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like a furby on steroids | unfortunately all views are my own

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@rabbitwhalev @RobDenBleyker thank you google translate i was confused @KurzerPfosten Are u Oklahoma @KurzerPfosten i was too busy weeping to inquireabsolutely not everyone else’s driving on my morning commute while i drive terribly to sad music to fuel my sadness @TrevorWoggon I didn’t ask
@Hoof_It_Harry not pleased with thisoh to be a blank VHS tape no thoughts, just static @lowriderslug_ Certificate in mail @desukidesu what the fucj @Skoog @SteWilde skoog you aren’t allowed to use the words coffee and women they are trademarked @SteWilde @Skoog Lol no @petiteMjolk why didn’t gollum bedazzle it @rockyourbroady literally twins icebreaker topics - favorite color - favorite ice cream flavor - your greatest childhood trauma and how that f… he ok @TheHyyyype interesting rebrand @sherrysworld @desukidesu @bigsharkguy @frankieplsrelax @adeleinator @thesammyhannah @HeavenlyGrandpa doing my best @siezbop I’ll try itfriends with benefits, the benefit is we ruin eachothers lives
@justky1018 Unlock this cage I need to fly @mayfieldquality try try again @rockyourbroady you wouldn’t get it @rockyourbroady check updated version it is a bangerthat twitter function really was fleeting @HughMcaloon Unfortunatelyhome sweet home @Skoog @rockyourbroady i know too much now @Skoog @rockyourbroady This is more dramatic than the bachelor @rockyourbroady @Skoog I’m shaking and throwing up rn @Skoog why am ijust now seeing this it is incrediblenot eating because my stomach hurts and my stomach hurting because im not eating, a classic case of schrödinger stomach @KatyWellhousen Great point!i don’t want to be the bigger person i want to sprinkle crushed up saltines in their bed @stfujujubean this is very good advice, thanks for sharing @justky1018 Water ❤️ @justky1018 Always @lilbbykimchi improvise, adapt, overcome @TweetPotato314 Pineapple mango
should i get a smoothie or lay on train tracks @justky1018 stop 😐i don’t know how i stumbled on italian twitter but i can feel the sass without even translating
@WowsersMeowsers i try to understandthis is the best movie theater candy don’t argue now provides a fully serviced lobotomy kiosk
2021 @RobDenBleyker thanks
so glad the week is over so now i can still do nothing, but comfortably @GK_Physics u flatter meno one: my brain: ₛₐᵥₑ bᵢg ₘₒₙₑy ₐₜ ₘₑₙₐᵣdₛ @roastmalone_ You will be okay, sending hugs 💗 @coach_SarahMac it looks SO intense
mentally here’s cute how we’re all in our little cars driving to our little jobs where we’ll sit at our little desks until we get to drive again
exercising will do wonders for your mental health. no one can see you crying when ur drenched in sweatCDC: wouldn’t it be crazy if we asked you to put your mask back on lol hahah jk …unless 😏 .. no but seriously please put it back onoh to be a baby without object permanence. i’ve seen enough @ArthurMorganSux i know, gardening is toughthink of yourself as a garden. what you water grows. nurture the good and the bad will wither away
i tweeted about therapy and got 800 followers and that’s how i know we are all brokenagent: FBI OPEN UP me: okay where do i even begin, things have been really hard lately and- @2Saddington Iconicoh thank god @lowriderslug_ I let them decide everything for me. Dinner? Who knows
my irrational and logical thoughts trying to work together: you know you can be gaslighting yourself? signs look like - always worrying about being wrong - constantly ap…
Retweeted by ꧁Madimoiselle꧂ @CO_mcbucknasty Want to get your ass kicked in 8ball, billiards, filler, 8ball+ again? wow the list is endless @sordideuphemism What if we fistfight in the Denny’s parking lot at dawnthanks for 40k! this is wild, i am going to puke. who wants to fistfight to celebrate!?this is your sign to clean your room @lowriderslug_ exactlyyy and you feel like you aren’t fitting the expected role you are supposed to play in people’…
i really do appreciate everyone interacting with this it’s helpful to see so many different thoughts and many thing… @astromonkey21 @bazzapower Thanks just followed! @randocynic fitting for the first pointif everyone drops one thing they learned in therapy we can all gain insight from this threadnew Olympic sporting events: - turning doorknobs with lotion hands - putting leggings on after shower - opening pl… think the worst kind of sad is when you know you are sad but just going through the motions of life where it does…’s the olympic sport for oversharing. i would win
@Coll3enG We are all so proud @Coll3enG i can’t focus on anything but the goat on a leash @justky1018 I love you ❤️ you make this hellsite a better place @desukidesu fixed it“are you a morning person” i dont even know if i am a person @desukidesu um wtf @666gringo me too @rudy_betrayed You deserve it @maddison_s_glam messing up eyeliner then your tears mess it up even more
@abernothing @PleaseBeGneiss egg time??getting ready when you’re annoyed is so difficult. any little thing is the end of the world. struggling to put on a necklace? time to crywhy is SunnyD tweeting like a frat guy on Snapchat is possible if you just ̶b̶e̶l̶i̶e̶v̶e̶ ̶ receive generational wealth and never pay taxes @TheHyyyype he only half hates his wife @TeganFell I use Revolution hydrating foundation and the megaglo highlighter by wet n wild it’s so good!fun game go up to any bald man and start yelling jeff bezos jeff bezos
thank you for all the birthday wishes! a year ago i had just started on twitter, and i remember being so excited be… @itsmariannnna @sherrysworld get her ass @itsmariannnna Omg!😍😍😍 @daddycowboi bahahah hey 😉