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thinker+writer at UNC Chapel Hill: rhetoric, social justice, literacy, BTS. Views are my own. she,her #BTSSyllabus Project (💜)

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Have you heard that the 'BTS: A Global Interdisciplinary Conference II' will officially take place on May 1-2, 2021…
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷I write to stay connected to the communities that I care for. I write to share the knowledge and experiences of my… @fatimafarha_ Love them baked with butter! @armybracelet Seriously, love the design! @armybracelet This is so lovely!!! omg! @JeeLee06767883 @BTS_twt I believe it will be posted to YouTube, just not sure of when! 💜
@mariamaelba @BTS_twt ty!!! and ty to Pengsoo, too!!!! @RafranzDavis I hope you get some relief, soon!We are officially in @BTS_twt comeback season! Let's keep making recommendations for the #BTSSyllabus to document…'m very excited for this! While this is meant as an overview, I'd like to think of this as being part of an ongoin… we go!!!!!!!! love this so very much. @biastapes thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.
@a_priyd Excellent question! I think yes, but let me double check!THERE AIN'T NOTHING OUTSIDE, Genesis Tramaine, 2018 #blackarthistory
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷Ah! Yessssss!💜💜💜 @JiayangFan My mom lived with ALS for five years. My brother and I were thankful we had one another because so man… students' ability to turn off cameras and microphones, some instructors said they've struggled to keep up clas…
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@ColetteBalmain @ViewoftheArts @BTS_twt @bts_bighit Colette, this was just stellar!
@j_u__k Yes!!! @_formerly I wondered!!! @JeeLee06767883 @BTS_twt We were crying! 😭💜This was so amazing! 저는 행복합니다! (Trying to practice more, I hope I got that right!)Do we know who the band and backup singers are?! I really want to know!! 💜This Dynamite performance was everything. @BTS_twt #BillboardMusicAwards @gmcantave1 @JeeLee06767883 ah, ty!!! @gmcantave1 @JeeLee06767883 is the full episode up yet? i tried to look before and what i'd bookmarked were clips,…
@travisclau Say what.... @KellySpricht I've not made soup yet this fall. That sounds lovely!I'm excited and humbled by the opportunity to be a presenter in this series. I'll offer a broad overview of… @sweetbtstea I'm gonna take your interpretation because my imagination had a far more troubling outcome! 😬😂 @sweetbtstea Beach, Job, and Ow....I don't know what to think🥺 @BTSHannah7 @BTS_twt These will be recorded and made public! @Voxyldy @TheKpopProf ah, i appreciate the support! @TheKpopProf @BTS_twt that's what i'm hoping for! i want to give enough overview so those who don't know much about… @ResearchBTS Fantastic, as always! 💜💜💜Really enjoyed this article and how they worked to understand who ARMY is. @TheKpopProf @BTS_twt I think many ARMY will know some of this context and history because it is an overview, but I… @artansonyeondan @BTS_twt Same. I adore the colors and movement!
RSA Remote: Making Contact: Working with Book Editors, Reviewers, and Readers. RSA Remote is pleased to offer the…
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @ColetteBalmain oh my gosh. that sounds horrible! @artansonyeondan @BTS_twt this is so beautiful. @iheartfatapollo @laura_springman That is so true! @bananatanBTS Bangtan time is different. 🥺 @stichomancery Begin also makes me weepy.a little reminder that i need to stay in the present. QUEEN POSING AGAINST ALPINE BACKDROP, LONDON, Raphael Albert, circa 1970s #blackarthistory
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @Daezi7 @joon_hatesbacon @BangtanScholars @army_society @ColetteBalmain ty for tagging me. we hope to have the firs… takes #top two spots on #Billboard singles chart
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷OP-ED: "We are calling on the University to schedule multiple 'mini-breaks' (two or three-day breaks, akin to a tra…
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @toojazzy25 wow...just imagining that is powerful. @modooborahae I'm sure of that! 😊 Will bookmark and make a note to check back for subs! @modooborahae Oh! I so wanted to see this!
@fatimafarha_ indeed it is!!!We celebrate again with @BTS_twt! 💜 Please help us document this history with our #BTSSyllabus. We are seeking a ra… @epistellar i'm playing it, now 😆 @epistellar candy coated raindrops? @BeeGees @BTS_twt @bts_bighit this is so lovely! @JeeLee06767883 @BTS_twt so very hopeful!!! 💜 @RCMeg this is such a good idea! @Mqtjuiced make sure to think of *all* the work you'll do to put into this (talking w/ company, surveying their nee… to find words that encapsulate my feelings. I’m just so very grateful to have these feelings of joy and… @acafanmom This is a pretty good representation of me walking through Target when a friend just texted me BTS’ great news! 😂😊😂 @ElegantLogic @ismir2020 @BTS_twt Of course! 😊 @JeeLee06767883 @BTS_twt So beautiful. Thank you for sharing these! Hope to see it in person, next year. 💜happy birthday, Jimin. thank you for sharing your gifts with us: "The whole world is different from yesterday It is… @kittievante thank you, 💜this, every single word. @TheKpopProf @nuhtalyah @mihyun_yoon @puppyjamong_ @joohoneybeee @kingsher6318 Ah, just seeing this. Will take a look for sure. @Carrie86638065 it stays in my head!Sweeter than sweet @artansonyeondan @SangtanBangtan oh wow! i'm going to bookmark to read. i presented on BTS, ARMY, and critical peda… of Michigan Press releases first rap album from an academic publisher from @aydeethegreat
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷Today we want to take a minute to thank @citeblackwomen for the gift that #CiteBlackWomenSunday is. We know a whole…
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@ColetteBalmain @BigHitEnt @BTS_twt My goodness, yes. So grateful!I really need to sit with this lesson on gratitude. #MapOfTheSoulOne_D2 @MicheBangtan Oh my 💜my heart fills with love and joy every time I remember that Dynamite is a gift. plain and simple just a little something to delight us.
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷As much as Spring Day makes me cry, I really do understand why they keep singing it to us during this time. Thank y…😞😭 @fatimafarha_ @hetherington I am so awake right now that a part of me wonders if this will be too much but here we go 😂 @hetherington I’m making iced coffee, too!!! @elliotsang Yes. Grateful and just trying to enjoy being in this moment to see it.there’s no one way to calculate exactly how anyone becomes super successful, BTS or otherwise. it’s always a vast a…
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @lenikacruz Oh, Lenika 💜 @BTSBEINGBTSYT Pace yourself! @mscm619 I felt that call so deeply💜 @lenikacruz 🥺💜 @mothermade I watched that one twice, tonight! I so hear you on the representation. 💜
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @giantpengfan omg, this is going in my office! @gddaengit that’s my plan! Maybe I’ll stay up and write during the 12-2:45 slot if I can’t rest? 🥺Just went for a walk in a cemetery and a guy has a QR code on his grave stone that links to a list of his publications and citation metrics
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For me, fall has always meant marching bands and parades. I'm thinking about how many bands would have probably played ON this year.DETERMINATION, NYC, Jamel Shabazz, 1980 #blackarthistory
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @elliotsang Interested in hearing more...👀The mountain was finally made for real, 6 years after it was first used in Tomorrow's background. @BTS_twt
Retweeted by dr.EppsRobertson ⁷ @Lyna91Fr @BTS_twt My Phoenix loved this so 💜 @Lyna91Fr @BTS_twt Oh, I didn’t even think of this! @JeeLee06767883 @BTS_twt This was achingly beautiful.