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Professional baby and certified baby whisperer. Dog mom to the happiest pup. ENFP-T.

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Toddler to NP looking for her stethoscope: I hope you find your telescopeI recently discovered that Amoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid for dogs is not called Dogmentin and it feels like a real mi…
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @RodLacroix “Toothpaste” sure
@Megatronic13 Here’s Luca redefining floofiness after a grooming session ❤️’s concerning when the first thing you hear upon turning on the radio is “He is the most despicable man in Americ…
Ppl dont fake depression they fake being ok...remember that
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @millercycle @CanadianKayMD @SassyPsychDoc @DGlaucomflecken Same, lol. Run only when necessary, especially if you work in an ICU! @SassyPsychDoc @DGlaucomflecken If anyone ever sees me running, they should probably start running too because I’m…
Retweeted by Babydoc MDMe: I am in a bad mood. [sees this guy in an Olive Garden parking lot] Me: I am in the best mood.
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @LanceShaver Just FYI, this doesn’t change even after clerkships (through fellowship so far)
The modified Seldinger technique #medtwitter
Retweeted by Babydoc MDSo much of women asking for relationship advice amounts to “how do I make this man care that he hurt me” and it makes me pretty sad
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Retweeted by Babydoc MD @ARadDocDates 69845 times preferable unsolicited dick picsI have an acetaminophen nomogram joke but now isn’t the right time
Retweeted by Babydoc MDWe need an employment #BlackFriday for upcoming graduates.4 *looking through album*: mama you're so big! Me: I'm pregnant with you in my belly 4: poor mama, you look like…
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@Tobi_Is_Fab I only use this at work because it’s such a perfect work mood. @lazycrybaby_ Too late. That was a conscious decision that took more than minimal effort. @mom_tho @Tobi_Is_Fab
@medburnbook Unable to answer this question based on the fact that *some* people even with average/below-average di… @ARadDocDates Same. But that means free Thanksgiving food! 😄 @RodLacroix @RodLacroix
@BrxkenSlytherin called it a decaf button and not a coffee faker
Retweeted by Babydoc MDPSA: I can’t believe this needs to be said, but here goes: If you fully enclose an outdoor space, it becomes an ind…
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @Maybe_Ketamine @ARadDocDates I might also ask if they recommend a sure-fire baby-making position because why not😈 @Maybe_Ketamine @ARadDocDates Whenever I get married and an Indian Aunty/Uncle asks me about babies, I’m going to t… @smora75 @DrGolfShirt 😦 @smora75 @DrGolfShirt 😱 different thresholds at different places I guess. But all hospitals I’ve worked at have new… @smora75 @DrGolfShirt He was admitted because the Peds ICU doesn’t refuse anything. But he was discharged with Motr… @strangestatic 🐾 Luca 🐾 @AubriePesky But we do! 🥺 @AubriePesky Just keep making new accounts? They’ll get tired eventually! (Read: don’t go!) @Maybe_Ketamine @ARadDocDates My favorite is how sex is taboo (Aunty, you have 6 kids, we know you like it, and hon… @Maybe_Ketamine @ARadDocDates You go on one date and suddenly everyone is imagining what your babies would be like.… @ARadDocDates Btw this is not offensive because I’m Indian and this is from when Indian Matchmaking came out on Net… @ARadDocDates Told my friend that the guy I’m seeing is an Ivy League grad and this was her immediate response @DrGolfShirt 16 y/o M with chest pain and no other cardiac symptoms/labs/EKG changes/normal echo for “observation o…
I am a trainee being “deployed to the frontlines” for the 2nd time in in 2020. I don’t need your applause, yard sig… is the gallbladder of years: full of bile, predisposing to jaundice, and a source of unnecessary pain for far too many
Retweeted by Babydoc MDLuca is having fluffy dog fall problems @MedtwOf @mcsassymd New TV after spending 3 years without one! @adamgreattweet @Home_Halfway Super abandonment 😶Sum up your job in a GIF Pediatric ICU doctor
Retweeted by Babydoc MD[every morning] Me: Do you need to go outside? Dog: Me: Outside? Dog: Me: Do you need to pee? Dog: Me: Go poop? G…
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @VivianHMoore @brrendaaac Please tell Patrick that I love him ❤️ @ShannonOMac Also for health systems not to treat trainees as sacrificial lambs just because we’re easier and cheap… @ShannonOMac For people to be sensible so that this nightmare would just end already! @medburnbook Wait until you start getting Doximity news. I once woke up to an email with the subject “The end of yo… @mhdksafa All of us need to be like this! I was the only person who rode the elevator with a chatty environmental s… @cate_walt @brguest20 This card is a work of art.
@Vancbromycin That’s sad. To me it was meant to highlight what we’ve known for the longest time but might not be ob… cannot see my boy who is quarantining from me before visiting his family because I’m a healthcare worker and he d… @marklewismd “Yes, hello, I really DO think this patient needs this medication. My original prescription was a prio… @UnFitz At least there are flash dancing mobs @Jad3yLady Broke up with me on New Year’s. Came back a year later saying he’s been mentally dating me all this time…
Dear doctors, If your patient is dying, please tell them.
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @HorseMorsel I promise that’s not pee, it’s just butt sweat
@drgregkelly Interesting how being rich with a social media account suddenly makes you an epidemiologistSame ✨ is the real pandemic
Retweeted by Babydoc MDSaw a woman sitting in her car and crying, so I backed into the parking spot next to hers, and long story short, we…
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @nathandionl This entire series is so underrated
@FallonTonight Muting participants in a conversation #NewThanksgivingTraditions @realmellors “Your English is fantastic.” Sir, India has more English-speaking people than any other country in the… @RobDenBleyker Nice
@RyanMarino Isn’t it so convenient when the trash announces it’s taking itself out? @DrM_Kou @DrGolfShirt But in a way this IS a medical emergency!
@ARadDocDates Also Courteney Cox and Ellen Page. Might I point out that none of these women look like each other? 😆 @theofficetv Speaks to my soul I need you to vacuum Roomba: don’t wanna *hides under couch* Me: just do this section with all the crumbs R:…
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YOGA INSTRUCTOR: breathe in the good, exhale the bad. PLANT: no.
Retweeted by Babydoc MDAsk not what your ICU can do for you; ask what you can do for your ICU
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@gretchemaben Height: 5’2” Age: 30 Shoe size: 7 Tattoos: 2 Piercings: Ears x2, nose,… @adamgreattweet Pretty convinced it’s just because I’m brown and chatty, although I would KILL to look that gorgeou…“We” THIS is how you lead 🙌🏻 @RyanMarino @H_MitchellPhoto Maybe they shouldn’t have been the way they are then 🤷🏻‍♀️[hanging out] Friend: Do you want to eat half a block or cheese? Me: Ew dude that's way too much cheese. [at a p…
Retweeted by Babydoc MDPeople are going to think you’re weird no matter what you do, so you might as well just be weird.
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @sw4618 Cornbread. Bland and overrated.
Friendly reminder for flu season during a pandemic 🦠
@aflannery516 @LadyDoctorSays @medburnbook @md_salty I mean, when has that ever worked? What do they think is the n… @LadyDoctorSays @medburnbook @md_salty Sometimes I wonder if men truly believe that the only reason women are not a… @mister_blank Or this delusional.This just seems like the perfect time to introduce my new bookmark. For no particular reason.… my ex 🤝 lasting half as long as he wanted in a position
Retweeted by Babydoc MDMake America Kind Again
Retweeted by Babydoc MD @AdamRippon This seems like the perfect time to introduce my new bookmark their daughters KNOPEING SO HARD RIGHT NOW!!! 💕 @CaucasianJames Who isn’t? @AdamParkhomenko Priorities
#NYC ❤️ @Coll3enG Eating 😍