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@ohmightysmaug Hmmm playstation.. @ScientistMel MehThere aren't bushes in space.
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @RuthAnnHarpur @OCDTrudy Flamethrower? @ohmightysmaug I love that dog.A couple of recent studies one of which was painted on stream over at my twitch channel
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @ohmightysmaug @vinjwoods @ohmightysmaug @vinjwoods Homeopathic slap @ohmightysmaug @vinjwoods Use homeopathyToss a penny to your
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayThere aren't bushes in space. @realDonaldTrump Lol. @AdamSandler you know this to be true Sandler would have beat Donald Trump. Dems made a massive error.We may not agree on everything, but we probably have more in common than not. So lets talk, not fight. The fight is…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayLord give me the strength to watch Aliens and design an army around it. a penny to yourWe may not agree on everything, but we probably have more in common than not. So lets talk, not fight. The fight is… @LozzaFox Watch out for the salt content. Think you are already at max. @SpaceForceDoD @EsperDoD @SecAFOfficial @SpaceForceCSO @GenDaveGoldfein @DeptofDefense @usairforce America compensating into space.Have you got the app? @WFKARS Heroic.Hello from rural #hakone It is snowing here and England feels far away. It will be hard to go back.
On an unbroken 39-year run of not spelling "bureaucracy" right first time.
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayMilk coke 2. during family vacations: @HamillHimself @polaur2 Damnit Mark you still havent come to my birthday..Yet harms from psychotherapy amongst the most under researched areas in mental health
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @rcpsych @BBCr4today @bernadkad @ljtheodosiou Anything we can do to help? @rcpsych @BBCr4today @bernadkad @ljtheodosiou Agree.Social media firms must hand over their data for research, says RCPsych. Tune into @BBCr4today at 7.09am tomorrow t…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayNoone: ..... Me: @HausOfRae Thanks. I have kept up to date. Not worried.You either tweet into a void or an echo chamber.An early start this morning with @bernadkad and Ian Russell live on @BBCr4today at 7:09. They'll be discussing our…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @AndrewYang #YangGang2020
@DExEUgov You make me tired.#pagedbecause 3am - Ward staff thought they had just seen a ghost. Still not sure if they wanted night sedation prescribed for it.
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @vardon91 @WelshGasDoc Jfc @WelshGasDoc @GongGasGirl I thought i had confidentiality .. @richardtill ... fuck. @Glinner Oldmanshoutsatcloud.jpeg @elonmusk Give you 10 dollars if you make this dude your profile pic. @DGlaucomflecken @lhfang Well... mehMe to patient: Don’t worry you won’t fall, we’ve got you. Brain: *DON’T SAY IT* *DON’T SAY IT* *DON’T SAY IT* *D…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway @docmogwai @WelshGasDoc Im with the bat. @WelshGasDoc "Can you cover a nightshift"? @sazmeister88 1) Turn it off an on. 2) If this doesnt work, sacrifice a goat to the gods of plumbing. 3) Fight off… @Timberati @elonmusk ?We only know about what Elon Musk tells us he is doing. I am more interested in what is happening inside his volcano lair.
@Femi_Sorry Pompous moron. @ohmightysmaug @Canada With love. fight is on. @ohmightysmaug Dont open it inside.Justin Trudeau's beard. @DarthLux I have this wig.Me, shirt inside out: That guy is dressed like a moron. @Adriana_Lacy M8. Why @rubytrubes @StevePeers Have you ever been to Donny?
@ohmightysmaug It was a hoot.Omg found an 8-bit cover of "Take On Me" and its just a glorious as you would expect. @markpalexander Normaise? Like mayonaise, but more common? Or the unfortunate edible exudate of Norman? @SpanglesamJ no. @bbccomedy .. well played BBC. @KaylarWill @FickleQueenie Doesnt last. X @WhiteHouse Wierd lieMarket for butt candles?
@Michael_Dunn4 Fuck no.The Vagina candle sold out. I am officially resigning from humanity and disappearing into the wilderness. You did this. @Turbongus didnt realise I was drinking with a memelord. @hipofftheblock
@hipofftheblock Blocked.More Irwins, Sagans and Williams and less Kardashians, Trumps and BezosSteve Irwin's Kids Have Rescued Ninety-THOUSAND Animals From The Australian Wildfires So Far
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayNot enough clubs sell miso soup. #kyoto #leveluptheeconomy @LilNubian86 Def. Need a lessonGo to japan ✔ Drink local rum ✔ Teach salsa to a woman in a kimono✔ @KarateMc4w350m3 @rickygervais I run that thread.Probably need an ambulance, not a tweet. be honest. British Papers forced Meghan out for one reason only.Nope. @spoo_of_hope Useful in both @charliekirk11 This was the old argument against al gore and it was stupid then. You need to see the bigger picture, and the relative cost. @Glitterbeard_ #banglitter Am i doing it right? @cooksferryqueen Get out. @witchernetflix @netflix @witchernetflix more I learn about Prince Harry, the more respect I have for him.BREAKING: We salute animal activist Joaquin Phoenix, who took to the steps of Capitol Hill during today's Fire Dril…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin JanawayEcho. @ohmightysmaug Dude your dog is going through something.
Annual sense reminder: 2020 1) Astrology is nonsense 2) Homeopathy is expensive water 3) Healing crystals are just…
Retweeted by Dr Benjamin Janaway. @KierstenWarren @AuthorKimberley @KierstenWarren Im calling the police. @KierstenWarren @tomhfh Id do the same but the internet couldnt handle my raw brains and looks.