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Watch this quick video on how to design #learningspaces that maximize creativity.
Thankful to be attending my daughter's basketball game today. #hugthem #tellthemyoulovethem looking for a new playbook on how to support their families should read this new book.… some quick thoughts about my fall presentation at #cue19 on personalized learning. out episode five of the Help Me Understand Podcast where I talk with Bryan Dean @drrevdean about designing sc… get asked so many of these questions about flexible classrooms. This article has some good answers.… are you staying intentional about your #learningspaces? Great to hear about the future home of Science Leadersh… me for: "Exploring a Broader Context for Developing Authentic Learning Experiences," Session 5, Room 1080,…
Retweeted by Bob DillonLooking for the #research on #learningspaces START HERE @SpaceTheBook @ISTELearnSpaces #design5 Questions to Ask Before You Redesign Your Classrooms #learningspaces #leadingpspaces #intentionaldesign
Looking for some ideas on how to begin the redesign of your classroom to meet student needs. Start with this FREE e… Learning Spaces featured my article on maximizing your hallways for learning. Give it a look.…'s your Plan B? As a parent, what do you do when your school makes a mistake? Learn how to approach problems wi… how the students were central to this design procees. How this school is transforming its learning spaces… my latest FREE ebook full of ideas around systems thinking and design thinking to make change. is the modern parent partnership model? Is the PTO an enclusive club that will never make an impact? This book… of interior design in educational settings. The essential nature of intentional… you think the most authentic team will win the super bowl? (Eagles, Niners, Chiefs] #educon2020 #askingforafriend
I’m home but WAIT - I’m also in Philadelphia for #educon2020 - join me? LIVE NOW: 3:45pm PT 1/24
Retweeted by Bob DillonAwful...but fun“Optimizing Academic Performance Through the Poetics of Space” #learningspaces #design #leadingspacesListen to @DanishKurani talk #learningspaces on the #gettingsmart podcast. He makes the case for accelerating this… video really does a great job of talking about the importance of design, and how it can shift culture, ideas,… Help Me Understand Podcast talks the gap between research and practice with Alexander Salas @stylelearn in epis… should model learning space design through their office design. Learn more in this FREE ebook. visit to @CityAcademy to see the life changing work happening one student at a time. From three to 30, they a… to return to #educon2020 this weekend. Lots to learn. so this... right...🇦🇹 "The Strief": The world's scariest ski race #axiossportsIs the solution to the disconnect between architects and educators found in conversations with students.… visit to talk #learningspaces rossmanschool today. So many engaged and joyful kids. about #ClassroomDesign, #LearningSpaces and #DesignThinking on the @Getting_Smart podcast. I had so much fun w…
Practical tips for designing brain friendly spaces. My latest article on #learningspaces #design @spacethebookSchool Design: Be the Change... #learningspacesThe schools doing the best work around #learningspaces have leaders that see the power of teachers as designers and… quick ideas on building brain friendly #learningspaces #learningspacesThanks to everyone that continues to use @SpaceTheBook as an opening to conversations about designing intentional…
Great learning today with Chatham County Principals. We worked on leadership strategy to supporting technology inte… social workers help to for partnerships with parents and the school. This book has practical tips to help buil…“When instructional design, technology tools, and the physical space are in sync with each other, then we have the… special episode of the Help Me Understand Podcast where I talk with my wife about her work as a grief and bereave… for a tool to help you audit your #learningspaces. Try this. signage showcases a coherent vision and points to innovative leadership. How can you begin this journey? I… you are interesting in #learningspace changes and shifts in the teaching/learning experience, read this: "Case…
Retweeted by Bob DillonGreat night of music at @catscradlenc listening to @AnimalYearsBand cover @thebandjoseph. #livemusic #chapelhill @… a chance to talk learning spaces and equity with Education Talk Radio #learningspaces
Looking for #learningspace project ideas. Go over to There are so many ideas for all school… many great players competed in some historic games right here. @ Dean Smith Center for ideas on intentional design in schools. I've finally compiled my resources into one place to support yo… for more resources on #learningspaces. Check out this @iste webinar on space design. #design @SpaceTheBookDo your learning spaces support student growth? - #learningspaces #moedchat #design impact of physical design on student outcomes. Great research from New Zealand Education Ministry.… the past #decade we have helped guide thousands of schools to agile and inclusive #learningspaces. How have your…
Retweeted by Bob DillonWhen #learningspaces align with pedagogy and digital tools amazing things can happen.
Why the design of school buildings matters Some great thoughts on #intentionaldesign #learningspacesThese new buildings should push our microdesign work on a classroom level. Cox Architecture’s unconventional new Ad… @ClassTechTips @cinehead @thomascmurray @AffinitoLit @alexiswiggins @TechChef4u @HollyClarkEdu @BookCreatorApp Two of the Help Me Understand Podcast is a great chat with @mrbrettclark about the @whitesox You can listen… first book on how to add joy and engagement to daily learning for all students. #PBL #modernlearningLooking for conversation protocol to talk about #learningspaces and #creation Try this great resource. Learning/Doing Gap Does your space promote learning or doing or both? #learningspaces
Learning space research: When visual stimulation of the surrounding environment affects children’s cognitive perfor… for Designing Teaching and Learning Spaces Good read with rubric from McGill University. #learningspacesPowerful film ‘For Ahkeem.’ Special thanks to @SocratesAsksWhy for leading a conversation with the film’s Executive…
Retweeted by Bob DillonAt some point, we have to move from optimizing spaces to investing in spaces. The Real Cost Of Cheap Furniture |… out episode one of the Help Me Understand Podcast where I talk with my daughter about her efforts to learn im…'t miss the window for potential funding for #learningsapces Active Learning Center Grant closes in February… Makes a Space a Place?: Place-making in Urban Design Great resource to spark a larger…
Privileges revoked and card destroyed....that card destroyed thing is really upping the ante. Think they use scisso… are you making intentional decisions for your students with autism. The Autism ASPECTSS™ Design Index can help… to chat #learningspaces with @thomascmurray love this easy to review catalog from @SmithSystem Thanks for making it easy for teachers and leaders to fin…“Ichigo Ichie” may provide some insight and motivation on how we can better notice our #learningspaces and make the… for some great elements from a Nature-Inspired Classroom @demco has some great opti… piece about How Biophilic Learning Environments Boost Student Achievement This is ess… images of projects that created #learningspaces from previously non-education spaces. “Thinking Outside The B…
3 tips for a better museum visit. Maybe we should make these a part of a school visit as well. It would deepen our…'t get this amazing piece of art out of my head. @ Wynwood Walls & Art District, Miami story in this local paper about designing WITH students. How can we get them into the process earlier and mor… about safety in design is important, but I'm not hearing anything about how this brand new building with sy… to see positive results from kids from fruitful conversations about #learningspaces Enhancing Learning Spaces… to @APeachSTL for a great conversation about what is possible around the future of learning #STL #learningTake a deeper look at your #LearningEnvironments with these active learning design tips from Dr. Bob Dillon to crea…
Retweeted by Bob DillonTraditional and innovative learning spaces. A deeper read about the emerging research and work in Australia.…
Classrooms Are the Next Frontier in Universal Design. Love this piece as it shows how #learningspaces are nested in… fun day taking #learningspaces at @fetc. Thanks to everyone to a great conversation. #learningspaces spaces should be #learningspaces ZMIK turn school corridors into playful learning spaces… everyone in Orlando in 2021. Excited to continue to find ways to talk about change and innovation through… interview on FLEXspace. Learning Space Design Takes a Community... #learningspaces #intentionaldesignHuman centered design start with listening. Lessons from Teachers: How Classroom Design Impacts Teachers… preview of my session at 11 in room 207 #FETC read on #learningspaces #intentionaldesign #fetc seeing students deeply involved in overhauling the classroom #learningspaces #intentionaldesign
Really impressed with this collection. I see so many possibilities for schools. Make Room for Modern Tribes -… study on biophilic design continues to show the power of intentional design on reducing stress and improving l… to everyone for a great conversation about #learningspaces this afternoon at #fetc #fetc2020 @ Miami Beach… you making great first impressions with your #learningspaces? Consider these ideas. Where and when matter.… that application in by February 3rd for the @SteelcaseEDU #activelearning center #GRANT - all info here…
Retweeted by Bob DillonSee you soon. me at #fetc today as I talk about the power of #learningspaces to modernize instruction.