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Thinking and Acting Like A Designer is a great resource about the power of design thinking as a tool for solution m… Mini-Podcast is up for this Monday morning. Listen to "2 3 Doesn't Equal 5" by Help Me Understand. ⚓… signage showcases a coherent vision and points to innovative leadership. How can you begin this journey? I… on Exploring and Adapting Learning Spaces in Schools. Great research and guidance. #learningspaces
Great piece on why we need to balance school security design with the key needs of the academic design that moderni… time we see a well decorated classroom we need to pause and ask whether it is designed for learning and conti… can you better use your visual displays to build background knowledge? Optimize your #learningspaces through th… Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning in Young Children- Great video on this concept.… amazing ways to create a brain-friendly learning space. Great post from @cultofpedagogy #design @SpaceTheBook
Plus she doesn't have COVID. That's a bonus. Learning/Doing Gap Does your space promote learning or doing or both? #learningspaces't allow inertia, momentum, and tradition to guide your #learningspaces. No more set up your classroom mentality…“Educators, Designers Look to Change Traditional Classroom Furniture” #learningspaces high school spaces support engagement, movement, and active learning. Are you spaces nimble enough? Check out… do we know school staff are trustworthy? This resource considers this question and more.… are so many pieces of the learning story that can be supported by the environment. Watch this video that show…
7 Tips to Begin to Shift Learning Spaces. #intentionaldesign #leadingspaces #learningspacesA moment to notice the beauty of Friday whole interview was YES AND with @wickeddecent. Loved talking with him about building a space and culture to ca… to see thoughtful, design-driven schools. Discovery STEM Academy - YouTube #learningspaces @VSamerica of the work around learning spaces comes from having a designer's mindset and optimizing the parameter o… your reputation as a parent preceed you? This book offers some tips on how to not be "that parent".… layout – what does the research say? #learningspaces
Are you looking for ideas on how to support modern learning spaces? Check out this great resource.… you already get parts one through three of my FREE ebook series on learning spaces and design thinking? It is t… read from @vsamerica on What's Driving Schools to Rethink Student Desk and Classroom Layouts?… is the foundation of your learning space design? Are you using design thinking to guide the work? Use this FRE… flexible is your space? This video shows the power of nimble classrooms and discusses the philosophy behind agi…
Found this great blog on space design. Check out this piece on writable tables. #learningspacesGet tips from @drrobertdillon about how to create engaging, comfortable at-home learning environments.…
Retweeted by Bob DillonDo you have a designer's mindset? It is the first step to amazing #learningspaces? are the small steps around spaces design that can reap big rewards? Read more here. #learningspacesIs intraclass collaboration through use of our writable space a part of your learning ecosystem? Learn how to suppo… video on the work happening at University of Melbourne on #learningspaces.
First time parents need to know what to look for in a caring classroom. This book outlines 9 "look fors" in your ch… Things Educators Need To Know About Learning Spaces Some solid ideas to consider around #learningspacesGreat read, Dialogues II publication – the intersection of emerging research + design for learning, on the emerging… a chance to comment on school design and the trends shaping future learning in this article from @AVIXA can leaders support teachers with FREE resources about learning spaces and design thinking. Start HERE…
What simple things can you do to make your space for teachers feel profession and inspiring. Get ideas from this FR… you considering a book study with parents? This book is filled with ideas that can generate great conversations… you ever wondered how your memories of school affect your role in supporting your child's education? This book… Design Ideas to Create an Engaging and Comfortable Classroom Environment -- THE Journal #learningspacesWelcome to West Plains. Never been here before.All work around #learningspaces begin with a shift in mindset. Think like a designer and allow positive change to f…
Are you thinking about how to create excellent learning spaces? Want more practical ways to make it happen? Join th… case studies showcasing the power of teacher learning in modernizing #learningspaces Mentor Schools: Space to… you been over to Design Studio EDU? This is a great place to expand your designer's mindset.… to construct and design a learning space that truly serves kids this summer. Start by reading how to grow you… can we get parents to support our schools on social media? Consider one of the partnership strategies described…
Been thinking about home learning spaces a bit.
There is no such thing as ‘pro-American’ history. We have only one history, and a lot of it isn’t pretty. Only by t…
Retweeted by Bob DillonA new episode is ready for your listening pleasure. Head over to wherever you get your podcasts, subscribe and rate… #learningspaces at your own peril. The space teaches our students each second of the day., discover, play are great verbs to have at the core of your space design. Learning more about this in this… had a chance to be a guest on the Impact Learning Podcast. We talked about school design, and the essential eleme… the second part of my FREE ebook series on intentional design Featured content on desig… can we learn from nature as it related to our space design? #Biomimicry help us craft solutions with greater i… are you leading around #learningspaces? Members of @AASAHQ and @NASSP both know the power of the environment on…
Great conversation about the power of intentional design on the Better Learning podcast I… does it mean to craft modern learning? My keynote goes into some of the key elements. Watch now.… sure that your hacks don't turn your #learningspaces into junk yards and pursue a color palette that supports learning.Thanks to Issues in Education for this great conversation on the impact of space design on student achievement. Tak… factors in the physical environment supported learning based on this three year study.
Knowing the central verbs of a learning space opens up a new conversation about what mindsets are encouraged for st… to be featured in a new podcast hosted by the @Getting_Smart team. intraclass collaboration through use of our writable space a part of your learning ecosystem? Learn how to suppo… more and more about the importance of ergonomics as it relates classroom furniture. Worth diving into this… is much to learn about space design. I encourage an open set of feedback loops between students, educators, a…
Do you value the learning process? Where in your learning space does this value appear in images? More on this conc… to join the @360podcastPT to talk #learningspaces. What a fun conversation with lots of practical ideas spri… way we approach partnership with parents is out of date and ineffective. I'm excited to announce my latest book… design in action: Anatomy of a 400-seat Active Learning Classroom #design #learningspacesSo amazing how edcamp can transforming so many classrooms. #learning @LearningSTL
Thanks to the folks at @parktudor for this article about my work with them at the @TheCTTL summer academy. It was a… Waste the Walls: What PK-12 Schools Can Learn from Museum Design #learningspaces read about those thinking about healthy and healing spaces. Building Public Places for a Covid World… can we learning from #microsoftedulab as it relates to optimizing current spaces? Do you strived for zones in… this quick video on how to design spaces for quiet to support all students.
Be intentional about designing hallways with static, dynamic, and digital displays to support learning. Get ideas f… simple question that we can consider, do our spaces serve our students? If not, what shall we do?… role should #Learningspaces play in the change leadership of schools? This video goes into some of these detai… case studies showcasing the power of teacher learning in modernizing #learningspaces Mentor Schools: Space to… Your Classroom: Thoughtful reflection will help you make decisions about what to keep and what to disc…
There are so many parents that feel unwelcome in our students. This resources provides ideas on how to change that… a chance to talk about my book on modern parent partnerships in this quick video. Does your school have a fresh… you a leader looking for ways to optimize your school design? This FREE ebook can be a great resource. It is fu… are you telling the story of your #learningspaces and the #intentionaldesign that you are putting into place. C… Magazine did a great job of capturing the power of Learning Reimagined at @ucityschools. Check it out here.… the drinks break. #ARSFULHave to truly tapped the power of the space beyond the doors of the school? Cracking the Cover: The School Campus a…
Your sign should be mission driven, not event driven. #learningspaces #marketing research around the power of design is clear. Great read that synthesizes the findings. Rethinking Spatial Desi…“Biophilia, the love of nature and living things, is an essential part of the human condition. ” #learningspacesCheck out my podcast on Designing Learning Spaces with the @Getting_Smart team! if we all committed to having less stuff in our #learningspaces in the fall and more awareness about what impa… to see what the conversation around #learningspace could look like in the United State in a decade.
New set of questions to support schools with their #learningspaces. What elements are you considering? #design should be our number one focus and advocacy work in the area of #learningspaces #intentionaldesign this work digresses to decorations, pillows, and furniture, then we aren't handling this correctly at all. #learningspaces