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@NikaMFr @LibertyHangout Oh you mean the people that were victims of altercations started because of BLM rioting? I… @esthesianaut @ShadowMann9 @CBR Congrats retard @oliverdarcy @TuckerCarlson Do not care, propagandist @voelterrificart @LakesFirearmsTr @MrTophat444 @zaharako @NRA Wow I got blocked this couldn't have seen this coming
@kylekennedycopy @Dark_Hood89 @BasedCorp @BobbyBigWheel @Timinole Your employer has no obligation to protect your r… @ruckus2 @CBSNews @JoeBiden Does Biden even know what coronavirus is @Nicksucks8 @wingod @neiltyson He killed 40 million people and raped literally hundreds, if not thousands, of women lmfao @Jovonni @wingod @neiltyson Lmao Africa was supposedly this peaceful utopia before the white man now. Do a Google s… @1KawIguy @wingod @neiltyson Am I supposed to apologize for the sins of people who have been dead for hundreds of y… @ceciliavfx @jmcourtright @a4ava @neiltyson He's not making a good case for himself here if he's trying to prove he isn't @KU15191 @niel90359387 @ScottMGreer Bullshit. There is a structure to it they have clear goals. They're just not ve… @voelterrificart @LakesFirearmsTr @MrTophat444 @zaharako @NRA Didn't seem to work, but hey, whatever relieves the r… @voelterrificart @LakesFirearmsTr @MrTophat444 @zaharako @NRA Sorry, 90% of the rioters in every major liberal city… @zaharako @JMJ2892 @NRA With a .22? LMFAO @voelterrificart @LakesFirearmsTr @MrTophat444 @zaharako @NRA Yep every riot in every major city was caused by some… @danwba2004 @rebell_justice @WMPolice Normally I would assume this is a joke given how blatantly Orwellian it sound… @MegaFaggot__ @WMPolice Europeans literally cannot fathom why giving the government the power to step on their thro… @LFC_NGB @sawsFUCK @Turbo1028__ @WMPolice Haven't you got wrongthinkers to arrest? @evie_maria_x @Turbo1028__ @hittitezombie @WMPolice "The government would never do that." Famous last words @jimblingeuph @Turbo1028__ @SteveLocklin @WMPolice You're right, racial hate isn't a crime, nor should it be, becau… @SteveLocklin @Turbo1028__ @WMPolice When you commit wrongthink so the government violates your rights and throws y… @Es0phagus @war3scv @juanito_f90 @herdyc @WMPolice Your laws are shit @FMResearchNLS @Lazslo15 @gary_d_carter @ChaseWPatterson @WMPolice No, free speech is not allowed in your Orwellian… @MarcWilliams22 @ScottMGreer 12 year old said mean things better report him to the Orwellian state @longdistblue @ScottMGreer You Britbongs are pathetic @sedlescombemike @WildcatGroyper @TrevorCsafc @ScottMGreer Hate crime? For words? @frreaky_szn @DesuVult2020 @ScottMGreer @Capt__Rizzy You sound pretty Orwellian @KHeneage @ScottMGreer @MichaelCPFC @realDanBel @SBftbl @ScottMGreer Is that a fucking joke? What the fuck is wrong your thought process @Hammadayf @Gregtechelp @SBftbl @realDanBel @ScottMGreer Thank you for proving the point on why speech shouldn't be regulated. @pieman1981 @Gregtechelp @SBftbl @realDanBel @ScottMGreer Supporting actual free speech is "the worst take ever" ap… @MakaveliZik @Gregtechelp @SBftbl @realDanBel @ScottMGreer Censorship is for cowards @elbiffamark @ScottMGreer Still no crime and if you think there was you're an authoritarian shithead @FPLStrategist @Independent @Cable_J Really baffling how people say this stuff and not realize how utterly Orwellian it sounds @MJJSeagull @Prof_Wombat @recudorP @braaaaap9 @Independent Sounds pretty dystopian @Philmsh79 @braaaaap9 @Independent Careful guys we'd better jail everyone who hurts our feelings @TommyGunns1981 @braaaaap9 @Independent Yeah you do because rational people don't tend to agree with the idea of th… @_Samuel_Xavier @braaaaap9 @Independent What accountability? Jail is accountability for saying insensitive things online? Are you psychotic? @TGDaviesphotog1 @braaaaap9 @Stekelly2381 @Independent Uh oh 12 year old said mean thing online better have him fucking arrested
@FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Keep ignoring it. You will realize that the… @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions There are hundreds of thousands of churches in th… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions If you want to play dumb fine @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Just ignore history. I mean it's been proven… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions They didn't blame it on the communists. They… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions And btw the KGB files proved McCarthy was ri… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Manning Johnson said it, Yuri Bezmenov said… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions The Catholic Church was fucked because of Ma… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions This was testified before Congress @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions rape ring in the world. @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions "Oh no, he's calling me out for my hypocrisy… @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Ok? @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions I'm sure you do @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Yeah, they're an organization, they have money lm… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions But you haven't said anything about the porn… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Things don't change in 10 years in regards t… @FlamingKeystone @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Politifact is leftist garbage it… @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Careful watch as the atheist with no concept of m… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions I sent you those numbers lmao @FlamingKeystone @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Isn't it funny how atheists despise the Cath… @JerpaDerpa @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions OK retard lmfao I'll go get one… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions For charity work lmao do you thonk they're going… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions @JerpaDerpa @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Wow a 2000 year old organization is wealthy? Who would have thought? @JerpaDerpa @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Proof? @ronaIdweasIey_ @FlamingKeystone @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions The Church is a force for good. Atheist comm… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Hollywood? @USATODAY Refuse to believe some college educated journo wrote this and didn't once think that maybe this was a bit… @FlamingKeystone @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Good. Largest private charity in the world
@lucyjeannn @michell23095611 @emorowati @bhellerusa @atensnut Oh wait you're a parody account nvm @lucyjeannn @michell23095611 @emorowati @bhellerusa @atensnut I don't know POC kill a lot of POC in Chicago and Det… @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Also it's ironic Ethan says this stuft while also ignoring th… @ronaIdweasIey_ @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions It has to do with COVID and not the abuse scandal. Churches s… @aow1982 @Calooseeus @h3h3productions Yeah he is lol @Oydeedoydeedoy @JohnCornyn @WSJ Any Catholic who votes for an abortionist is Catholic in name only @oneunderscore__ Careful guys nothing is going on at all don't look into anything please consume more product. Free…
@8bitProdigy @fubarrdog Of course not, but the porn industry is also responsible @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog Oh, and porn isn't? Porn didn't manipulate the parents into believing sexualization is normal? @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog Parents who have also been desensitized to this stuff. Not too many parents care if their d… @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog Yeah, and how many parents actually do that? How many parents still care if their children… @HKrassenstein @realDonaldTrump Oh no how will the Marxists teach our children about how they're evil for being white @KrownCityKing @kkwhb "Face the arbitrary consequences that are never consistent." Congrats DeShaun Jackson gets so… @judge_reid @KrownCityKing @tylergg_tv @kkwhb But BLM is Marxist lmao they admitted it @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog "Normal" as in the over sexualized society @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog There's only so much they can do when it's all over the internet, plastered on every advert… @LevarStoney No folds, very similar handwriting. Is this another "isolated, youthful mistake?" @runnergirlrva @hootiger4 @LevarStoney Who tf sends letters in those @8bitProdigy @fubarrdog If you're indoctrinated into believing this stuff is normal then that is a huge problem for… @mallyboobear @IngaProgressive @1967mustangman @nanglish @mallyboobear @IngaProgressive @1967mustangman @nanglish @mallyboobear @IngaProgressive @1967mustangman @nanglish @needleman80 @ACLU Oh look I get blocked. Coward
@lbrc133 @Truthpr91275710 @michaeljknowles Oh wow nobody believes the story from unnamed officials that Russia is t… @needleman80 @ACLU Birth control is a constitutional right? Of course you have no problem on impeding church matter… @needleman80 @ACLU K but why do you want to breach this separation of church and state by enforcing unjust rules on… @needleman80 @ACLU You wouldn't demand they give you birth control. Only the Christians. Christians gotta bake your… @DebWinkleblack @cynthiamckinney Holy fuck you people are senile