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- always remember how dope you are - pop punk saves lives - don’t lose your dinosaur - squeeze my elbows but don’t touch the knees - vegan and annoying about it

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@AddyLug @llisonx28 @stephjuuune @imliveontwitch @ValentinoZaa candy corn is the superior halloween candy. @Amd_713 big same @greer_here i didn’t see where it started but i saw where it ended @greer_here omg i remember you telling me about this @ShennanaGibbs i hate everything right now. @asap__ana 🥺🥺🥺my period is starting and i’m dying? @mags_reverie hi can i have all these on a sticker please lol and can i request one that says ‘vote vote vote’ in the same style 🤪 @dianegld cork tree is the best album and after folie a deux was the last album of theirs i really listened to
@byrnzeeetv i hope it gets fixed soon @byrnzeeetv well if you know anyone else looking lol i won one from dts and i have no use for it lol @byrnzeeetv i have a spare one for hella cheap? @Whalers81 no no no only positivity @greer_here OMG ITS THE BEST @Amd_713 @oreillyauto one would think it was but it’s not. and when we walked in a customer didn’t have a mask on e… if anyone wants to go into a store that doesn’t require masks for employees or customers, go to @oreillyauto on… @patxdiaz did....did you pee on it?i like when it’s not windy because then i can’t see my neighbors tr*mp flag across the street37 days
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐i love @MsPackyetti digging out my physical copy of deathly hallows or just keep using the kindle/kindle app 🤔 @mandagracexoxo interesting. i’m fascinated by this place lol @garinwood 👀👀👀👀 @caitnicole__ just slip a five spot under her door lmao @ZookeeperBean no! we would just have a big backyard party and everyone has to bring their own food, no dress code,… @mandagracexoxo ok i didn’t watch with the sound but i have some questions. the biggest one is who is to stop some… @caitnicole__ nah fuck her don’t buy her juice @ZookeeperBean maybe, once covid is under control, let’s re-do your wedding with all the vros? @guccitricks_ taste @stacywernick i actually found myself googling ‘how to deal with friends who don’t believe covid is real’ 😩 @JessicaMBailey_ i just read through her feed and i feel sick @stacywernick or as my friends would say “we’re in the middle of a hoax” 🙄what she said @mags_reverie woooooooow
my love language is telling me I have food in my teeth in a nice way
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐ @neatdude 😩 i want some @toriisantiago whatever diane got cause it sounds bomb af @greer_here feelsbad i have the poor so i am not buying one but that doesn’t mean i don’t love lof @mags_reverie lofi beats + compression eye mask + weighted blanket = best sleep @britt_jay_ ok that is the best part lmao okay i would say that episode is an easy second @mags_reverie i just took a 2 and a half hour nap after sleep a restful 8 hours last night 🤷🏻‍♀️ @britt_jay_ nah snork juicethe snake juice episode is the best episodetime to put on some dangerous summer and rock this scoober 🤘🏼 just @ me next time @gracehelbig @dianegld omg that drink sounds amazing and i will be trying it @chrismelSchleeb yes and i feel like the spell check is less intuitive🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @lilaclilyjewels @caitnicole__ you’re my first @ lol⋄∗✨🌜 Giveaway! 🌛✨∗⋄ Winner will receive: ✨ Your choice of ANY available ring in my shop 🌸 ✨ A mystery pair of 925…
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐ @pulte and today, we help a girl who desperately needs new brakes on her car before first snow @taylor__618 good for you. i wish i had your willpower lol. i’m glad you still are around though 🥰 @taylor__618 that’s smart. i use ig for group chats between iphone/android users so i can’t delete it but i do dele… idiotic facebook posts that made me deactivate my account have now spilled over to instagram 🙄“If i ACCIDENTALLY go into the wrong patient hospital room and give them the wrong medicine AND kill them I will lo…
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐matt just used a chipotle chip to funnel a coconut la croix into his mouth just so everyone knows how our night is going @toriisantiago CUTEso i’m like 85-95% sure i have a banana intolerance. i haven’t had one in a while because i had some bad stomach pr…
@marissaaat15 happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$diedrefalvey @pulte no i would put it towards new brakes for my car 😅 @greer_here so that was an answer on office trivia and the only part we could remember was the i declare 😂 @Freidz_ YES PLEASE that song is my favorite on the album so far @itsmiranduhh happy day of birth! @pulte $diedrefalvey please help me get my brakes fixed! my cars been grinding for months and i got other bills @caitnicole__ @britt_jay_ #/friendshipflexa modern day hitler. & all these people are praising him. we are doomed. our country is failing from all aspe…
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐i just mailed my request for an absentee ballot, have you? see how to request one at @britt_jay_ omg so funny cause when @caitnicole__ said she wasn’t feeling hot the other day i was like ‘oh fuck i… HAVE TO BE UP SO EARLY WHY AM I ON TWITTER AND NOT SLEEPING WHY AM I LIKE THIS 😅 @neatdude sup @greer_here 🥺🥺 @greer_here another office rewatch?
come for the chaos, stay for the vibes @_GracieJ_ i haven’t thought about it in so long but now i will make a point to remember it.
this you’re posting in solidarity with #Louisville and #BreonnaTaylor tonight, make sure you’re sharing this informat…
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐Everyone-and I do mean everyone-should be against officers being able to walk into your home and kill you with impunity. Everyone.
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐Whoever needs this: I understand the desire to not vote. To reject a system that abuses you & denies your worth. Bu…
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐THIS THIS THIS.
Retweeted by drerae11 // diedre ➐ @hanksterrgirl @RealLostGhost this photo captures true love in its most intimate moment. i love this so much. happy anniversary to you both @Stomp83 being apart of the cream stream and the shack means never being alone. i feel like because of the diversit…“everything tastes better with maple syrup, otherwise why the fuck would anyone live in vermont” - @mattyschabes @garinwood i forgive, as long as you keep posting pics so i can live vicariously through you ☺️ @garinwood you are giving me serious wanderlust, sir @AddyLug 🥰🥰🥰 @Whalers81 fyi i always wake up to pee around 2:30am so i’ll make a point to check my phone lmao @Whalers81 your friends are offended 😂 @greer_here my parents did that after they retired @AddyLug happy birthday my child! you are honestly too cool for us and i thank you for gracing us with your presenc… you just gotta put on lofi beats and vibe 🤙🏼neat dude bout to make me act up @JeffreeStar $diedrefalvey
@Whalers81 i know 😾 @tequilasquared_ ok i love this photo for two reasons: 1) it’s beautiful and captures such a wonderful moment and 2… @maysalisxcortez i wanna be back in sac with my sister and family :(