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honor sachs @drhonor Denver, CO

Historian, professor, author of Home Rule (Yale, 2015). New work on freedom suits, slavery, ancestry. Tweets my own.

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☠️ guys there’s an ENTIRE chapter on RYE.See what you can do with a Ph.D. in History!, look! They’s my friends!, gorgeous! 🍞📚 @arjm5184 Thanks. He’s stable but his mind is going fast. Going to see them next weekend.
@VirginiaScharff I never have leftovers. Literally never. I finish everything. I’ll eat until I’m sick but I’ll finish it all.Sometimes, when you’re feeling really shitty about yourself because of the work you’re not doing, you need to stop… @BruceHistorian 🤣When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be the royalty from a deck of cards. Either that or a squirrel. my mom some Mother’s Day tamales from Santa Fe so I’ve won Best Child this year 🏆Honestly, I think it’s the stupidity and cruelty of the daily news feed that scrambles my brain more than life under Covid.Bo 💔🥺 for the first time in forever next week and although it’s a short flight, I’m quite looking forward to a few… thinking that “purity” is ever a word worth using in any political context.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood @MilHist_Lee @waitmanb Oh my god.#NewProfilePic cool! 👇👇👇 @StevenFrost Me walking into this class... @stephenhausmann 😊 I will pass the social media love along to the non-social-media-having half of our household 🙏In which my sweetheart talks about the new book 🙃🙂🙃🙂🙃 @megankatenelson 🙃 @pfyfe Oh Paul, I’m so sorry. My heart goes out to you 💕American ZoomieHyenadoodleDappled ScampChocolate Land OtterLouisiana RocketdogShe’s a Pygmy HallelujahShe’s a Texas Shortbread. think I’ve found a new hobby. @lmansley Kinda sorta thinking about using Yaa Gyasi’s Homegoing in my History and Genealogy class. Undecided. @GilmoreGlenda I know I’ve told it a million times, but Van Morrison lived across the street from me growing up in…
2021 @adubcovskyj It's so stupid.(shut up nobody looks good in those robes)I mean, I was *ready* am such a shithead. Also, this online Zoom link crap has to end. Also also, I think my brain has turned to oatmeal.I got all dressed up in academic robes, wrote glowing words about my thesis student, so excited to tune in for onli… @CaroleEmberton @BitterSouth I mean, I’m not a southerner, but I think being called ma’am for ten years has earned me some cred. @iamaraindogtoo Ugh. My whole family is in CA. They’re already talking about fire season 😢 @dbaerwald1 Don’t forget to pack up your hangar first.Apparently it might snow in Denver next week, so I’m packing up my hangar and moving to California. @CaroleEmberton @BitterSouth Every now and then I’ll drop that in a meeting and only the southerners in the dept smile. @VirginiaScharff @JonathanEarle2 Yes @JonathanEarle2 Honestly, I prefer poached but my partner makes fun of that so I just say fried. @DrewPinkley Moderna @Davulis She liked the part of the day when I gardened but this is how she feels about the part of the day when I w… @gnrosenberg What is the cow whispering is the dog's ear? @Albatross Don't shoot anything. We need less shooting. Try talking to the property instead.
@kerri_clement We all are, Dino, we all are. @Clare_Brock @AcademicLifeNBN @Sniffy2 The first; the current. @rhiannonknits Hmmm. Bahn mi is a pretty perfect sandwich. Then again, I also love a Thanksgiving leftover sandwich… @dmichaelcohen Why indeed. @DrThembot @DrSamiSchalk @Sniffy2 I adopted a dog. That was a really important event.... @BullwinkleFan Honestly thinking of doing something with sriracha . . . @arothmanhistory It would have to be the freedom suit I found in Kentucky that led me down the new book rabbit hole… @MartyOlliff @JeaniOBrien Great minds . . . @JMHardinBoston I use a Whytner machine. @arjm5184 You certainly can. Eminently quotable. I'd be tempted, but would probably not myself.... @JeaniOBrien I was this minute years old when I learned about the out-of-control rocket. Thanks for that. Has the r… @HerstoricalMnts I'm new to Denver so I don't actually know, but I bet @pioneermonument does. @the_lady_radar I actually stopped drinking regularly in 2019. Went from 1-2 drinks per night to 1-2 drinks per mon… @nurseamy50 I missed this entire cultural moment. I think I was teaching a 4-4 at the time or something. No idea.I have work to do. Ask me anything.Too Tired to Write, Too Anxious to Rest: A Memoir
Retweeted by honor sachsIt’s uncanny. your timeline with some morning Ruthie. @drvholden I feel this gif with all my soul.I think that the term that best describes the status of my mental health is “Revenge All-The-Time Procrastination.” @guprofbc Me. @akiltykramer Name your time and your flavor.Somebody should write a review of the many articles that attempt to name our present states of mental health. @captain_maybe @CUBoulder @CaydenStice @lori_flori @pochogreatermx @Blackboard Wtf?Update: @Burrite
@LauraAdderley @CUBoulder Don’t know if they go up online. I learned a lot about Tate reading this research. Fascinating figure!So proud to have advised this senior thesis project on queer history in Boulder, which just won a first prize in th… green tea ice cream 🍵🍨 it. I’m going to buy plants today. @StevenTDennis I’m cool with that. @historianess How are people even still alive? @MilHist_Lee 😂I mean, I spent most of today trying to write a blog post about how I find myself with nothing left to say and I co… if I have nothing else to say? What if I've used up all my words? What if my brain has rotted beyond repair?
Me👇 90s, I should add.$545/month. One bedroom in Madison with a lake view. @historianess As if $1400, or any amount of money, substitutes wages rather than pays off debts. “Stimulus” is debt relief.
Busy morning. Here is @artisanbryan’s coco rugbrød. A lot going on in this bread. @JasonSCampbell The “tan suit” of the Biden administrationMint julep ice cream 🍨🥃 people have spoken. @AshleighWrites 👀 @drvholden