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Dealer of fine desks and campaign furniture. Maker of virtual tea, the world’s largest veggie burgers and the world’s longest song titles!🙂

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If our government was something you could drink, what would it be?🤔🙂Name another Donald that is better than Trump?🤔🙂Can you feel the love tonight?🤔🙂The answer is.... The wall! What is the question?🤔🙂It’s taken a while but we’ve got our first booking!🙂 @JaneRemain Nothing will spring to mind because their minds have been poisoned with years of language like this whi… you were a drink, what drink would you be?🤔🙂 @CaptainCurnow I thought you were asking me for a minute 🤦🏼‍♂️ @slightlydotty 😂😂😂 @Ken_the_Dub Wow. Who is your dad? @grannyponting Think more my age @annebatt30 Ha ha. If only 🤪If you could ask Boris Johnson one question, what would it be?🤔🙂What year am I in?🤔🙂 answer is.... Double! What is the question?🤔🙂 @theguildfordone Don’t you call yours a wanger?😜 @Smartmommom Genius!The answer is.... 15°! What is the question?🤔🙂 @MrsAitchBee 😂😂😂 @TheCurrentMrsC Sorry I sold it last year 🙂Who said... “Mmmm, I'm Mr. Lover Lover”? Wrong answers only🤔🙂Good afternoon all! What is your favourite song where the title includes something fruity?🤔 My favourite is ‘Bonita… @MrsAitchBee Indeed it is. 🙂 @HarveyFirestone @JaneRemain Deal! @Justbwc Sorry mate. I sold it last year for US$38.72 million🙂 @ooAjCoo I think others painted in the 50’s. Detention!Well that will be my growing done for this year🙂 @TracymOshea Ha. It’s worth a bit more than that 😂Who wants to date my painting👇and tell me what you think it’s worth?🤔🙂 answer is.... Bespoke flaps! What is the question?🤔🙂 @YvonneBurdett3 You mean 30! @annebatt30 Well we know that is a lie! At least come up with something believable 🙂 @londonmissives @JaneRemain I’m working on a suitable punishment for you Nige! I’ll be in touchGood morning all! What is your favourite song where the title includes something you might do if you don’t like som… @KWallisSmith Trust you to spoil my idea 😂 @TracymOshea Like me but with the gorgeous bit😝 @JaneRemain Most things are nicer when they are muted. Especially right wing politicians!😜 @KWallisSmith Well it’s a nice idea. I sort of agree with you. But I could bet a million pounds in Leicester winnin… @JaneRemain Totally. We could actually put forward a positive case for staying in the EU. And I could bet £1 millio… @Andrewbunchlfc Indeed @KWallisSmith No, we could get it right this time 🙂 @justinbellinger Im laughing 😂 @AngelaCahill17 I’d say definitely. She is a rescue from Romania (waits for Brexiteers to say we have too many imm… clocks go back tonight! Do you think anyone will notice if we rewind them all the way back to 2015?🤔🙂 @TracymOshea You got me 😝 @Cindy89Rose Ours too @JaneRemain Oh dear oh dear! That will be a Tier 5 detention for you!Give me proud! Give me scared! Give me sad! Give me cute! 🙂 @JaneRemain Well I literally have my head in the clouds 🤪 @mak_nono Yeah. So was I. It’s always dull in Manchester 😜 @deharpham 965 ftWho said... “Can we fix it? Yes we can!”? Wrong answers only!🤔🙂 @mak_nono Thanks. Your tweets are dull too!🤪😂What the highest point in south east England looks and sounds like this morning👇🙂 @Elaine_Lanie78 Yeah it’s hard to think I’m as old as you 😝 @Elaine_Lanie78 Ha! You got it @JaneRemain This ain’t the Brexit I voted for!The answer is.... 1995! What is the question?🤔🙂Who let the dogs out?🤔🙂It’s only 7.55am but what have you already done this morning?🤔🙂 @trixietrottsba1 IndeedThat’s not the Brexit I voted for 🤪
@cat_abroad 😂😂😂🤪 @Justbwc @steve_bamlett @mrsverypicky @miffythegamer @JaneRemain @knit1slip1psso @getnorthern @JCaramac Touch base soon mate x @Justbwc @steve_bamlett @mrsverypicky @miffythegamer @JaneRemain @knit1slip1psso @getnorthern @JCaramac As long as… @cat_abroad Very good!🤪I had a ‘chat’ today with someone I work with who I like very much but is utterly convinced Brexit is going to fina… is the love?🤔🙂Powerful speech from someone with a heart👇 I’m not sure many in our government actually have one!
Retweeted by DrewLawrenceAntiques @grannyponting Whattttt😂 @tommo515 You seriously want to go back to feet and inches? Pounds and ounces? 🤦🏼‍♂️ @OnlyOneTeeta Looks.... ok😜Good evening all! What is your favourite song where the title includes something you might need in the bedroom?🤔 My… @Kale_eesi Where are you going? Looks great 🙂Wouldn’t it be nice?🤔🙂 @265kay No it’s not 😂I booked myself onto an Escapology course by mistake and I’m really struggling to get out of it!😜 @265kay We were going to move to Cerne Abbas but I was worried I’d get recognised 😜Who said... “We shall fight on the beaches”? Wrong answers only!🤔🙂 @TracymOshea Like what? @CaptainCurnow @sharoncove1 I need to get my hands on some new Manuka honey. Is this not the place to look? I was about to google it🤔 @sharoncove1 @CaptainCurnow So nothing to do with honey then?I was just thinking🤔🤔🤔 Why are willy measurements always in inches if we are supposed to be a metric country. I mea… you gonna go my way?🤔🙂The answer is.... 19mm! What is the question?🤔🙂 @Toadoftoadhall7 Well I went tI a really swanky wedding in Florence and the food was out of this world. But one cou… @unojen_wood It’s the real deal 🙂 @CFarrell2009 @markmcan @florencerounda2 I don’t know about Mark but mine is detachable and interchangeable. Sort o… @CFarrell2009 @markmcan @florencerounda2 Don’t we all? 🤔 @TracymOshea That wasn’t the idea no and I am going to make a special exception for you. Just don’t tell Boris 😂 @SInglesfield Yeah! In truth you are so impeccably behaved that you haven’t got close to getting a detention. Maybe… @melraunch1 You think? @tomamason @HelenofTrog Iz dat y Im soo thick den!🤪Following new restrictions introduced by our government please note that I can now only entertain a maximum of 6 of… @HelenofTrog Are you saying all Greeks have small willies? @MacLiv Listen, not all fellas have willies you can see ok! Ok! 😜😜 @Elaine_Lanie78 It does look a bit sad doesn’t it 😂 @CaptainCurnow Im intrigued now 🤔🤔🤔 @CaptainCurnow What is Love Honey?Who wants to date my bronze figure👇🤔 and tell me where it’s from?🙂