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Daryl @DrLeeworthy Lurgyville-sur-Taff

Historian | Research Fellow @swminerslibrary 📚: Fields of Play, Labour Country, A Little Gay History of Wales, Elaine Morgan (2020), Gwyn Thomas (2022). 🏳️‍🌈

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@bostonoxford I have!Now that I'm on the mend, I've been cracking on with my wee book on women's liberation. It's nice to make use of th…
@williamschrism @CambridgeUP Are you going rhonnda twist? @hexter101 Yeah. That's the pamphlet. But the sentence Drakeford used is not in it at all! And if you read it, it a…
@WalkerMarcus No wonder his rooms were so big. @Jeffrey62093861 Well, indeed, it brings me back to the point I was making last I was on here properly - that Welsh… @Jeffrey62093861 One thing governments shouldn't do is police consumption. For us books are essential to our well-b… @ericesheng @WalkerMarcus @DanielJHannan Oh I see! I can picture Jeremy's rooms quite vividly but never realised th… @Jeffrey62093861 Presumably to protect the indy bookshops who have to close due to the regulations, which is admira… @WalkerMarcus - did you know? @WelshSocialism Good for drying out your shoes if they get wet!And that uniformity is where the First Minister's sentiments are sound. I've also spent far too long this afternoon… County Council was paying for thousands of children to have free meals in the 1890s, too. What you did get,…, this isn't quite true. Margaret McMillan helped to pioneer free school meals in Bradford more than ten y… @DrAdamChapman @bronachkane Woohoo. Thank you Bronach - I hope you enjoy it, in between the necessities of matleave… @jamesbrinning @notchrisevans Oh shopping is grim. And other services, I was at the bank on Monday and this (middle… @notchrisevans @jamesbrinning There were constant announcements in Ponty Sainsbury's about not spending time in are… now ... here's a thing. Look what's on the front of Reviews in History! Massive thank you to @kbohata for the… everyone - the virtual launch (in the company of @carolyn_hitt) of my new biography of Elaine Morgan is on No…
@daithitoms Not right at the moment, unfortunately. @Ashley_Walsh @JakeTW91 "Where there is dis chord, may we bring harmony".
@thehistoryb0y @LdnMetArchives @britishmuseum @BishopsgateInst @stefdickers I only say "probably" for Bristol centr… @thehistoryb0y @LdnMetArchives @britishmuseum @BishopsgateInst @stefdickers Depends on the level of the courts the… @katrinanavickas @KatieEBarclay Yep. Suits and gowns. @katrinanavickas @KatieEBarclay And in some colleges (like mine) take your evening meal..., Unless you just wanted… I should add, it's not COVID-19, which I seem to have gracefully avoided myself. Probably my gleeful demeanor putting off the virus! 😉Apologies in advance, therefore, if you tag me in things and I don't get chance to reply, or I'm slower at respondi…, just a wee update for the curious: my exhaustion continues, both physically (am poorly atm) and with the oft… @Stephen_Barlow @PrideCymru @NorenaShopland Aware only by accident, I'm afraid.
@YoungmanMj @Jeffrey62093861 You too, Mark. :) @YoungmanMj @Jeffrey62093861 Unfortunately, as a researcher in the humanities, we're not a priority for anyone. I'd… @YoungmanMj @Jeffrey62093861 Oh your mental health is collapsing, oh diddums at least you haven't got the virus.… @YoungmanMj @Jeffrey62093861 But it works on an assumption that that meeting is possible, or that those bubbles can… @AngharadLee It rather depends if you have relatives you would like to see who live in England, I suppose. If you d… @Jeffrey62093861 @YoungmanMj Nah, they like playing at tin soldiers, and have wanted something like this for twenty years. @AngharadLee The constitutional implications of what they are doing, even in the name of public health, are too serious to act as they have.Needed more than a bit of cheering up today, so indulged in one of these - pure nostalgia and happy memories playin…, lost from universities. There are other routes: community-based adult learning. I remember teaching someon… - almost 10 years since I finished, and with no permanent academic job, I've lost count of… @Jeffrey62093861 But this returns us to the idea that in paying so much attention to "the virus", government at all… @Jeffrey62093861 All I mean is, and I take the rules as they come, as I have always done, what more can Welsh Gover… @Jeffrey62093861 (I'm only half playing devil's advocate here...) @Jeffrey62093861 What's the difference between a "circuit break" lockdown and the month of lockdown that we've alre… @kmflett @evanishistory Cos a Princeton graduate wants to apply to the University of West Bedfordshire in the first place, eh! @kmflett @evanishistory Primarily because of recruitment patterns ofc - to attract "talent" in a "global marketplac…
@JonPiccini Fits well into Bread of Heaven: Friendly Tankies. Friendly Tankies. Soviet Russia is no more [is no… @StoneDunk Yeah, that's less good. But it has its charms. Dalton's Bond is the Daniel Craig prototype. @StoneDunk No. He's a very good Bond, especially in Living Daylights.In the end, the people who actually founded the Labour Party as a hegemonic electoral machine in Wales - T. I. Mard… Thomas's work had almost no impact on the South Wales Coalfield. Copies don't survive in the miners' institut… @CuratorGeoff @RWLDproject You're most welcome. If I hadn't spent ages trying to identify a similar thing, I'd have no idea either!Martin Wright's book on socialism and Welsh identity, identified here as a kind of guiding text to anti-unionist po… things are glaringly wrong. S. O. Davies was Merthyr MP for 38 years, from 1934 until 1972, not "half a century", for example.I agree with precisely none of this: It's wrong on almost every substantial point. @RWLDproject @CuratorGeoff It looks like the thing I had to replace here back in the summer. In which case it's a r… Political Editor - "it's a risk to make Labour the party of lockdown". Mark Drakeford - "err..." BBC Politic… Mao! course, this is why they are constantly disappointed in South Walians. We produce these thumping great Labour ma… isn't to say people don't try to bend the New Left canon to the Welsh context - they do - picking and choosin…'s strange reading Perry Anderson from the periphery of the island. Various parts of his argument - as often with…
I'm glad we all are a bit put off by the government attempt at destruction of the arts; now, if only we could do so… a lovely thing to hear the voice of RVW! @Ashley_Walsh I'll have you know, Walshie, I've done an index and my proofs! So nerr. @Ashley_Walsh Lastly, some Iberian magic to counter the rain - (done now!) @Ashley_Walsh And after that warm up - @Ashley_Walsh You were paying attention to the song? Hahah. I have others (okay, marimba rather than xylophone, but… @Ashley_Walsh
An oral history project on gay liberation in 1970s Melbourne #lgbthistorymonth
Retweeted by Daryl @punchingprof Make it a proper sized slice, Dr Ross! @punchingprof Well, indeed. Happy thanksgiving, eh, Mac! I hope you all have lots of pumpkin pie! @punchingprof It is a rugged time, but I have to confess that this second lockdown - we're now almost three weeks i… more than thirty weeks almost entirely stuck in this town, as much as I have great affection for its charms,… up on some of the Iris shorts, including a lovely Icelandic film called Hann - spotted all the places I wa… @marwood_lennox It's a Jurassic Park riff!So the 2020s are being made by children of the 90s. Here for it. @bilbo983 This is certainly a *take* on the current "how it began, how it ended" craze going on!And you know, I hope that one day there are shelves of books about the Welsh LGBTQ+ past. Why not "A Little Lesbian… lots of ways, writing the book was itself part of the process. When, as a teenager, you're forced to choose betw…'s #NationalComingOutDay - plus in the States it's LGBTQ+ History Month - and I just remembered that this little… @anthonyjcook @NewsatTwm @SouthTerracer @carolyn_hitt And was not universal in its scope - there weren't anti-Jewis… @anthonyjcook @NewsatTwm @SouthTerracer @carolyn_hitt Yeah, in the Edwardian period Brynmawr's Jewish population wa… @bilbo983 @NewsatTwm @SouthTerracer @carolyn_hitt Yes. @NewsatTwm @SouthTerracer @carolyn_hitt students, and local people, I was fascinated (sat in the archives in Switze… @NewsatTwm @SouthTerracer @carolyn_hitt Although not, itself, without its problems, but it's not the right forum he…
@DanEwers94 @phghaslam Also @MakingGayHistry which is just sublime.The index for Elaine Morgan runs from Aberdare to Ynysybwl, which is exactly how it should be!The wry smile on your face which arises from the realisation that a review complaining about typos was based on an uncorrected proof.
@DanNouveau @oldenoughtosay @SheldonKGoodman Yes, they didn't broadcast this to us at Oriel at all! @SGUYBRAY And yet utterly timeless, sir. A very happy birthday to you. Bonne fête! May the memories of today burn b…'s alright, really... @ZoeBrigley Thank you Zoe. In an act of pathetic fallacy, it is raining! @ewangibbs To say nothing of the teachers, local government workers, factory workers, shop workers, folks working i… @LewisBrencher Thanks Lew. That is always the belief, I suppose, with the comfort that it provides.It's tremendously difficult to explain what it's like to grow up without your mum being there. It never gets any ea… have been many strange days this year, but today is certainly the most difficult. Twenty years ago, exactly,…
Seren News: Our October newsletter includes the latest on our essential autumn titles, we announce the return of th…
Retweeted by DarylReshuffles, VP debates, Covid-19 - pah; JANEWAY IS BACK! @bilbo983 I got IT management, retail, and social care. None of which seems overly suited to a writer of particular temperament.Have you been keeping up with the amazing titles we have forthcoming this autumn? If not, take a look at our coming…
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