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@Pamaj The AUG and M16 are both pretty ridiculous right now in Cold War. @misshabit Don't say that. Don't jinx it.I had way too much fun filming an intro for tomorrow's @CyberpunkGame video! Going to celebrate with a short stream… @HermodsKuma @Syndicate @Razer :)Going to be fun filming this tonight. @Cthu1huWu Corpo @officialimicca Hell yes
Tonight's stream will be in full Cyberpunk 2077 makeup and body armor. It will happen later than usual because I ha… you know this Nintendo even existed?? #N64DD
Retweeted by Drift0r @AsbjornSynfan @JeffGrubb @DerekBurnz :)The M16 is a little bit too strong right now. @Kurokami_Najimi Really? What state and what merch? @jtpduffe @TheXclusiveAce What? @ethanxstanfield Same here, I get stuck all the time @3mup3mdown There's a lot to unpack here but maybe. Depends on how much the robot costs to buy and maintain. At cur… @ChucktheCG @_TomHenderson_ I posted the only two I didn't just get stomped in @_TomHenderson_ Those stats are impressive @Dethsoui I could walk to it @damonayoung I forgot that was a Christmas film! @CoconutBrah That's my nightmare scenario @simple_k_man Oh man, I didn't even think of that! @Dethsoui Like 2min @chrisjarv3 @Savage_2C Savage didn't take the Apex the last time we played @diesel_frost Open until 1am ;)SURPRISE In & Out Burger for a midnight snack gets my dogs so pumped @helljumper118 @MurkN101 This @xASAPxJayy Glad that you decided to stick around for that long. @Spurgie31 RTed and good luck! @Drift0r Hi everyone, I know nobody likes these but please take a couple minutes out of your day to take a look at…
Retweeted by Drift0r @xASAPxJayy I was tired af man @TheRapchure You got evidence of this? @TheRapchure This sounds ominous. What's going to happen? @officialimicca Agreed @ProRebornYT Now you need 696,969 Then 4,206,969 I believe in youJust 9 days away... @Vitzel33 Always ;)💪🏼🔥
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PS5 Giveaway!! RT/LIKE/FOLLOW w/ Notifications 🔔 on to enter #PS5 Let’s start our #GiveAwayEveryDayUntilChristmas
Retweeted by Drift0r @Dysmo fair enough?Playing CoD Zombies like it is Doom 1993 @DooM49 Also the prehistory of Dune basicallyI'm all for technology and innovation, but this just seems unnecessary. Pretty sure that a person could do this fas… @cmnstergames @annodx3 @PhillyD @TaborTimeYT @thubprint @FrogLeapStudios :) @StereoRifles Thank you @BootyAndTech Already tested an account like that. @mjcollier73 Lower sensitivity and a big mousepad are your best friends. Also try to get a mouse with a few extra b… and Morty was right again. Everything is on the cob’s a copy of the recommendations from ⁦@realDrBirx⁩ that weren’t shared with local leaders or the public. ⁦…
Retweeted by Drift0r @Neslo any time ;) @Drift0r hey, does this look like anything to you? I was playing Plunder and pressed "Escape" and then "F" and this…
Retweeted by Drift0rThanksgiving left overs just won't stop @ltsCommonSense I understand that. I did save a lot of rough moments and insane deaths while recording for the SBMM… @ImJusto_ Awwww @garymufc7 It got better and I'm not lagging now @ltsCommonSense Because it would be boring to watch @Bumi_Bandias bone yum yumHere's a cute dog just enjoying the warmth of his fireplace. 2020 has been a long year and I have a feeling that De… In Depth time:
DOUBLE MEGA BLASTOISE!! Full video - Come join our group! Discord…
Retweeted by Drift0r @Mikayla_DiFazio 12 @TechnicalDIY Me too @dreck58 Thank youMy boy Ozy is starting to look old. Dude's got a neck gooble and everything. @JazmineKhan Negative @NickSuckz Those were my only good two out of 10. I got slammed a lot.This is what SBMM looks like on a pro's account: @Nyxfears Fuck... I don't even know what to say to this. That's rough.Nintendo has it's own theme park at Universal Studios Japan! This looks amazing and I'm going next year for sure!'m sick @TmarTn You're going hard on this giveaway!2 PS5s Xbox Series X & S Nintendo Switchs GeForce RTX 3080 2020 MacBook Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max and much more... Who…
Retweeted by Drift0rIt's hard to film food videos when my dog makes these kinds of noises
Retweeted by Drift0r @MambaDoesntMiss Imagine this being your wake-up alarm every day @StankTimmy Adorable Shiba. I wish mine would beg so politely. This thing has been screaming since he was a pup @AgentFromISP He makes them every day and people think I abuse my dog @ImJusto_ Love is a strong word @RyanMSU21 Dog @nicovald My thoughts exactlyIt's hard to film food videos when my dog makes these kinds of noises @Armlockz Slightly stepping down @theLILWOOLEY You can get out there I'd you walk along the top of the fence @Mikej122O Anti-itch cream @rickypierce662 @JWoDesigns @ohhwhoops I don't always let the water touch my face @PaddyLCubed Brooooo... My head looks fat baby's face lol. WTF @JWoDesigns is this real? @trapdoorbeaver @ASTROGaming be like that @Scott__Miller_ @JeffreeStar No man, that's grease @JoeDeLuca @GstaAsim Yup. Still in Plano, probably not far from you all. I rarely get more than 40ms ping, but yet… @GstaAsim Fun with the enemies? Not really. Usually my shots don't register and my connection is unreliable. All my… @JWoDesigns @ohhwhoops Not true. I rinse it lightly with water every third day. Every other week I wash it with soap. @PaddyLCubed I have no idea how because my body feels like half of my soul drained out most days.No makeup and no camera filters. That's just me. My skin is smooth because I am preserved & pickled from the years… a surprisingly fun time playing on @GstaAsim account. It was a lot harder and sweatier than normal but the conn… Testing tonight on Pro Player @GstaAsim 's account. You want to see the highest skill bracket in all of CoD? you enjoy running around COD maps using a Shotgun? This is the video for you! Come watch @Drift0r as he gives h…
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I'm joining @KrysisDiamago on his show KrysisKorner right now: were worn, it was basically me, the stylist, & one other person in the entire salon. I am touching up my roo…
Retweeted by Drift0r @BubThiccc @ASTROGaming Thank you and I hope you enjoy them for years to come!I let my wife play CoD who has never played this game in her life and she went even against a team of people trying to reverse boost.