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@HeatPhoenix Please. It’s hard but it it’s so worth it~ @IonicIsaac AH he does have a mouth!!! @digba_digsBot You guys are doing amazing work. It’s been really cool seeing snippets of this grow into such an imp… are thankful for the support of @digsBot and we encourage everyone to watch this inspiring film about a man who…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @GH0STREV0LUTI0N @dandymathuin Yajuu your art only cobtinues to increase in how awesome it is 😤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾PULSE of POISON listening party! A. 1 hour of music 🅱️. Live visuals by @gutterpirate 3. Spooky but chill midweek…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @funkgamut I didn’t use to but it’s happening more and more recently lol @DatOlToonie @YarkWark Yeah I heard the news this weekend and I’m still really tryin to progress it... @my2k This is a nice step but I don’t put it past trump to just start yellowing across the stage.
Oh, zap does metal work now? 🤔⚡ reMIX IT UP MONDAY ⚡ Artist: Ultrasann Song Title: GIZOIDAL link to full song:
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @torpordust True self care~ @2xleex2 I can’t believe they got a glider that works for Daruk!she absolutely should have been in hyryule warriors. i really don't care about the other 2 😂 @mydezignillustr Yeah it’s on netflix, atleast it was earlier in the year. @z_grist YES! I was thinking parts of that would be explored if they decided to go for a mini series but tbh — to h… @heyitscorinth I love all of them but I’m absolutely feelin updated soldier/chloe 👏🏾If fuckin snow peircer can get a series based of its movie, the first pacific rim deserves at least thatTo this day I would still love a mini series expanding the first pacific rim movie. There’s so much cool stuff and… @NitroBatBites 🙏🏿✨ @petitradou I’d honestly say that’s a good thing @NitroBatBites @dandywara this set is gonna be so goooooood T^T @HeatPhoenix i honestly cant even argue with that, OK you get ONE more~ @Sp00kyxMulder @HeatPhoenix now this is can get behind~ @HeatPhoenix dont we have ENOUGH x games to last an eternity? please let literally other part of the series shine lol
@_seiishin you'd be surprised how many games I've never touched and still draw art for XD no harm no foul, this still looks great~ @Tealfuleyes 🥺♥️ thank you TealSorry for the repost but I like this version better ✨
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @cigardoesart THOSE BAGS ARE SO CUUTE!excuse me, they're both great~ stickers for DSJ are coming out SO WELL guys!! — model work by @HeatPhoenix 👏🏾 @truebuggy Well that’s a giant red flag on who not to work with, ever. @McButtyButt I am! It’s been so long since I’ve last seen, I’m basically watching it for the 1st time lol @McButtyButt Yeh yeh, I’ve been watching it recently~ @jam1220_jam excuse me..what was that last one? @KingCephalon yeh! its been literally y e a r s since ive seen any of it and im really appreciating the funky monsters this time around~ @KarmaKitsuneDoc haven't seen the "kollosus" yet but im also a big fan of the megatank and Scyphozoa @KarmaKitsuneDoc im watching it again cause its on netflix and im really appreciating the monsters this time around!!look whos still remembers how to draw @Fish_Roe THANK this is exactly what i needed! working perfectly for my current piece T^T
@TheFantasticIan i cant still feel my fingers cramping from this @mbox316 Oh thank! I'll try this out. @amberbladejones !! thank you so much for this! defiantly saving this entire archive @TeeKetch Oh sick, I have a huge pack from that guy, I’ll do some diggin 👍🏾 @AdriOfTheDead WOW havent thought about them since middle school?? @starrynightmix s a m e That’s why I picked it for today! 😭😭😭 @SablingArt Same! He’s still a skinny nerd in my brain lol @SablingArt Omg your fitz design is to die for 😍 They’re both wonderful honestly! ♥️ @pnchbowl I kinda feel for him there. Life will do that too ya lolHey guys this zine has such a great collection of artists I ZOOMED to go follow after reading it. Full of fun gho… read the whole thread btw, avenge hit some very good pointsThen aren't we being hypocrites? Should we not demand better of ourselves? I think there's a point where we absolut…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games🔥 paid 2D animation gig for bipoc/women 🔥 Hey another co-worker is looking for a bipoc 2D animator (this is a paid…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @_DaiJon_ @AnimetypeChance OMG IT IS HIS VA!! i never put two and two together! 🤣🤣 know a ton of folks aren’t constantly on twitter so I had an idea. Would you guys like me to set up a emailing li… @mxrblesoda2 I can’t believe I missed my size already! Do you have any plans in the future for smaller size restock? @qosoys Not yet, but I will be selling another run of them in November! @CoolOrbit quick recommend if you feel like going through the trouble of reuploading -- add your watermark, signatu… God Rejected #Blacktober
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @CoolOrbit rip for the crop though lol @CoolOrbit BRAH THIS SO GOOD I FUCKIN G A S P E D
I'm looking for more cute sweaters to wear to work in the colder months. If you make sweater apparel and/or know so…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @amyliobat i love the sudden detour to cat land but then you turned right back lol @vicehii fuckin yikes.. so sorry to hear you had to deal with that garbage and also fuck your admins for being completely useless @CellarChateaux @PPDPPL_art everyone looks so cute!!It's the week-of, so Happy Halloween from the Dev Team! The gangs all dressed up for some tricks and treats! Origin…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos gamesNice read — I have these same thoughts on the regular @kohakukatou @KingCephalon Splatoon I’m assuming lol📀APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN!📀 Are you ready? Because it's finally time! Be sure to read the FAQ before applying! Applic…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos games @MartijnKreemers ?? Why’s thatI unno man, being able to express myself through things that aren’t my own physical body is the shit I’m aboutThis recent burst of v tuber hype makes me so happy??? It’s like everyone gets to share thier sonas with other folk… @MadelineRupert Your witches are the best 🥰👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 @Yotakuboi Sounds like the best way to use twitter tbhWorse, they prob aren’t “lying” — they prob straight up don’t notice because it doesn’t affect them lol @NikkoGuy Lol same @starrynightmix I think a lot of people use the term loosely to encompass stubborn traditionally hot dudes as well… @Iffykins this week in particular really flew by.. @SorcererLance the the GBC game needs a FEW changes to make it palatable for pretty much anyone. I cant believe i p… @SorcererLance you know what, it might have been an unlockable mode in pirates curse and not risky's revenge. most… @SorcererLance yup, that was the first place i played it. The year i got my 3ds @SorcererLance that was also in the version they released on the 3DS years ago lol @Irischroma What a neat design!! The whole line is fun! 💖 @Axl_fox Any particular reason why they just decided to nuke some posts?? Or is it another issue like they had a month or so ago? @breioomART Depending on the request complexity! Looking at about 9ish ko-fis for a single character of this quality @Axl_fox Oh wow..looks like they deleted some of my posts too 🙃Lol just to let you know, they aren’t required to be sonic related. I just wanted to use this GIF I had laying around.Anyone want a spoopy themed sketch over the weekend? Might take a ko-fi sketch or 2 — more info tomorrow if I’m doi… they picked it! Thank youuu 🥺🙏🏿🙏🏿
@KingCephalon OHHHHH the tin cans make sense now 😂 @KingCephalon I got the last 2 but what’s the first one? @MartijnKreemers Sounds familiar.. I know it’s rough brah but stay safe~ @MartijnKreemers Has your area been on lock since March or did you guys have to go back? @Itsnaachocheese What city you end up movin to?We are delighted to reveal that we've partnered with @DoubleFine to create 20 Double Fine Years! From Psychonauts…
Retweeted by THNDR BOI ⚡ @ videos gamesSo Spark with a little ant abdomen and antennas is canon and the only way I’ll draw him from now on ♥️ @MarcyBones64 Lol nah, I’m sure this character will completely upstage them and they’ll just be enemy fodder once again 🙃 @ScribblezStarz ...what