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StewartJKing @DrWonkyFoot Walsall, England

Husband, father, working stiff! somewhere between the beat and the fret board! Need that dirty groove in my music and life!

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Honoured to have Almost Famous played on @RadioRock89. One of Brazil’s biggest radio stations. Obrigado amigos. 🇧🇷
Retweeted by StewartJKingHow a mediocre record by a toff, an investment banker, a real estate magnate and a socialite property developer epi…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @BeauBelleGirl Then what you’ve heard, is in fact factually correct. 🤣🤣 @BeauBelleGirl You should put it on your bucket list, it’s delightful. @BeauBelleGirl You’ve obviously never been to Walsall....🤣🤣 @BeauBelleGirl I’ll only believe it when the white goods return
@BBC6Music Beastie Boys The Specials IDLES Kasabian Oasis The Wildhearts @timjslatter @90sfootball On the MegaDrive thoughHappy birthday PW
Retweeted by StewartJKingMuch love to @amazonmusic for the cover and adding 'Mr.Motivator' to their #FreshNoise playlist. Listen here:…
Retweeted by StewartJKingMonday mornings cranium playlist: Secret Garden by Springsteen and a Harry Styles song that I keep hearing. I need to get them out ASAP. @_billy_nomates Oh for sure it’s the shorts, you’ll kill it!
@eliistender10 Menace to society @runjewels just a little bit of help needed. Is there a U.K. stockist of the Marvel lines available? Or are they on… is how a LEADER, sounds. YOU already FREE. Now ACT LIKE IT!
Retweeted by StewartJKing @FaithlessAlbion @Brookranger Good shout @Brookranger Ricky Gervais here needed new pants 💩🙈🙈🙈😳
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@thescareball Ferguson rated Carrick, I always felt Hargreaves was signed to replace Neville. It goes to show how l… @susiebear78 @jetfury Yeah after TOTP 2 and before TOTP 4 👍🏻 @thescareball He was stronger for playing with Keane and Carrick though. Carrick is massively underrated imo. @thescareball Ruud was phenomenal, instinctive striker with a killer finish. Beckham was deadly too, I’ve seen him…“i’m the decider, you evil eyers, a pile driver provider for liars, the sleep depriver, the nick of time mercy kill…
Retweeted by StewartJKing“as a teen lackin, i woulda took these lames supreme jackets, i woulda had me a supreme racket, until you’ve robbed…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @thescareball Well after wasting at least 5 minutes following it up earlier on. It appears that he does this thing… FAMOUS. OUT NOW.
Retweeted by StewartJKing @thescareball Curtis Woodhouse has said that Giggs is overrated. That of course leads into Scholes is overrated.13 days
Retweeted by StewartJKingI go back almost 30 years knowing this dude @therealelp He been doing it big independently for YEARS... and the mic…
Retweeted by StewartJKingIf you’re at a loose end, check this out over on @Sunflowerlounge FB page. There is some top local talent playing.… Motivator - @idlesband
Retweeted by StewartJKingThese boys are on fire the now 💥🔥🌟🔥💥 @joolsbandjools - on yersel’s lads! Another top tune! 👊👊👊
Retweeted by StewartJKingIt’s amazing that Dominic Cummings Has the power to actually stop his name trending on twitter when it is the bigg…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @FaithlessAlbion Roger HargreavesWho is the “J” Lmmfao
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He’s such a tease @Tim_Burgess Quality tune @FaithlessAlbion I guess it just calls for pragmatism and self awareness. You’ve got this brother x @MisterB80 The part of the @metoffice that names storms must be furloughed!Is it wrong that I have had the theme tune to the Golden Girls stuck on loop in my head all day? @FaithlessAlbion That’s positive then. You feeling like you’re moving forward?14 days until #RTJ4 drops
Retweeted by StewartJKing @FaithlessAlbion @Brookranger @Brookranger @dunc2016 @ExCocks @Robertomorley @staffscanary1 @albionroar @kearns_neil @honey_firefly @Brookranger The beast, because he is the only one who can’t wipe his arse sitting down. @FaithlessAlbion How’s you doing anyways?Almost Famous by Jools @joolsbandjools another example of a band in lc that are producing s…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @idlesband Please give us a shout out! I’ve done plenty of shouting to your songs!!!
Retweeted by StewartJKing @FaithlessAlbion Very cool, I’ve added them to my listening list for when the kids are asleep. Otherwise every song… @joolsbandjools I have a way with words.... haha. But sincerely I have had about 10 intent listens today, shut the… @FaithlessAlbion Choooooonn @BBC6Music @BBCArchive Craig McLachlan and Check 1 2 @pharrap @BBC6Music @BBCArchive You beat me to it! Damn, I was about to type and your tweet popped up. @MinaCaputo Thank you too ❤️For such a long time now, there has always been a part of @MinaCaputo a voice that resonates so deeply inside me. I… @BeauBelleGirl @BillyKilby Ima going..... @BeauBelleGirl @BillyKilby Time to find my waterproof stopwatch. I’ve got a big list to get through. @BillyKilby @BeauBelleGirl How long exactly?NEW MUSIC DISCOVERY - 22.05.20 ft. @JoolsBandJools @HsJacobMusic @AshaGoldMusic @ThEndorphins @HenrikFelipee
Retweeted by StewartJKingJohn Norwood Fisher, frm the legendary band #Fishbone laid down an amaazing Bass track for me this week (Venice bea…
Retweeted by StewartJKingI’ve been mixing the new MC album - I’m calling it "theMones" It’ll be free, & or together we’ll find a reputabl…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @Shaxspear1 @PatMcAfeeShow I love how he licks his had so the moisture emphasises the slap.Remembering Fusilier Lee Rigby & the 22 people who had their lives cruelly taken at the Manchester Arena on this da…
Retweeted by StewartJKingRemembering the 22 today Lots of love to the families and friends of those beautiful people on this hard day Its de…
Retweeted by StewartJKingTell you what, you can't beat waking up to another banger from my boys, god love 'em. I need a pocket Ellis to shou…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @PeteKMusician Not sure if you have heard these before.. @jetfury Oh hell no. We’re the normal ones. @jetfury I dribbled through the joker, it made me catatonic. I’ve not watch uncut gems. Lost in translation is the… boys forgot to tag you in there @joolsbandjools
Retweeted by StewartJKing☝️year ago today sh*t got WILD with @idlesband. 🙃
Retweeted by StewartJKing @FaithlessAlbion Blowing me syrup offToday's track is the brand new single from @joolsbandjools Almost Famous. It's exceptional 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #todaystrack
Retweeted by StewartJKingworld premier of 2 songs of my soon to be released film score for Capone
Retweeted by StewartJKingMAY 29TH on @MilanRecLabel
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Seconded #vivalafuckingjools absolute mutts nutts this record is. Please do yourself a massive favour and get your ears around it. Sooner ra… @sundog_pictures #Horizon film What’s the Matter with Tony Slattery?, is on @BBCTwo from 9pm. this evening. Do…
Retweeted by StewartJKingFuck yes!!!! Cannot wait much longer......gets on it ladies and gents #vivalafuckingjools @FaithlessAlbion I love the fact he’s done his research first, bless him.Now Playing Billy Nomates - No #billynomates
Retweeted by StewartJKingEl-P (@therealelp) shares two tracks from his score for new Al Capone biopic starring Tom Hardy…
Retweeted by StewartJKingThread 1/ I have something important to share with you It's a tribute to my husband A song with my words put tog…
Retweeted by StewartJKingThese where rules I grew up under!
Retweeted by StewartJKing @Brookranger Leicester because it’s the only one without a letter “o” in the name. 👕
Retweeted by StewartJKing“This is the instruction manual to ‘Joy as an Act of Resistance’. It’s important to love yourself, but how do we do…
Retweeted by StewartJKing @BeauBelleGirl I love the look on people’s faces when you drop it out of left field. 🤣 @BeauBelleGirl Don’t be afraid, let it rip. It’s somewhat soul affirming.his father left when he was 12, now he has a YT channel called “Dad, how do I?” to help kids who’re growing up with…
Retweeted by StewartJKingMr. Motivator - @idlesband - out now.
Retweeted by StewartJKing @thepharcyde The truth
Why the fuck do I need to see this shite? This can go bollocks! @fullmetalryan @therealelp @idlesband @runjewels @KillerMike It would be insane and I’d love itThis messed me up man. Imagine the load this boy is carrying at his young age 😭
Retweeted by StewartJKing @LiamFit50334195 @idlesband @runjewels @therealelp @KillerMike Oh I am mateDreams Do Come True!!! #AllIsLove @idlesband @runjewels @KillerMike @therealelp
Retweeted by StewartJKing @AmosMCatto @therealelp @idlesband @runjewels @KillerMike First step is the dream, you’re on the way my friend.This is the best twitter exchange I've ever seen.
Retweeted by StewartJKing @LiamFit50334195 @idlesband @runjewels @therealelp @KillerMike You know I haven’t sat still since I read the respon…