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do these people expect us to pay rent with vaccine development and president joe memes
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @scrowder Hey man, quick question. So?This has to be my favorite moment from the Destiny vs Tim Pool debate so far
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The one thing most people trust, is presidents. @benshapiro Bernie Jon Ossoff @lhfang What is "viewing crime victims with contempt" referring to?''Incentiviize folks not to overtreat.''
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonIn the span of approx 40 years extreme right billionaires have worked to: -dismantle public education -roll back ci…
Retweeted by Cody Johnstonthis is the best explanation I've seen for "defund the police" as a slogan and policy
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @biggestjoel You were clearly paid to do viral marketing for a Beetlejuice remake. @shit_monk @shit_monk Goodbye, shit monk. @shit_monk That's okay, you already did. @shit_monk No.Confirmation that the take is quite wrong. @shit_monk Ok. @shit_monk I also have an account without a checkmark, does that help? @shit_monk Why are you going to shoot me to death with a gun? @mattyglesias Suggest a replacement for "defund the police" that makes clear the policy proposal and doesn't allow… @shit_monk It's a joke, please don't shoot me to death with a gun. @YAHHH_GF Listen,People die in hospitals and yet nobody wants to defund doctors. 🤔🤔🤔having represented and sued nypd police and sued corrections officers i have a decent idea of what they do all day…
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@watermelonhoof This is fake.This is so frustrating and predictable.Pushing through someone who among other things suggested Libya pay us back with their oil due to "deficit politics"… @jonfavs @brianbeutler @steve_vladeck We shouldn't blindly push through bad appointees just because Republicans engage in bad faith.Neera sucks and this is clearly fake. @prageru Mr. University, may I do one of your videos for you?"R$FORM THE POLI¢E" @DonaldJTrumpJr Nailed it, my guy."That's not what this was." @atrupar @jonfranks @EthanBearman What was this if not speaking truth? @sullydish Nonbinary means not *only* two things. It doesn't mean not *either* of the two things. You can Google th… @BSmooter Not even sure what you're trying to say anymore and this is so far removed from the original point that I'm just gonna go. @BSmooter I'm very clearly referring to the majority of the party and not what you'd refer to as "The Squad" or par… @BSmooter The guy who's leading their party and who just got elected to be the president. @BSmooter Because the Democrats propose funding the police even more, this isn't hard.I wonder who's right! @TimPoolClips This is the cringiest thing I’ve ever seen in my life
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @ronston8 @TimPoolClips Pretty funny he's complaining about not being able to play the circle game with his friends… aren't saying that "Defund The Police" is confusing because they would rather use something like "Reform… may I have a preemptive pardon pls I promise the crimes will be smallWith all due respect, Mr. President—let’s talk about losing people. We lost Michael Brown Jr. We lost Breonna Taylo…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @harryreid_fan The Democrats advocate for giving the police more money and calling it police reform. If you think d… @harryreid_fan Defunding the police is a good idea and if people like Barack Obama said so out loud, everybody ques… @JennaEllisEsq Hello ma'am but fucking excuse me?Build Back Better! @SJGrunewald @joshtpm She wrote a Medicare-For-All bill?
This message would have a lot more (any) weight if he didn't work against the candidate overwhelmingly supported by… jealous of Abe, but excited to hear whatever this is. @Rhthompson1456 @IngrahamAngle "it"Antibodies were discovered in blood collected between Dec 13 and Dec 16, a full month prior to the previously docum…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @AntiNewLeftWing @HawleyMO Woke capitalism and preserving the status quo is Marxism. @DavidOBowles All the best educators call people who don't read twelve different languages "disgusting worms". @JoeBiden Are you going to make healthcare a human right like you keep saying you think it is? @prageru Wow, really makes you not think.Just interviewed the head of a major progressive group who said that the Biden transition team reached out after th…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @joshtpm "Next to nothing" is doing a lot of work here.again: centrist troll twitter is just maga chud twitter with a slightly larger vocabulary
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonGOP is desperately trying to recalibrate towards working class messaging but they're still going to make the confir… @samaeriks @haaretzcom This is a long and tortured way of saying, "No." @samaeriks @haaretzcom Do you think the answer to the headline is "yes", Sam? @samaeriks @haaretzcom Good LORD, man. @samaeriks @haaretzcom Good lord, man. @brianschatz Any concern about her suggestion that Libya "pay us back" with their oil because we lived in "deficit politics"? @haaretzcom A lot of people are curtly responding "no", but I humbly suggest that those people consider that the answer is actually, "Yes."
@HawleyMO Corporatists love Marxism.guess what new york, uber is about to do prop 22 to you. please learn from us and stop it
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @Bro_Pair Um no, Barron the child was watching his children's show and then the credits rolled and then the news ca… meme, to everyone, one day, hopefully., Neera Tanden removed “progressive” from her bio and replaced it with “liberal.”
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonThank you, Bear__Fucker. @Bro_Pair Didn't even bother counting down in time with the music. Powerful.Hi. Here is the latest episode of #SomeMoreNews with @drmistercody. Link: Produced by…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @DWurrie @TC_Erin I wish Democrats wanted to accommodate leftists half as much as they want to accommodate Republicans.As a Jew I always feel really left out during the scene in Die Hard where the dead guy's wearing this sweater so I…
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonDon't know about you but one thing I'm starting to worry about is the deficit.In 2019 3 unhoused Angelenos died per day in @EricGarcetti’s LA. It’s now 4 per day in 2020. 5 per day in 2021? Wit…
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonThis pandemic is 100% proof that capitalism not only *requires* human misery and oppression to work but in fact it *THRIVES* in it.
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @WilliamPecota If you can't answer any of these questions then you're not being genuine in your criticism, have not… makes mistakes
Retweeted by Cody JohnstonSeems notable the most famous trans person in the country was targeted in a transphobic attack and there's just *no…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @resistancequee1 He covered up a murder.Generating a long list of candidates who didn't cover up a murder.A good way to avoid this would be to hire somebody else and tell them to spend on infrastructure. the peculiar case of An Ad For Something.The mysterious Clearly Someone's Art Project. @TC_Erin My silence was because your responses indicated that it was pointless to even engage with you about this. @BSmooter They did this on similar lines, and the differences don't make Neera's suggestion good. @lululemon Thanks athletic apparel retailer lululemon.Remember when, on THE DAY HEATHER HEYER WAS MURDERED PROTESTING FASCISTS, Neera Tanden decided it would be a good i…
Retweeted by Cody Johnston @InternetHippo Follow your dreams!!Secretary of Posting @TC_Erin Erin, you're still doing it. @GravelInstitute Who would ever suggest such a thing?
@TC_Erin A lot of it, yes. Even some of yours. Not every tweet is going to cover every single aspect of every singl… you criticize Joe Biden, you love and are helping Donald Trump. If you voted for Joe Biden and criticize him, yo… @RedBlackPattern @WilliamPecota "If you voted for the current president, you're not allowed to criticize him" is fu… @RedBlackPattern @WilliamPecota No, it doesn't.