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Writer & broadcaster for hire. @bbcfreethinking @1843mag Line of Beauty @bbcradio3 Sound of Cinema. Convener of @ClubVietnamese. Victorianist til I die.

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@sarahhappydemon Don’t apologise - pass on my apologies to them. @sarahhappydemon I did. Many apologies.The word context is being so mistreated this week it should be eligible for some kind of handout.If you're really good they might let you try on one of their ice-cream trays @nguyenhdi Oh me too.Worth watching just for the gorgeous palette of Dougie’s cinematography. Actually worth watching just for the way h…
The Balcombe Street siege. @frankcottrell_b 16 June 2020. wrote an article for @unherd recently that quoted these remarks. It's about the long history of people at both en… puzzles me because the remark about FSM vouchers "effectively" funding drug use seems to mean the same in and… @mrchrisaddison He really has - by working out that the questions and the scores should also be jokes.No one should be going hungry, least of all children. @shipsinthesky63 and @weare1of100 are going to work as quickl…
Retweeted by Matthew Sweet @AshmoleanMuseum I bet Jon Whiteley clocked it @davidwhittam @frankcottrell_b @AshmoleanMuseum Nice @frankcottrell_b @AshmoleanMuseum Gotta be shivers @frankcottrell_b @AshmoleanMuseum You do the next lineIn the Rembrandt show at the @AshmoleanMuseum and how unimpressed is this dog that the great general Mucius Scaevol… to the @AshmoleanMuseum and met a viol with the head of Googie Withers.’ve heard it twice now and I’m sure the guard is telling us that this train stops at Lesbian Hereford. @PhelpsieSarah @summerbrennan spoilers
@niven_govinden @stephen_kelman Mine arrived today and I’m off to bed with it!Tremendous programme - not to be missed #BlackHistoryMonth
Retweeted by Matthew Sweet @FrancisBaconBFF @1843mag Twisted Nerve, Hello, Dolly!, What the Peeper SawMy @1843mag piece on films screened in the private White House movie theatre. Not all Top Gun and Yankee Doodle Dan… @smallnartless Not really the point but I adore Jean Desailly's split-level apartment in this with all the bookshel… @archivetvmus71 Amazing hair on @Thegeorgelayton there!From the golden age of TV criticism. @IMcMillan Way out. Retune your aura📻⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️📻
@jfmouthonlegs I had this on my wall too. @Cate_erpillar Unpublished as yet so I’ll let the author reveal herself when it appears! @ManningOfficial Or two or three x @MartynBurdon And you are unanimous in that @unloveablesteve Impossible @ParisNoire No shame in it if it's as good as yours @mr_s_wilder "Anacleto likes cats, but not out of kindness."Just read an excellent essay that made me think - how queer is Dirk Bogarde's hair in Victim? I would say really qu… @pennyb That's very Terry NationMy @1843mag piece on (not quite) all the President's movies. Which much to my surprise includes What the Peeper Saw… can download the podcast here and catch Kate Summerscale @bloomsburybooks with @RichardWiseman taking part in a…
Retweeted by Matthew Sweet @DrLeoStrauss @realDonaldTrump You're right, this one is almost a mumbleTrying to draw people's attention to the beauty of Billy Wilder's late films at the moment feels a bit like pointin…
Retweeted by Matthew Sweet @jonathancoe Do Carry On Columbus and you've got a trilogy. @BritFilmMelanie I don’t know. Maybe @RussLitten has heard them screaming recently @Gargarin In Pearson Park I played happily all day on the GIANT PILE OR ROCKS @Gary_Gillatt @claytonhickman I think he'll like the Exxillon influence on Hull's civic architecture.Here's my intro sorted for when Paul comes on @BBCFreeThinking in a couple of weeks. to me a picture of heaven. And I broke my arm in this park falling off a see-saw in 1976. @TanyaGold1 Me too. David Warner is one of my great loves.I went to this in 2016. It's like one of those shows in The Tall Guy. The star is a video of Liam Neeson. The Beth…
@LondonConcrete Are them fancies fresh?Get ready to test your telepathic powers. @BBCFreeThinking at 10. @LauraJaneMayne Hope Michael argues with Topol in his sharpest St Ivel Gold voiceNever seen this. But Topol's shirt and the idea of Mia Farrow and Michael Jayston as a married couple has convinced… @MikeFinleyMusic The drugs are wearing off @PhelpsieSarah Are you watching Bake Off too? @TommyShakes Sounds like food you could eat with shaky hands...Some of these eclairs look like scampi nik-naks @AnneBillson @outlawvern Love films in which fat medallion men have slow fights @annemcelvoy He ran the kitchens at Hull Royal Infirmary - bun tins were his austerity Britain portion control solu… @StuffAndPiffle No, bun tin onesI wonder whether some of these pasties aren’t the baking equivalent of when X Factor contestants put lots of extra… @LissaKEvans In a tray and cut upToad in the hole pasties? My grandfather, who claimed to be the inventor of the round Yorkshire pudding, would be raising an eyebrow.The ropes protect them from the Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water a well-deserved prize. @peterpomeranzev is the Ed Murrow of the disinformation wars. in at 10 tonight. Just use the power of your mind. this week’s @BBCRadio3 Sound of Cinema is about secret movie worlds. Which one would you like to visit/escape in… @unamccormack It’s a Sacha story but a duet would be great @unamccormack 😘 @gossjam Isn't Darren one of the continents of Skaro?Oh yes! When I was working on these I used to dream of reading titles that were advertised on the wrappers, of whic… was such a pleasure to contribute to this. And consider my story a pitch for the first Russian language Dr Who s… @Beviathan @GirlFromBlupo @mwrightwriter @anghelides @SteveColeBooks @bbcdoctorwho Ooh I just found mine on the doormat. Looks 😻One of my favourite places in all the world. I had my 50th here - see you at the reopening.’ll add to this... from the Women’s Museum in Hanoi - a case of scarves that drew my eye - with hidden pockets to… @DrMatthewSweet Sadly the Ritz in Barnsley is now the back of a pound shop
Retweeted by Matthew Sweet @paulharraway The Land that Time Forgot was on at the Dorchester, though... @paulharraway I saw The People That Time Forgot there...Isn't this just 💕 and I think they're showing a Harold Lloyd film. @smallnartless 💕So beautiful @soundawakener @BlanchePictures I’m copyrighting it now then and will open a rooftop bar overlooking St Joseph’s. @pryce_paul @BBCFreeThinking @stella_sandford @petesalmon @NicholasRoyle3 Thanks so much for listening! @PaulDiamond3 @sophiescott What’s the exchange rate?
About as plausible as that massive piece the TLS published on this recently. @BlanchePictures And @soundawakener. Is there some way of combining the ca phê sữa đá and the espresso martini? @BlanchePictures I couldn’t possibly go without youI want a night out at the cinema. Preferably in 1940s Hanoi. With cocktails. @nguyenhdi I have never heard of this but now feel strangely compelled to watch. The sequels too?Anne is right as usual @PaulDiamond3 @smallnartless @jonathancoe @BritFilmMelanie Subtitles are so hard to read on the radio. @ArtyBagger @smallnartless @jonathancoe @BritFilmMelanie @PaulDiamond3 If I had to choose a film to live inside, this would be it.I know nobody’s perfect but I can’t think of anyone better than @smallnartless @jonathancoe @BritFilmMelanie and…
@smallnartless Are you reviewing it? I’ve been thinking about it for days now. @brendancoyle99 @quantick Isn’t this in the last Quatermass story? @MelanieHewitt61 @JaneyGodley Hello down there!Went to the Royal Opera House last night for 4/4. Never heard Masabane Cecilia Rangwanasha sing before and she was… at me from the disused railway bridge in Sydenham woods @Bowler_or_Fez Great question. @AnneMcGuire97 @jmcdonaldjourno @LeaskyHT @DrGregorSmith @jasonleitch @DrMatthewSweet Tx, Anne. All here now as pod…
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