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FY17 Doctor. Consultant Physician in Acute Medicine and Medicine for the Elderly. Still not a Member of Parliament. All expressed views are personal.

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@Isitaboutabike That wasn't even intentional! @DuncanShrimpton @Bombilly_ Can't win a heart that's not there I'm the first place @DuncanShrimpton His weight is irrelevant, whatever it was his stance deserves nothing but contempt, the same as wh… @DuncanShrimpton And besides, I didn't say he ate those meals, they're just unappetising, like the Tory scum that he is. @DuncanShrimpton I'm not the one who voted to have children go hungry, after boasting o. Twitter about how large his dinners are 🤷 @clare_eliza N.... No? Sambrook alongside large but unappetising meals, a thread.But also yesWhen you keep serving double faults
@JimMFelton Haha Jim @k_d85 2 Litres no lessFor reference, sides would be 2 beans, gravy, and a VienettaGary Sambrook would complete the KFC bucket challenge without even getting a meat sweat @CowObjective Absolute UnitOk who is Gary Sambrook and how big are his dinners? @MelissaAReed Cotopaxi AND Patagonia, you're my fave @Vitt2tsnoc My other half loves sitting outside in the winter and basically I have been training ALL MY LIFE for tier 2.Just quietly on the side, the whole of the UK is now considered high risk by Germany for COVID 19, meaning the trav… @andraswf @czarelena @Oppenhiney Continuation War: OriginsFound this old patch in a side pocket of a surplus jacket I got and it seems appropriate to wish a happy… Vs Russia at drinking Who would win? @czarelena @Oppenhiney Only one way to settle this 🇫🇮🥃🇷🇺 DRINKING CONTEST @Oppenhiney Puolustusvoimat / Försvarsmakten does not like this"Too cold for Russians" *shudders*Well not quite, in the Winter War, Finns equipped their troops with their own version of a ushanka, the Turkislakki… the Ushanka actually originated in Finland. Who knew? @_BillieBelieves leave the moon alone man.MOONBASE MOONBASE MOONBASE @EwaSR They're blowing it up aren't they? @Luiseach What's worse, Tory Kink or Amy Coney Barrett Kink? @daytimesnaps We've all been there Mikko @Sorrelish I think Willow's transition from FRIENDLY to NERVOUS really sums up my 2020 as a physician. @TheDespard @JohnPReade Ah, this. @TheDespard @JohnPReade The red and white was definitely to do with the barber surgeon connection (same reason why… yes, the four horsemen
Retweeted by Dr Philip LeeLily Theydon-Bois @gremisch @techpriest Maintaining your neutrality can sometimes be more expensive than being a potential warmonger,… @gremisch Bundesheer rn the toll is one tummy scratch, ple....SIR, SIR YOU HAVE TO PAY A TOLL @GongGasGirl Not happy with that, VAR please back, FFP3 mask face
@CzechOutLuci @Reign_86_ I'm more here for the player in black watching him go down like a sack of potatoes @Kuidaor3 A living example of 😒 @mevparekh When the consultant on the post take ask why you chose ceftriaxone @mevparekh Cos I'm a nerd @gremisch 32, 33 if you count any snake not just rattleWhen you forget that you're half Vulcan during a La Liga game @mevparekh Rejected from Berghain because your mask doesn't have a CE mark @TCKMed Depends on your tea and biscuits opinionPlease welcome Dr Winter as an honorary member of British #MedTwitter, I get it, being in government is hard. Sometimes it isn't about doing the popular thing, but doing the right… are a terrible goose and there are some baby capybara nearby @statomattic @JenniferSey @AshleyGWinter YORKSHIRE TEA I am impressed Dr WinterOn call week 93.3% completeThe Berlin clubbing scene has been ready for Tier 4 for years.
Retweeted by Dr Philip Lee @pgyfun ERMAHGERD CHERN SCRERTCH @Sorrelish *Rubs head* wait what?TL:DR Lee Hurst is human detritus.Golden rule: you can always tell the calibre of person by how they treat retail and service workers. If this even… @coffeeheadaches @k_d85 @vonny_bravo Lolz at GothspringPermanent mood @yogawithadriene mean that sounds ideal tbh was only using it to light up the jvp so I can see the y descent @chris22wood Oh noesHey @DGlaucomflecken guess who made a new friend this morning DARE YOU DR LEE AS A CONSULTANT I RING MY REGISTRAR ON THE HOUR EVERY HOUR ALL NIGHT TO BE SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICKWhen it's your Saturday on call from home, and technically you did an extra hour, but no one woke you up so you sle… @AshleyGWinter Although what they consider "Essential" is always good for a laugh @AshleyGWinter Can't believe you guys have Trader Joe's and we have to slum it at Waitrose in 🇬🇧Tories on here suddenly offering recipes for cheap meals made out of soil and an egg like an evil Jack Monroe.
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Let's stand in solidarity with our colleagues in social care and at local councils, who have been working tirelessl…
Retweeted by Dr Philip Lee @laurevans311 Definitely Mr Pickle @BritishGasHelp Yes, can you please make this pandemic go away? Thanks.Imagine Ben Bradley trying to pay for a handjob with a six pack of Tesco Value bourbon biscuits. @coffeebucks I have a weird feeling my bill might be higher than estimated.Terrible things that might happen to me in my mind: -Catching COVID -Choking on a donut and dying -Making a mistak… attitude, that because of some likely imagined bad actor might be using something inappropriately, we should r… 40,000ft deep, the Russian Kola Superdeep Borehole is the second deepest hole in the Earth. The first, only rece…
Retweeted by Dr Philip LeeOf course most drug dealers will accept Tuna Chunks or tinned spaghetti Bolognese as payment, this is well known.… what you need in your week is a cockatoo introducing himself to some 19 day old kittens, I have that for you.
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@traumakhan I will *try* not to send you any major (ish) trauma @PublicChaffinch YepBlocked someone today for arguing that bedding is not essential @DanielMorganst2 Us on Sunday morning BigMac as Home Secretary Mayor McCheese runs a better government than the actual British Government @CrimeGirI I WILL HAVE YOU KNOW yeah alright