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This is pretty hilarious. @2wofase @AshAgony How did you not get the sarcasm? @kadenw0lf @AshAgony It was a joke. @AshAgony Where is the civility?! We need to come together as Americans rise above these partisan fights. All this… you get my new zines you can look at this photo of @SamanthaRone1 all the time. @lilyallen @TheSTStyle This is good. @TVietor08 Bloomberg owes us a couple hundred million more.🚨 🚨 McConnell just placed a giant ad buy in Georgia. And I can tell you why - internal polls show Sen. Perdue in BI…
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithWhite House raises white flag: “we aren’t going to control the pandemic”
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithThe new video on my OnlyFans today is @therealsirips jumping on a bed.
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithIt’s pretty fucked up that qualified immunity is still a thing.Very sorry to all my Dodgers fans friends on this brutal ending but also “haha” to all my Dodgers fan enemies. Pence has been exposed to COVID-19 via chief of staff Marc Short. But he won’t quarantine—Pence will host a su…
Retweeted by Nate Igor Smith @TheBigKlosowski This is actually an improvement because in the past we didn’t have early voting at all. There just… @JohnCornyn You hypocritical fuck.Look, I know everyone thinks their dwarf puffer fish is the cutest, but come on.Why are these things so cute? my natural state of cute but v weird
Retweeted by Nate Igor Smith @TheCrossXXX @PReedXXX The good thing about TikTok is that after a couple days it knows what you wanna see in your…
Help flip it here: continues... my Philly peoples... @smilingcobra @JordanUhl I’d just like the guy who believes in science to win so maybe I can see my parents again. @Merk256 @RexChapman I spent two hours in line today which is more time than I’ve spent voting combined in my entir… @Merk256 @RexChapman In this specific case it’s actually caused by NY making voting easier. This is the first presi… Williams asks viewers to help solve a high profile “Missing” case.
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithRead this thread. Vote early.
Retweeted by Nate Igor Smith @porgstein Fair. @squidphilis @JordanUhl Very desperate, still very leftwing. @JordanUhl I honestly didn’t even look at the Tweet they were responding to. Just want everyone to get on board unt… @Steve_Dangle This is the first time NYC has done early voting for a presidential election there are way less polli… @JordanUhl It would be nice if you took like a 10 day break and then we can all get back to criticizing Biden. @landfillphotog The country is fucking on fire right now. Don’t you just want to go back to when shit was boring? A… @landfillphotog He is real fucking old though. @landfillphotog Biden certainly wasn’t anywhere close to my first choice, but I wouldn’t say he was out of touch. H… @porgstein Two Boeing 737s crashed within the same month in 2019 and it was huge news.Early voting started today in NYC! It was really inspiring to be in line today with so many people. This photo is… @ArabelleRaphael That’s how I felt when Popeyes started delivering.Honestly I’m starting to regret voting for him today.Covid kills two planes full of Americans every day you fucking asshole. he’s pretty cute as far as abusive extremist vegetables go. photo from my new zine set. Here’s @kimberlykane from the zine Mirror Mirror. I think this was in Hot Deser… @SachaBaronCohen @MarlowNYC I have never seen Trump laugh. I assume he doesn’t understand comedy. @bellarollandx I sell prints in all sizes :)Voting line TikTok. It’s always a bummer when TikTok has the beginning of a song but not the hook. @connperignon You just drop it off at the laundromat and they do it for you. @JordanUhl Maybe he can take an Indiana senate seat for 20 years before trying again. @AmandaWhip If you ever wanna shoot something to promo all your new digital things lemme know.The new video on my OnlyFans today is @therealsirips jumping on a bed. @steelydean44 @AOC I’d imagine advertising mostly. You can find out as campaigns have to file reports every quarterAnd I voted. Just under two hours in line which is both too long and not that bad. @steelydean44 @AOC Of what? @courtneytrouble They are actually calling anyone with a filled in ballot to the front to drop them off. @CptBozoJabroni It’s all good. I could come back Tuesday or something. I just want to vote today. @AOC I mean we gave Amy McGrath $90 million so sadly it works both ways. @mollycrabapple Seems like pretty good timing on the whole early voting thing. I’m gonna be in this line for hours… I haven’t seen a single person in this line not wearing a mask.The conversation in this line is about how we don’t have to be in this line since we could just come back on a day… @fields Agreed @courtneytrouble I live in a Dominican neighborhood and the line is wrapped around public housing but because this… @fields I made it half a block in 20 min so I got a while to go. There’s also absolutely no reason I need to be in this line.This is the first time NY has had early voting for a presidential election and a bunch of districts are all voting… line to vote early is almost 6 blocks long. I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to vote before. @LucyEverleigh It’s never been hard to vote in NYC and this is the first time there’s been early voting for a presi… 50 million Americans have already voted. Today, New Yorkers will finally have their chance to vote in person.…
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithNew DBB Post: New Unrealized Project Zines
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithI feel like my life is atrophying like an unused muscle.Another old Snapchat on my OnlyFans today. This time it’s @OMGitsJessieLee and her pups.
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithHi dominatrix friends, please do this. Thanks. @realDonaldTrump! @Schnibbywhips @jwoliner @robhuebel @paulscheer Indeed @jimhasemail They told me they always thought Biden was a good guy until this so when I pointed them towards inform… now want to have kids just so I can try to explain to them what this is and how stupid the world once was.It has arrived. The single dumbest thing I have ever purchased. @jwoliner was directing Borat I was laughing my ass off at his his videos at $5 downtown alt comedy nights.…
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithWhen Trump loses it’s really gonna be something watching the GOP cannibalize itself while trying to blame everyone…
@washedoperator @MaryMargOlohan @DailyCaller Informing them of crazy conspiracy theories. @eisoutside 99% of my problem with Rogen is that he’s willing to give a huge platform to the worst people. @GallosPole57 No kidding.I just hit 3000. It’s real easy and mostly very enjoyable. I just talked to someone who couldn’t phone bank because… @RonenV I basically just told him to google some shit cause we aren’t allowed to send links. It wasn’t anything too persuasive.I just talked to someone while text banking who was going to vote for Biden but then the Hunter laptop story came o… sure there is a single bit of entertainment I am less interested in than Joe Rogan interviewing Kanye. @dlodz Hell no. I can’t even watch the trailer.Apparently there is a rock climbing gym opening up in my neighborhood and I am trying to imagine how my life would… IG post yesterday about my new zines got no views cause the algorithm so here’s one that might get a few more. F… @maddoxrules Name one time Armenians were ever oppressed. @GOP We just want healthcare and to be able to leave our homes without getting the plague. Maybe some sort of climate policy as a treat. @RepClayHiggins We agree that Trump’s America is truly a nightmareAlso I packed up one too many zines so if anyone orders the zine set in the next 20 minutes I’ll throw in a small m… out all the zine orders today! Every American who orders one got a I Voted sticker with your zines. Don’t… @JapersRink Get the pucks in deep state @GreggJarrett Have you considered writing an article about how your brain ended up like this?Your reminder that Trump refused to provide desperately needed stimulus relief to the American people, but had no p…
Retweeted by Nate Igor SmithAnother old Snapchat on my OnlyFans today. This time it’s @OMGitsJessieLee and her pups. also has repeated Q anon talking points and has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women. You can donate… @brownpound4 yes @MissBeaE That is wildHow did I miss this yesterday? There is too much news.