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An anti-anti-antifascist. Biochemistry PhD. University Challenge winner. Wears big boots. Lefty. He/Him.

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@tomhfh @Shaun4WBW Hopefully you'll have a modicum of solidarity with the amount of racist abuse David Lammy and Diane Abbott get now.
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺I pleaded with the Conservatives to find it in their heart to ensure children don't go hungry. Tonight they voted…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @JoePorterUK You should understand why Labour set up the SureStart schemes - help out people when they're youngest… @JoePorterUK In a utilitarian point of view, the state already has partial responsibility over childrens' health; f… @Haggis_UK My heart breaks. I doubt this is comparable to what @DavidLammy experiences dailyBloody hell mate, you might as well have said “I’ll swallow too” at the end of this speech 🙄
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺I wonder if it's comparable to the racist death threats MPs like Diane Abbott and David Lammy get on a daily basis?’ve lost control
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺Just been googling photos of Michael Gove drinking water.
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺If the NHS were suggested as a concept today, it would be voted down by a huge government majority.
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺And if you weren’t furious enough...
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺new BBC chair candidate Richard Sharp appears to have given nearly half a million to the Conservative party accordi…
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2020 @SenRonJohnson @JoeBiden My butt is more interesting that this “scandal” @tomhfh Isn’t going very well since the Tories have been in power? @StevePeers Twitter is just a propaganda tool for Tories - not for meaningful discussion or challengeI just don’t get why the fuck you’d become an MP if you believe the idea of feeding vulnerable hungry children is “…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @alexronald123 @atticrahman @GuidoFawkes @FrancisMaudeAdv Once you've won Strictly as a TV presenter, you're on a rostrum of "suitable light entertainment p… @FrancisMaudeAdv Stacey ought to be doing serious compassionate documentaries, like interviewing the EDL and trans… reason I was mocking your show was because it sounds like an Alan Partridge idea, I barely know or care who you…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @SimonClarkeMP Soon the who country will be on permanent local lockdowns due to Tory incompetence @SimonClarkeMP We're having repeated lockdowns at the moment. Leicester has been in lockdown for months now and mos…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @ScottPresler @realDonaldTrump @pedsscrub I saw these photos a month ago @jonashsn @LatestMessiah @OzKaterji Yes. I mean I would be suspicious of anyone with an 88 tattoo @BBradley_Mans Maybe feeding young kids is a small price to pay to get a better informed, more intelligent and heal… tempted to put my details for this in jest @otherwiseimok He has form. @brexit_betrayed @benevans_ATAC @ciaran4320 @Haggis_UK We're a smaller economy than France and Germany. Probably It… love to believe the Dilbert guy is advising @POTUS, but unfortunately is the crank head of the FDA Scott Atlas @Ianvincentscott @drdavidbull Oh god this is hilarious!!!!!! @prageru Can you interview me? I was a leftist and turned right after a tweetstorm by internet commies? @samueljenkinson Keir's glasses unintentionally becoming fashionable in 2020 @drdavidbull I'd rather have Lee Nelson on talk shows than you @drdavidbull Dr Brodkin is more of a medical doctor than youoh no
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @OzKaterji @OzKaterji @GuidoFawkes Wait until you hear about Randox Laboratories? @brexit_betrayed @ciaran4320 @Haggis_UK Whilst you're living in 1974 @sapgasm @diaspora_lost @Haggis_UK International trade is always a zero-sum game for you guys. You don't understand it's not.Do these people realise the opposing view is literally 'white supremacy and racism is good'
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @twlldun @edwest My testosterone surges @twlldun @edwest Emphysema is manly @sapgasm @diaspora_lost @Haggis_UK The German Car Industry hasn't rescued us yet @Haggis_UK @TerryReintke is amazing. Always been a great ally to the British people .All this love for Lee Pace, but don't mention arguably his most famous role. America! Please vote for Biden, as Trumpism has affected the UK, and will continue until he is removed. Radio has Melanie Phillips — Anders Brevik’s favourite columnist — on its newspaper review slot today. Of cou…
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@Joseph_Gupta79 @ConceptualJames Yes I use pronouns. @billy_racist Im soo glad theiy won - imaggin iff Susan Boyl bilt brittain?studio in zone 4 is it
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @ConceptualJames @sjwdebates @thelindsayellis @VaushV You mean you won’t debate the professional debaters? I’m sure… @ConceptualJames Still gonna debate @sjwdebates @thelindsayellis or @VaushV yet? @ConceptualJames Wordy bullshit @cameron_kasky He won’t. He’ll need to keep his $$$ going by setting up his own TV channel and spouting the same ol… think about this often
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @AndrewRosindell @giantpoppywatch @AndrewRosindell Your poppy isn’t big enough. I am offended. @LackingSaint I love simultaneously jacking off Western civilization and ruthlessly mocking anyone who wants to ded…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @lukeakehurst Tempted to vote for you, but what’s your view on transphobia in the Labour Party in regards to Rosie… @scottygb This is what viewers were looking for apparently don’t think this is what viewers were necessarily looking for, sweetie @NickSim95845648 @Coldwar_Steve Yes probably. They’ve run off with his child support money @GuidoFawkes Good for him, against this shitshow of a Government @samueljenkinson Always liked Russ. Kind of obsessed that he may know who I am. @samueljenkinson UncannyYour regular reminder that a corgi crossed with any other breed just ends up looking like a corgi disguised as the…
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺Are you? You NEVER mention it.
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @J_Graham93 @jreynoldsMP Sir Graham Brady (Con, Altrincham and Hale) agrees with Burnham on financial support @brokenbottleboy Did he compare the university attendance of white boys eligible for free school meals with African… @StuartWilksHeeg @GoodwinMJ If they had that posh private school and Oxbridge background, it’s much much easier to… @StuartWilksHeeg @GoodwinMJ I have met no academic that fits this description.
@DavidPaisley @scotmacscotbot @holyroodmandy @ForwomenScot @theSNP I think Scotia thinks we’re all p**dos unfortunately @DavidPaisley @scotmacscotbot @holyroodmandy @ForwomenScot @theSNP She’s a sensitive soul - blocking all people tha… @getnorthern @AndyFollows Done! @Uncle_berrt @wendywharton2 @AndyBurnhamGM They did initially on Prof. John Edmund’s advice and that they would hav… @johnredwood Nurse, he keeps talking about fish and a fantastical unrealistic Brexit. Please sedate him. @HenryRambow that training.
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @JibbaJabb @StevePeers I think him and his mate Arron Banks were actively supporting NZ First @andywigmore @jacindaardern @winstonpeters NZ rejected hate and fear. You lost - get over it.It’s a real shame that HRVY had to drop out of #Strictly because he had Coronavirus. I wonder if it meant he needed an A & E?
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @wendywharton2 @AndyBurnhamGM Ask the Tories this instead. They went with a "herd immunity" strategy to kill peopl… @atouchofsense Labour won under Wilson, Callaghan and Blair but it wasn't "proper" Labour🙃 @VaushV Tbh, if Trump did a similar video it would be with lions, tigers and ligers. @jacindaardern @BenJolly9 Come here please x
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @Telegraph @RossjournoClark There isn’t an appropriate response to this tweet @stevelapsl I’m sure someone will complain to you about the graffiti...It’s disgusting that anyone would hunt these beautiful creatures for sport
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @skwawkbox She literally worked for Blair @BootstrapCook Brexit is a way for me the best to me and my parents to do it more like me the same thing and then t… @RishiSunak @RoyalMintUK Diversity Built Britain. Nationalism Destroyed it.Incredibly despite Arron Banks' efforts Jacinda Ardern has won a landslide victory
Retweeted by Prakash 🇪🇺 @brokenbottleboy I wish they replace Giles Coren with his sister. For everything. @KEdge23 If 60,000 dead and heading towards a disastrous no-deal Brexit aren't enough to bring down Boris...Meet the young Conservative abused for his political opinions. @Telegraph
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