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DRIFT- @drift1974 Chicago, IL

Father. Painter. Musician. Founder/Operator of Parotic Music. 👉🏽 Out now on THEMA:

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@Jason1Goff Ever wonder if they should do a lottery system? @carlcraignet OG mumble rap @shane_riordan Parotic@Gmail.comstop telling people to reach out and get help. start asking them if you can help them get help.
Retweeted by DRIFT- @bjohnson613 Loved watching him @olintechno Eek. Mayo on a steak?! @SsssamanthaaMUA GH Bass leather loafers and Girbaud jeans. @SHFTD_AVN The shark was jumped a few years ago when rolling builds and long ass breakdowns became a thing. @ErikKratz31 @SophiaMinnaert We’ll see you back as a coach soon! @ShawnReynaldo @samvoltek Not in the context of being used in an advertisement/promotion. Any content should be cle… @ShawnReynaldo @samvoltek @bhip @HE_VALENCIA @samvoltek You negotiate your own rates. Pretty standard. @HE_VALENCIA I don’t get why anyone would have a problem with getting paid unless it’s purely jealousy with a large…"This is where I belong" Ezekiel Mitchell is the only black athlete on the premier level of @PBR. He is competing…
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@shane_riordan A manzier I’m guessing @HE_VALENCIA Exactly. I’d rather be @sk33mask Hopefully duct tape and shoe goo are involved. @HE_VALENCIA First time I took them my dick was like putty. @djchloeharris See. This is where I need help. Gotta love the internet 5% of the time. @gunnarhaslam Oh. And don’t actually finish anything. @MichaelRapaport Giggl @djchloeharris @residentadvisor Actually a good technical article. @RamieIsTweeting The fact that they used WiFi as an excuse is beyond insane @ThatEricAlper Rings Star was the number one on the charts. @bhip I’d prefer the pop disco to trance masquerading as DARK TECHNO any day. @robtrench Dead Man. French Connection. Chinatown. Halloween. Die Hard @DJQUstrengthmus Actually it does. The world needs to leave their houses not just shop on amazon @_noncompliant_ Only been wanting this to happen since forever. Glad it’s really being talked aboutMan walks enormous steer into Texas Petco to test their "all leashed pets are welcome" policy 😂
Retweeted by DRIFT- @JoshhTerry On western or Ashland? @thebig1070 When Lebron wanted half the team traded for AD. Seems pretty obvious that they couldn’t stand him after that. @_jakemuir @djchloeharris Especially fun with hihats. @_jakemuir @djchloeharris This is a technique I use a lot. @ssofay It’s a bad ass tune @vxpowl @darkentriesrecs I bought the 12” years ago for an ungodly sum but it was worth it.
@AaronNagler Maybe it will make him rethink some fashion choices @JoshhTerry C’mon now. You’re comparing apples and oranges. Thin Lizzy can’t be compared to a hair metal band. Besi… @darkentriesrecs Never forget the Sylvester / Crowley track that they used in the party scene of Trading Places. @HE_VALENCIA As soon as someone says it’s not enough money they really don’t give a shit about the music or the scene. @gunnarhaslam Go figure @ByRobertMurray @SophiaMinnaert @Ken_Rosenthal My god. Anyone actually going to ask about the signing or just spout… @kim_anh Like 90% don’t release anything or even finish tracks. @JoshhTerry That record isn’t hard to find btw. Dopes @RussellELButler 🙏🏻 @HE_VALENCIA Exactly @TheDJGospel Thus is quite possibly the weakest hill to die on. So. Say I like a CardiB or Solange video I’m automa… @imLeor My Mascara Makes Me Cry is fantastic.
@jemelehill I have a question. If you’re a racist, why go to a game played by 80% minorities, pay $125 for a seat a… @GolicAndWingo @DickieV You actually think anyone would give two shits about him once March started. GFO @WinksThinks Have a few more and someone will show themselves @JoshhTerry When I move from a childhood in Atlanta to the Midwest all my friends would laugh at how I said Taco BellSister Rosetta Tharpe, born 104 years ago to Almost everything you claim to love as music came from this woman here…
Retweeted by DRIFT- @carlcraignet Carl. That’s 80% of this years “50 to watch” lists and that’s being generous @HE_VALENCIA Everyone here is too programmed to be scared @WildeAndTausch It was dead and crammed between my Volvo car seat for five days.Kim Kardashian Kenny Holmberg | @Zac_Curtis16
Retweeted by DRIFT- @WinksThinks Zags vs Cavaliers. Zags win @MichaelRapaport @realDonaldTrump @DonaldJTrumpJr @MichaelRapaport I know this shit all too well via one of my exes. Exactly why she’s an ex. @HE_VALENCIA Or a 12 with rock salt to scatter mutherfuckers. @HE_VALENCIA Only do that when pooping after @HE_VALENCIA .22 or 12 gauge? @currincy @JoshhTerry @Weezer Thank you from someone who loathes fucking Weezer. @AOC “I’m a piece of shit”, “I’m a piece of shit” works for me. @HE_VALENCIA Become their “leader” @bjohnson613 @JJWatt The Ginger Baker doc is great. Also all things must pass about Harrison and Who Is Harry Nilss… @shane_riordan @670TheScore @LaurenceWHolmes Awesome. One of the best.
@bjohnson613 And bacon doughnuts and bacon whiskey and bacon ice cream. @shane_riordan Agreed
@YangLord69 @RaeRevived @Tsunehme @AndrewYangVFA I’m a white man and you’re a fucking idiot.You have to see this amazing routine from the @BlazerDancers featuring Oscar 🕺👯‍♀️
Retweeted by DRIFT- @ThatEricAlper Yes! @hannaheray So fucked up. @AdamLefkoe Why I loved Spaceghost. @MollyJongFast Oscar. I could eat him eventually and I love greenNancy Pelosi: “we need to lower the voting age to 16” 16 year olds:
Retweeted by DRIFT- @Slate Here we go y’all @HE_VALENCIA That’s a name I haven’t heard in a very long time. @cruel_diagonals Uh. I forgot it still existed so, um.
To listen your ex girlfriends messages is the equivalent of looking at their Instagram @shane_riordan Only Death Cab docs. @GOP Wow. Deaf, dumb and blind is no way to go through life @GOP @CNN @Acosta Well DUH🙄 @KillerfromSpace Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes 🍅 @SneakerNews @ochocinco GARBAGE @natalieweiner They also must not care about rape. @realDonaldTrump My god you are literally the worst. @HE_VALENCIA Haha. Wtf does Kanye know about shoes!? @realDonaldTrump Eat a dick @RexChapman Karma @PederMannerfelt Before I even click on this link is it “I Don’t Like Monday” ?I’ve been on a journey lately trying to figure out up and down. The Darjeeling Limited always in rotation. Reminder… @realDonaldTrump You grew up in the 70’s and 80’s dumbass. @_noncompliant_ Mostly everyone @MonteeBall28 I see you.If your @vans aren’t dirty you’re a fraud @ASlavitt @AllbrightNFL Ur buttSaw this on the way to an AA meeting. I chose to go. @objectblue_ Slacker. 😆 @carlcraignet That’s congruent to the thought