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Anyone else remember how amazing this Roast of @timthetatman was? @actionjaxon @IamTrevorMay @Ninja @DrLupo
Retweeted by DrLupo @cwgabriel I want more so badly. @NICKMERCS @HighDistortion
Oh Glukhar, where are you?'m just hanging out with my friend @CourageJD thoomin' @knowsworthy why have you cursed my timeline with thisevening tarky shenanigans @phase1NE_ @twaz @zaydewolf 👀 @NICKMERCS Bro how do you look like the strongest big toe I've ever seen @Darkness429 So I'll see you for Tarky tomorrow then, yeah?
@SiulaimGaming @GCXEvent wait a second @twaz All good. Crush it. 💜❤️SIR YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO RIDE WITHOUT A TICKET morning, tarky daddy reporting for duty :) @TingNiq Check the email - if it's from or ALSAC, it's legit. :) @_MissClick_ LMAO @AU_ghoti @Darkness429 I do miss the dick bag though @Mako Mako, I'm so sorry dude. 💜❤️ If you need someone to vent to, DM me. @Kleanisklean Once they turn down the opacity on the sight housing, I'll be 100% on board with big boy holos, etc.… @Darkness429 We should do a sunglasses test tomorrow to see which ones show more than others
@Darkness429 Nice job shooting smudges, Tim @HayzPUBG @jenntacles_ @Darkness429 90% of the map is unused, everyone goes to spa, vertical audio is trash, Reserv… @Darkness429 When you said "Fuck you, Sanitar," I felt that @HayzPUBG @jenntacles_ @Darkness429 WRONGdo you even really need a face? @guudagaming hella brrrrDo you like my vector? it started How it's going
Retweeted by DrLupo @theinkedgamer @Chaz55270132 @Nadeshot Bro they are hilarious to me 🤣 @speedyguyFN @Chaz55270132 @Nadeshot "FN" in the @, y'all continue to take Ls @Chaz55270132 @Nadeshot You really tweeting at me with that many numbers in your account LMAO @Nadeshot Her and Michelle Obama both, holy shiiiii @TroyBakerVA Wait I didn't know I wanted this but now I doGood morning. 😁tarkov time @JakeChams @MrsDrLupo @Dfancy_22 @IronFists_tv @bstategames I saw, wtfffffff @mrs_trshpnda @koreanbbqprncss Y'all have good taste
@cloakzy Love you, many runs will this task take me?"What game is this?" MORE ITEM FOR KAPPA CONTAINER @bstategames U GIV FIRESTEEL NAO @QUEENFPS_ @bstategames yep, started todayalmost kappa tarkov daddy time @vicious696
@CouRageJD Holy shit Jackbetter watch out, i've got a shotgun"There were two of you!" gluhar today close to kappapackers vs chiefs @timthetatman crazy how 100% wrong this tweet is4 bros and a moving van checking out Moving Out with my brothers @Class You really think I have what it takes? 🥺 @SypherPK How could you Sypher 😭 @nepheworldgame1 @GimmieADolla @QuickPyre @yukon0187 You can breach it from the other side, but no one ever does. :)
he was new, I didn't know @GoldGloveTV No 😡Chat used DISTRACTION! a new logo comes a new jersey. #GoRogue
Retweeted by DrLupo @jordanfisher 😍😍😍hunting gluhar tarkov time @TaranKillam #GoPackGo 😉 @timthetatman Hahahahahahaha #GoPackGoMy wife, @MrsDrLupo, just came to me visibly frustrated and upset. She had something to tell me. Charlie just beat…
@Darkness429 @cloakzy It's Franklin, what do you expect🐐 @BlessedMMAWe're on the hunt in Interchange...’s terrifying, when your shot goes right over your friend’s head and you don’t kill them. pew pew pew be a good tarkov stream :) @GamingDresden @Twitch Wait @Dfilment @CrusaderTwitch I know that feeling 🙃 @_Lukebob_ @mmanMEH @Kleanisklean Bro lupoAIM is your most used, please tell me it's not while watching me @CrusaderTwitch old man 😉 @GernaderJake This motherfucker @hasanthehun had 3600+ hours and he runs a damn daycare, 2020 was wild @GamingDresden @Twitch Hackerman @ogandrewmiller LMAO that honestly was one of the funniest moments of today @stevenspohn Not enoughHaving been tagged today in a bunch of 2020 Twitch Recap screenshots from people, I have to say - it makes me happy…
@nefariion SHHHHH ;)check out this spot on Customs.’s so cool, when you shot goes right over your friend’s head and you don’t kill them. tasks until Kappa container tarkovtarkov kappa case soon-ish @xSUND0WN @arCtyC @MrsDrLupo Sam has already done a damn good job of replacing things, but...I just miss the real thing SO BAD. @arCtyC Did one of those food intolerance tests (@MrsDrLupo) Turns out, all diary isn't in the green. Or yellow.… @arCtyC 🤤 this post makes me sad I can't have it anymore...
@Aximili_Isthill @Darkness429 @StJude I'm on top @Darkness429 nerdThe end of the series of TST playing Tarkov @REALMizkif @pokelawls @hasanthehun I wanna fight mizkif now to find my place on the board @Zaradine12 @MrsDrLupo 👀upgrades incoming
Retweeted by DrLupo🤦argh morning gamers :) tarkov @sonii Nice tiddies
TST wants to learn how to extract camp, it's my job to teach them. @timthetatman The self motivation is palpable Also I feel thatwhat... why? stream