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TV Writer (The Witcher, The Vampire Diaries) and bad at other stuff, too (see: tweets)

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I’m halfway through book 5 of Dune and if this becomes a massive film franchise I am ECSTATIC over the amount of sc… @willsandercock Stick your hand in my pain box and let’s talk @AaronSerna I went to a test screening. Your joke about peeing in your stilsuit made it in. You should see Timmy’s face when he does it.dune 💙
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessFrom now until December and (honestly) way past that babyyyyy
@bdgrabinski Never apologize for being rightShow Me The Giant
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessSummer fun! 🏖❤️ (*private island all tested negative multiple times wear a mask)
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @LHissrich @rae__mueller @witchernetflix @jennydelherpes @sne_k @declandebarra @BeauDeMayo @clareh_video But you like me the most, right?
Anyway I’m gonna dip out of here for a while because this website fills my brain with poison. Come see me on Instagram.Ted Lasso is a fucking delightful television program.Literally, the range in just this one episode... Give @jurneesmollett ALL the things... #LovecraftCountry
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessAnd Diane Keaton. Diane Keaton. Diane Keaton.
@theruraljuror_ You were in Tina??? @shannonpurser SHANNON. THIS RULES.This should be in every democratic advert from now until Election Day @cardurr @bhaist I guess now we know who the real fans areI won’t retweet the video of the man in Kenosha being shot 7 times by police, but I want to say: Noncompliance with…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @cardurr @bhaist You’re talking to someone who watched all of Buffy/Angel and also the Clone Wars in chronological… @cardurr @bhaist The real question is why you weren’t watching untucked in conjunction with the episodes CarderJacob Blake wasn’t committing any crime. Instead of asking why he didn’t comply, ask why an officer who was called…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @declandebarra Did they forget the part of that saying where the few bad apples spoil the whole bunch @joethehack @misslubriderm @misslubriderm @joethehack I’m team Parv all day every day (Black Widow Brigade repreSENT) but Sandra absolutely earned that win.
@theruraljuror_ *sighs* Men. @theruraljuror_ Right? I saw a lot of the criticisms were about how upsetting the game is which like... did y’all p… @Beckylooo The PS5 is supposedly coming out at the end of the year if you wanna wait for the latest and greatest! I… @Beckylooo Oh Angelina it’s fucking art. I highly recommend!!! @michellemlanz It’s SO GOOD. It also scares the shit out of me.That said, shamblers can eat shit I hate them so fucking muchI know I’m late to the party but I’m more than halfway through The Last of Us Part 2 and I truly think it’s one of… think this is the seminal text of covid
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @GennHutchison If you legitimately enjoy something why feel guilty about it??? I don’t get it.Why would anyone vote for a pokemon other than porygon I truly don’t understand??? If you don’t like Tunde, you are not welcome to ride with #WGAWriders. Thank you for understanding. 😂
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @MarqRobinson “Wriders” like “writers”. Just so I’m clear. @MarqRobinson It’s an official thing to appreciate my pun of “Wriders” though, right??Are you a screenwriter and obsessed with @onepeloton? Great. @cameronjawesome, @drmattdambrosio, and I started…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessAll I do these days is text @cameronjawesome and @MarqRobinson about @onepeloton rides so it’s fitting we came up w… vengeance, I’m Dad
@LynnSternberger What a fucking PILOTif you text me "we need to talk" i'm gonna reply "yes we do" now we both stressed
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness girl: what's behind the wardrobe? old man: narnia girl: what's narn- man: narnia business
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This living arrangement, from Holland Taylor about her relationship with Sarah Paulson, is the ideal living arrange…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessTRUMP: Mail is illegal now DEMOCRATS: Fam, smash that RT if you agree someone should do something about this
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @HelloCullen One of the greatest Christmas gifts I ever got my dad was a two-for-one DVD of Easy Money and Back to… Facebook feels like visiting a dead mall in Ohio at this point
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @LizAlps @slobear I WANT THOSE FIGS
Uh yes? Have you *met* the Democrats? @LizAlps I only ever go for fruit that hangs over a fence. If I have to reach in to get something ripe, that’s off… I am illegally defunding the Post Office so less people can vote. Democrats: *fewer
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessViola Davis is 55. Viola Davis was born in a plantation house 5 days after Black folks secured the right to vote. P…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of Mattness @madisonbateman For a little while! I think me hiding dragon ball z yaoi that I printed off the Internet under my b… @madisonbateman I WISH. He was just a nerd (like me) and so I THANKED HIM for giving me my box of 2/3 mealsPeople are like “are you okay? I saw your tweet” and they didn’t even like the tweet
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@dreamoforgonon Understandable! It started to come into itself more during the second season. @dreamoforgonon @dreamoforgonon ...Can they just focus on a third Avatar incarnation instead? @LeavittAlone That you’re not bad you’re just drawn that way?BEHIND THE TWEET: This phase did not lastThis was during my “gotta convince my dad I’m not gay” phase @madisonbateman Madison it was so weird. He was the one who contacted me that he mistakenly got the box and I even… @AkelaCooper He gave me the rest of the box that he hadn’t already started cooking. It was bizarre because HE conta… @kyry5 Does the show continue to rock your worldY’all remember the time my Blue Apron box got delivered to the wrong address and the person who received my box con… my god do I miss Blue Apron???I did manage to beat Ghost of Tsushima so there’s that!!!Have I been at all productive with the time I’ve been off twitter? The answer may surprise you! It’s no. The answer is no.I haven’t been on twitter all day and I swear to god every meme and reference and subtweet feels like I’m decoding wingdings
@LHissrich That’s just the memory spell I put on you when we first met. @austinlouisray Is this good for me
Every state should have these to give voters more options.
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessWhy so you can ignore sexual abuse allegations from them too? @LHissrich It’s not much better over here FYI!!! @DaveMetzger Oh I remember! I was a member of both unions at the time. @JWCM @clmazin Mine was @LHissrich! It’s an incredible program.
It’s really really cool that the WGA has a mentorship program for new members, who for the most part are new staff… @brendengallager Absolutely! Wouldn’t it be cool to get a head start on all of that??Sometimes WAs and SCs get to help with sides or pitching in the room or even rewrites. But other times they’re forc… writers used to be junior writers. It’s why they don’t get script fees. But SWs are now expected to come pre-… assistants and script coordinators should be able to be associate members of the WGA since those positions… just watched Cats (2019) on Blu-Ray and I totally forgot this part??? @thatbitchlemon
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessYou don’t have to watch that tv show you don’t like that the rest of the room is watching just to be involved in th…
I don’t think I’ll ever get over the way that rich capitalists are doing everything they can (successfully!) to get… one and only TikTok was a video I made for my 16-year-old son to teach him the importance of practice and being…
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessThere are two kinds of writers.
Retweeted by At the Mountains of MattnessBirkensocks @AaronSerna Yes.My generational trauma @AaronSerna I feel like everyone is incredibly passionate (and wrong! It’s coconut) about what they think the best La Croix flavor is @MarqRobinson This is the vibe I want!! @wheniwashome Pls do I’d love to see youMy boyfriend has just informed me that he won’t go on walks with me if I wear socks with my ‘StocksI ordered my first pair of Birkenstocks online late last night in a frenzy of homosexual impulse buying but honestl… @ColtonLHaynes 🤣