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@chriseppstein Maybe @chrisdias or someone else from the @code team has thoughts here, but it does seem annoying.… @maggiepint It sounds like he's asking for a diagnosis. "Matt, I'm sorry. I don't know how to tell you this...but… @cromas @liminal_warmth @jpr007 @MyLawyerGabe @JamesHGannon You nerd-sniped me pretty well after I looked up the or… @rthangam123 @mgechev That screenshot actually explains it - you're on the extended support release channel, maybe… do you usually prefer to consume REST APIs? Why? High level wrapper lib: feels nothing like REST and exposes a…
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@rthangam123 @mgechev Nullish Coalescing should be supported by every modern browser at this point. I'm on Firefox… @mjackson @DefinitelyTyped It'd be good to know whether this sort of thing could work for you. Feel free to follow… @mjackson @DefinitelyTyped We're working on a feature to declare up-front that certain types exist so that librarie…
Now, why don't you want to show the literal types? Those are the real types, why hide them? Well, it works as a te…'s kind of a long story of what we tried, but the idea is that at some point we decided that all literal values g… might seem like a funny change - you might ask why doesn't TypeScript just widen to the base type? Deciding w… a nice (and overdue) improvement to TypeScript errors from @JoshuaKGoldberg. The idea is to use base types w… problem with TypeScript is I have to add `?` between all my variables. Instead of just having my app crash in production like normal.
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jokes on you kid in my world this is a+++ compiler diagnostic. boom. boom.
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@stylewarning @mattmight
To enable fully-interactive codebase walkthroughs, CodeTour ( now supports "command links".…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @ashleymcnamara We’re hiring! Look for jobs on and search for “ddjl” for jobs in dev tools.…
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@Jordy_vD_ @code @sana_ajani @AlexTarasyuk You're very welcome - but the thanks goes to @AlexTarasyuk! The fix shou… @Hamed__Fathi There is no option, but tell me more about the scenarios you had in mind. Maybe we can fix the perf problem! @AlexTarasyuk @typescript Congratulations!! 🎉I just noticed 🧐 that yesterday my 💯 PR was merged into @typescript 👀
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasserfolks who use @feross's Buffer polyfill on the web: do you use the map, filter, or subarray methods? please RT for…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @orta @amandaksilver Is cost the only reason to do the on-demand provision?
@cwervo *re-reads bio* oh no what have I said? @Jordy_vD_ @code @sana_ajani Looks like @AlexTarasyuk already has a fix out! Will be in the nightly that goes out a… @QuinnyPig Lisp would be better if it were XML game, on brand.
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@bitandbang @DirectX12 Okay, even I am a little bit surprised this time.Introducing Azure Static Web Apps! 🔒SSL & Custom domains 🔑 Authentication/Authorization ⚙️Automated build/deploy w…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @smuckwell @jntrnr @natfriedman @amandaksilver @bterlson You mentioned bringing engaging problems - *I* think the p… @smuckwell @jntrnr @natfriedman @amandaksilver @bterlson I want to mention that my experience with our attorneys do… @Jordy_vD_ @code Just opened up, thanks to @sana_ajani for the ping
@markdalgleish @yawaramin @devongovett A lot of people think that they can just "break off the important parts and…
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserSad to report that "Philosophy in the Big Typescript" (1991) is in no way about @typescript
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@mamadero @Raynos @ken_wheeler Paging @QB64team @Raynos I'm sorry, the options are QBASIC or x64 opcodes.Wow a lot of people taking this question seriously. @mohsen____ We haven't, but it's not clear what components benefit given the cost of moving data structures back/fo… validating for us to see that it was worth it. Enjoyed reading your post-script @MatthewGerstman!Some fun Friday reading. I remember visiting Dropbox about 2 years ago and asking about the migration process. Mos… Great CoffeeScript to TypeScript Migration of 2017 from @dropbox
@arcanis Lack of tooling meaning lack of a structured programming language? 😄 @_jayphelps Look man, it's a simple question: QBASIC or x86-64 opcodes?As a JS developer, would you rather use a slower build tool written in QBASIC that is easier to contribute to, or a…, now that I think about it, I am willing to sell you all my collection of GIFs for $399 million. @wycats Wow, there's a whole lot of tweets here about writing a shell without *any* wordplay on the term "pipe dream". @samccone @sebmck @SeaRyanC I only learn languages to make fun of them - so it's a good thing I had that Haskell phase in college.Lots of chat about TypeScript in Rust with @deno_land. Here is my views on it:
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasserwould people tune in if I did a series of twitch streams where I hack on the Spidermonkey Compiler?
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @styfle @typescript You are already on the issue tracking that. 😄 The work to migrate to modules is still in progr… @southpolesteve Who tf is Keri Gödel?Can't believe Kurt Russell is related to neither Gödel nor Bertrand
@acdlite @swyx @typescript @reactnative @expo @yarnpkg @fbjest @storybookjs @apollographql @gatsbyjs @reactjs Let m… @acdlite @swyx @typescript @reactnative @expo @yarnpkg @fbjest @storybookjs @apollographql @gatsbyjs @reactjs We ha… @jthoms1 @ferdaber @sebmck @SeaRyanC Huh! Well that explains this column marker that the VS Code plugin sets at column 73 @ferdaber @sebmck @SeaRyanC My favorite part is that the all-caps are optional nowadays, but why wouldn't you use a… @ferdaber @sebmck @SeaRyanC I DON'T KNOW FERDY, WHY DO YOU THINK? @_Rises @sebmck @SeaRyanC Sorry, is that farm equipment or something?I relearn this every 3 years. TypeScripters, we want to get some feedback on the current website! Take a quick minute…
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserHave opinions about the Typescript web site? Mind taking a survey?
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserHey TypeScript community! Im looking to get some feedback on the TypeScript website. Please take this quick 5 quest…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @sebmck @SeaRyanC It was supposed to be a surprise but I guess now's a good time as any to announce that I'm about… @SeaRyanC @drosenwasser are there any plans to rewrite typescript in fortran or cobol???
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserWe're running a quick survey to better understand how people use the TypeScript website - please fill this out if y…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @__morse @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs A different runtime can af… @__morse @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs I looked at esbuild and 3/… @__morse @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs @DavidSherret @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs To me this seems like… @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs Even if Rust gets you a 2x speed-up… @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs But also, I have some reservations… @trivikram @typescript @rustlang @deno_land @rbuckton @atcb @orta @LichtmanLabs No plans, a port to Rust would lose…
@gesa How did you make a towel out of that carton?What a day for Microsoft developers! TypeScript 3.9 May release of the #Python extension for VS @code Azure part…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @kitsonk @WesleyWigham @deno_land I mean, that is literally what I'm doing right now
@kitsonk @WesleyWigham @deno_land The publish automatically creates a draft release/tag on GitHub. The bottleneck i… @kitsonk @WesleyWigham @deno_land Sorry, should be good to go now!Ready for some faster type-checking and a smoother experience? Great, because 🎉 TypeScript 3.9 is now out! 🎉 Check…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @Nick_Craver Should be available tomorrow after our next nightly build (typescript@4.0.0-dev.20200513). @angryseattle @CDCgov Very happy with how on-brand this account is by angrily quote-tweeting NPR.
@Nick_Craver Turned out it's a known issue: @drosenwasser @bradzacher @LichtmanLabs Yeah the TypeScriptEE support period for each version expires “at the same…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @bradzacher @LichtmanLabs Yeah, you should hear about the special TypeScript Enterprise Edition™️ support policy that @jeffbcross has 🙃 @Nick_Craver I'll check in with the VS side of the team on Monday about this. Using any extensions?
Playwright 1.0 is out today! Cross-browser testing and automation library for the modern web 🎭
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @mjackson API Extractor no good?
@gesa @ScooterSoftware (look, they're headquartered in the Midwest!) @gesa If the file names correspond, maybe Beyond Compare from @ScooterSoftware
@OliverJAsh One day we'll work well with parens too love this article about contributing to @typescript - this could go for any project, really. The barrier of entry…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @adamzdanielle @typescript Nice write-up @jsjoeio! @MylesBorins @TitianCernicova Kind of unfair for me to vote on this...
@samth @lexi_lambda Also relevant: "What happened to distributed programming languages?" @Callionica @typescript @code --strict can catch some instances of this, but not really something the compiler inte… @limin_z Yes if your wheels break I will care and feel very sad for you (:Wow, crazy coincidence - our team has been working on a really similar product!
@mjackson Hurt, but fair