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Amina Akhtar @Drrramina Trapped in a vortex

Human of the coyote vest pup. Former fashion editor. Author of #FashionVictim ("profoundly unsettling" —Kirkus) in stores now! Agent: @deborschneider

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@cinapelayo Yes but quarantining myself so I don’t pass it on to my dad @geniepee Ugh. I can’t move @emilyross816 Everything hurts 😫Please don’t be the flu. Please don’t be the flu. Please don’t be the flu. Yes I got my flu shot. I feel like roadkill.I've been blessed and lucky to have been a part of a number of events at @MystGalaxyBooks - please help if you can!…
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @cinapelayo He’s right @skstephenswrite I’m not but if I see a scorpion, it’s gotta go
And @SenMcSallyAZ voted to confirm him. You can donate to McSally's Democratic opponent @ShuttleCDRKelly here:…
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @alisongaylin @deborschneider @lisajewelluk I concur! 😍 @clairehoworth Not a parent, just incredibly lazyWait Hillary Clinton is a terf? That’s disappointing. Trans women are women! only is @blacklionking73’s cover for Blacktop Wasteland insanely awesome, but he won an Anthony Award! Which al… @gjurasicpark My Scorpio dad watched me go ham on it with a fly swatter @Margit Send help @msjennimiller It never endsIt’s mid-November and I just had to kill a scorpion in my house 😫Pre-order link :
Retweeted by Amina AkhtarSome heady news. We’ve received notice that we are losing our lease for our Balboa Avenue storefront, and will need…
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @alisongaylin Yessss! Congrats!I give in. I’m sick. Nurse Bean is keeping me company 😷What we're putting kids through is unconscionable @blacklionking73 @Flatironbooks Love this cover! Congrats!So excited to finally share this! The cover for my next novel #BLACKTOPWASTELAND coming July 14,2020 from…
Retweeted by Amina AkhtarAlso, when I used to have to do giftguides, I'd try to make them as ridiculous as possible because that's what got… @Kelly_J_Ford Lol good!Next.
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @Pteratorn It'd be better if he didn't. Hide in your billionaire cave and leave us alone. @Pteratorn Gross.Same, Gus. Same.
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @eiffeltyler I'm realizing more and more how much my sinuses are giving me migraines. @eiffeltyler I'm gonna be that annoying person who offers suggestions--would a humidifier help maybe?And yes, I am re-reading @amandamull's fabulous Goop piece just because. this thread from Amina. It's Goop, so my first thought is always: Oh, what are they recommending we put up our…
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @pjoneswriter I have to find it. It’s in a box somewhere, as is his reel to reel machine @Kelly_J_Ford No they looked like solidly good choices tbhDid my computer just give up? Sure did! Better go fix that. Go shopping, or don’t. I don’t care.I'm disappointed at how not ridiculous this guide is compared to years past. Gwyn, bring back the absurd! They eve… @Kelly_J_Ford There's a whole bunch of vibrators but hey, every woman deserves to get off so can't poke funConfession: I oohed at a few of the wellness things, goddess help me. But if you're buying $34 toilet paper, it bet… @CarsonSieving Carson.Remember that Rosebud Vag balm I tweeted the other day? Found their target audience! pointing out that my dad actually has this from the 1970s so if you want it, hit me up. didn't know that my life was missing a marble connect four set but here we are. (It's not, trust me.) gold and diamond pinky ring. White cat to pet while demanding money from world leaders sold separately'm moving on to the Gifts for the One Who Has Everything (except their soul) Fancy pocket knives because it's on… fancy joint roller because only plebes roll their own do you get the rich white man in your life--besides a presidential run? A ticket to space! for Billionaires! rich-ies, go see the endangered animals before the industries you oversee kill them all! dehydrated caviar bar for when you really need salty fish eggs on the go. (I'm gagging.)'s that special time of year when the Goop gift guides come out. There's a category called Ridiculous but Awesome… store clerk when I was 16. I learned grown men will make time to say the grossest shit to teenage girls @rgay @debbiemillman Congratulations! @Kelly_J_Ford I am, right now. Thank you @Kelly_J_Ford I use it on my face and neck and whatever's left over I may rub on my hands. Just lotion up the hands every night, it'll help. @Kelly_J_Ford It does because the combo of the two is sublime. God I need to get hobbies. @Kelly_J_Ford Which ones? The oil? The scrub? Listen, the one thing making me happy (besides Bean) is that my skin… @JoshilynJackson In 1992 cocaine, weed, and acid were huge at my high school, if that helps?I'd love a site or insta that's product recs but also, tells you that $72 bottle of face oil won't change your life… @andizeisler It's that kind of day @finleywrites If your skin is dewy, no one can tell you're crying! @albertclee But me doing that to myself hahahhaahh i'm fine. Everything is fine @joabbs I love skincare products, it's my big splurge beyond Beanie. (She has expensive treat tastes.) But I know I… @bigdornenergy I buy products instead of going to therapy so you're one up on meI'm in a mood, clearly. But at least my skin feels soft, so you know, take that depression!Here's a winter skincare tip! If you focus on making a ridiculously complicated regimen to follow daily, you may fo… @utterlybasil @MorrisAnimal Hahahaha she's a star! (of my life only, alas) @emilyross816 No Emily it’s cursed @cinapelayo Curse all the rich. @MorrisAnimal Beanie is also known as Babaganoush and Boba Fett hope it’s cursed @lovedetective_ Oh no it’s a migraine @jasonekeil It wasn’t my cocaine so...By popular demand:
Retweeted by Amina AkhtarI had to get one @jasonekeil WE’RE NOT SICK JASON @JenniferHillier That’s actual live footageTrying to convince myself that my itchy eyes, scratchy throat, achey everything mean nothing. It’s fine. No one sic…
@TheMeccanism Reading you @poisonedpen The day is young! @AlizaLicht I need it! 😴 @Hogdini I...don’t know if I want to knowMercury retro is your good friend @lovedetective_ sending pics of you from 2001-2002 and you remember none of it.The first letter of @RepGosar's (R-AZ) last 24 tweets spell out "Epstein Didn't Kill Himself."
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @kellyekell Me to my draft @wendydheard I can’t get over it! That poor woman. Like, if she never left her house again I wouldn’t blame herOh my god there’s more on the diarrhea bucket story 🤢 thing where you open your draft, see your notes on what needs to be done, and close it right back out.Nine months from today we'll learn whether watching impeachment hearings all day is good for your sex life.
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @CharlesFinch Maybe pet a dog. @CharlesFinch Just don't go outside. Best to be safe @CharlesFinch Going camping is begging for a serial killer to come by @TylerAKing My yard gremlins don't look like thatIn June, I was one of 36 Jews arrested for obstructing an ICE "detention facility" in Elizabeth, NJ, setting off a…
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @TylerAKing Whaaaaaat the hell @albertclee It will start out fine and then they’ll tell me about the swingers group they’re in and that Trump made… @albertclee Please don’t make me talk to the locals.I can't look away
Retweeted by Amina Akhtar @albertclee There’s so much to see!That’s one way to never lose your car