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Richard Gear @Drownedxo Hotel Ayahuasca

I’m just here for the comedy

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@faso I just found out Le Petite Zinc closed not a month ago. Bummer
@dj_nobu_ft @10_label @tokenrecords 🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Richard Gear
Retweeted by Richard GearIf you see a worm on the pavement after it rains and you don't help it back over into the grass, then you have committed murder
Retweeted by Richard Gear @danielmarkavery Madonna was giving me anxiety
@gabrielszatan Certainly the champions league by the looks of it @mx_silkman Wipe all you want, we’ll make moreit might seem like i didn't do much today but at a cellular level i been productive as hell
Retweeted by Richard Gear @msswiggy I gotta throw a few bones out for my American audienceHollywood Squares isn’t the same without Charles Nelson ReillyGeneva conventionsalcohol is a drug, beer is alcohol, and drugs are a form of beer
Retweeted by Richard GearI could have sworn that Serbia’s song was called kurva @a @msswiggy IM HERE FOR ITIt hurts be alive!! He’s gotta be from NaplesOr wait, Laibach??Atari Teenage Riot!!! @beauwanzer Where you playing? @beauwanzer I think im actually in town for your London gig @gabrielszatan Been overdue since they made a splash in the turntable market a while ago @gabrielszatan Is this the secret Aldi’s gig??James Blake, how far we’ve fallensup? you know why San Marino will never make it out of the group stages in ANY competitionLeave it to a Russian to literally have an emotional song called scream. Truly the sound of the summerI really hope @DeeJayBRS is watching right now wherever is she isThe Albanian Diamanda GalasSomeone get an updated version of After Effects to Malta ASAP!! @JesseHeartthrob 💅🏼 @96Back1 Welcome to drop by the house in Leyton. Cave is pretty well soundproofOh who am kidding eurorack AND Eurovision!!! Man City wins Eurovision tonight, it’ll really make up for their champions league humiliation @frozenreeds DONT LET ME DOWN GERMANY @SilkDharmaArt He’s just ready to drop his own milkshake brand and didn’t want the competitionTurning in my eurorack for eurovision. It’s the sensible thing to do @blackmadonnachi Just play the bells, you’ll be fine. He does it all the timeNever forget @666bungle Ah I see there’s a Utrecht Heracles game on right nowHail Satan is Scan 7 playing in London on Movement weekend and not Detroit? Am I missing something here? Besides seeing them fucking play @blackmadonnachi you welcome @666bungle I love the pundits absolutely labouring under a veil of diplomacy when they get asked about the outcomevery concerned about how bad the current political climeate
Retweeted by Richard Gear @666bungle I’m just hoping for something other than a total shellacking @CosminTRG Gotta be Virgil Abloh @96Back1 one sleepless summer night in berlin i spent about 2 hrs scribbling a huge complex patch on the back of my…
@boschbot @Marie__Axel I thought that was Biden for a second @ivybarkakati thats awesome. congrats!! @TANO_NYC Mad Yinzer @beanerberlin It’s the sound of the summerBANGER ALERT Run 3 I had a sports walk up/entrance song it would be parhelic triangleI love hockey bc after beating the shit out of each other for minutes on end and finally scoring, the shift on the… @botmadonnachi A Real American Hero
My ghost producer revealed
Retweeted by Richard Gear @TheBunkerNY Give karl a big squeeze for me @TheBunkerNY Oh lord @witchbeam You’re doing something right then!the holy fucking grail @frozenreeds Whaaaaaat
@gabrielszatan Ahhhhmazing
@FutureTiming That’s what I yell Instead of tune! at the club
@shazam_bangles @serengetidave Siiiick @CosminTRG 2
@shazam_bangles I had one for ages. Without power steering too. Let me tell you how much I loved parallel parking i… @joshlevi Spoiler alert: they’re all the wrong lines @blucu Perpetual mood
@AnthonyParasole That’s almost as good as an Italian beef (hot peppers, dipped twice)
@andrewryce 🔥🔥🔥 @JohnRHealey I have the entire series. Not great quality, ripped from tape probably. Way ahead of its time in terms… @JohnRHealey Next project @msswiggy one of my favorites. fascinating bio about one of the best hitters that ended up having a footnote of a c… @msswiggy if you want to read some well researched bios, sabr is the place to go @msswiggy @msswiggy i read his autobiography ages ago and it was incredibly entertaining @msswiggy THERE ARE HATS ALL OVER THE FIELD. THERE ARE GLOVES ALL OVER THE FIELD. @msswiggy annual lee elia meltdown tweet @msswiggy annual lasorda bevacqua meltdown tweet @msswiggy let me start with the incredible story of one potato @msswiggy now that football is wrapping up, we can get back to the one thing that really matters. baseball @msswiggy the only reason i go back to berlin @P_leoneleone Does the tshirt include a magnifying glass? @hdt_hugh @CrackMagazine @thomyorke @DaftLimmy @CrackMagazine @thomyorke I can’t believe @DaftLimmy is on the cover finally
@gabrielszatan im died @gabrielszatan @gabrielszatan aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa @blackmadonnachi The Black Madonna’s Secret Uses of Uranus
I feel like the bitch who parties
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Techno Twitter: Vakula Noise Twitter: hold my beer @chondriticsound How about continuing it as a general noise podcast? Plenty of other amazing artists and records deserving of attention @lastarabcowboy Same lmao @plaguemother hell yeah @dj_nobu_ft local legend @cranksatori 🤷‍♂️ by @MerzbowOfficial lmao. Def one of the highlights in my noise career #merzcancelled @lastarabcowboy 💯 @MATRiXXMAN @avalon_emerson @ghostly Yasss bitch 💃