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honor sachs @drhonor Denver, CO

Historian, professor, author of Home Rule (Yale, 2015). New work on freedom suits, slavery, ancestry. Tweets my own.

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BEHOLD! My beloved wrote A Thing! asked to write a short piece about Thanksgiving this year but I couldn’t do it. Tried two drafts but my brain w… @akiltykramer Put the grading away. ME PICTURES OF FOOD
@gauthamrao My final exam prompt boils down to “Do whatever you want. We good.”Me giving away paper extensions again. been so seen in my life.
@historianess Imagine a world in which politics morphed into a contest to out-decent your opponent. @craigbrucesmith @hemmist @AbrahamHGibson @AgeofRevs #peeingdogsofearlyamericaAs we get closer to the end of the semester, I want to remind @SHEARites & others that the CFP for #SHEAR2021 has a…
Retweeted by honor sachs @RachelCleves omg i love this
One of the things I miss most about living in Asheville: bus stop air-guitar metal guy 🤘🎸🔥 #localhero @william_armshaw 🤘🎸🔥Want to work in publishing? Looks like a great gig!
@DrJenHo @EricaVansteenis @sapoverde @bouldercolorado New York has Pizza Rat, Boulder gets Ancient Grains Pot Muffin Squirrel. @EGonzaba What is Moby Dick?Sunday Stretching with Ruthie: The Morning Series @akiltykramer That’s an awesome bed.
@jacobflee @JordanSCarroll Nothing about that looks like a portal at all. @guncelawits Omg I love that movie ❤️ @emrosejohansen @KMassothPhD Of course. Hit me up!
@gnrosenberg Do you follow a plan? Or a training schedule? I downloaded an app, which is okay, but could use a bett… @emrosejohansen @KMassothPhD Nice to meet you, Emma. Anybody who works at the Filson is a friend of mine! I've sent… @KMassothPhD @emrosejohansen Well, I can tell her a thing or two about Kentucky as western.... @KMassothPhD This is coming out of a QuIT conversation... @historying Tell me! @SerenaZabin 420 bread flour 74 whole wheat 20 rye 405 water 105 starter Salt Handful of walnuts and crans @ChrisEhrick DM me - would love to know more... @LWieck That's good to know! I said he could submit a stand alone paper, but also wanted to see if there was anybody else out there . . .#twitterstorians: I have a senior thesis student doing really great work on queer history in Colorado. We talked ab… @MyishaSEatmon My KA mixer is collecting dust. I like to use my hands! @Burrite LolCranberry-walnut close-up so you can smell it.*and by "our" I mean mine.It finally happened. We had our* first walk-past-the-Zoom-naked event in our household. It was just a matter of time.Pupdate: I just brushed Ruthie’s teeth with chicken-flavored toothpaste.’m going to start a petition.<nods in historian>
Haven’t had much time to bake lately, but I managed a simple sesame sourdough., owl. Same. @RachelCleves oh damn! no wonder you write so many books! @RachelCleves You're gonna have to say more about this treehouse office...Huh. utterly down to the bottom of the sea
Retweeted by honor sachsI can’t even bear to retweet. I can’t believe anybody would be willing to literally die on a hill of pumpkin pie.…, my students right now I tell you what. @SassyProf great pic!
A lot of responses to this. For me the difference is that I’ve lost all elasticity. In Before Times, I’d teach part… tonight: "I think Ruthie is teaching me how to waste time." @MichaelHattem @jbf1755 @HC_Richardson How do those who are Tweetdeck curious get started?Me: <super depressed because I have no attention span and can't get anything done> Also me: <receives newsletter c…
I see that those who walked uphill barefoot both ways in the snow have a lot to say about student loan forgiveness again.Go heads. keep grading. You not notice me. I jes lick you computer quiet like. am when-any-celebrity-does-something-newsworthy-I-say-“who?” years old. @Davulis Nice.
@GerDavidson That looks great! I struggle with rye. It’s a difficult flour. But I love it so I keep trying.Dark rye bread with currants turned out a total brick, but it tastes great.
You...invented the 80s.
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The #bidenstaxplan memes are top shelf. has recently come to my attention that the President of the United States is a horrible president and perhaps we… @varsha_venkat_ This whole look is 🔥New policy: So long as nobody's coming to my office hours, I'm not allowed to doomscroll. Got to get on the treadmi… @akiltykramer Wow she would be amazing. @jbf1755 Meetings 😣 See you there!This gif has everything. @jbf1755 I’ve got to teach today 😢Y’all who are still on fire, I salute you.’ve got nothing left. I’m exhausted. All I want is to play with my dog and eat toast.
@smccurry3 @karl_jacoby @dedalusdenaries So cool!My baby’s big box of books arrived 🎁📚🎉❤️ say this like it’s something to be proud of 🤷‍♀️ #wtf rest of the semester is brought to you by Four Seasons Total Lectures.Held class in this lovely pub tonight. #FacesofZoom
@LUXXURY But I'm a simple girl, so I'm panicking. @LUXXURY I did not get the joke part of it at all, but agree with the weasel part.I mean, what the - and I cannot stress this enough - FUCK?No, seriously. In case you didn't hear me the first time: What the fuckkkkkk??????what the fuck?
Pupdate: Ruthie just looked out the backdoor at the falling snow and growled at it 🌨️😡🌨️🤣🤣🤣 @DanLarremore @dinacmistry I live my life through an evolving series of post-it notes. Also, I am always behind on… @MarieMyungOkLee Have you seen the film Alive Inside? It's worth it. @WillMackintosh We might have to investigate next time SHEAR is in Philly... @kmwilliamswritr I do hope they get some business out of all this... @kerri_clement emailed it to youMy favorite so far was one that cast Michael B. Jordon as George Washington. @AdamHDomby Who says "dildo shop" anyway?I assigned Lil Fenn's Pox Americana in my early US survey. As a paper, I asked students to write a film pitch for a… @sapoverde keep saying “dildo shop” like it’s a bad thing. @historianess He’s such a drama queen 🙄
It's been really nice to not worry about him all day today.Never made cinnamon-raisin swirl bread before. Kind of exploded, room for improvement. calls for 45g of starter, but I’m putting in 46 because that’s how petty I am 💅Trump tried to kill NYC, NYC said HAH!
Retweeted by honor sachsI think we’ve found the answer to my question about what shoes to wear. want to remember this moment. Here we are November 7, me in my election shirt and Ruthie snoozing, watching Joe a… @DrJenHo She’s going to be President someday. She’s so good at this. And so good for us.