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@CouRageJD @CouveOne Vouch. He's a damn legend.And, for clarification regarding the emote in 2017 - I did not call that person out publicly because they did so th… - I did not ask IC to put this together. I didn't know he was doing this until part way through Animal Talking… went back and forth as to whether or not I should retweet this, but fuck it - I'm going to. Racism, as always, w… @BigCheeseKIT @Twitch @elgato @LogitechG @ASTROGaming @StJudePLAYLIVE 👏👏👏i'm doing this @SypherPK what did you do @FNCompetitive this energy would have made my job so much less painful 🤣
@IGN This you @DestinyTheGame? @NickTyson This is awesome. @pintsized_witch Not me, report it for me though if you could. Sorry! @jdwitherspoon No words can help. Time will dull the pain. And that's okay. I hope you can find your way to being "… @jdwitherspoon It's okay to hurt. It's okay to cry. These things are part of the process of taking that hole you fe… @jdwitherspoon I've written and deleted so many responses to this. There is nothing that can be said that will fix…
@steve85uk I got names mixed up. I couldn't remember on the spot. Sorry.Back to back big brain plays in Among us! @JediOso @QueMyShitUp I hope you see that I did it the way that I did because I had good intentions. I'll do better going forward. @QueMyShitUp If that was the wrong thing to do, I'm sorry. I was just trying to follow what others have already sai… @QueMyShitUp I was literally saying I didn't want it to be about validation. I was saying that ON STREAM. Also, as… @Sonya_Ritaa @iamBrandonTV I have now DM'd them both directly to apologize. I thought that publicly posting on my T… for those involved: @BigCheeseKIT @JustMoonbeam @MajinTaj @NeoAlicorn @Pro_Kesadia @BigCheeseKIT @JustMoonbeam @MajinTaj I thought I did the right thing. @NeoAlicorn @Pro_Kesadia @BigCheeseKIT @JustMoonbeam @MajinTaj I apologized on Twitter, and on stream. I went to th… @Sonya_Ritaa @iamBrandonTV My apology was genuine - as I said on stream, I feel awful that people went after them.… VOD of the entire conversation:'s that horror movie, where the guy is wearing a super creepy pumpkin head, and he chases you with a shotgun, a… @ColeWar42299739 there's a rule in chat about not asking for substalking w/ @BigCheeseKIT about yesterday, #BlackLivesMatter, and how we can continue to help each other @TemptressTeelia "your community is an extension of you" Previously you said that my community is racist. I'm not… @jordanfisher When will it be you though @QueenCityQ_SK As many others in here said, I consistently play with and host people of color as often as I can. No… @pokimanetier3s @BuggetRicken Wrong.I apologize to anyone I offended.While I continue to do what I think is right with my platform when it comes to causes like #BlackLivesMatter, I kno… quote tweet was done for a reason, but I failed to see the impact that it could have on the person I was quoti… those missing context - today I replied to someone via a quote tweet about BLM, asking if I was just vocal abou…'ll do better. This is my fault. @VioTCZ @JayBrotatoe We did DM, then he liked the tweet from her that was @ me directly, so I involved him in the c… @VioTCZ @JayBrotatoe They both said they're fine with being tagged, but I will no longer do it in the future @apastelwitch They aren't members of my community. You can literally follow anyone on Twitter. Is this serious? @TemptressTeelia What a generalized statement most likely directed at people that don't follow me and most likely m…
@JayBrotatoe I actually addressed that statement in a reply - I think I left out that others are saying that I haven't done enough. Typo. @JayBrotatoe I never said I was perfect. You seem to want to think I'm saying I am. I'm not. And asking if I've us… @JayBrotatoe @SwaggersonMc This statement completely ignores what my problem with the tweet was, as well as things… @JayBrotatoe Am I supposed to just NOT reply to people anymore? Because I have too many followers?! I can't control… @JayBrotatoe I didn't quote retweet for validation, as I've said in another reply. I did so because I was tagged pr… @JayBrotatoe I didn't double down. I just asked minutes ago about what else can be done, because NO ONE was giving… @JayBrotatoe My problem isn't being asked if I'm willing to do more. It's that, of all people, I was asked if I sti… @JayBrotatoe It was selfish because it was directed at me. It was defensive because I was asked if I still care. Wh… @MiladyConfetti @AetherLorde @mischacrossing @ItsCassieJoy I can't speak to what it's like to be black. As I've sai… @MiladyConfetti @AetherLorde @mischacrossing @ItsCassieJoy Feel free to give some examples. As someone who can't go… 👏 ME 👏 GOLDEN 👏 BABIES! @mischacrossing @MiladyConfetti It's amazing that you are saying it's MY FAULT that people are typing things on Twi… @jeffbrutlag I literally already did, in this thread, over an hour ago @mischacrossing @ceilidhcats @iamBrandonTV So I understand, and this is 100% not sarcastic, I swear - you would rat… @ceilidhcats @mischacrossing @iamBrandonTV I took screenshots so that I could reference the tweets with no chance o… @mischacrossing @ceilidhcats @iamBrandonTV I quote retweeted because this is not the first time I've been tagged by… @ceilidhcats @mischacrossing @iamBrandonTV These comments lead me to believe you think that someone getting a death… @ceilidhcats @mischacrossing @iamBrandonTV So, it's okay that he tagged me publicly in a very similar tweet, but me… @ceilidhcats @mischacrossing @iamBrandonTV I tagged Brandon specifically because he tagged me in a similar tweet a… @mischacrossing @iamBrandonTV I'm listening. I always have been. My response is what it is because it was implied t… @CriticalBard Tangent - this is almost poetic timing. The original thread is about me doing and saying things, and… @goodfellas1230 "give them a platform" AOC had 400k+ viewers. I had 23k-ish. I think you have an issue with Ilha… @CriticalBard I had already posted a reply to my own thread asking people to stop, before you posted. @Lavyn1989 @MiladyConfetti @iamBrandonTV Don't shame people for asking a question. @CriticalBard It wasn't thousands. That's an exaggeration and you know it. Also, you are putting me in control of o… @goodfellas1230 Show me where I promoted anyone? I appreciate your passion, but you are misguided. I took the oppor… @Cliffsellers I was saying others think I'm not doing enough, because I don't post about everything that I do. I te… no way were these tweets intended to direct negativity towards anyone. Please don't go after anyone. That's lite… @iamBrandonTV You liked the original tweet that I was tagged in before I replied, which - to me - is confirmation t… Hey @JakeStateFarm, I had this question the other day, but now that I’ve asked it out loud I understand if you… @hasanthehun That's my town. :)
Welcome Bart to the family of Tarkov characters. perfect setup for backseat gaming get higher every time a delay happens, but based on the appreciate people have for Witcher 3, etc - I… me with your best location ideas for the virtual #DLWT2020! The exotic basement, the all-inclusive bathroom res… @PaulTassi gg reporter guy @hutchinson What the FUCK is this
Finally, someone recognizes me for my true contribution to the gaming community. Thanks @TroyBakerVA I just walked out there and died. @TheTrueVanguard @GirlOnAHippo y'all cute afTomorrow, when I play Tarkov w/ @Darkness429, I'll shoot him in the leg as many times as this tweet gets likes. Good luck, Tim. @BigCheeseKIT @Twitch @Tetris_Official CHEESE HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT TETRIS WHAT THE @dakotaz You too :)
@Corpse_Husband Prove itDrLupo's loot recovery & insurance fraud service! @KevinWWhittaker Holy cow this looks minecraft dialed up a TON @beweaveit Absolutely not.And to think I had some fools in my chat saying the Texans would win. 🙃 #GoPackGo @Electra Why does this look like @CouRageJD took this picture from his eye level?you're gonna need more than flash bangs to get past me. @Fwiz @MrsDrLupo LOOK AT THIS
@Gothalion @PaulTassi I better be able to stream it all day honestly @PikaChulita shield > all @Darkness429 @The_Poolshark please pick them up for me tim i love youIt's not every day you get to play Among Us with @AOC and @IlhanMN, so when you do, you gotta accuse them whenever… @HereComesTurco Why choose to post more negativity on social media when you could have very easily just NOT said this?almost didn't get the double... @tommydavis88 @nickgross @travismills @KatContii I figured the automated system would pick it up - all good though,… the current DMCA storm, this is going to be an interesting stream watch and listen:…