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Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Atlanta, DC, NYC

Professor School of Global Journalism and Communication @morganstateU Political Contributor @msnbc Political Contributor @siriusXM @UVA BA @UNC PhD

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"We're White Collar" might be the single greatest musical number of the 2020 television season @SHOBlackMondayguess who's back tonight ... #BlackMonday
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonI feel like between this and #TigerKing the Big Cat community is starting to have the same kind of 2020 humans are… @DutchessBooze @TheGrapevineTV @rolandsmartin @ElieNYC @ZerlinaMaxwell @MsTaraDowdell @TaraSetmayer @TiffanyDCross @DrJasonJohnson Yaaaaassssss! Me & my sister could not wait to watch each week! cc: @mitziecharles
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@DrJasonJohnson Jason Statham "Transporter" franchise ad driver and Duane Johnson as car's voice...we can pitch this Jason 🛎️😂
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Ya. True. But that song @BustaRhymes made using this beat was Hard AF.
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonLol K.I.T.T > ALEXA because he had a turbo boost ! @DrJasonJohnson Still haven't seen any Star Wars, 1-47
Retweeted by Jason Johnson!!!! April 4, 1975, Microsoft was founded by Bill Gates & Paul Allen in Albuquerque, New Mexico
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonI've never understood how nobody has been able to re-boot this show. Even as a spoof, it's just got so much material🎬'Foxy Brown' starring @PamGrier premiered in theaters 46 years ago today, April 5, 1974
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonStill haven't seen the Graduate remember this, and I remember the conspiracy theories as well.... This is a classic "Good thing we didn't have so… @GolicAndWingo @mikegolicjr @wingoz @espngolic 2, 4, and 7 definitelyBlack people have shaped & SAVED this democracy since its inception. When our story is whitewashed, democracy is de…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonI've spent the past 18 months pouring my heart & soul into every word, every story, every page. I hope you'll share…
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Thankfully, not all hugs are cancelled.
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @EvaninSEA Or maybe the Browns "interest" is being played for leverage?
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonNever forget
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonThis morning @AliVelshi reported on the insanity of 50 states & FEMA bidding against each other & driving up the pr…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonI can’t wait to see a dude selling bootleg Nike masks in a barbershop. They’ll be $10 apiece but he’ll let you get…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @TiffanyDCross For like the first week of #coronavirus...Now I'm back to bed at 2 am and up by 7:30 @hawkblogger I thought I was the only one! I usually put some vanilla icing on mine just for the triple flavor contract
While Americans are dying and hospitals from big cities to rural areas are begging for #N95masks , who does the Tru…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonHeard my dad’s voice today. He’s still hanging in. He laughed at my corny joke. Small blessings in tough times.
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonThe Packers watching their NFC North rivals this offseason
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonWhile Democratic and Republican Governors across America are struggling to find lifesaving medical supplies, like v…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson“He’s the last African American Everyman,” @questlove said in 2015. “On the other side of the coin, we’re often vie…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonCould lose health care access due to getting fired: Australia: 0 Belgium: 0 Canada: 0 Chile: 0 Denmark: 0 Finland…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @OPSVeracity49th Yep!"Where's your mask?" - Totally new line of questioning when you're face-timing with a friend's 9 year old during #coronavirusI met #BillWithersRIP after @Politicon in LA back in 2018. Warm, friendly and a great sense of humor. A guy at the… @vexedinthecity It shouldn't be, but yes.... It's real...ICE agents are impounding men and women without #coronavirus protection, which means crowded, poorly ventilated roo… Americans are dying and hospitals from big cities to rural areas are begging for #N95masks , who does the Tru… me of "Affirmative Action" (which never got made) a buddy cop movie with a racist Boston cop ( Ben Affleck)… concept wasn't even funny in the 90's.... Florida: I know we are late to this whole lockdown party but a friend sends this helpful guide:
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@DrJasonJohnson There are no heros in Tiger King.
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonFor me, #Punkd peaked when they sent the IRS to Justin Timberlake's house.... But for #coronavirus work breaks, I j… @Troubleman_68 Meaning what exactly?Knew it.... #coronavirus is giving folks aaaall the time.... Fed are gonna re-open that #CaroleBaskin case just lik… just finished #TigerKing and I'm all.... the American people rally around President @realDonaldTrump during the #coronavirus crisis? Expert…
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Woman, 90, dies from coronavirus in Belgium after refusing a ventilator and telling doctors: 'I had a good life, ke…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @Niw16_ Not happeningThere are no cats in this pic, I just want everyone to know how beautiful my daughter is.
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonDon't forget Trump's 24 hour news channel is about to launch the #JoeExotic reality TV show.... can't believe #TigerKing and #ClubQuarantine are the first two mass sensations of the #COVID19 #StayAtHome era..… @TiffanyDCross Hmmmm I recognize this pic 😏Wishing you the best @ChrisCuomo , prayers for you and your family and a quick recovery 🙏 ..... That's the tweet...We've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic. We can't afford any more c…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson33 or 13.... Both if it's hot enough outside.... Is that Coke or Pepsi?
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson I’d do it for toilet paper
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonDepends.... Is that Coke or Pepsi? No rent increases for residential renters in Los Angeles, per @MayorOfLA , until crisis is over. Also, n…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonToggling between a 2006 game btw the Colts and Giants on @NBCSN and a 2018 game btw #Chiefs and #Rams on @espn ....…, Bobby and Ricky
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson I see what you did...
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonQuarantine in shared custody is...interesting. But it just fully dawned on me that my kids' amazing stepmother is…
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You win!!! if instead every speaker started by sending their condolences to all of the grieving families of Coronavirus v…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @factstogether Classic @DrJasonJohnson
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Larry, his brother Daryl and his other brother Daryl.
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Oooh watch out.
Retweeted by Jason Johnson🤦🏽‍♀️
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonRonny, Bobby and Ricky @DrJasonJohnson @EASPORTS Interesting. This reminds me of that episode of the Jetsons that showed robot football.
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson @EASPORTS In case you hadn’t heard, NASCAR drivers have been doing races on iRacing the past two we…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson @EASPORTS I've watched a few simmed games of Madden and its definitely starting to build a followin…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonEsports are about to blow up. Something is going to step into this huge gap of live sports TV programming for fans… You should be watching @SHOBlackMonday
So, Trump is pushing tax cuts for BUSINESS that buy meals, but not for regular Americans (which could be done), thi… that just a UPS commercial masquerading as a #CoronaUpdate ?Why is every speaker at a Trump #coronavirus press conference required to praise him for 30 seconds before actually…! Yes Milkshake man from #Reno911 is the great @NatFaxon .... He was good in Friends from College too... @DrJasonJohnson
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Retweeted by Jason JohnsonJust discovered that #Reno911 is now on youtube and my workday has officially been compromised....Donald Trump’s ego will cost lives.
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I remember this because it conflicted with Danger Mouse on @Nickelodeon and we only had cable on one tv in the hous… some point, probably around 1987, Kool Aide quit trying to name actual flavors and would just throw a cartoon wo… musical artists with personal relevance : The Beatles The Doors Pink Floyd Beny Morè Ludwig van Beethoven John…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson I’m becoming a vegan 🌱 if this continues. I will not be raising animals in suburban NJ.
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonSix musical artists with personal relevance: 1) The Jacksons (ALL of them and all their kids & friends & play cous…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonMy prayer today is for everyone who is feeling.. anxiety, trapped, restless, bored, fearful, tired, confused, lonel…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonI don’t usually get into this, but seems like the next time the president says “who had any idea something like thi…
Retweeted by Jason Johnson.@amjoyshow is coming up! @JoyAnnReid will see you all very soon #reiders at 10 AM ET this #SaturdayMorning on…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonThis announcement of layoffs by United Airlines came literally a few hours after they got $25B in grants from the g…
Retweeted by Jason JohnsonLooks like Governor Whitmer is about to go through some things.
Retweeted by Jason Johnson @DrJasonJohnson Seems like a recipe for another virus actually.
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