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RIP Karen McCluskey, the heart and soul of Wisteria Lane

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@mce1201 So much honesty, so few vocals
@randazzzzle White people named Chris100% Adele shows up in that Jamaican flag bikiniThe stans are in a tizzy! Y’all why would Adele drop an album and then promote it by hosting SNL and not performing… love that Adele said “no singing, thank you”! @JayJurden This blackfishing lighting!This isn’t hard!!!!
Retweeted by drueOne has to go @DiscreetLatino Nerd blogging influencer who sells blood plasma to buy jewelryOkay, another progress step of my Angewomon Cosplay until I can finally share the finished costume with you veeeeer…
Retweeted by druesolange performing 'binz' on the tonight show starring jimmy fallon. ⚪
Retweeted by drueit’s the way they haven’t missed once
Retweeted by druecurls say hello
@th3saddestangel And Wind it Up!The way the girls finna be posed up on their beds with their amazon knockoff hue lights talmbout POSITIONS🚨 @ArianaGrande’s new single, #Positions, will be released NEXT Friday, October 23rd. #AG6 is coming on the 30th.
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Retweeted by druedazzling my childhood idol 😭✨
Retweeted by drueBlocking anyone that shares that Jenna Marbles cereal song
Retweeted by drueFeeling like today’s soundtrack is gonna be @bronzeavery. A catalog stacked with bops!ariana on her hoe phase period #POSITIONS
Retweeted by drueHappy spooky season! #queenofthedamned #akasha #aaliyah #Halloween
Retweeted by drueIngrid Goes West.... that was a romp!! @diettrade The reflexes this requires @Dominicannabis_ Not grass that says grass !!!Girl calm down!!!!
Retweeted by drueThey stopped selling my mango tomatillo salsa two years ago and I’m still bitter
Retweeted by drueIf he said 6’8” and stopped it with his neck I would be impressed and interested!Okay but 6’1” is like smedium tall so I’m still confused what the purpose of this production was @bronzeavery I’ll consider it if it’s a live vocal track. Or if they shot it multiple times and used the audio from one take lol @ira MNEK’s pen!! The flavour!Cyclops
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Retweeted by druelife is having me like her right now
Retweeted by drueThe easiest way to make a Virgo mad is to tell us to do something we were already about to do. You’ll see our heads start spinning. 😂
Retweeted by drueguess what
Retweeted by drue @Daneuntamed That’s a lot of meat!! @prettyboydad LMAOOOO I CANT @justasvf ONE!!????!
Retweeted by drueRina Sawayama by Greg Lin Jiajie.
Retweeted by drueus for the cover of @BlancMag 🤍 📷: daria kobayashi ritch
Retweeted by drue.@ChloeXHalle look divine in new photos shared to social media. 💫
Retweeted by drueThank you @LanaDelRey for always using our app💯🔥! #FanThursday
Retweeted by druehow it started vs how it’s going 🤓
Retweeted by drueBut at what cost.
Retweeted by drueAnother burst of CONFETTI is coming your way 🎉 Happiness, out this Friday! #Confetti
Retweeted by druevote blue no matter who
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Woof the music heal your pain.
Retweeted by drueIndya Moore wearing Balmain on the November cover of Vogue India. Photographed by Greg Swales.
Retweeted by drueThe only way NBC regrets its decision is if Trump’s town hall flops but the way y’all like to live tweet everything…
Retweeted by drue I need a vacation!!🤡🤡 proudly carried a bucket of lip gloss to the function
Retweeted by drue9AM meltdown incoming lmaoooooThe way he looks like every white boy directing major from my film school 😭 @th3saddestangel Why don’t you go back to taking a breakIT’S THE RASCALS
Retweeted by drue @MathewNoKnowles Ariana owns and controls means of production for herself. She’ll call up Victoria Monet and one of…
Retweeted by drueThe scene we all deserve😭
Retweeted by drueI respect this trolling
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Ty Dolla $ign naming his album Feat. Ty Dolla $ign... that’s so funnyIve never been happier...bae dm me the title
Retweeted by drueOH @turnandstomp Jesus almightyGoing to have a good day today
Retweeted by drueTHEE trench coat kristen bell were cast in hereditary
Retweeted by drueI love an out of context Wendy clipTHE HOT SHEET 🔥 Beyoncé!
Retweeted by drueTHE HOT SHEET 🔥 Toni Braxton!
Retweeted by drueGirl I had the quietest whisper of The Rona in June but lemme get this castor oil soaking it started & how it’s going 💙
Retweeted by drue @FirstKnivesClub It’s like...... sis YOU are old
Sweetie what is this today’s magazine cover drops have me like 😍🙌🏾✨
Retweeted by drueMmhm accidentally cut of course need more comedic acting roles for Nicki because my girl can act.
Retweeted by drueSame energy
Retweeted by drueI don’t think we laugh enough about this Hottie with a natural body 😛
Retweeted by drueI didn’t know this girl, but I knew this girl, you know?The way this lil girl boiled my blood!! A young talent Virgo to induce emotion at a convenient moment LMAO yikesI just wanted to do my lil Instagram workout and read a book in bed. Now I’m playing Jessie Ware ballads and trying…’m I dealing with arguments on Sl*ck at 8PM @aspencristi It’s hasn’t stopped either to meet my goal by my birthday which is on the 2nd of November pls donate and share if u can
Retweeted by drueIt’s like an advent calendar of tweets I don’t need to seeClicking on a quote tweet to find this always cracks me up today was rough
The prompt wasn’t “would you divorce this man for lip syncing Stupid Love down the aisle” bc that’s not you, that’s… they like flash mobs, that’s their wedding and their business