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@Marri Yesssss!Show of hands if you’re in the middle of the ol’ Friday Night Panic Scream. @onekevinmiller This fucking chud, man. I can’t even process how his brain works. @Marri As like... an alarm clock...? @johntdrake @andrearene So sorry, you two @TJFixman 😂To all the other expecting parents going through this shit: It’s ok to freak the fuck out. Nobody prepared us for t… fucking CHRIST @drewmagary there better be a Twitch stream or don’t even botherOK we started the 2nd episode and WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK @kchironis I’m shook after the first episodeI mean the president all but told sick people in Michigan to drop dead because their lady governor is too mouthy.
Retweeted by Drew HolmesWe have started Tiger King and WHAT THE FUCK @BangBangClick mine is 😭
@Ro2pointDoh fuck... that's awfulBarbers and hairstylists are going to be incredibly valued when this is all over... @09mshatraw 😂 but also 😭are we still even doing days of the week at this point? @TJFixman starting it tonight. v excitedWhen facing a novel and uncertain situation, the brain secretly disambiguates the ambiguous without letting you kno…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesHey @ouddin didn’t we go buy the new Bob Dylan album like the day of or day after 9/11? @OneLetter Kicking Horse, baby @Marri @vandammemullet Shouldn’t have ignored my personal rule of “never trust a doctor with a ponytail” @vandammemullet Well. It’s been nice knowing y’all. @peterkrupa Fucking yikes @omlt_plp Yes, that is the only thing I can think of.ANOTHER birthday, today! Two years ago we told you The Collapse was coming and, well... *gestures at everything* @garretty If only I had a spare 90 bucks lying around lol CanadaFinished Ori and the Will of the Wisps. Great game. Highly recommend.
my god. read this on the toilet ‘cuz you will shit yourself at the end of this thread
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @joecarpita @ouddin I KNEW IT @ouddin But will Joe share with you? @TheSMUSpaz Some hospitals aren’t even letting fathers in the delivery roomThe New Normal: driving Jess to her OBGYN appt, and then waiting in the car because the Dr. won’t allow extra people anymore. Woof. @nico_bihary freaking years old. A lifetime ago. @locust9 No. This apocalyptic because where the fuck are your shoelacesRestarting our economy will require one thing above all else – testing. Testing to show who's currently infected. T…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesThis is an ICU nurse in Michigan. We are sending civilians into battle w/o proper equipment to do something they’ve…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesSounds like he’s doing OK so far. Says he’s sore from coughing. Feeling tired & rundown but no breathing this thread.
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Retweeted by Drew HolmesA+ in Iowa has been ill for past week. Hospital wouldn’t test him until he had a fever for 5 days. Today rushed… does someone like Bill Mitchell exist.Absolutely heart wrenching and a horrible glimpse into the future for so many others: What I Learned When My Husban…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes REPRESENT wrote about the great time that we're all having here in this moment, suspended between a slavering death cult an…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesFor anyone thinking that Montreal and/or Canada has their shit together at all...
“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for the stock market.” - A Stable GeniusIntroduce more novelty into your life. Learn and experience new and challenging things. Meet new and challenging pe…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesFaceTime with mom is a great way to see a really magnified thumb
Retweeted by Drew HolmesOnce we begin repeating ourselves, we begin remembering years as if they were days. I wonder how much more novel in…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesTime seems to fly by the older you get because the brain compresses routine like a zip file. There’s more novelty i…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesThe White House plan is to put all their chips behind "a sack of magic beans"
Retweeted by Drew HolmesJared Kushner belongs in prison.THIS THIS THIS OVER AND OVER AGAIN. THIS. Please watch and share. Brilliantly and simply put.
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All those eager to revive the economy at the expense of thousands of 'acceptable casualties' should have a Twilight…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @Serrels This is the content I neededWait, who @MeekinOnMovies United States’ new coronavirus plan: there are any film students or people seeking filmmaking advice, I’m setting up a Zoom account to talk to you a…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @LHoeltzenbein *gestures at the world* But also because Trump is about to start fighting with the top doctors about what should be done @Valskuiken @jscoble 😂Tomorrow is going to be a fucking disaster. @BlakeRochkind Yeah. It’s gonna spike again.
@jscoble (it will be at least June)I’m so sorry asymptomatic and tested out of an abundance of caution Athletes: asymptomatic and tested out of an abund…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesThis explains so much🔥You asked & we answered! The #COVID19 Episode we never thought we would make!!🔥 This one features @AustinBaraki,…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @s_meserve @neill4illinois I loved this whole thing @s_meserve @neill4illinois Dunno if you guys listen to the “You Are Not So Smart” podcast but it’s also a great res… @s_meserve @neill4illinois This book literally on my nightstand. Been meaning to start it this week. @s_meserve @neill4illinois I was talking to my dad last night who was freaking out about all the money being spent… @s_meserve @neill4illinois You guys are 10x smarter than I am so I just nod and try to keep up 😂
@thornycroft33 @davidmcraney You Are Not So Smart! @drewholmes I think this a lot too, and the last third of my new book is pretty much all about this, but from the p…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @davidmcraney So true. I want to read this new book! Also your podcast has been a blessing for me... @blairherter @Halo @BarrellBourbon THIS IS ALSO MY EVENING PLAN. Great minds, Herter...In these times I often find myself thinking about the book SAPIENS and how basically everything societal is just so… @s_meserve It blew my mind when I learned Air Canada was federally owned until 1988. Nationalize all airlines IMO 🤷‍♂️The best-case scenario on coronavirus keep getting worse the more we learn.
Retweeted by Drew HolmesGuys. We need to talk about this Hydroxychloroquine + Azithromycin thing. It is out of hand. It all stems from this…
Retweeted by Drew Holmes @Marri Breakfast sando on toasted brioche with bacon, siracha, and a runny egg this AM. Over easy eggs on toast wit… Quarantine Routine I just wanted to share what works for me. This is just to give me structure and a sense of s…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesDo not let China’s decreasing cases pacify you into thinking this will all be fine. We will be ok if we take DRASTI…
Retweeted by Drew HolmesCan we please be more like South Korea?
Retweeted by Drew HolmesMe [pouring a can of baked beans into a wine glass]: I wouldn’t say quarantine has changed me, no
Retweeted by Drew HolmesOn the bright side, my breakfast game has STEPPED UP. @EvGres SolidarityMore than half a million Canadians have recently filed for employment insurance as the novel coronavirus pandemic t…
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This week lasted 6 years. @Bigrebo WILL WE? @eplerjc My wife yesterday: “you know you can’t just eat frozen pizzas all the time” @shomatweets @casskhaw @MrPaulBae 😂😂😂These fucking chuds