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I help make Android. Mercy main. My opinions are my own and not necessarily those of my employer. Build for eternity. He/him.

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larger screen, more cores, better keyboard: hmm, yes, not bad, not bad physical Escape key: *cloud of dsandler-sha… @neilcic Descender Justify Em X-Height Slab Serif Loose Tracking @lecanardzero @waxpancake @neilcic Vocal Vines @rstevens the photo was cheating @rstevens IT IS A WELL KNOWN FACT I HAVE BEEN PRO-PORG SINCE DAY ONE EVERYONE GETS A FREE PORG I WOULD ALSO LIKE…
@cwren more of a majestik møøse @jovzoran +1 for "tip" or "top" or "TOT" @mspncp @timbray @jessfraz find ... | xargs -ifoo mv foo /some/dir/foo ...although this does have the same effect,… @groby @petermilley @tojo2000 My hunch: selection bias, some intrinsic to the work (you can make a computer do what… @jovzoran Nah man, git all the way now, never looking backOn branch master Your branch is up to date with 'origin/master'. nothing to commit, working tree clean #FeelsGoodManI really needed to get to sleep tonight (early meetings tomorrow) but instead I recovered some ancient svn reposito… @mcmillen My neck hairs are curly and sneaky and hide from electric razors. I have to use a safety razor and then c…
@thetorpedodog @mcmillen an oldie but a goodie
@__apf__ I love themes. Beyond the technical challenges, shipping theme support in your software is a public signal… @_fuurei Me: oh look, a message from a friend who means a lot to me and I should really resp— Voice: NOPE Me: how a… @mcmillen see also, Messaging Margaret @Meatwad650 @mcmillen People were afraid to change the building numbers in case some legacy code in GL depended on it @jessfraz I work with repo a lot, so I'm going to throw in a vote for `yes` @mspncp @timbray @jessfraz It can be quite a bit faster to run the command once with N arguments than to run it N t… @mcmillen @phreakmonkey @mcmillen @toorsdenote Nail it to the church door?The replies here, of people who have been on the other side of this and felt true joy, are so wholesome @codybondarchuk @kevinrj @alxp My daughter thanks you, by which I mean, I thank you, because she never finishes a b… #DuckTales
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@rstevens That photo was from 2016. Forgive me, Father, but it has been years since my last trip to StoughtonI was today years old when I first read "A Rabbit's Thesis" @rstevens No better place to spend a Sunday morning
New England pro tip: make foolproof dinner plans while the sun is still up, because once 5:00 rolls around you will… @qwrrty @mcmillen Also kind of a chat app if you think about itlove how seamless it is to unlock my ipad with my face
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIF @__apf__ - something you know -something you have - something you vaguely remember being, once
@pheinberg @dsaff Lucky! They put my face on the airsickness bag @vagabondvivant @tomkarlo Or just, you know, louder. @ksylor @tomkarlo Oh wait, Dre's Gen X too! IT ALL FITS @ksylor @tomkarlo I think that's Dre @pheinberg Or maybe we hurt everyone's feelings in general? @jwz said it best in nscpdorm: @pheinberg We did? I didn't think we cared enough to hurt anyone's feelings in particular. @julieterp99 nathan_fillion.giflook, my first ratio @tomkarlo yeah exactly we were just sitting here minding our own fucking business at the end of the world, and now this @mattcasey @mcmillen @pheinberg I thought we already decided that there would never be a Gen X president?
what the exact specific fuck, gen z, what did we do to you @RisaraldaPerez @PerryFellow What are you talking about, this is a photograph of @PerryFellow submitting work to the New Yorker @nasamuffin git-mentoring(1) Manual Page NAME git-mentoring -- mentor any downstream indices inside any unmentored… @mcmillen I don't even think of this as "extremely gamer" so much as "extremely awful". It's like the design brief… @bradfitz I don't have a lot of space and need dual-purpose gear. Do they make 19" baker's racks for the kitchen? @fugueish Well, you didn't have 9 people fall out the window, so I consider that a let's grab any old random garbage sd card to use on this new raspi me, years later, using this same raspi for a… @johnspurlock Revert "Revert "Revert "fix NPE""" @johnspurlock @johnspurlock Gaze upon my works, ye mighty, and follow these instructions to set up your dev environment @mcmillen I fixed that with MSI Afterburner, the UI of which takes me back to the early 2000s
cc @WrongCaptions @dsaff @mcmillen FERRY TO THEYou know you're an introvert when you can spend an evening with some great friends and yet still feel the need to sleep it off
"Hidden back doors in voting machine software" is the silliest conspiracy theory ever. Anyone who's examined the co…
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIF @chethaase The judge was very specific. @dsandler @chethaase more than once
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIFThis is why I visit HQ: so I can crash @chethaase's podcast recording sesh @rstevens @babaisyou_ He's bright blue and he does not give two shits about humanityTo widen the target audience of the Baba franchise, our marketing team suggested adding a more mature character int…
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@ianhlake @mreichelt @Anti_Hype It's like that. With the protective cover flipped up, SysUI will accept all of thes… @ianhlake @mreichelt @Anti_Hype @ficus I think this is the exact heartbreak that Watterson was trying to roll back with every single panel of that comic @NoMansSky found a vid of what this looked like yesterday
I feel seen @NoMansSky some more vacation pics, including me hanging out with the architect, Milk Boy has built an incredibly hospitable base around the weekend community research destination in @NoMansSky and… @affinitybyserif Thanks! I have also been searching through forums but I consider this answer permission to stop digging 😁 @got_pant @mcmillen For a second I wondered if "managing migraine symptoms" was a browser feature and got excited
Jobs where you tell a computer what to do with bullshit combinations of button presses you have to get exactly righ…
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIFTrying to move from Illustrator to @affinitybyserif Designer, but I have 30 years of muscle memory to unlearn. Anyo… only just tonight put together, thanks to @sarahjeong, that *both* science fiction and computer programming were…
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIF @NewChappy Pretty sure she's been like this for 9 years. @pheinberg 9 is notoriously cranky when half-asleep, usually manifesting when getting up for school. Tonight she fell asl…
@chethaase @_JamesWard @romainguy So I'm guessing you can't make it to our 1:1 meeting?Thread:
@coryaltheide So, like, 5'8"?
@__apf__ darkness my old friend why are you here its 4pm
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIF @EfficacyOfGrace "The tiger / he destroyed his cage" taken as a single stanza conforms to the traditional iambic te…
Retweeted by DSANDLER.GIF @Wolfmann87 I just wanted the sprites out so I could use them for my Twitter icon. 😉 @mcclure111 I feel like I have a lot of `cd .` moments in real lifeAfter years of noted e-voting security researcher @danwallach dressing up for Halloween as @iamjohnoliver, last nig… @tomkarlo Visit California, they're literally everywhere, find one at random and get to work @Wolfmann87 It's the reverse of BinaryWriter.Write(String), which I needed to decode Celest…
@_fuurei @mcmillen Genius @pheinberg Crossunder @mcmillen They're not critical yet. Just 3.6 Roentgen. Not good, not terrible.
@tomkarlo Happy (belated) birthday! May you too take a saw to a Teslawatching this Overwatch 2 reveal and I have literally never been so happy to see [REDACTED]
mfw maps claims my quickest route home involves both Storrow and the Fresh Pond rotaries @almuneefs Same game, different joke about itThis team is crafty @jessfromonline @unsatisfiedkitt image-searched [lambo at night] to replace the cop car but all I got were pictures of rekt lamborghinis :( @celeste_game if y'all at @exok_games are ever in the Boston area, hit us up for TowerFall @ the goog (every day at…'m not proud of this