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AtinA @drummergirl1971 Nottingham, England

#JC4EVA #GTTO #VoteLabour ❤️ ✊🏽🌹Tories are not your friend, you wazzock

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@Communista2 @JimmyJa73500639 @jameshirst91 Don’t get me started on it. It boils my blood. Poor Vernon. Heard it was close @jameshirst91 @Communista2 @JimmyJa73500639 Half a lager shandy? Is that enough? @JimmyJa73500639 @Communista2 @jameshirst91 Nottingham East still Labour ✊🏽 @jameshirst91 @Communista2 @JimmyJa73500639 Hey! Some of my best friends come from Alfreton 😉We’ve discussed this b… @Communista2 @JimmyJa73500639 I thought Jimmy was Alfreton? We could give him a pass tho... @jameshirst91 @Communista2 @JimmyJa73500639 We definitely, definitely should. Who else is Nottingham apart from me & thee? @HeldinEU @Rosa_Red_ @firtyfreefousan @EarleAlly @garywilson2013 @RightsPluralist @barryoleary77 @jeremycorbyn @TudieTomlinson @jeremycorbyn Yes. I’m really looking forward to the Jezza march in Feb. Chance to say goodbye. Jus… @AndyStill11 Ah f*ck ‘em. They’re dead on the inside anyway ✊🏽Been a bit pathetic today. At the petrol station, caught myself thinking “this time last week...” and had to get a… @JohnSimpsonNews Who cares? It’s 💩anyway, as is the rest of their news/current affairs. Not sure who is left to sta… @buddy_hell What a mardy moo. I bet she’s fun at parties @emmash80 I think going wild please them tho & why add to their glee?I know you need to tell yourself and the public this, but people saw for themselves how BBC performed during the el…
Retweeted by AtinA @huwbbc The government threaten those at the top of the organisation re their funding & they pass the threat down. It’s not complicated @K4Owen @celtjules66 @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @barryoleary77 @Hardeep216 @ElaineDyson1 @dawnsmith07 @ArgyleLoz @K4Owen @celtjules66 @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @barryoleary77 @Hardeep216 @ElaineDyson1 @dawnsmith07 @ArgyleLoz @rodgers_tc Yes. Altho I really admire people of peace & I know in my heart they are usually right, it is not in my… @K4Owen @celtjules66 @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @barryoleary77 @Hardeep216 @ElaineDyson1 @dawnsmith07 @ArgyleLoz @K4Owen @celtjules66 @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @barryoleary77 @Hardeep216 @ElaineDyson1 @dawnsmith07 @ArgyleLoz @K4Owen @celtjules66 @Card007Teri @VictorK43995989 @barryoleary77 @Hardeep216 @ElaineDyson1 @dawnsmith07 @ArgyleLoz @Faney9 @SartorialThug @jeremycorbyn @Faney9 @SartorialThug @jeremycorbyn You seem sane @599bt @JackJosephConn1 Blaming other people for your own poor voting choices? “They made me do it” if you’re not c… @ayeshahazarika She’s got a point. The posted a screechy/ranty tweet to get the attention she knew she would. She’s… @Muqadaam he helped build & we still have his legacy & I am pleased that he & his family can escape the hideousness… @Muqadaam I do too. Got no enthusiasm for a new leader - he was the one I had been desperate for. In 2014/15 I thou… @Swanswan0307 @tisy47 This is to deflect from the furore over #BBCBias towards Labour. @SartorialThug @jeremycorbyn We’ll never agree on who next, but we are united in a love of pork pies & Nottingham. Sleep well ✊🏽 @SartorialThug @jeremycorbyn He didn’t forget them. I’m working class. He produced a manifesto that had everything… @SartorialThug @jeremycorbyn Don’t be a c*nt dude. You can just enjoy your victory in a gentlemanly way. No need to… @KieranMcKeef @MattCooper_ What about the rest of the images I sent you? @KieranMcKeef @MattCooper_ @KieranMcKeef @MattCooper_ Yes, it really was @RealSpartacus10 @AngieMeader Troll @MattCooper_ Shame you weren’t keen on being open or tolerant for the past 4 years & I doubt much had changed now @KieranMcKeef @MattCooper_ That was in the 2019 Labour manifesto @4spooky6me @ayeshahazarika And getting off on the attention they’re getting. Vain no-brains @jameshirst91 so complacent, they’ll do something blindingly unpopular, or the public will just get bored & restles… @jameshirst91 I don’t think they even have to be that socialist, any Labour leader will get savaged, just not as mu… @rhymingmisfit @MrsLandDB I’m not worried about myself as much yet, but who knows where we’ll be in the future? Been worried about you tho 😘 @ne_grant Licking my wounds @4spooky6me @ayeshahazarika I’m not keen on people who are meant to be on the same side savagely attacking us when…
@ayeshahazarika You spent ten years doing a job & still failed to get the guy you were advising elected? I’d keep q… @Utilit_Aria Unlikely. If you were, you wouldn’t be tweeting trigger-baiting stuff, in a desperate attempt to garne… @Utilit_Aria You are on drugs @ayeshahazarika A) the tweet you’re quoting is from an extreme right source B) you are a ma… @roastbeefjohnny 😂😂 I think that was all ‘70s dads. Mine was too, til he became diabetic @roastbeefjohnny You’re a good dad. Mine was great in many ways, but I was forced to watch every single news progra… @Andrew_Adonis Before this week: Corbynites are Stalinists who purge their enemies Now: *Al Pacino Voice* I want h…
Retweeted by AtinA @roastbeefjohnny 😂😂😂I can’t bear to watch it. It’s *so* dreadful @Pace1013 @TransGeraldine @tony_nog @steveffoulkes You are quoting Boris Johnson. This is his philosophy @danBlake1998 @michaeljswalker Paul Weller! @TonyLyons66 Most definitely2010 I was annoyed at the GE result, but didn’t realise what devastation would be unleashed. 2015 I was desperate f… @sonnyjfox00 I would gladly post you mine, but I don’t want to encourage such freakery @RedWoman1552 Looks gorgeous ❤️ @femiokes Propaganda @kittttsy You read my mind! Was just thinking this! @huwbbc @BBCNews I look forward to future debates that focus on transparency, honesty & fair & balanced scrutiny of… @Baddiel @OwenJones84 Says the guy who casually threw out “Corbynista” & “Corbynite” @simonmaginn Yeah. That was my feeling too. They’re not going to let this go, especially with a new leadership elec… @jercor1 @BStott9 Dude! He will be choosing your nursing home!! @dawnsmith07 Let’s both have a good rest & come back fitter & fighting. I never even asked how your candidate Lavinia got on? @Mark_Profound @redgreenaction @Sachal_Suhrab I hate that bumbling bollock. Few people’s voices can make my hackles rise like his @dawnsmith07 Exactly! I always felt lonely as a LW because most people I know aren’t really into politics, but we h… @AbdullaLoula @Peterletsresist @AbdSattarIT @barryoleary77 @mojos55 @ToryFibs @AaronBastani @ArgyleLoz @celtjules66 @dawnsmith07 I don’t know how you do so much with constant pain - I’ve been floored by just a cold! Not feeling gre… @evolvepolitics @Cornish_Damo I hope you’re right, but fear it’s a repeat of the Thatcher years again @dawnsmith07 Dawn, how are your ribs doing? Was thinking about you after all that canvassing you did x @MsCCollins1 How will she deal with being denied all that media attention she craves?Jarvis Cocker - Cunts Are Still Running the World via @YouTube @Steveeejg 😞 @Andreww00874110 That’s good to know @soopagaz They’re off the c*nt scale aren’t they. The gloating I get, it’s not what I would’ve done cos it’s tastel… brilliant letter to Jeremy Corbyn already signed by thousands please retweet and share
Retweeted by AtinA @Andrew_Adonis He formed a close friendship with a media Baron @MartinRemains No. The RW have got the knives out & their jack boots on, on here, in the media & out there. They ar… @ChivasDivot @treezsteele @danpkotw @DeborahMeaden Which the media helpfully kept quiet about. What I got from BoJo… @PatMGlass @AngieMeader @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour That’s not what “Labour to my bones” means. Rushing into something… @AudreyAurus1 @Eleanor83388692 @TheCanaryUK @TheMendozaWoman RW Twitter’s being it’s usual vicious self. Sneery, co…
@Satiresocialist @AP_Doramaqueen Was thinking about this in the taxi on the way to town. Centrists couldn’t lose. I… there are quite a few people left over from the teams that organised the defeats of Brown and Miliband to c…
Retweeted by AtinA @SartorialThug @JasonKane0909 Me either. We can be miserable buggers together 😉✊🏽 @SartorialThug Thought you’d be into the Grime grandad @roastbeefjohnny 😂😂😂very sound advice 👍🏽 @roastbeefjohnny It’s ok, I just got a bit melodramatic watching the news. Going out in a bit & sure I will get to… @roastbeefjohnny Cheers JRB. Been political all my life, but think I’m done with it now. Jut going to keep my head… @JasonKane0909 I know Jase, it’s so, so grim, but we survived Thatcher & we will have to survive this ✊🏽 @WeDoNotLearn73 AppreciatedStayed up all night, then went to work, so think I’m too knackered for it to have fully sunk in, but every now & th… @mikekatz @BBCNews @maitlis Please note, you do not need to be A) Jewish or B) a Labour Party member to be a member… @BolsoverBeast @Maxxiimmu I’m gutted for you. You were an amazing MP. They didn’t deserve you @Ninjamoose69 He’s talking about the MPs you dolt @simonmaginn It didn’t really want that either tho. Rejected Brown, rejected Milliband. While we have a rotten, cor… @JillGore8 Yeah, same. I could spend hours giving specifics of why I detest BJ. All I got from them was vague disli… @MichaelRosenYes Cos they believed the hype they heard & read @TonyLyons66 @lucianaberger @jeremycorbyn @UKLabour Mute point now 😂 @roastbeefjohnny Quite frankly, they’re twats then. If a guy that hides in a fridge gets their vote, good look to ‘em