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David Roberts @drvox Seattle, WA

Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor.

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@BCarfree @leahstokes So glad to hear!"The chief cause of the delay has been an internal economic analysis concluding that the rule would harm consumers… around about Trump's new fuel-economy standards gave me an opportunity to revisit this piece by @yayitsrob of personal responsibility 🚨 is mind-boggling. 32% unemployment, worse than the Great Depression. Trump & Congress are totally unprepared t… mean lightning dammit! Apocalypse is no excuse for typos.And now hail-lighting. We had a good one, y'all.It is hailing like crazy. Thanks nature we needed more end-times energy here. 🙄
They will frame this catastrophe as a success and their base will buy it, even as they are filling up local morgues. social distance or not to social distance? The question is... partisan. Among Americans, partisanship has been a…
Retweeted by David RobertsJust found out that Apple is buying @DarkSkyApp. The sole consequence appears to be that they are shutting down the… dunno, just because. @golikehellmachi New module: "Learning how to listen to all the wise people around you telling you to shut the fuck up." @arfisk 😢
Retweeted by David Roberts @galwaygaffes I think they'd support state border closing too! As long as it was a border between a red Real Americ… @andyopel Thanks Andy I never thought about how both sides journalism might help Trump I have a lot of thinking to doThere’s a new(ish) energy technology on the scene these days that might offer a neat and satisfying resolution to t…
Retweeted by David Robertsthis article is an outright statement by a conservative law professor that originalism was just a rhetorical strate…
Retweeted by David Roberts @idol_goro Wow. Everyone's letting their freak flag fly! @STIsmail @JackelRobert I'm not sure there's a lot of long-term thinking going into any of this.I feel like one class or module that needs to be integrated into the executive training all these guys go through i… was inevitable, I guess, after several decades of not being held accountable for crimes, lies, and venality. The… is what I'm talking about. They don't even pretend to have plausible arguments any more! "We're helping Florid… have lots more to say about the post I put up today (which you should read), but as I concluded at the end: RW mi…'all this is the best I can find and honestly they're not even trying. @speculawyer @leahstokes I hate running with the fire of 1000 suns. @GernotWagner Who knows what his navel might contain on this subject! @veganroundtable @leahstokes Good lord that is about 100X more ambition than I can muster. @RonSteenblik @leahstokes @prof_mirya It's roughly 10,000 steps, which is the utterly arbitrary threshold Fitbit de… @leahstokes You actually bought one of those desks? I've never seen one in the wild. Do you like it? @daveregrets @leahstokes "people don't like them anyway, so just be honest." 😆 @leahstokes It's no joke! The key is to obtain a Very Good Boy to join you. @KevinSLeahy @jgkoomey OMG it's such a sad-sack collection of washed-up hacks, it makes me lol reading this. @rff Can you spoiler it for me? What's the answer? @MilesGrant I just want a little pretense Miles. It comforts me as we descend into banana republicdom. @loganemitchell I'm talking about the made-up reasons they offer alongside the real reasons. @TheAndyHolland They really are the dog who caught the car. There's some grim amusement in watching them flail arou… @jgkoomey Right? I think this is a real phenomenon. The right just feels increasingly less obligation to pretend to… @leahstokes @daveregrets Wanna send me the passage in question? @miroirdufou That is the story of our whole era! @AlexSteffen Yeah, in some ways it would almost be a relief if they just said "fuck you we like oil companies." Sad… @jgkoomey I can't even find very many pathetic hacks on this one! @kidcongo Boy that is tepid support, if it's even support. But thank you! This thin reed is the best I've gotten. @daveregrets I can't believe how profoundly true it is. All those people who used to complain about pretenses didn't know what they had! @jgkoomey I'm not afraid to hate some hacks, but honestly I can't hate this guy, he just seems so pathetic. @jeffjarvis Jeff are you trying to tell me that balance can sometimes be false, or misleading? I'm going to have to look into this. @EnergyLawJeff These days, I'm inclined to ascribe that kind of behavior to short-sightedness & venality more than… @Sky_Raymaker @Sasmit5 Thank you Sky, you are smart and I'm learning a lot about journalism from your advice, much… @KCasiglio Thank you Kyle I'm learning a lot from your comments.Ugh, I'm not trying to write a "both sides" post. (I've been ranting against that stuff since you people were in gr… @mikejrob I'm saying, I'm literally having trouble finding the conservative case. I don't think they actually have one! @frankszollosi @EPAAWheeler Reading the things that guy says just makes me sad. He's like one of those hapless char… @dgouldin Thing Everyone Agrees Is Bad Is In Fact Bad ... I need something more than that to stay awake through it. @daveregrets I just want them to maintain appearances, Dave. Just a little pretense, so I can live in denial about how Nothing Matters.But that doesn't make for a very interesting post! Can anyone point me to someone who actually believes in this? Mo… basically concludes it's a wash. The auto companies don't want this, consumers don't want it, even the RW base…, I want to write about Trump's new fuel-economy standards, but I face a strange difficulty. I'm very famili… f'ing ghouls. @JessicaValenti Wow, you rarely see elite reporter arrogance & foolishness so neatly captured in such a tidy package. @JKDAnthony10 He would never spend a *second* around any of his base voters. @eligit Don't make them do the "where do you think your food comes from?" thing. It is very annoying.Yes please. @timoreilly Sourdough bread seems to be the breakout hobby of Quarantine '20. It's everywhere.#Actually, cities are good.This is standard in US politics: conservatives are allowed to hate & demonize the cities where most of the people l… when the virus reaches rural areas, as it certainly will, the right will flip to complaining about how poor rur…, Trump & conservatives are demonizing cities, trying to blame them for the virus, & trying to prevent peo…' overriding priority now, as always, is to escape responsibility or accountability. was never a serious argument against intense, short-term social distancing. But this is the world we live in:… This is intense. is not magic."Coal is kept alive by path dependence, political influence, and distorted markets. Killing it off for good is the…
Retweeted by David RobertsThis is so helpful. @rtsugar is a hero. this thread. new post: a new survey finds that Dems are more worried than Republicans about Covid-19, and more likely to foll… at the end of the tunnel. battle to keep Americans from understanding what went on January to March is going to be one of the biggest pro…
Retweeted by David RobertsHard to imagine a more perfect headline for the stupid age we live in. a time of rising right-wing violence and hate crimes, states across the country are taking action. @chemparrot @DixiDoodle You're fine. There's not a single damn thing wrong with putting out bee cocoons during all… @justmeansz Some excellent family engineering happening here. @justmeansz Where do they poop?! @ecomanda Ah, based on this I looked it up and learned it and now it's in my head too! @ellachou I think that's mostly the health gains of reducing air pollution, isn't it? So much low-hanging fruit.
@DeborahBach1 Ha, I interviewed them earlier that day & also bumped into them before the show at Hattie's! @DeborahBach1 I love everything about the term "women fiddlers." @Arne_JJ I love chopping wood. Seriously love it.The second is a new working paper from @pigphilosophy & @JWMason1 about the extraordinary role the federal governme… things to add to my coronavirus recovery/stimulus thread. The first is a superb piece from @MLiebreich about th… @PeteStoppani 🧑‍🚀💯 @kmerkle Fancy! @C4Marchitecture Oh the humanity. @Chris_Bast Congrats! At least something good will come out of all this. @alexcruik @TheJuniorIsHere It's not the end! Remember they split book 3 into two movies. So it's the penultimate -…🌍Excellent piece: A just and sustainable economic response to coronavirus, explained | @drvox for @voxdotcom |…
Retweeted by David Roberts @kemichaelson The best quarantine companion! @Copy_Culture OMG, so simple but wormed so completely into my head. Been humming it on loop for days. @ktom17 @zoom_us You made me google and ... I did not see that coming.