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@l_dougherty91 🤣🤣Had almost 6 months to plan it, and I know for a fact all I'll say is "shaved on back n sides n just a bit off top"
@Ele_ctrified Means you've missed out big style. You aint ever going to get that candy now.
@Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard And i can only assume from your actions (from behind a fake profile) are based aroun… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard You called me racist for saying "do all lives not matter then" @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard All Lives Matter. To disagree makes you a homophobe, a sexist, a transphobe, an ageist, a bigot. @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard No, incorrect. You aint learnt a thing. Black lives matter, no ones saying they dont… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard I think you learned a valuable lesson here. Just because i see that others are more…
Heartwarming to know that yet another terrorist attack has been committed by someone known to MI5. What the fuck do…
@ValeWolf @UserControl @lindsmspurling @DJDole @MatthewLillard You're a homophobe. Where's your support for gay peo… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Homophobe. @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Whats stupid about me? You're homophobic, its clear to see. People like you who deny… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard If you need your homophobia spelled out to you it really highlights your ignorance @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Denying the oppressed and murdered homosexuals around the world a voice by stating b… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard @Fluffypinkhes you are a ignorant bigoted homophobe. DisgustingAll lives matter. Not just the ones with a hashtag @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Just so you dont miss it @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard No, you're ignoring the 2 posts i made about one other minority group who are system… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard I'll wait while you move the goalposts of your argument, to make your perceived mist… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Your argument seems to be this - "We have a cool hashtag that is very current and tr… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Just in case you missed it. State backed murder for homosexuals. All lives matter @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Here's a visual representation of countries with the death penalty for homosexuality… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Why seperate the causes? Why not just say all lives matter and fight to righten the… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard And equally, to some, white lives dont matter, transgender lives dont matter, elderl… @Fluffypinkhes @MatthewLillard Clearly people do care about black lives, this entire thread proves it. So all lives matter, right? @Saronkh996 @MatthewLillard Why would they? I teach them to treat all lives with respect @disssgraceful @MatthewLillard Can't what? You've missed some words out of your comment it seems
@DJDole @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @MatthewLillard You are clearly very racist, Mr Dole
@DJDole @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @MatthewLillard "Stealing their voice" - interesting phrase. At no point in any… @DJDole @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @MatthewLillard So I'm right then? All lives do matter at all times? @DJDole @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @MatthewLillard Again, a silly analogy. My neighbours house may be burning, but… @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @DJDole @MatthewLillard I understand your reluctance to answer a simple question. To say… @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @DJDole @MatthewLillard Just want an answer to a simple question. Do all lives matter to you?
@lindsmspurling @Johnc1918 @DJDole @MatthewLillard As i said, i was asking his personal opinion. I want to know if,… @lindsmspurling @Johnc1918 @DJDole @MatthewLillard I was asking for his personal opinion, i dont believe one twitte… @Johnc1918 @lindsmspurling @DJDole @MatthewLillard Ok. Do all lives matter. Yes or no
@kaatiemxx Trapped under a burning vehicle with a Jack russel fucking me in my ear @jfagej @chrismcclure86 Being in contact with someone who tests positive means you have to isolate for 14 days
@CWRyder Arsenal for me, i think the premier league as a whole was more competitive then. There was never a doubt w…
@emilyhewertson Load Of Shite
@LoveWilko still waiting on delivery of items ordered on the 25-05-20 , no one answers customer service number, no…
@seoulsurvivor68 @ZachtheKingsfan @Necrofancyy @MatthewLillard Show me where you find the statistic to back this up @oppaikohai @HiArthurAlien @zoey_luke @MatthewLillard Sooooo you could warp it to show more black people are being killed. Yeah? @seoulsurvivor68 @ZachtheKingsfan @Necrofancyy @MatthewLillard Today, in this very time period. Research it. Its ve… @FatherJ0hnMayer @MatthewLillard The way you are rabidly defending your uninvited speech shows me just how racist y… @FatherJ0hnMayer @MatthewLillard Racist. @FatherJ0hnMayer You are speaking on issues you have never experienced as if you have authority to do so. You are p… @shania8280 @MatthewLillard If you dont see black people as human beings that on you. Its very racist, but your opi… @Saronkh996 @MatthewLillard Ever? No white person has ever been killed in a racist attack? @FatherJ0hnMayer @MatthewLillard You're a racist. Speaking uninvited on the behalf of other races denies them a voice. @Fluffypinkhes @kittennaglas @MatthewLillard Thats offensive and racist @WakWar @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard *wonder @WakWar @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Easy to do isnt it. Winder if there's an easy way to clarify the message?
@LockTempest Its this watered down tepid descent into clutching at straws to accuse someone of sexism that ultimate… @LockTempest Which word, or collection of words there, do you think is sexist? @LockTempest You've just descended into self parody now. Unfortunate that @LockTempest Takes a lot of work to talk to someone as dumb as you, im all in @LockTempest It is when you accuse me of sexism and the only flimsy bit of evidence you provide is me saying ive bl… @LockTempest Can i just be sure you asked her for her pronouns and gender orientation before labelling her a 'woman' Pretty sexist if not @LockTempest Just saying something is sexist or racist doesn't make it so, you understand that dont you. @LockTempest Well, lets see them then, screenshot "pretty much" all my intereactions with her and we'll see what yo… @LockTempest I dont see the sexism. I was directly asking you a question, someone else was answering and making it… @LockTempest Where? @LockTempest Where did i do this? @LockTempest You could argue that you perceive my words as racist, but thats not how they are meant, if they are pe… @LockTempest Where have i been sexist? @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Could I have an apology for calling me racist and sexist? Thats a terr… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard No. No no no. I have been told what you ASSUME im doing based on your e… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard ALM is neing used by racists in a racist way. Its also being used by no… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Its a grey area isnt it? How i mean something to be said and how you in… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Explaining them to me as rascist gives one point of view - your point o… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Thank you. But it makes a valid point about assumption. Having people n… @MNickman @JJ_Wolf310 @Necrofancyy @MatthewLillard But you have already found the numbers, why allow me to go and l… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard I dont recall directly calling you a liar, as i said, i have not seen t… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Well, assume i didnt see your answer because of all the orher white noi… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Now ive blocked the annoying siren out of our ears, lets talk properly.… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard I just want a yes or no answer, thats all. Again - yes or no, is it dan… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Let him speak. I want HIS answer. You keep deflecting. Its a simple ans… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard As i said, i am not asking you, i am asking him for an answer, let him speak @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard No its not. Yes or no @LockTempest its you im asking @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Well, feel feee to step out, i am talking to him, not you, i want him t… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard You really havent. Simply, yes or no, is it dangerous for black men for… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard No he didnt. He said not all assumptions are dangerous. I want to know,… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Yes, assumed unspoken words are completely different to assuming someon… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Is it dangerous for black men if the police assume all black men are ar… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard He said 'one can only assume you're siding with the racists' You are a… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Yes, that is pretty much exactly what he did, ignored a simple question… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard I see you thought up, or saw, the phrase 'racist dog whistle' and have… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard You are avoiding the question. Is assuming black men are armed and viol… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Your reply is not relevant to what ive just said? I'm saying assumption… @MNickman @JJ_Wolf310 @Necrofancyy @MatthewLillard Can you link me to the statistics that back this up? ONS statistics if possible @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Assumption is a pretty dangerous thing. The police 'assuming' black men… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Why not say the extra word and avoid the argument. Anyone who argues wi… @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Its not commonsense is it tho? Clearly, if by 'implying' one word of a four word sta… @Promblematic1 @LockTempest @MatthewLillard Welll, look at you here, i did comment. You can be wrong! Who'd have thought it eh? @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Like me, i have dark hair, glasses, a big nose, its purely appearance b… @LockTempest @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard No, you assume thats how its said. All lives matter, to me, means just… @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard Correct me if wrong, but you are white, you are part of the problem, you are privile… @Promblematic1 @MatthewLillard For instance, your name. Acab. Are all cops bastards? Or just some cops? Theres no g…