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Dealer of fine desks and campaign furniture. Maker of virtual tea, the world’s largest veggie burgers and the world’s longest song titles!🙂

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@joannalouisemar No. Terrible 🤦🏼‍♂️ @ms_czapla @265kay With his truncheon! @joannalouisemar Good god! 🤦🏼‍♂️ @katdharrison You weren’t even born in 84! It’s wrong though 😂 @DelAndHerDemons Definitely 80’s but which year🤔🤔🤔 There is a special prize if you get it correct! @Andrewbunchlfc Close @florencerounda2 Rubbish. Are you trying to get a detention? @joannalouisemar Noooo🤦🏼‍♂️ @265kay @ms_czapla But Mr Francois is looking forward to disciplining you both @TaitRosemary Oh yeah😂😂😂What is your favourite song where the first and last letter of the title are in the first five letters of the alpha… year am I in?🤔🙂 @BernieMorgan Show off!😂 @ms_czapla @265kay Ladies, ladies. Calm down. I’m afraid I can’t cope with your behaviour any more so I’m referring… @munkehno1 I’ve heard that before 😂😂😂 @TracymOshea In fairness it was very sweet! 😁 @265kay @ms_czapla Is Mrs Czpla telling lies again?My one and only edible strawberry I’ve managed to grow this year👇 With results like this I’m surely in line for som… @planetyann Go west @joannalouisemar 😳😂 @ms_czapla @265kay well what?🤔 @WoodstoWaves No @ms_czapla @265kay Sorry, you actually want a detention??? 🤔🤪Who am I👇🤔🙂 @dirtydancer72 @ooAjCoo Ha. I hadn’t spotted that 😂 @ooAjCoo What clue??? @ooAjCoo Are you having a laugh. How the hell did you know that? @julhat A pear of what?🤪😂 @265kay @ms_czapla Detention... both of you in my office now! @pastypower007 @florencerounda2 I never said I wasn’t strange @ms_czapla @265kay Ha ha @ms_czapla @265kay Don’t you take the piss as well 😡😂 @265kay Actually they are vintage converse which are quite old. You might be about right. But my jeans are trendy innit! 🤪😂 @BeachBhoy67 Not far out at all. Just a bit west @BernieMorgan You’re about 40km out. Go west a bit 🤔 @solamiga Nope @TracymOshea Not on the mainland 🤔🤔🤔 @joannalouisemar Nooooo 🤪 @jamesbaconx I’m coming to get you you idiot! @RJohnDickinson Might be! What town?My latest private commission has come from the lovely @florencerounda2 She described herself as a prickly pear. I s… am I standing👇🤔🙂 @dave_collins_10 🤪 @JamesNathan_333 Back of the net! Housepoint!😂I might be utterly naive but can’t Labour get into bed with the Lib Dem’s and the Green’s and just tell the Momentu… morning all! I hope you didn’t drink too much last night but if you did, you won’t like this one😂 What is your… @WoodstoWaves I was going to add that I think I’d be a strawberry for similar reasons. Great minds and all 🤪😂When the sea and the sky collide👇🙂 you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?🤔🙂 @TracymOshea @florencerounda2 There is so much wrong in the world right now and you two are going on about your pus… stretch!😁 @TracymOshea I don’t know where it all came from 🤦🏼‍♂️ @Castillocub You haven’t changed at all👇Nice matching shirt and tie by the way🤪😂 @Squawker67 Fingers crossed 🤞 @ooAjCoo Nice lips 🤪 @AngMurphy8 😂 I take fall credit of course. You know what they say.... ‘you’re as old as the fella you feel’ and I’m 10 years younger 😂 @TracymOshea We used to have a Ragdoll called Coco. When she got old, she knew how to leave a mess on the floor🤢😜 @florencerounda2 @yorkshirefloss2 Ladies! Ladies! 🤦🏼‍♂️🤪It’s only 7.45am but what have you done already this morning?🤔🙂 I’ve just noticed that my dog clearly had the runs… up stiff as anything today!
@florencerounda2 Off now 💤Why do nurses always carry a red crayon?🤔 In case they need to draw blood!😜 @MariGarCar They looked like that from 68 to 81 so in truth without seeing the serial number no one can tell. So yo… @florencerounda2 Never give up hope Helen 😂Nighty night 🙂💤 bad at 51😳😍 @ZombyWoof4 It’s true. It’s a sort of trick question. This one happens to be 72🙂What is your favourite song where all the words in the title have an even number of letters. It must be at least tw… @MariGarCar Drum roll (makes drum roll noise with mouth).................... Wrong! It’s 72🤪😂 @Castillocub Trust you🤦🏼‍♂️😂 @slaveto5cats Awwww 😊I don’t know if I can officially call it a pizza but whatever it is, it’s very tasty🙂😋 @grinningdreamer Maidstone United? You know Pete Hawkins? I used to play with him at Wimbledon🙂 @mak_nono 😋 @ZombyWoof4 Indeed. It’s between those dates 🙂 @MariGarCar Nope 🙂 @TracymOshea If that was a guess it was a good one 🙂 @GrahamEcosse Close but no prize this time 🙂 @SteveEDavies62 No @SteveEDavies62 No @265kay Interesting answer. The ‘silverface’ started in 68 and went through to about 81. So in theory this amp coul… makes you smile?🤔🙂 @ZombyWoof4 Nope @cinnam0ngirl Nope @sarahhappydemon Nooo🤦🏼‍♂️🤪😂 @slaveto5cats 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ @joannalouisemar NopeWho wants to date my amp👇🤔🙂 is your favourite song where the title includes something you might do for love?🤔 My favourite is ‘Anything’ by Martina Topley-Bird🙂 @jamesbaconx 😂 @ChrissieGrech You’re on a roll today 😂 @leighbooker 🤦🏼‍♂️😂 @ChrissieGrech 😂😂😂 @265kay I can picture it right now 😂 @zed_hearn I need a specific year if you want to claim your prize!😂 @265kay Have you been revising?What might be said during the brexit negotiations that might also be said in the bedroom?🤔🙂 @marlinantiques Rubbish 😂 @GrahamGiles7 Close but no prize this time 🙂Well who would have thought that the side airbag in an Audi A3 is actually a frog!