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Emergency Medicine, critical access. #notmypresident #imwiththekids

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#HatchActViolation again!'s COVID briefings: same script, different day.
Retweeted by PNW doc @thehill Perhaps @realDonaldTrump can recommend his favorite makeup. @jepence @GOP Decency First. Honesty. Integrity. Humanity. Science. #VoteBlue“Phony Kamala,” opines the guy with bizarre hair, orange skin, shoe lifts, various braces, and a daily two-hour makeup session.
Retweeted by PNW docWhy do Democrats need perfect walk-on-water candidates when Republicans pulled a booger out of their nose, stuck a…
Retweeted by PNW doc @CNNPolitics @RepKatiePorterThey should debate Trump’s healthcare plan (that doesn’t exist). Harris should do a press conference every day at the same time as Trump's and just rip him apart.
Retweeted by PNW doc @GOP Debate Trump’s healthcare plan! #LetsGO !!! #VoteBlue
For your viewing pleasure:
Retweeted by PNW doc#LetsGO!!! !!! the Republican Party ever graduate from the 4th grade or will it just die? @CortesSteve Clean energy, racial justice, healthcare, science.Bristol Bay is no place for a mine — our administration decided that in 2014. We're only discussing it today becaus…
Retweeted by PNW doc*Checks notes* Yes.
Retweeted by PNW doc @CortesSteve Sure...whatever.“A new analysis from Michigan's largest health system provides sobering verification of the risks for QT interval p…
Retweeted by PNW doc @Chrisvance123 @ProjectLincoln @reedgalen @RadioFreeTom @jwgop @gtconway3d @SteveSchmidtSES Bravo! @clairecmc You misspelled impotent. @CortesSteve @Outkick @ClayTravis Trump @realDonaldTrump doesn’t actually want to be president. He should just resign and do a radio show. @DrSandman11 We are going to print 100 pages of this electronic paperless chart for the receiving hospital. @JoeNBC Joe: our police have long insisted that they should not have to be Social Workers, drug and alcohol counsel…'t forget that in the middle of this pandemic, the Trump Administration is in court trying to eliminate Obamacar…
Retweeted by PNW docLatest from @donwinslow is a plea to the WH Press Corp~ STOP being so polite to this dumbAss excuse for a presiden…
Retweeted by PNW docBravo! old idiot repeats himself again. Doesn’t make it true. @Country_fiedMD @meganranney Based on what? 50% droplet reduction has been well demonstrated. Washington State h… @OldielocksNmo4 @CortesSteve James, I’m not y’all, I’m a frontline ER doc trying to correct perpetuated medical mis…
We need to put one of these on every corner, right next to the taco truck:
Retweeted by PNW doc @TomFitton @GenFlynn He pleaded guilty. @kaitlancollins We need the tests and supplies for patients! @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump @politico From the fascist’s playbook: cause a problem, fix it by making it worse. @CortesSteve Wearing ties and hats made in China. @TomFitton NOPE. Just science.I’m still shaken up by news of Nikki Haley’s delayed popcorn order. Just knowing that kind of suffering exists in…
Retweeted by PNW doc @OldielocksNmo4 @CortesSteve Those were not novel viruses. And read up on the polio summers of 1952 and 53. Your p… @WhiteHouse Y’all blew it. @thekjohnston Just an awful rat’s nest. @thehill So you readily admit he is an ineffective impotent failure, @PressSec @CortesSteve They should debate Trump’s health plan first. @JeffSharlet The good news is they are getting tested. @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump He would have more time to do real damage if he didn’t spend so much on time on his… Anti-maskers: You have the right to believe whatever you want. But you do not have the right to spread your sa…
Retweeted by PNW doc338,000 US children have tested positive for the coronavirus, and new #s show more than 97,000 of the positives cam…
Retweeted by PNW doc @Politidope The country needs test supplies for actual patients. @thehill The “if I die, I die” people are total wimps with a cough chest pain and a fever. How will they feel about killing off mom? @donwinslow Go man go!It’s a lot of work watching all the DVR recordings of CNN MSNBC and Fox, scrolling Twitter, phoning Hannity, ignori… @MD_STAT @ClayTravis @hawks5050 @ClayTravis Frontline ER doc. Get a clue, man. @adamrbutler @ClayTravis Don’t live in fear. Take healthy caution. @hawks5050 @ClayTravis Sheep disbelievers calling others sheep is so funny! @TweetieFenko @ClayTravis BS. That’s not how death certificates work. @BlackJackBoGre1 @ClayTravis Every public health official has already accounted for those things. @MountaineerMatt @ClayTravis Your health affects mine. My health affects yours. It’s a pity you don’t understand healthy caution. @iwinograd @ab2503 @ClayTravis If H1N1 had had this effect, we would have had a lockdown. You are just wrong. @ab2503 @ClayTravis Absolutely wrong. Get a clue. @The_Rege @ClayTravis Your ignorance is astounding! @ClayTravis @MD_STAT Absolutely FALSE! @NYGovCuomo @bfs2020 Well done though New York! Mr. Cuomo, can you take over the National efforts next???Hey Trumpers, If your President loves America so much, explain this video: #TrumpMadeInChina
Retweeted by PNW doc @CortesSteve How many dead kids and teachers are okay with you? What’s your number? @CortesSteve Yeah Georgia just proved you wrong. @veganpierogi Did they feel like they got it at work despite appropriate PPE? Or do you know?
BOOM! 💥 Posting this again just because it’s BRILLIANT!
Retweeted by PNW doc @Stop_Trump20 Clueless af. @TeamTrump @CortesSteve Your post is ugly. Speaks volumes about you and your values.tbh I did not see “Cut Medicare and Social Security” coming as Trump’s election year pivot.
Retweeted by PNW doc @BrianKarem @realDonaldTrump History will prove it. When all the WH aides write their tell all books, we will know who outright lied. @TomFitton @GenFlynn The false charges he pleaded guilty to?
Don't make this #TrumpsCovidCoverup hashtag go viral! @realDonaldTrump will say that's illegal.
Retweeted by PNW docSince you’re answering questions today, I’m interested in knowing why you spent the 4th of July, 2018, in Russia wi…
Retweeted by PNW doc @ddale8 Brave Sir Donald ran away. look, more fake Executive Orders from @realDonaldTrump. One way for @POTUS to actually help homeowners and rent…
Retweeted by PNW docHe really isn’t
Retweeted by PNW doc @neeratanden Completely transparent.#HatchActViolation again. you’re starting to regret your vote for Trump
Retweeted by PNW doc @TomFitton @realDonaldTrump Yes. He needs more blood on his hands.#TrumpCantRideABike
Retweeted by PNW docDay 43 of presidential silence on #BountyGate. Donald Trump is hoping we'll forget. But we won't. Our troops deserve so much better.
Retweeted by PNW doc @marklevinshow Medical professionals don’t wonder, we know: zero benefit....lies... @GOP @realDonaldTrump He is lying about “choice” again. He has not stood up to Putin in defense of our troops. He is a disgrace. @CortesSteve @senatemajldr is obstructing. @realDonaldTrump is lying again, then runs away when he is called out on it.I can’t believe I have to say this, but we can’t let Donald Trump open up the Grand Canyon for uranium mining.
Retweeted by PNW docThe “if I die, I die” people are complete wimps with a fever and a cough. @GeigerNews The “if I die, I die” people are complete wimps with a fever and a cough. @brucewayne5687 @PearlJam !!! Sweet! @clairecmc Poor bike. @Lucifer_GodsSon Did you get more for Trump’s soul or Epstein’s?Here, I’ve drafted Trump’s pre-existing conditions Executive Order: “We hereby drop all lawsuits against the Affordable Care Act.”
Retweeted by PNW doc @thehill @RandPaul National Weather Service NASA Student loans FDA EPA Small business loans Veterans healthcare… @thehill @RandPaul It’s is time to end these socialist programs and the taxes that fund them, right? [answer caref… report report. @FBI @clubdetox Wait, what? So you aren’t a “federal agent”? Surely you know that pretending to be one is a crime, correct? @FBI
Retweeted by PNW doc @MDaware I saw 3 moons. My son saw 4.The law ALREADY EXISTS.