan, which would have made just as much sense, as this sounds like a parody of itself
@theneedledrop Sisters of Mercy - Doctor Jeep Just one riff, THE ENTIRE SONG, also the lyrics. Vision Thing is up…
@EMFMediaCr @HeribertoMtzArt @julesneonfawkes @PlikeProject @CZARINAnyc @zxspunk @2librasband @MerylSKavanagh @julesneonfawkes I gotta give not just @HeribertoMtzArt credit for the artwork, but @SarahAllenReed gave a lot of f… @julesneonfawkes @HeribertoMtzArt @PlikeProject @CZARINAnyc @zxspunk @2librasband @EMFMediaCr @MerylSKavanagh #FF, this is the end...... @HeribertoMtzArt @julesneonfawkes @PlikeProject @CZARINAnyc @zxspunk can also stream BLOODTHIRSTY on Spotify and many other streaming services! and Vampires, The thrilling conclusion is here! My final album, "血に飢えた (BLOODTHIRSTY)" is now available on… @ClaireGanon I had that happen with me too, went in and out and only just started fully working yesterday @ClaireGanon DM'd you when you get a chance. Take your time, but messaged a while ago so wanted to check in @TrueIce303 @criticalhype I have been consistently been impressed with DJ Critical Hype's efforts at making the mos… quarantine will be continuing and I will be doing a lot less music making, I am picking back up an old friend…
@santiagomayer_ @grimsikk We almost started a war and it feels like it doesn't matter anymore @keyofamyjor I have so many questions. Do I even want them answered? @keyofamyjor @briebriejoy You live in NY, so just leave the top part blank. Vote for the Progressive in YOUR distri… @electbizon2020 @sunrisemvmt David Bonior, the last Democrat to have a spot in the 10th District, I'm sure would be… @brassman66 @Taychez_ @shoe0nhead @ShahidForChange It technically was on the day before the California primary itse… @javiramos0418 He starts out by being nice, I think Saagar and Krystal give him way too much of the benefit of the… @georgeordavid73 @esaagar But then if Saagar takes out Rave Dubin, what will @SamSeder's job be? @joseph89592941 @Xylo_metrus @esaagar I think eventually, Republicans are going to have something like the Justice… @Xylo_metrus @esaagar This is unfortunately true, Dennis Prager has brought out people like Owen Benjamin (Who was…
@Xylo_metrus @esaagar Just like there is a number of ideologies within the Democratic party (Blue Dog, Progressive,… @esaagar Are we going to go from "Saagar Enjeti DESTROYS Ben Shapiro" to "Saagar Enjeti DESTROYS PragerU"? If so, I'm all for it @LBcrats @esaagar I think @krystalball would be your go-to person for this @Joshua4Congress @_LeftistVegan The issue is, since we are in the pandemic, it basically destroys your traction unl… @Joshua4Congress Yes, though IMO this is not the race to experiment with that, but in 2022 absolutely! @Joshua4Congress Right now? Continuing forward and winning this damn primary! In the future? There are a lot of una…
@MikeForKY @TeamBroihier I saw this just now and made me realize you guys have a big chance to turn things around f… @JoyAnnReid @cmclymer It's disappointing, we have some strong ones on the table. Joe should go at all angles, Stace… @SlaughterPony @dnotive Some of them do, they usually are the ones who are more affected by his actual policy or th…
@dnotive Is this how the indoctrinate them into radicalization? @ralphhhenson @ryangrim I think unless Joe goes all the way on publicly denying this himself, the current pandemic… @bizzle_scott @ryangrim I have had seen some right-wingers argue Trump on the briefing keeps the Deep State/Q kids… @Jacob_B_Shaver @VoteForSolomon This is the reason why we should all be gathering ourselves around, not dividing ou… @MarcBannes @VoteForSolomon @ClaireGanon Follow me and I will drag you in and we should work on possibly recruiting… @MarcBannes @VoteForSolomon We need to unite in consistent outlets, and perhaps with consistent groups as well. Me… @NomikiKonst It is becoming inane, and I don't know what to make of it. At this rate I am becoming convinced that K… @IrratixMusic Nomiki Konst already denounced this already. This article is absolutely infuriating @ChristianDrappi @sainttarrou @TeamBroihier @democrat_nyc @MikeForKY @Arriadna @marwilliamson @Booker4KY If they de… @ChristianDrappi @sainttarrou @TeamBroihier @democrat_nyc @MikeForKY @Arriadna @marwilliamson @Booker4KY I think… @wildstein @Oseguera2020 Bernie said specifically that he wanted to remain on the ballot to have people vote for hi…
@MerylSKavanagh Honestly, @AOC, @IlhanMN, @RashidaTlaib, and @PramilaJayapal, they should all work on gathering a s… @MetroDee @NomikiKonst Thankfully, it seems AOC is getting closer to her breaking point, maybe she will finally sta… @MetroDee @NomikiKonst We shouldn't give them a pass, but I am more saying that we need to remember that these are… @MetroDee @NomikiKonst Tbh even if this is true, this type of behavior and exclusion makes us no better than the An… @edgar_a_bitch I am glad it looks like we are on our way out with this mf. I can hardly do this anymore, ughI want to thank you all who have been reaching out to me in these crazy times, and especially those who will be sup… comparison to other Drearia projects, this album is sort of a passion project, taking a lot of my classic horror… shoutout to @HeribertoMtzArt for designing the art and @SynthopsisPod for premiering "BLOOD IN THE CLUB"! I als… and Vampires, Due to Bandcamp's fee waving on May 1st, I have decided to delay the release of BLOODTHIRSTY…
@HeribertoMtzArt Meant to issue this sooner, but as mentioned, not been so well. I will be deciding on what I want to officially do soon @HeribertoMtzArt Will issue a correction this since I have been sick. It will arrive tomorrow on Bandcamp for Pre-O… @AdaRook666 Idk about anyone else, I just felt bad cause by the time I poasted my GIF, you had said you didn't like it @AdaRook666 Sorry :/ @NewTmrw @ClaireGanon We all would, just like how I would prefer David Bonior on the Green ticket. But given our op… @Jackamacka2 How do you end up in the right and STILL come off looking like a jackass? I like Anthony but sometimes..... yeesh @NewTmrw @ClaireGanon Jesse Ventura doesn't support a "living wage", that's my big issue with Ventura atm, I would… @IrratixMusic The one thing that gives me hope is that Biden increased turnout in senior crowds, and that Trump's a…
@TrueIce303 @ryangrim That has always been my big issue with the Democratic party in recent years, I feel they have… @TrueIce303 @ryangrim Yeah, it only really happened in the 60's where they switched, mostly cause Strom Thurmond an… @TrueIce303 @ryangrim Thank you! I have a release due Friday actually. If you like the more Visual Kei-influenced r… @davidmfaris @pennywinkie @ggreenwald I think that says more about Republican leadership than actual Republicans, a… @TrueIce303 @ryangrim I have seen this take and it has baffled me at times. I have heard from many others and have… @pennywinkie @ggreenwald Just an example @rando__user @DBoatr @ryangrim @JamaalBowmanNY @RepEliotEngel Follow this or my more political account… @rando__user @DBoatr @ryangrim @JamaalBowmanNY @RepEliotEngel Not a complete list, but this site is a start. I thin… @ArmaOrientalis @NOSURRE99686772 @danielmarans Yeah, if the Dems take the Senate, I think it honestly would be enou… @ryangrim @AndomForNY I think @AndomForNY needs to drop this nonsense, we are in a pandemic. Honestly why… @UnDeadAsylum_Md I get results in 1-2 days so we will see then. I really hope I am fine, hopeful @HoneyBoneRush We'll see, I get results within the next 1-2 days. I hope you're rightBeen pretty sick the past two days, neck has been stiff af, felt very cold last night, bout to get tested tomorrow.… @TrueIce303 @ryangrim Sorry, I kinda misspoke here since I haven't been all too well, but I think you get what I wa…
@UnDeadAsylum_Md @IrratixMusic Agreed. The Contract with America proposed 12 years (6 terms for Representatives, 2… @UnDeadAsylum_Md @IrratixMusic I hope so. Unfortunately, some of the back and forths have been for concessions that… @esaagar You know, there was MAYBE a way you could defend this, but this....... nah, chief. @UnDeadAsylum_Md @IrratixMusic There are plenty of small businesses, particularly on the smaller side, that did not… @UnDeadAsylum_Md @IrratixMusic Those unemployment benefits would be great if we had systems that were ready to hand… @IrratixMusic Not really, there is a small business loan program that has been ineffective, there are unemployment… @TrueIce303 @ryangrim It means that person supports white nationalist rhetoric, a sympathizer could also be a white… @yeahmosaidit @ryangrim @RashidaTlaib @DemSocialists I would rather support someone who supports the rights of all,… @yeahmosaidit @ryangrim @RashidaTlaib The organization Tliab is backed by, @DemSocialists, supports a two state sol… @yeahmosaidit @ryangrim @RashidaTlaib Brenda Jones praised the Nation of Islam and its newspaper, The Final Call, a… @gmail Well, it seems to be working now, but for a little bit, I was unable to access Gmail while able to access ot… gmail down for anyone else?
On the Rock side, I want to thank @DemonScarNYC and @UGM_Rock for giving me a platform I would not have otherwise h… are in the midst of scary times, but while I don't think I would have ended up with the movement to make the cha… are a lot of people I would like to thank like @Inguz10 and @2librasband who all said I had an impact on them… never talked about them yesterday, but I do want to thank some of the great people like @SarahAllenReed,… @VoteForSolomon We need to put an end to all political dynasties! That includes the Bush/Clinton/Obama dynasties as… @VoteForSolomon I'd dare say this is a good case for term limits for Supreme Court Judges. Ironically, Ben Carson m… @VoteForSolomon This makes way too many assumptions. If she really believed Hilary was going to win (And let's be c… @krystalball @esaagar @thehill Guys, I think something is up with one of the videos on your channel