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former Public Defender. current comedian. opinions are not my own- for they belong to the people

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@katrinasivad @Jimmytheworm Like from a car or something @katrinasivad @Jimmytheworm Can we get lunch plsThe reasons she shanties are "having a moment" probably has a lot to do with the similarities between the current s…
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @brendengallager Hahaha @brendengallager This is very false. You’re a man of great takes. This take is not it @NorthForgot @Andiwithaneye @GutterBumpkin @ArloCW @intotheabiscuit ❤️Really amazing stuff
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @dgambill @USAquarium @JasonIsbell @JohnMorelandOK I’m a little ashamed of what I’d pay for that show @ArloCW @cameroncowan @Andiwithaneye @GutterBumpkin No problemEat fruit. Fornicate @PaintmonkeyArt Columns are still so very important @PaintmonkeyArt Oh it’s super important and cathartic as hell. I think of it like writing a column. Some folks take… church zoom yall !😂😂 This is why the internet is awesome!
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @USAquarium @JasonIsbell Burn.flicker.die and casualties back to back is pretty tough to beat. But since I’ve nearl…
@Im_Ole_Craig @DavidJoy_Author The 3k is for me to show him where the dollar store is. There are many in the area. Could get lost @Im_Ole_Craig @DavidJoy_Author 3000 dollars and I’ll take you to his dollar general @NorthForgot @Andiwithaneye @GutterBumpkin @ArloCW I’m so so sorry @brendengallager I don’t like what yang is abt for the most part, but I can tell you what it is @NorthForgot @GutterBumpkin @ArloCW @Andiwithaneye jesussolidarity with Amazon workers in Bessemer and West Jefferson County, the homeplace of the Alabama coal strikes of…
Retweeted by Drew MorganI heard @SarahWofford42 will be reading a poem too! That’s just what I heard. Cannot confirm as I don’t speak direc… @NM_Che56 @GutterBumpkin @ArloCW @Andiwithaneye HahaJoe Biden should just give us 1984 dollars? Is that something? Idk but me & @GutterBumpkin have a zoom comedy show… @mandolyn13 I told youHappy Friday mother truckers. This song is great. Have a great day @ldrinkh20 @GhostofParties lolTo me this feels a little... like... 19...84? Is this right? @randolphmorley I wanna be the shanty pig guy. It’s way better than my other idea - pirate rapperBoats * Boars are fuckin rad too thoMy theory on sea shanties becoming so popular is that they’re rad, pirates are rad, boars are rad, and getting drunk and fighting is rad @antlfgrnd Jesus @disgustud @Andiwithaneye Gus I rly am sorry @disgustud @Andiwithaneye I’m sorry Gus I use fuck you like it’s a greeting @disgustud @Andiwithaneye Me too! my bad! @disgustud @Andiwithaneye Go donate to your preachers! @disgustud @Andiwithaneye We get it gus, you’re better than us. This is as dumb as treating her like savior @disgustud @Andiwithaneye Buddy ima ask you to take this energy somewhere else @drewmorgcomedy Adding the “I” to “Q”
Retweeted by Drew MorganI can't stop watching this
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @cameroncowan I hear you but my take isn’t meant to be “smart kids had it easy.” The take is “dunking on tag kids… disclosure sophomore year a 9 yr old whose dad was a physicist at ORNL beat me so bad in a math competition my… was in TAG and I’m doing great & my depression comes mostly from capitalism and party rockin’ Not from being tol…’ve seen dozens of “omg talented & gifted kids - get over it” dunk attempts, but ~4 ppl sayin TAG hurt their psych…, Smart @MarkAgee and I have discussed first impeachment on Evening Skews, but have we had Second Impeachment?!…
Retweeted by Drew Morgan
@jediger I apologize my completely perfect height kingOf course may of them can and you just weren’t counting them. Hmmm wonder why. And my ppl have Been in the south s… Scott - tell us why so many southern black folk can only trace their roots back so far. We’ll wait 🙃 @thetrillbillies Real hard watching this and feeling sad abt it. Wanting to feel anything positive abt these develo… @runolgarun I have two pre existings and simply want to know if they're on the list and when I may be eligible and… @mandolyn13 @traecrowder @MarkAgee @CoreyRForrester yuhhhhh @brendengallager @CA_EDD also just now realizing that the "processing" I've been staring at since early December re… @disgustud I cleave to my Kletes @brendengallager @CA_EDD This happened to us but someone used Andis card to order post mates so we thought it was legitOh good. And here I was believing something had happened to my account and it would get worked out fav @drewmorgcomedy bit up on twitter. “Y’ALL ARE AFRAID OF THE WRONG GODDAMN ACCENT!”
Retweeted by Drew MorganIf you like @CoreyRForrester and @traecrowder but don’t know @drewmorgcomedy you ought to remedy that quick, fast,…
Retweeted by Drew MorganI can't stop singing this in my head and laughing.
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @slobberhose @SarahWofford42 @CoreyRForrester @traecrowder In that he was right Christmas rules @cow_oom Oh no I deleted the chain @cow_oom There are some good replies ! Play with us @randolphmorley Idk if you could sing this. You could do a rad dance thoAll kletes are good swimmers @johnefrancis You need to make time you flannel yankee @hellogoodbyers Can I play witchyoo party lines @hellogoodbyers A goddamn @hellogoodbyers Awwww Klete Klete mafucker @beeaweirdman @SarahWofford42 @CoreyRForrester @traecrowder This is my fault and it’s much appreciated @johnefrancis Lil Jon > drake not even close @johnefrancis Y’all ain’t get rap in Canada in 2000!? @johnefrancis You for real ? Get low @SarahWofford42 @CoreyRForrester @traecrowder @SarahWofford42 @CoreyRForrester @traecrowder 😊🤗😔l🎼 Broke the windoooows! Scaled the walls (scaled the walls) His buddy tased his balls! W/ a Taser from the mall!… Marjorie Taylor Greene didn’t lose? She lost right? This is her no? @SarahWofford42 will be dropping some new heat on us! I'm pumped yall. Come fellowship!
Retweeted by Drew MorganFeels like a month of Sundays since last we convened. After our last meeting I encourage anyone to empty the chambe…
Retweeted by Drew MorganIt’s cute how y’all want to believe the guys who stormed the capitol live in their mom’s basement snorting Cheeto d…
Retweeted by Drew MorganAustin, not Cali * @endorob My friend told me it was Cali - it was Austin I realized as I rereadOooo oooo @USAquarium I’m a little disappointed there isn’t a story but good on you! @kdmnsf Oh you rightThis rules ! @Sukitbackrow Lol not maryvilleThe more I think abt this the angrier I get. He moved to Blount county from CA & found out it welcoming. When it we… this man moved to my college town from California to write columns abt leftists moving to his town? My friend J… is one of many reasons you won’t catch me tagging the goddamn FBI and tryin to play Twitter cop.'s been wild lately. Wanna little break? Wanna laugh and wear cool robes? Wanna eat fruit? Join the cul... comedy…
Retweeted by Drew MorganThis absolutely killed me for some reason. It’s probably something random, but it sure seems totally appropriate th… yeah son! 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Drew MorganJoin us.
Retweeted by Drew MorganWe have a cul... comedy show via zoom tomorrow at 8:15 EST. I heard @ArloCW will be there but don’t you dare tell a… God we can still laugh.
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @februerin Patriot at Law @drewdowdey @kubethy Hahajajajajaaja @drewdowdey Hahahaha hahaha.If the founding fathers were black our 2nd amendment would be the I wish a nigga would amendment
Retweeted by Drew Morgan @drewdowdey You’re hilarious @drewdowdey We gotta help folks find common ground.