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@FortniteGame VROOM VROOMBack to back labs, with no cheaters!? T H O O M I N G in Tarkov, and it's all thanks to @IntelGaming and @NZXT Click and receive frames :) #adYou okay @jenntacles_? @FlashForce4000 now i have no idea since you questioned it, uh ohthis is a stream click, i dare you @TSM_Myth No one has heard of billybob203, but everyone has heard of Myth. End of discussion. You dropped this 👑 @SiulaimGaming MEOW @Darkness429 @TPAIN TRUE @TTfue True @brookeab 💜❤️
My best run on Interchange yet! this with @YKTDeleo and @xcudigee 😉 @LoochyTV I can't have people knowing we're related yet. Soon. @BlanketFort83 @garywhitta @brielarson @feliciaday @andrearene @GameOverGreggy While it might seem like a loss, I w… nothing is ok! tarkov athlete at work clicky clicky click @Pestily @Starlight_star You damn legend. 👏👏👏
@timthetatman hope @WhiteClaw doesn't find out about this transgressionWatching through the @PlayWarframe TennoCon 2020 event! While they can't do it IN PERSON…'s explore Customs. @Statefarm, I really hope I've made you proud by accepting the khaki way of life. #ad is the day i make a tiktok wait... i didn't plan this very well also long stream, starting with tarkovshorter evening stream which means maximum tarkov thoom
@Ninja_with_no_L @GeekChickTV I blew on my screen, I'll admit it @AnneMunition actors
Retweeted by DrLupo @Darkness429 @ALHavlock @Professorbroman get a room ughhhhhh @Nadeshot Love you, Matt. ❤️💜Time to do the new tasks on Shoreline people i care about succeed makes me feel pretty damn happy. @Slaughter_bear @MrsDrLupo i don't even know that man @Ninja @THR holy shit tyler 👏👏👏 @Halo @Xbox @MrsDrLupo MY BODY IS READY"Because of James, I see the world as a benevolent place. I know that love is real, and that there is beauty in sim…
Retweeted by DrLupopaid actors MORNING TARKOV click, let's have a good day :) @Gingerlinesstv how can i hate a tweet, where is the button @erinasimon You, too! @Ninja @Reverse2k 👀 @shroud BANGtop tier gaming only obviously tarkov pew pew run around time @LogitechG I'm sorry, DrLupo can't come to the phone right now. Please leave a message! *BEEP*
@LogitechG 👀 @Darkness429 @kevinxvision Oh FUCK yes @Professorbroman @Darkness429 I mean of courseThe most flawless interchange runs ever @Pestily @SenseiScav @LVNDMARK_tv watwelp... that one is my bad @Darkness429 thoom time today that's a lot of T's, nice job me @Cpt_plainguy @LogitechG Yep! @Ninja_with_no_L @LogitechG They give a DrLupo discount... ;)HEY YOU TRYNA HEAR THE &$#@ OUTTA SOME VIDEO GAMES? Well, if you want to use the ones I do on stream, but wireles… @_Tocom_ @kjhovey @cgbarrett @A_DVS_NTT @Wendler34 @lars_bakken I agree with @cgbarrett this whole thing is rigged
@swainstache I like your tattoos. :) @Mongraal W for all involved, enjoy your day sir @Mongraal Hi mongraal how are you @ChipotleTweets I love you @cloakzy @timthetatman @NICKMERCS Yo this song slaps @Ninja @Gothalion Woah woah woah I can make the other side of my bed available @LEGIQN @Nesquik @streetgrind_ @Darkness429 Wait do you have some for real @LEGIQN @Nesquik I wish you'd drink me like that @loadedgg @Sacriel42 ❤️💜 @BigCheeseKIT Cheese, I love you. Kick some ass, come back stronger. I know you can. ❤️💜Today Twitter, thee display towards Timothy. Totally demonstrating trolling through Tarkov (@Darkness429)… @Imamethystt @actionjaxon @IamTrevorMay @jenntacles_ @Professorbroman Holy shit you're so good at these @AndyLunique @jeremiahfraites I look at the same way geometrical shapes are defined. A square is also a rhombus, bu…'s a crispy shot 🍗 @Wipz @timthetatman holy SHITsomeone on reddit called me a gamer dad as an insult but honestly i'm down because it would have been sick to have that growing up 😄 @jeremiahfraites It all comes down to the connected status of the bun. While connected, hotdog = taco. Once it sepa… gaming athlete pew pew pew pew tarkov stream @Tier1Destiny @Gigz this hurts
💜❤️ much loot could we possible get with just a Mosin and a pistol? fight at Interchange while playing with @Gingerlinesstv @pookieface_ 🥺 miss this. @timthetatman pog @Darkness429 @kevinxvision That's not Harrison Does, Tim. That's Indiana Jones. Come on. @A_dmg04 please fire this man @DeeJ_BNG thank you @JERICHO i feel that. @cloakzy @TTfue it literally looks just like you that's crazytarkov i died a lot today so maybe tonight will be better
The adventures of Timmeh & @DrLupo while drinking apple juice 😂 Full Video:
Retweeted by DrLupoI love playing EFT with @DrLupo. (I did have a successful solo raid today though, yay!)
Retweeted by DrLupo @B_Skeldorado This is wild. 💜❤️Silly cheaters in Tarkov did.. I did hit that shot 😎 is out in tarkov engage thoom mode @_iTNB @Cnitall1 @nickchester wait where did I say I was outraged thoGonna take tonight off from stream so I can get some rest before tomorrow. 😄 Excited for Customs to be POPPIN' See… @SypherPK @manishie_ yeah but did you get the link tho
@Darkness429 Think about it, Tim @AnneMunition 🥺PWEASE🥺SNUGGLE🥺KITTY🥺Escape from Tarkov's best Backpack delivery service! @infamous1217 @Poach I took his quote and replaced it with "this podcast" to show how it could be applied to many t… @infamous1217 @Poach My xQc post was directed at the reddit comments. My comment about this was specifically stati… @bstategames