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David Roberts @drvox Seattle, WA

Seattleite transplanted from Tennessee; now blogging for about energy politics. Climate hawk, deficit dove. Not a doctor.

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The US is not exactly crushing the 21st century. socialists, one of whom is an incumbent, are running for city council in Seattle.
Retweeted by David Roberts[blink] @solar_chase This one makes me sad. @pushtheneedle @SounderBruce Fuck yes, let's make it a Rambla! @katierodihan When I tell people I live up north, they're like, "oh, Green Lake?" Ha ha. I drive 15 minutes south to get to Green Lake. 😞 @US395 I guess I was just confused by the scientists, Internet Guy.
@pushtheneedle @SounderBruce PS, I live near north Aurora & it is such a case in point. They're adding medians w/ t… @pushtheneedle @SounderBruce I hate it so much. It's the same sort of short-sighted political compromise that has u… very basic principle of urban design: there are roads, designed to get people in cars to their destinations, an… are supposed to be the walkable bits, the "urban villages," but instead they are death strips w/ cars trying… day I'm gonna write an eleventy-tweet thread about this, but everywhere you go in Seattle, you find the city c… right, I'm on the main strip/bit in Columbia City, and it's cute (& I remembered I have been here before), but… @MTStarrett @AmericanLandsCn Ah, dang it, I just forgot to mention the beetles. But what are these museum policies? Got a link or something? @AlexFischCC Gah! Fixed. @thezoopness @brookejarvis I'm here and they are out of both tortas and quiches. 😕 I'm making do with a fig danish. @jrdnmdhl @joshjob42 Uh, the vast majority of politicians can and do. It is for certain select ones, and only on ce… I am dying. @ashenthorn Armed with sufficient imagine-if-Obama's and but-her-emails's, we can deal with 95% of today's news. @kemokid Heard that from a couple folks -- is there a link? Or do we know exactly how many people were involved in those households?💪💪💪"I capture them." Imagine if Obama etc. etc. @birdpartyguy I'm not even sure I could find it on a map. @JohnCammo It's less expensive than the current system.🤣😂🤣 It is all of us.👏single👏time. then this bullshit. completely loses his cool in the presence of a powerful woman. all the unconscionable aspects of Trump’s abandonment of the Kurds, maybe the worst is that he sprung it on our…
Retweeted by David RobertsTrump has no idea what’s happening. US personnel have been scrambling to evacuate positions surrounded by hostile T…
Retweeted by David RobertsDinner. is fine. It is real. increasingly familiar experience: I cannot tell if this is parody. @AJMeyer Once light rail reaches my neighborhood in the year 3000, my options will increase.Oh, funny, this discussion reminds me of a post I wrote for Grist, way back when, on how my (generally crappy) neig… @RottenInDenmark I ... don't think I've ever been there either. @PezeshkiCharles Yeah, people really don't get that. Easy driving doesn't expand your choices, it constricts them. @brookejarvis I'm headed there in about an hour. Will do so! @wackslacks What a cool thing! @ZId84WGk44sbrQt I wish my neighborhood had been created that way. 🙁 @spenceralmen @whitemice @CarbonWrangler @ItsKelseyHamlin I hear great things about it! I've been trying to talk my family into a two-day stay-cation where…'s funny, we say we live a city, but no one really occupies a city. We live in fairly small, circumscribed walk/d… I have occasion to go down to Columbia City (south Seattle) today & I was trying to think of the last t… @guy_public @steve_katz @MotherJones @mje415 Wait, holy shit, community microgrids are literally illegal?!🤦‍♂️ @kimmaicutler The $100 rebate thing is so mind-bogglingly stupid I had to double factcheck it before I even believed it was real. @wadhwa Stay tuned ... @andybrwn Yeah I didn't phrase that well -- it was supposed to be an "or." @guy_public @steve_katz @MotherJones @mje415 'Splain. @mateosfo @PedalLove @jimbrown95818 @MadelineKovacs I endorse everyone coming to Seattle for once.Bennett out doing the GOP's rhetorical work for it. Just how many Americans does he imagine are out celebrating the… future liberals want. @JessicaValenti I knew so many dudes like this, making arguments like this, in college -- glib little bits of rheto… the record, I am against befriending war criminals, and if Kissinger or Bush ask me to attend a baseball game, I will refuse.It's maybe worth noting that the allegedly vexing question of whether to befriend war criminals is a dilemma very f…"Hopefully." Imagine if Obama etc. etc. @mateosfo Editor replaced "smug old faux-liberal death monsters" with "wealthier urban residents." @steve_katz @MotherJones @mje415 Excellent stuff, very helpful! @mike_hamm Oh, yeah? Was that it? @drvox nailed it in his PG&E story. A brilliant summation of several disparate proceedings and the hot mess of PSP…
Retweeted by David Roberts @kirstygogan @JesseJenkins I will add this to my list! @ZaneSelvans 🙏 @jasonsanchez82 Thanks! @smullins3000 @newtonmarunner @pattystewartcan @neeratanden "it is expected that politicians acknowledge and be hon… @LeoTraub One word: bitcoin.My new post: an unbelievable fiasco just unfolded in California. Hundreds of thousands of residents lost power for… @ConservRepu @Jenstro10 Maybe look up "trend." @PolicyofGrace On purpose tho? @east31st @chrislhayes Yes.Question for #EnergyTwitter: has there ever been a deliberate blackout as large as the one PG&E did last week? Has… @mcmillen @ribbonknight Wait what?🙌 @WoodfordPG Agreed. When in Bullshit Rome, bullshit like a Roman. @joshjob42 Maybe because she knows any such soundbite/clip will immediately be decontextualized & demagogued ruthlessly.There's an argument for a slower transition, a la Pete, but it's a political argument: things will go smoother if t… matter what speed you prefer transitioning to M4A, at the end of the road are higher taxes & lower overall healt…'s irritating about this attack on Warren re: Medicare is that everyone knows it's BS. It's not "evasive" to sa… @AOCstanclub Oh yeah? I didn't know they had a bond.Nearing full-squad endorsement. @j_salvo That is every time I've seen him open his mouth since he started running. @colovelo Bisque, you say?Sounds like I didn't miss much at the debate tonight. Any favorite moments?Grateful to @umairfan and @drvox for doing the job TV moderators wouldn't:
Retweeted by David Roberts🤔 change is a top priority for voters, but tonight's #DemDebate skirted the topic entirely. @drvox and…
Retweeted by David RobertsGlad I read this @drvox @umairfan piece today instead of watching the debate:
Retweeted by David Robertsthis is an interesting way for NYT to frame an effort to re-segregate Louisiana schools.
Retweeted by David Roberts @nytopinion is such a disaster. the rich.
Retweeted by David RobertsGet ready for the upcoming brief exchange on #climatechange by reading @umairfan and @drvox's new piece with answer…
Retweeted by David Roberts @greenprofgreen @BernieSanders Yeah, I mean, as insufficient as it is, most countries aren't even meeting their ple… @greenprofgreen @BernieSanders All of their plans call for targets far exceeding what the US pledged in Paris, so i…
@anaphoristand I was wanting to abolish the Senate before wanting to abolish the Senate was cool.SCOOP: EPA's own staff in California has internally disavowed a recent letter from @EPAAWheeler to California Gov.…
Retweeted by David Roberts @brendanpierpont I would like to hear more about that.💀 @MunsonAlison I will temporarily suspend my nausea.