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@_SlimVal enjoy ur job😌 @Evs2x they were crazyy @zinyak2000 i was in the car with some girl from my school then i was playing valorant in a grand finals tourney bu… @ShiiroQt banger shiro tweet @1flyuh u changed his life @bonerbob_ bonerbob fuck 12 💯😈 @willardVAL_ lmfao it looks like typical ranked @ReDoFPS @frostyZK that’s insane, i play 400 .75 and im about to go higher u must have huge desk space @ReDoFPS @frostyZK what the fuck! @ReDoFPS @frostyZK that is so slow wtf @ratevalorant banger tweet
@CrownIWNL yeah . me too @bonerbob_ no @bonerbob_ about to be @bonerbob_ agreed @soojais @sh0pguy sooj look so happy @lucasVALORANT WE TALKED ABOUT THIS LAST NIGHT @rushdiff HAS A YELLOW ONE @itsmarouS @Glorinsz im not saying duelists should run in a site that teammates arent at, if u have 4 people c long… @itsmarouS @Glorinsz ur wrong on many levels @SadBoiDeath @shalors @Hoppin you definitely the type to do fake in game currency scams @nickVAL_ @tinurrrr what @itsmarouS @Glorinsz i feel u but like duelists arent meant to get kills if my instalock duelist is dashing or runn… @Xyph9r it’s so good @Governor_Val turt?? @Klamran F @t1ffsny they be so bad for what tho @ImposterVAL @HitBox_Hiros split a through cat and main
@willardVAL_ willie!! @ayNovaFPS inted ranked match for me but 😍😍 @bonerbob_ hi keo @bonerbob_ boney???? @Angellolll @BERE14_ bacon boy @Xyph9r can i join you? @sw1ndal proud of u swindy
@ShiiroQt @lun3hri shiro is super sexy @CrownIWNL u guys are chilling crown, icons is a very solid team and all of you are young @bonerbob_ yes bonerbob yes @bonerbob_ me bony @willardVAL_ pugs only fun if u laughing tho who cares about winnin @Saulsrevenge @soojais @KorMizu how sooj so handsome? is not normal, need check his gene? @ChippoVal dre won! @ChippoVal @secretiwnl getting close 😞 @secretiwnl ill be sure to dodge all 4 when im in plat lobbies again @ShiiroQt can vouch PUMPKIN
@Bonesllb then mr deep drops 54 next match @TexanicoYT 6’ @77SHIIN @ShiiroQt @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @ShiiroQt @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @ShiiroQt @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @ShiiroQt @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @ShiiroQt @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @kxtieoh @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @AbramVALORANT @Angellolll @KimotaFPS @kxtieoh @wokezval @katehlol @milk1x @CrownIWNL @azefps @quackzyy @77SHIIN @AbramVALORANT @ChippoVal ill have to send the clip of u first saying that to me i still have it saved @ChippoVal dre “sinatraa” won @ChippoVal @toeluval @ctrrlz having fun in ranked is 100x better than tryharding or malding at teammates
WILL ONLY PLAY BREACH FROM NOW ON UNTIL IM RADIANT @DaySlaya @polorsaregood @Vanityxz @vTRouter just an idea @Leonyx UR PLAYING FORTNITE @polorsaregood @Vanityxz @vTRouter prob a preset for mouse movements that the person who made it did @lucasVALORANT lemme get 1 @Leonyx best val player ever ig @240Kurasa this guy 3 days younger than me
@diaamondTV we missed a few steps @Angellolll immortal immortal immortal immortal immortal @wokezval yes bro daniel caesar go to hard @smartpunchsp @ValZapz vouch @ValZapz @smartpunchsp 1 Follower @smartpunchsp in a game w the zapz guy right now he doesnt comm anything and just cries @ShiiroQt @lucasVALORANT V @nickVAL_ that sova ult to cancel killjoy ult was huge @ItsADM17 @idkcaleb_ @diaamondTV the fact diaamonds reply has 420 likes makes this so much better
@wildfirecsg @Ravzfps u got the - version bro 💀
@willardVAL_ i like girls 👍lft again looking for something long term - pref duelist but willing to play anything - open schedule - dedicate…
Retweeted by dre @ShiiroQt 😍
french canadians are either the nicest or most toxic people in rankedRun It Up 🔥 🔗( 🔗( 🔗( ❤+♻ Appreciated
Retweeted by dre @scrollval @mehzyVAL we was grinding @NotReduxx @mintaims reduxx lowkey cold for 14 @mehzyVAL i have 2000 hours playing dark rp from like 2014 @builtbygamers @hiqupz @n0rmalizee if u play mainly fps games go with hipupFPS but if u literally only play val go ahead ur choice @vinylVAL @HitBox_Hiros @jasthex cool edaters on my tl
@zekkenVAL @FrostyValorant @hyjinxVAL @regan_travis @Governor_Val why tf is governor a giant @TaggVal tagsval taggval @rysa_val probably because you did an indian accent, some people find that offensive you know? @rysa_val ??? @Nihhky didnt know you still played valorant rofl @Xyph9r just checking @Xyph9r serious question... does it smell?
@_SlimVal ranked is better than main queue @ratevalorant @RachellyVAL @nosyy_tv CHRISTMAS SKINdropped 40 and tied but i hit this thought it was nice @phoFPS can vouch i saw 'actual sewer rat' playing an unrated @Leonyx gta driving i will freak out if im in first person
@valyngod cmon show the cut @aplsed2003 @MyNameIsAdammm @SesoHQ @PlayVALORANT @100Thieves ya no shit but jet black is a very dark black