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🎶Panic on the streets of London, Panic on the streets of Birmingham, I wonder to myself, could life ever be sane again? 🎶🎸🥁🎤 🌹

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Notice how Snow cuts her off when she talks about the role of the media & the Labour party in Corbyn’s demise @Bunchie1975 They’re not, it’s just you being a dead-inside psycho, you can’t understand & are unable to sympathise… is a profession on the apartheid right.
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @leechwaifu @RedWoman1552 @Babble___ 👏🏽👏🏽👌🏽 @RedWoman1552 @leechwaifu Whoever found that blog made this whole site worthwhile 😆 @RedWoman1552 @leechwaifu I don’t know?! Who are people saying it is? @changed_gear @1sthappysodme @k4_owen @garywilson2013 @MettlesomeTeri @changed_gear @1sthappysodme @RedWoman1552 @leechwaifu It’s ace! I love it 😆😆😆#CryingLaughing @BareLeft @Babble___ @Col13584420 @alixabeth I did. I don’t understand why it’s not shown on any of the satellite channels nowLabour members who believe in the ‘17 and ‘19 manifestos watching the first four months of Starmer’s leadership
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @alixabeth Rockford FilesCharlie Mullins is the Rod Stewart remix of Tim Martin
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊Remember when we said Brexit would lead to shortages of meds and they said ‘Project Fear’ Well Brexit will lead to…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊“The Guardian and openDemocracy can reveal”... three weeks after I wrote the same story for @BylineTimes
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊Why don’t they just follow that bee? @maryannehobbs @BBC6Music #MathsOfLife“We are human, we have our rights, and we want our children to be with us.” #Yezidi women have been forcibly separa…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @ClientJournoExp As if anyone reads a 20 foot long thread. Self indulgent b*ll*cks from the Cheshire branch of the Centrist Dad club @ClientJournoExp Maybe they’re like young Tories? Minuscule in number, but they get their voices amplified
@chris_jay_1 It’s not manufactured, it’s fact. Your denial of the facts is a deflection cos it’s you that is embedd… @MgillAnn @alexrubner You haven’t read it @chris_jay_1 @AaronBastani @AyoCaesar Have you read the article? If you have & your ok with an MP having 18k unansw… @wesstreeting @RosieDuffield1 She hasn’t had abuse, she’s rightly been challenged for ill-considered tweets. She is… @chris_jay_1 @AaronBastani This bears no relation to the tweet, nor the article referenced, which you have clearly… remarkable article by a member of Rosie Duffield’s CLP. Alongside ignoring all emails after winning the seat in J…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @MgillAnn @alexrubner A. It of light reading on your “hero”’ @k4_owen 😆🔥🔥🔥👌🏽 it does fit @shockproofbeats History to the conservative party is like a big etch a sketch where they just wipe things off they…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊Dan’s a leftie 👍🏽😀#Emmerdale @trikileaks That’s it! I’m getting it confused with goulash 🤦🏽‍♀️ @jamesk74497814 Sicilian roast chicken + smoky onion mash & pan fried gem lettuce @Daddy__c0o1 @redflag3rd @searriagh67 @Labour_Celts @jeremycorbyn I feel the same. Never had so little hope. Before… @jamesk74497814 The chips look fabulous, F.A.B.U.L.O.U.S 👌🏽I’d ditch the bacon tho, meat monster @justme36955736 Boeuf bourguignon probably 😆 @jamesk74497814 I love it. I want it. Extra points for having a bottles of red in shot 10/10 @Daddy__c0o1 @jeremycorbyn @redflag3rd Yeah, he should’ve insisted on loyalty & that would e nipped that “he’s a ni… looking & sounding like Dracula’s better looking cousin #bbcnews @justme36955736 *put* @justme36955736 No red wine or paprika, according to Good Food, but f*ck it, let’s be mavericks & our in what we want 😆 @justme36955736 I’m googling it... @msjenmac Musicians can take that long to do albums. No point rushing things 👍🏽“See-a-batter” 😆😆😆😆 massive self-own while trying to have a jab #cdwm #comedinewithme @msjenmac That’s a tough one. Anything you can do to unblock? @jercor1 Eh? even any garnish to break up the beige #cdwm #comedinewithme @msjenmac I was hinting at that 😆 Maybe it’s cos he’s creative - massive mess = great chef? I’m super organised & w… @msjenmac In my life, the people that cook the best make the most messShe’s not winning with that starter #cdwm #comedinewithme @jercor1 Cool meme 😆 @msjenmac People seem to get a lot of pleasure out of cooking - it’s just stress & endless washing up from what I can see @Daddy__c0o1 @redflag3rd @searriagh67 @Labour_Celts @jeremycorbyn So frustrating. In retrospect, I wish Livingstone… @msjenmac You’re one jammy lady 😆Doesn’t stroganoff always have paprika in it? 🤔 #cdwm #comedinewithme @Daddy__c0o1 @redflag3rd @searriagh67 @Labour_Celts @jeremycorbyn I didn’t know about that! What a shabby f*cker @Daddy__c0o1 @redflag3rd @searriagh67 @Labour_Celts @jeremycorbyn She was crap @earthygirl011 D’you know what’s making me think about this, I’ve had a blocked ear since Jan & people on here & ir… @k4_owen @garywilson2013 He’s gorgeous 😍 @jamesk74497814 😆😆😆👍🏽 @jamesk74497814 Bit like these guys @jamesk74497814 😆😆😆no, some terrible Frsh Prince type 80s rap I just feel that if gigs ever get going again, ST w… @jamesk74497814 😆😆😆👏🏽👌🏽he’s made up for it by playing shit now @jamesk74497814 Orange Juice “Rip It Up” That’s a bummer - how come? @jamesk74497814 strong tune from SK 💪🏽 @Lovehasnowords1 😆😆😆sounds like a good feast & you ate all your veg too, good girl 👍🏽
@GrouchoMarxist5 I’d watch that show 😆 @GrouchoMarxist5 Ah, that is interesting @barryoleary77 @silverrich39 The exact same happened to me. Followed him for ages, liked everything he tweeted, res… @GrouchoMarxist5 That’s what I think & I think they have a team of real experts that do the dog work & brief the tv ones, who then blag itMaybe give up on time capsules then 🤷🏽‍♀️ #Antiquesroadshow @jamesk74497814 Not everyone’s got the soft spot for Dev you have tho 😉Wtf did they go with the penny farthing design? #antiquesroadshow @roastbeefjohnny @jamesk74497814 I’d pay no more than 37p for her, but only if she did the ironingEVERYTHING on this show is valued between 1-2k 🙄#AntiquesroadshowIt’s shit! #antiquesroadshowI’m saying table. The other 2 look like tacky tat. That’s my excuse if I’m wrong #antiquesroadshowThey’re gorgeous, I want them #antiquesroadshowI'd welcome the sweet release of death too if Michael Gove was my husband.
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @SartorialThug She might be left handed?’s the point of cutting a diamond if it’s not to make it sparkle? 🤔#antiquesroadshowMembers of the House of Lords receive a £305 per day attendance allowance, travel expenses & subsidised restaurant…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @JillHudson21 He was such a beauty ❤️ @JillHudson21 I still miss that fella who hates black people wastes his Sunday trying to find new & inventive ways of masking his hatred for black pe… @k4_owen @MettlesomeTeri @garywilson2013 I just don’t get why tho? House of Lords perform a vital legislative function; they can amend proposed laws and can delay a government pa…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @daddofriel @SartorialThug 😆😆😆 @brokenbottleboy 🔥 🔥 🔥👌🏽 @philbc3 I wish someone would stage an intervention & hide the wine from her. She always tweets like a tw*t, but re… @Lovehasnowords1 Yeah, but they must really hate you to put turnip on there 🤢😆 @daddofriel @SartorialThug And, just like that, you killed my sandwich buzz 😆 @SartorialThug I approve so strongly of these 🙌🏽 Was there ever any melted cheese in the omelette? @WestminsterWAG Shame you can’t control your tweet finger @chefdeals Yep, fresh eggs are a joySarah Vine things one *shouldn’t* bankrupt the nation for: • preventing spread of global pandemic and keeping peop…
Retweeted by AtinA 🍊🍊🍊 @chefdeals Wow! Looks stunnning @TheDukeofNorton @AudreyAurus1 😆😆😆👌🏽