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"I believe that within, every person, every soul, lies the Perfect Tweet. Sieze it." NEW BOOK (pdf): old book:

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Retweeted by wintgive me $100 if you think the guy who siad "Dumb ass" a lot on that 70s show would make a better president than any teletubbynobodys telling me where i should donate 6000 cigarettes. nobodys telling me where theyll do the most help. So i guess ill just smoke them"Having drama is the stupidest shit on earht" - Drew Brees"in year 3000 every chair in the house will become a toilet"- ben franklin
@MorningJazz69 only blue check i want is a check for $1000000 that happens to be the color blueforcing comcast to give us internet service without allowing them to completely blast our asses with datacaps is basically old timey slaveryme and the boys chipped in and orchestrated a fake 9/11 that you can easily prevent and become a national hero (fake 9/11 becomes real) oopsin the year 2021 grain will be stored in computers instead of silos and so many people are gonna look so god damn stupidI didn't get one follower in snap female y'all need to send me of y'all hitting that blunt or pipe
Retweeted by wintmany people are finding out that despite millions of years of evolution the human body was not designed to get run over by cars
Think i might mix my dishrag up with my bowling ball rag and get some diseases that only dogs usually getreading 10000 posts a day has provided me great insight into thr cultural impact of the Philosophical Mind, and has also given me Morgellonsday of healing challenge: Try being racist for a day if your sjw, and if youre racist try being SJW. This is the "Day of Healing Challenge".every hatch back owner fantasizes about putting the seats down and throwing a towel on top of them and sleeping on the towel like a dogwhen the dow hits 30000 it means you get $30000 every time th e libor scandal happens , so, a lot of people will be thinking thats good
facing resistance from wikipedia in removing the article that says i have an ear infection as it is very difficult to verify that i do notshit heads who worsen everyones life, lady whos immune to piss smell, man named "Mr Dick Tip" who i have no concern of—all trying to Fuck mei have seen every episode of agents of shield and i am ready to whip deep state in the penis
what if Jar head met DunkirkCongrats. Ive just put your ass on the doucebag list.looking at a picture of poop chart that has different kinds of pictures of poop on it to find out if i have any diseaseslet year 2020 become the year of Boys . Because men are out there changing peoples lives every day and simply they do not give a fuck
Hmm i wonder which restaurant will become the new mcdonalds, after mcdonalds goes out of business for performing coupon scams against meive been searching for videos on how to humanely execute a captured butterfly, and all i found was SCAMsyou tube is now officially named "Ignorance tube," due to the many proverbial ass kickings i have receieved there
2020 to imagine the kind of guy who would donate to a presidential campaign like a month after the election so i can worship him as a godtrying to make my penis look more realistic with oils. balms and such
if you can smell your own balls that means you have corona virus . bad news for all you Stupid mother fuckers on here
with. a genuine content creatormight leave dms open for another 6 years in case any more gorgeous women want to try starting some Very unfulfilling long distance romance..should i learn Letters first? or choose the path of Numbers? a queston every baby must ask it selfim going to perler where you arent marched out on a pike just for posting pics of your barbeque setup in the group chat
im the guy who was not sold on Jack Ass until they made it 3di agree. mindfulness is some good shit. hold on, someones honking their car horn at my house and i have to go outside and kick their ass now @USSRdad in my badgen gun... @gayh0rney i can reply to them fine. guess im in the top 5...
if big tech keeps loading their apps with features that i can accidentally post my dick on, i will have no choice but to enter crisis mode .There is history on the History Channel rite now Tune in before they go to swamp man
Retweeted by wint @serenelyinhell thanks you too @serenelyinhell your white @DirtbagGobbler your whiteQ: Should I give my dog my last name? A: Absolutely not. Giving your dog your last name confuses it & dangers the integrity of the household @fart i am not a hoWatchinh the news
for every shit comment i receive, i will be doing 1 push up. the trolls shpuld be Very fucking careful lest they grant me unlimited powerif you say shit like "Basinga" they give you a TV show.... if you say opinions that are true , you get the Executioners blade . -EpicWayneSmouth Mouth Fucker
Retweeted by wintTemazo de All star de Smouth Mouth
Retweeted by wintFuck it. All star by smouth mouth just made my fucking night. Time to do this shit #fuckshitup
Retweeted by wintwalking around wearing a sandwich board sign that says "Kick my ass" and subjecting the masses to raw unfiltered journalism
@tom_on_here Why? Are people upset with me? Are they posting lies about me in the group chats? Without letting me d… shou;ld be allowed on the roof of any buildingjust finished watching Ellen and joined twitter
Retweeted by wintHah, yes. i do consider myself somewhat of the most god tieir troller who has ever lived. ive fooled over 1000 people into kicking my ass,im a husband , i am a lover , i am a gamer, i am a Slave, im a nit wit, im a goalie, but above all else, im a Koch Brother @detective_jamie if you do not think garfield metaphorically "ate shit" when they closed his restaurant down then y… was once a man— beloved & cherished by all... until he was unfairly chased away, by the dip shit brigade. and that man was named "Me".Do u have e email
Retweeted by wintgirle friend
Retweeted by wint
miss when trending topics were shit like #NationalMustardDay instead of links to articles about how eating chipotle cures racism in ratswhen they asked Ben Franklin "Sir, through Cup and Coin, does pleasure Portend the folly of Man?" mr. Franklin smiled and said simply "Beer"girls love rolling around in their sleep with long nails and waking up thinking every scratch on their body was caused by their dead grandmaif i had a name like "Tommy Tuberville" id go fuck my self"Me and a lot of my friends are starting to think that this Covid-19 business is a complete goof. A rat job." - Spider man
@GeraldoRivera @realDonaldTrump i just had a phone call with him too and he said the opposite of all that shit and called me Gay @Indie88Toronto garfield eats Shit
getting the daily presidential briefing and its just shit like "we banned Weed because it makes people too smart" and "Mozart smoked weed"why should i give two shits of an ass what you think of my post. what are you, the day time emmys??mount everest emergency diaper bra - what this husband did will shock you"if youre a dumb ass youre no friend of mine" - The dumb ass killer
thank you . i have nuked his ass
@robdelaney Not part of Lucas's visionIts not in the spirit of star wars to do that
if you like this video of a monkey eating m&ms you will certainly enjoy this video of a lizard tearing up a rat with its mouthNone of the characters in star wars should show their penis. Thats not what movie fans want to see.going to buy some goofy bug eyed glasses & drink poison until i look 80% more sickly/ weak and ask random girls if they need a Suger Daddy @realDonaldTrump something happen with the votesi would pay a group of scienttists $10000000 to fool a man into believing in santa until the age of 80. lets get it donei never said "ounch" , i would never say "ounch", and if i did say the word "ounch" it was becaus ei was trying to type the word "Lunch"before pushing psychic civil wars, the news used to talk about guys named like "Crap man" who would poop in 100 public urinals a day somehow
@egolvin open literally any web page before opening your mouth"the human brain is simply just a computer. And not a journalist alive will tell you this." - the Dril accountit's not good for the dilbert guy to come on here and say hes going to Bull Breed my wife with his Superior Spunk. i dont care if hes 200 iq
2020 @tom_on_here Well seeon the horn with nabisco slavery engineering solutions and hooters world Bank(HWB) aa we speak, might even contact "Super Nintendo" well seei will not let you poop the stately office . i will never use the code "Rudy20" for $20 off orders over $100. i will not dm GIRLSyou have not looked at the facts and you have the same IQ as a babys IQ. and thats why you have low follower.oh everyones trying to be cute. Everyones trying to put on a little show, posting unauthorized information about my penisgetting word that the election is now considered "Fucked" by the state attorney after a man reportedly let his dog lick the voting machine
@extranapkins they're a cia asset
@Dwayne_Media @tom_on_here @Dwayne_Media Dont look at it if youre just going to say ass to it.