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inner peace, outer chaos | professional rollerblader private alt:

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@_jazzghost_ ✍️shout✍️at✍️the✍️bear✍️my boyfriend and i go to Taco Bell. what do you want i ask him. a baja blast? no. he gets down on one knee. i want…
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂you guys are making me laugh and giving solid advice 🥺 ilyme: my kleptomania is getting out of control doctor: have u taken medication? me: tons
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂life is a marathon and i’m throwing up in a trash can by the water station
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂ @GoGlazy don’t tell me what to do or ill cry @TribalSpaceCat this is good advice Hannah thank you @wideandhigh imagining them all naked @shaydbeats it does @danabar_s aggressive encouragement is my favorite @desukidesu @KyleDoesHisBest NOT NOW @jazz_inmypants madi on ice @crashleycar ... ill consider it @bradlocke and bark to show power @desukidesu i am trying so hard sukii have an interview someone give me a pep talk @memetazaa i’m rooting for youjust remember we are moving meat sacks floating through nothing on a dying rock“tomorrow’s a new day” oh god make it stop @adamgreattweet Y is y y y can’t i read Z is zen cat... inner peace, outer illiteracy @adamgreattweet U is for u all can read? V is for vomiting up hairballs @adamgreattweet Q is for quiet paws R is for really wish i could read @adamgreattweet M is for meow N is for neow (fast cat) @adamgreattweet I is for i can’t read J is for just looking at pictures @DaRealPete she can’t read what it says so it’s fine @adamgreattweet F is for feline @adamgreattweet She knows her ABCs C is for Catshe can’t even fucking read
@CSMFHT @bigsharkguy @dril hello 911 i’d like to report a murder @onlyfronds @dril thanks you’re the only account i won’t be blocking @livinlikelara thanks @desukidesu did it @bigsharkguy @dril alright @Floppyjoe16 @dril who @araless @dril Yessorry for tweeting a lot, i’m just unemployed @eoghan_og0 yeah duh @QuintinPeters11 fine @theguybesideyou sorry in advance @QuintinPeters11 stop it @BoneRangerr @rogueambit @DiscoWrites @HornyProle @NaomiNymph @ginfueledart @EmperorCuck @aleftisteowyn less mentally ill than me is Privileged, everyone more mentally ill than me is Toxic, everyone equally mentally ill to me is Cool
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂me: i really need to take a shower Home Depot security: look i get it, but you have to buy it first @desukidesu Ok sure let’s just dive head first into it @thisbitchybitch when eggs are fluffy 😩😩😩 @desukidesu “Are” you kidding me @DNC_alt you don’t? @DNC_alt *staring in mirror* who’s eggs, god? @gtropeRNR87 we all know what “fluffy” means @TheRiverSaint sighi could say something random like “eggs are fluffy” and twitter would somehow make it sexualshoutout @desukidesu for the edit, love you little elf 🎄 hoe hoe hoe‘Tis the season baby #NewProfilePic @sherrysworld @adamgreattweet example a: @adamgreattweet beautiful, festive, spectacular @CDT_SLAT i decided to start the morning with this so it’s the trajectory of my entire daywaiter: may i offer you a horse divorce? person: do you mean hors d'oeuvres? waiter: *removes mask, is horse* ... neigh :( @Skoog just be honest with me @Orrki362001 @quenblackwell she’s the worstwhen a private account quote tweets me: @alliepi314 you should be arrested @TheAugoosetus screamingtoo many smileys make things weird. goodnight :) sleep well = nice goodnight :) sleep well :) = murder? @WeAreKings_13 yes please taylor @ItsLumberzack @quenblackwell @FLITTER @discpix @sgtballsvevo @PallaviGunalan @AshyMalik ily @DarkSkinKatara @iamblackbear I love @dinoman_j @TheYaoiReview Soon @jiafmi no it beansall i want is to be this can of beans @Lisacossey1 and yet the void cannot hear us @RobDenBleyker I’m tweeting about youbeing in pain together is better than being in pain alone that’s why we are all here on twitter @Skoog forbidden jawbreakerTHNKS FR TH MMRS = TH(a)NKS F(o)R (coming) T(o) H(ome depot we sell ha)MM(e)RS
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂ @manman_person no @sadcinnati Thank you here have my number @alyqcks apple turnover
@sadcinnati Smooth @slepydremr just incase people like that exist somewhere in the universe idk $drivingmemadi idk idkㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤme ________________________________ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤwhelmed
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂guys invest in stocks one time then start googling best wristwatches and change their groupchat name to Wolf of Wallstreet @discpix A tasteful fruit basket“how are things?” feel attacked
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂witch 1: i can’t find my broom witch 2: that’s fine i can drive a stick
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂ @CJBattleChaser the grinch is just Christmas iron man
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂ @SortaBad yeah @bppfeiffer @SortaBad accuratemore and more i totally understand the grinch living in isolation on a mountain with his dog. sounds like a dreamdepression knows my love language is quality time so it hangs out with me 24/7
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂road trips are exhilarating. i have 12 hrs of podcasts coursing through my veins. i just shook my wet hands and yel…
@thisbitchybitch also i just checked my pockets @thisbitchybitch i use chapstick in place of lip balm, like how people say kleenex instead of tissues @colfux they’re in like 4 different bags @SevereStove pls get somemy 17 chapsticks: *exist* me: i need a new chapstickbrain: so tired me: we just woke up brain: huge mistake
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂or a Democrat. my baby: meatloaf the anarchistdeciding on baby names. mud if it’s a boy, meatloaf if it’s a girl, disappointment if it’s a republican @micah_ok_chill Listening rn omg listen to music sounds better with you by neil frances @Cam_probabIy Ok 5 with that attitude