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Roses are red violets are blue the jerk store called Theyre running out of you
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @AlexTarasyuk @typescript Wow, it's that many already? Congratulations!
@larsr_h What sorts of things do you have in mind? @maxvalenko @ikezedev @rustlang @typescript Anyway, @andrewcdn has been investigating perf stuff. He can tell you a… @maxvalenko @ikezedev @rustlang @typescript There's also opportunities for parallelization on certain "obvious" tas… @maxvalenko @ikezedev @rustlang @typescript From my experience/recollection, the biggest perf issues come from - t… @maxvalenko @ikezedev @rustlang @typescript (aside: I'm not one of the original creators, though I've been on the t…
@pelotom Huh - any chance it's reproducible?
All these side effects and manually-iterated loops…it's like reading a for-in language
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasserfor every person who thinks that your type system is too permissive, there is a person who thinks that your type sy…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @acemarke @SeaRyanC I don't think it'd be a huge loss - it's over a year old at this point. What sorta issues are you hitting with 3.3? @alephnaught2tog Huh - is that sorta like Good Friday and Fat Tuesday?
The TypeScript website v2 is starting to get real solid, Japanese and Spanish translations are starting to show up…
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserNew refactoring: convert to template string for #javascript and #typescript Convert: 'a' + this.b + 'c' To: `a${t…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @danrot90 @emadabdulrahim @iamdevloper @typescript @flowtype If either of you run into some bad error messages and…
@fearthecowboy @decompiled Out of curiosity, how often do you find yourself writing generator functions? @code @ekdikeo This probably won't happen near-term since we're trying to prioritize speed and stability, but we've… @code @ekdikeo If we wanted this, we'd potentially have to implement a concept of snippet completions. @code @ekdikeo Hey, so closest thing we've gotten for this is a request for this as a quick fix when you're missing… @decompiled @philipyun103 @rbucktonWhat syntax or APIs would you like to see added to JavaScript?
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @rob_rix Monad comes from its anagram "nomad", meaning nomadic numbers, those that start at an origin and transform…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @neutralforce @lyamwilhelm Fade to Black?
@alephnaught2tog @bterlson
@SeyyedKhandon @typescript Well 3.8 is coming in 2 weeks @mjackson Lemme know if you wanna chat at some point!Our Release Candidate for TypeScript 3.8 is out to try now! Read up on what's new and give us your feedback!
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Is there a more partially-read book in tech than "Godel, Escher, Bach"? X: Have you read Godel, Escher, Bach? Y: Y…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @maxheiber @bterlson I've tried them both. I've even tried hacks using inference to create objects out of lists of… @maxheiber @bterlson Also valuable is the fact that if I'm okay with numeric enums, I don't have to specify the values for each one. @maxheiber @bterlson Automating the boilerplate to create named types is the big win. But even if I'm willing to wr…
@bterlson Me 5 minutes into a new project: "string literals and modules are a perfectly sufficient abstraction". M… @arcanis 60s!? We should chat some time soon. @arcanis What're you trying to get working? There's a mode called "compile on save" @michlbrmly I'm tempted but I only know TypeScript which is a subset of AtScript ):Contributions to the JavaScript Conformance Test Suite "test262" in 2019. Credit to @leobalter for the graph and f…
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserBroadway @TypeScript 🤝 TSX
Retweeted by Daniel RosenwasserECMAScript excitement 😉 Congrats to champions @littledan @apaprocki on advancing the TC39 proposal for Decimal num…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @jkup @jkup hello Jon
@JustinBeckwith This is fair, ghosts are ambient and should not have emit, but we don't want to diverge from ECMASc… @joel_day @bterlson @bitandbang joke's on you - everyone's naming their variables like this now
Looking for more developers who want talk about TypeScript and JavaScript in Visual Studio ? DM me :) I’m open to h…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @atcb Well it's kinda like
Best practices: Don't pollute the global scope. Open source devs:
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser
@saschaplas Congrats!!!Join Microsoft, live and work in beautiful Prague, and be a leading F# open source community tooling contributor, h…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser
We’ve added official TypeScript support to our Node.js library. 🎉 You now have type errors, autocompletion for API…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @LamdaCalrissian @bitandbang @vreshetnikov You might just be as old as the committee @jckarter Yes, using old computers is awful. In fact, on rare occasions it can be nearly as terrible as using modern computers.
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@garybernhardt @rwaldron @bterlson Just to keep it linked @ferdaber @vreshetnikov @ferdaber @vreshetnikov And now you can tell your followers 4 years from now, as is the tradition @ferdaber @vreshetnikov That function in the initializer might've gotten parsed outside of strict mode because ther… @bitandbang @vreshetnikov Yeah, I get it 😄 Maybe it's less weird to me because QBASIC and C++ were older than me, a… @bitandbang @vreshetnikov Vlad: Tell me something unbelievable. Tierney: There will be more programmers born after 1995.Tell me something unbelievable about JavaScript
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @vreshetnikov // this declaration is valid JavaScript function foo(x = () => {}) { } // this declaration is an err… @arcadio_g_s I wrote "Loss of productivity" but I guess this one's more accurate.Me on GitHub: please file actionable issues in good faith and have empathy Me on Windows:
@orta @typescript @babeljs ...because of how Babel works, it can't jump to another file to figure that out. Babel… @orta @typescript @babeljs It's all about being able to see where the import gets used, (and maybe sometimes how it… @orta @typescript @babeljs The annoying nit I have here is that Babel often *can* figure this out, but not when the… @ManishEarth Ah yes, what if you were forced to use string literals for forward references because your type declar…
I'm looking for JavaScript developers using @stripe webhooks and @nodejs to provide feedback on a new abstraction t…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @b0neskull @arcanis @ceejbot You mean you aren't willing to stop everything you're doing to replace your tools all the time? :P @b0neskull @arcanis @ceejbot Yeah, consider using API Extractor or tsdoc instead @hmemcpy No but Spineless Tagless G-Machine is also up for grabs @PipoPeperoni @typescript Local type alias that feeds 'typeof value' into some other type?
@kclemson @BedlamCardGame "Owns Nokia Lumia"
@theSdev @_shu @southpolesteve I specifically cropped that out of my screenshot :P But wow, that's impressive! @_shu @southpolesteve Yes, you can dress your little owl up in a tuxedo @southpolesteve Dude noooooo they're gonna spend all your lingots @wesleytodd @bterlson >=0
@johnregehr @Sunjay03 Yup, modern compilers and developer tools differentiate by making editor support a core scena… are migrating @chromedevtools to @typescript and found some blockers. Very pleased to see quick resolution and f…
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@drosenwasser @bterlson @BenLesh ExCuSe mE itS a VeRy WelL AcCePteD FaCt
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @bterlson @BenLesh Excuse me it is a very well-accepted fact that it's called "SpongeBob case". @bterlson @BenLesh <Html> <Body> <Script language="javascript"> <!-- ... --> </Script> </Body> </Htm…
@vreshetnikov Natu:rlich! Es muB funktionieren! @vreshetnikov Write the text to an image and then use OCR. 🙃 @beka_valentine @samth @lindsey I think @johnregehr's blog posts give some great insight into how a lack of guarant…
@dsymetweets @hmemcpy Not to mention that async/await eventually landed in JavaScript, and was championed by… @hmemcpy Not to mention, the whole "the compiler is the language service" thing came from C#/Roslyn, which a lot of… excitement 😉 Congrats to @ioctaptceb on landing TC39 Stage 4 proposal Optional Chaining (?.) in upstrea…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasserand then one day the dev came back, and the git repo shook with joy, and said, “come, Dev, and clone my trunk, and…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @hmemcpy The Language Server Protocol was inspired by TS Server and then became a community standard that the VS Co… @hmemcpy We came up with the concept of "OCaml with better syntax and interop with an actual ecosystem" before Facebook did. @hmemcpy I've heard Rx described as a technology from Microsoft adopted widely by everyone except for Microsoft. I… @pemrouz @SeaRyanC @orta @Rich_Harris So what exactly is the use case btw? It wouldn't be that hard to just walk th…
@pemrouz @SeaRyanC @orta @Rich_Harris Isn't this just target: esnext? Or is the idea here to remove types without reformatting? @DavidSherret Though I realize you probably already know that. Anyhow, would love to see where this goes! @DavidSherret Sure! Though when you use the LS, token nodes are requested on demand when using getChildren IIRC. Mi… @DavidSherret Is the idea here to be more prescriptive than our built-in formatter? Did you start out with our ASTs?I rewrote my TypeScript code formatter from TypeScript to Rust and I'm quite happy with its performance on single f…
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser“Let’s hear it for the oys” sounds like a Weird Al Yankovic parody of Footloose meets Fiddler on the Roof
Retweeted by Daniel Rosenwasser @orta @TitianCernicova @v2_matveev @rbuckton Gotta make sure this is relatively lightweight and whatever we add doe… @orta @TitianCernicova Could be, but not clear if it should actually be shown with the AST. It's a separate and pot… @alephnaught2tog @bterlson @AdamRackis Sorry, it's not a concat, it's a proof of concept implementation of std::tuple that's relatively fast t…