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I help make Android. Filling awkward silences with awkward conversation for over 40 years. Black lives matter. He/him INFP.

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@ShriramKMurthi "Dad, is your blog ... being served?"Confirmed: Hiroshi's been coding in Kotlin
@thetorpedodog @joywave Keane be like "I know a place" then like wait ... is this the place
@coryaltheide everyone knows the real weapon is that tiny golf pencil @MishaalRahman @backlon you won't believe what happens if you set it as your wallpaper @realDonaldTrump Why doesn't Black Lives Matter belong in a "luxury" neighborhood?
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @pheinberg @mcmillen Owl had it right all along @totallynotlisa @mcmillen your next project perhaps @totallynotlisa This gives me ideas for an automation game. You are a cat and you direct your little humans to cr… @mattcasey @mcmillen twitter be like "I know an ab workout" but then show u a bourbonelijah wood's calligraphy practice looks like frodo absolutely losing it over sam getting married.
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewme: i am done being productive. i would like to read a book or play a game work ethic: be productive more me: i can…
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Carl Reiner just posted this video interview a couple days ago. HEROS CARL REINER ANNIE REINER & MEL BROOKS
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewLast night my dad passed away. As I write this my heart is hurting. He was my guiding light.
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @jonrosenberg @carlreiner @MelBrooks These guys cracked each other up all the time and we we're lucky enough to get… @CodySkinnerFan Yes. Trans women are women.
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewfrown! at the thesis defense
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @gravislizard Still freaked out by the Bad Packard Bell commercial
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@cshabsin @_fuurei (teeing up a seaplane joke for someone else) @_fuurei @cshabsin that's ok @ceejbot you really nailed the scansion on this whole thing, but particularly "milk and clotted cream" @cshabsin No, wait- It's at least a C+!code kitten get up eat tuna code kitten sleep for job code kitten have boring meeting with boring human named Rob c…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @cshabsin YES! I think it's because we build up these devices to be like extensions of ourselves, so when something… @jonrosenberg Amazing how she managed to fit the word "real" in there without using a single character. 😡 @martinowong @davewiner @gruber Same over on Android
Scroll back to the top of this thread on memory & expertise & writing @_fuurei @mcmillen Technically @mcmillen It's a start, anyway @mcmillen Like taxes @gmurphy @lockheimer Or was it a projector? @gmurphy @lockheimer Fewer lasers, though @PagliacciLive We were only blessed with two seasons @PagliacciLive Is it scarier if there is a new boss above Bill or if there isn't @PagliacciLive We don't deserve Gravity Fallsthe original ARM Mac
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @johnspurlock Sorry for the flashbacks
1/ Covid (@UCSF) Chronicles, Day 101 This week, it felt like we entered a new phase of Covid. In March & April, we…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewJust so you all know, no matter what it is, I'm going to have nightmares about those three emoji
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Fifty-One Nifty, Fun United States @RickSchaut @jamonholmgren Happy user, reporting in. @pheinberg With Will Smith, evenHas anyone ever put on "The One Where No One's Ready" as a one-act?
@jbrooksdev @austin_walker @kuraine @mattcasey Great, now I need to wash my brain out with bleach againAll my favorite space games are on sale on Steam today: @astroneergame - $20 @SpaceEngineersG - $14 ($29 incl DLC)… America's #COVID19 disaster, I must come clean about a lie I spread as a health insurance exec: We spent big $…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @__apf__ Except maybe the calm resolve to keep right on making your point despite the dog trying to interrupt @__apf__ I can't think of anything more boss than showing off an awesome dog on-camera @bluesmoon @__apf__ That's so cruel. All you wanted to do was accurately measure instantaneous power draw
@natefoster @ShriramKMurthi Actually the hockey rink thing seems plausible.
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @catandgirlcomic these days, all our faces look the same right side up and upside down @tojo2000 @coryaltheide @bdawg650 @voidref I still have that somewhere
@mcmillen the DLC with an effective potion isn't expected until 2021 at the earliest...I literally gave two fucks so the kids could see it: 1. In Yorktown, there's a mute over "I get the f___ back up…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @RealRBHJr A timid first step toward gender equality.If this was an rpg and you found an item with 30% disease resist and you had an empty slot you'd equip that motherf…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @aaronreynolds [ornate woodcut of a bird] "YOU INVITED ME UP HERE, NOW WHAT"Animal Crossing fans! If Redd is on your island today, use this helpful guide to make sure you don't get scammed. @ibogost @lia The opposite of the Photonucleic Effect. @RhadamanteWP this tweet was brought to you by Français Au Lycée @RhadamanteWP encore, le week-end serait mieux @julieterp99 @AnelleTarke *from under a pile of clutter* "... it's true"
I keep thinking about how HBO's Watchmen was somehow sent to us from 6 months in the future.
Forcing people to skip work to vote is, and has always been, a poll tax.
“staying updated”
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @laparisa #RaymondInBoxes @zigstripes @micomiin Underrated tweet @SunByrne NewsRadio was actually pretty great (he was easily the worst part of it) @Taylor_Animator @ibogost To be fair, actual humans have a decent amount of trouble with that @SunByrne He was on "NewsRadio". After that he made a career of celebrating disgusting and debasing thingsAlso I just need this written in gold foil on some business cards long suspected this was true seems obvious, but saying investigations will continue “without delay or interruption” suggests Berman wants us…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewThread full of first aid for anxiety, panic, and existential dread: @ShriramKMurthi we can finally run kubernetes literally in the cloud
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollView @amandadeibert Keeping coffee stocked. ...That's about it. @cshabsin @jstickgoldsarah The overlap with current events is eerie. @koush @MikeIsaac I played through both seasons of Legacy with a group of friends and we loved it. So many razor-th… @johnspurlock Not the last broadcast after all, then @JoshuaForeman @ibogost Oh my god, I haven't thought about this experience in almost 30 years. "Hi, uh, can I talk… @matthewlehew @ibogost * drops needle on an R.E.M. album * @ibogost I'm sitting here wondering how many people worked full-time on rope physics and animations. @mcmillen misread that as "FFS"
This graph is all the more shocking when you consider that Florida's (21M pop) latest daily figure -- ~3,800 -- was…
Retweeted by android.widget.DoomScrollViewIf you are fortunate enough to afford household help, and you still have your job, please keep paying your househol…
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@jillian_kern @dustychipura +1 on the Keep grocery list, pinned to the top of the list at all times, shared with the kids @JoeBeOne Thanks. Fighting for the user every day over here. @GreenShades9 @HANI_4k @AndroidDev @romainguy Yeah I'll ask the team about it. The screenshot clearly shows nonblac… @HANI_4k @AndroidDev @romainguy Thank you for sending the screenshot. This is super helpful. @jvoorhis @__apf__ obviously alien robots @HANI_4k @AndroidDev @romainguy I just tested on my device and the status bar icons flipped correctly. No light gradient on a black backdrop @HANI_4k @AndroidDev @romainguy If you have a Pixel device, and use the default wallpaper picker, there's a "Solid… @HANI_4k @AndroidDev @romainguy Sounds like a bug in our color detection—we try to figure out whether light or dark…