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✖️ Max Monroy @drunkenfix Monterrey, Nuevo León

✖️🏳️‍🌈 🇲🇽✖️ He / They✖️ Concept Artist - Character Design✖️Spanish | English ✖️ Icon by @crystalbeastie✖️Read my webcomic! ⤵️

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@pasteldesoriana Id let that man ruin my lifePracticing some expressions with Tommy 😈✨
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@Mr_Chievious Yeah but i wanna see if I can find it first at sum locals 👀I feel like getting old consoles... Let’s just hope I can find them today. @pasteldesoriana My favorite deputiesLove them so much! 😈😇 Sasha belongs to @drunkenfix
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @PuccaNoodles That correct grammar is güey, but you can write wey too and everyone will understand @PuccaNoodles Si, puedes decir tambien “Estas bien güey” que significa “Estas tonto” @aprilynacunanan @TheCelticTampon I DO! @aprilynacunanan THE SHRIMP OMGGGG Frodo is so cute Ayyyy 🥺💖💖💖 @aprilynacunanan @BotbCartoon @gobrokenarrow EEEEE!!! 💖💖💖💖💖If you didn't know, these two are twins! So here they are with the gemini constellation! Follow the @BotbCartoon an…
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@cheyannewalke12 @BotbCartoon @tsunderica @sarahnatochenny ADORABLE @kritterart @hitherehunter I think I’ve said this a million times but get ready cause I’ll say it a million more; thank you for believing in me 🥺💖Ok that was me retweeting everyone in the VA list 👀💦 I’m very excited about this and I’m happy ya’ll can see what I… Peterson (@hitherehunter) as 🍔🧯 CRAFTY GUY 🧯🍔 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by All…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max MonroyBrian Roberts (@Brinewr) as 🎧🛹 DJ DR. LT. DO A. KICKFLIP 🛹🎧 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max MonroyJimmy Euringer (@jimmyurine) as 🐍🖋 WHATSHISFACE 🖋🐍 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allis…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @lachicanavaja Quien esta molestando a mi reina gotica J (@misserikkaj) as 👠📊 WHATSHERNAME 📊👠 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allissoon…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @Jubidoobydoo Im so excited for this too. I even remember MAILING Nintendo when I was a kid asking for another pokemon snap LMAOMatthew DiPanni (@mattdipanni) as 🥁💛 RHETT 💛🥁 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allissoon…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @egoraptor @PuccaNoodles IM SO EXCITED TO SEE WHAT YOU DO!! 🌟 @kianamaiart I’m gonna serve em spaghetti and treat em nice cause they deserve it 🥺 @Dinolich @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon @junkmixart MEGAN IS SO COOL, I’VE BEEN FOLLOWING FOR AGES , DO CONSIDER Williams (@ImariSpeaks) as🥤💜 TOOMEY 💜🥤 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allissoon…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @javi_draws UGHHHHHHHHH @TheCelticTampon I mean... WHAT UP
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @egoraptor AHHHH!!! Hdianx💖💖 @TheCelticTampon Would it be biased of me to say all of themErika Ishii (@erikaishii) as 🇯🇵🖤 KASUMI 🖤🇯🇵 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allissoon Lo…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @KatiKnitt I love @hitherehunter Comes with not being able to see a thing @hitherehunter I love this boySarah Natochenny (@sarahnatochenny) as 🎸💙 BROOKE 💙🎸 - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Alli…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max MonroyErica Mendez (@tsunderica) as ✨🎹 JAYME 🎹✨ - Character Designs by Max Monroy @drunkenfix - Created by Allissoon Loc…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @justinchans Look at aaaall thise chikins!! @DatOlToonie HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Two actual artists vs each other on pictionary. Subject: A rollerskate. @BotbCartoon
@SnuffyMcSnuff @SnuffyMcSmut These are so sweet 🥺💖 @junkmixart @junkmixart Im pretty sure this will be me as a parent @Ferisae_ Wey te tengo que agradecer porque si no hubiese sido por ti no me aventaba a esto jajaja @TheCelticTampon @BotbCartoon @junkmixart Im so happy I got to work on this!!! @TheCelticTampon @junkmixart @BotbCartoon @TheDamnThinGuy @_gabrielpicolo THE LITTLE SHOE god I want that book so bad @junkmixart @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon OH SHUSH YOUUU @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon @junkmixart YESSS THE BAND! Aaah I’m proud of these kids ehuheueh’s far too cold morning it's showtime! You ready to meet our main character band HEATSEEKER? The Power Metal is Coming! W…
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@TaraBillinger Absolutely adored it. @byelacey Wtf!!! @AudreyGonzalez Heck yeah!! Beautifull
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @kianamaiart You made it happen cause you’re GREAT!! 💐
@kimquatz this tweet caressed my cheek and said “haha das u “ @oryozema Heck yeah!!!! @LongGoneGulch CONGRAAAATULATIONS!!!⭐️🌵LONG GONE GULCH IS HERE! 🌵⭐️ #longgonegulch
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@esachuzma Im your fan tbh 💖 @kapsulecore Oh no @Jubidoobydoo I LOV UWho made my character design @cresxart 💖
Please don’t pressure me / send me messages to continue Vamp Sabbath, I’m giving myself a little break and I will c…’s a go
Retweeted by ✖️ Max MonroyI love this ship so much sobs Tommy belongs to @pasteldesoriana @TheCelticTampon I CANT WAIT
@Octopimp I hate you HAHAHAHbreaking news: country self-proclaimed as ”world leader in fighting terrorism” leads world in creating terrorists
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Ok first drawing of 2021 :} ! 💐 @TheCelticTampon Its cause ya’ll believed in me, and I can’t be thankful enough @BotbCartoon @TheCelticTampon👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 GUYS!! CHARACTER REVEAL SOON!!!! @enenkay Taylor Crybaby
@NadaKookie Of course (: ! @junkmixart Ooohhh come onnnwe failed as a society when we stopped using carpets like these in public spaces
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @ReznAiro Thank you omg!! 👁💦
some kind of moon goddess doodle you’re telling me you haven’t seen a man and dolphins doing cartwheels together today? Let’s change that:
Retweeted by ✖️ Max Monroy @Octopimp When I get to meet you I will say the same @hitherehunter @gobrokenarrow EEEE
@Silvermender I love Terry
@ArtistShady Yes the blonde one is mine and the brunette is @pasteldesoriana :3Losers smooching am Sasha posting
@KingZotzdraws Omg thanks!!!! 👀👀👀💦💦💦💖💖💖Whattup, punks! GET HYPED because you just landed a backstage pass to the #BattleOfTheBands 2021 World Tour. Line-u…
Retweeted by ✖️ Max MonroyHAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! ✨🥂 gave us The Homerunner, it was a good year.