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I can now officially confirm @KrakennIV is bigger than I thought he was and no I'm not talking about height 😉
@missykhwissy @reqkz @twk3D @doctortomdo23 LMAOOO @vcnusfps @birbysleepy @athxna Oatmilk tho >>> @KrakennIV ^ True ryan was there for me in my darkest times when we barely even knew each other, was always there f… @GeorgeCGed I dont think u could've made a more wrong tier list @neT_valorant @celinedimzon for tiktok @birbysleepy @vcnusfps @athxna But what about chips ahoy @birbysleepy @vcnusfps @athxna But then ur wasting cookies @birbysleepy @vcnusfps @athxna But then if they get too soggy then they'll fall apart @twk3D @reqkz @doctortomdo23 LMFAOOOThe ability to revert back to windows 10 @vcnusfps @athxna EXACTLY, SAME THING WITH CHIPS AHOY @88jyc Ur playing the wrong game if ur looking for consistency @birbysleepy @athxna LEAVE ME ALONE MAN @athxna THANK YOU they taste so good and don't get stuck in ur teeth$110 MILLION????? THE KNICKS ARE MAKING IT REALLY HARD TO BE A FAN OF THEM @athxna Here me out, stale oreos @ReDoFPS Actual menace to society @inaahxo Depends on how you want to play post plant tbh, usually what I do is smoke both sides of triple, then once…
@vcnusfps Me having the memory of a goldfish 👍 @venusisoffline @SadSept_ Good @missykhwissy They went private I can't even read it for the entertainment 😭 @venusisoffline @SadSept_ No stop stealing my boyfriend from me @karnthc @mleQT_ ... @mleQT_ But did u bring the sour keys too? @SadSept_ I'm sorry man :( @SadSept_ :( @SadSept_ WAIT HUH? @ysk1ng Isn't that why he's so op?
@vcnusfps W @KedinIsaacLopez Fair fair @autimaticTV @tarik Uve clearly never seen his God tier double satchels @nateschanker <3 @venusisoffline @SadSept_ Happy for my boy but gonna go cry rq @chubbychangos @415kiaraa Daniel... @WARDELL416 GAH DAMN @vcnusfps @PaigeAims ... @KedinIsaacLopez And sen hasn't signed u yet??? Wtf @PaigeAims @vcnusfps It's the sole reason she plays kj on icebox @vcnusfps Facs @G2_Toothbrush @JakeSucky My guy @vcnusfps I will always admit to the fact that I'm the fruitiest straight man you'll ever meet @vcnusfps LMAOOO @vcnusfps LMAOOOO AM I WRONG @G2_Toothbrush @JakeSucky That's it? @vcnusfps @SeptFPS Thanks @vcnusfps I mean u could play devils advocate and say that there's no way he'd make them in the first place 🤷‍♂️
@vcnusfps LMAOOO @vcnusfps ? U just said u only play kj @vcnusfps THIS IS WHY I YELL AT U @vcnusfps LMFAOOO @vcnusfps Dude the bots were killing me LMAOOOLawd have mercy Is on vacation Also me: I wonder what the ping is like @elixzr4 False, it actually means ur a pro @nateschanker I mean u were the mvp sooooo... @nateschanker Xset made masters saving the nate go kill strat, Copenhagens gonna be easy now that they won't have to hold u back 🥶 @WARDELL416 LMAOOO @SeptFPS Yes please @SeptFPS OO OO OO ME ME @RicardoisBad @nateschanker Don't disrespect the 6th man like that
@88jyc It's just cause it's the beginning of this act and the fact that a new rank was added, anyone below ascendan…
@Chapfan1 @GeorgeCGed It's most likely a buff cause he has a low winrate @togarashival @SeptFPS Do it :D @SeptFPS YEAH BABY @KrakennIV @riseeFPS check dms @KrakennIV @riseeFPS I have something similar @SeptFPS OO OO OO ME ME ME
@wontonners LMAOOO @Cloud9 @JamezIRL This also gives her two stars to play around as temporary smokes and allows her util to recharge @Cloud9 @JamezIRL Main gimmick Double Controller with an astra, with either brim or omen Bind: Yoru Chamber Astra B… @athxna @mleQT_ LMFAOOO @SeptFPS UR ACC BUILT DIFFERENT @athxna @mleQT_ BRUH AHAHAHAHAH @SeptFPS 10000000 @realmocking @verizonfios Shit was pissing me off last night @realmocking Happened to me at 12-11 man ;-; and my comms died when I got back, they ended up drawing @realmocking I think literally everything on east servers are dying, my internet sucks, val servers are killing com… duos? @Senine79 @HUYNH_CS @celinedimzon Mhm mhm @Senine79 @HUYNH_CS @celinedimzon Coaches shouldn't be carrying yo boosted ass LMAOOO @Senine79 @HUYNH_CS @celinedimzon Smh aneesh, using her for clout @TrickAIM Ascendant 1, but ur gonna have high hidden mmr, so gonna be much easier to rank up (or so they say) @wontonners @HUYNH_CS @celinedimzon Fr, riot really said give the others a chance @HUYNH_CS @celinedimzon @celinedimzon u should start a metafy @HUYNH_CS Not tagging @celinedimzon cause she's radiant, but the only reason she hasn't come for every pros job yet is cause she feels badHey everyone! I've gotten a few requests for coaching, so I finally made a metafy:). To start, we are doing a givea…
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@Ryannimals I have gotten 4 of my 4 placements trolled @SeptFPS @vcnusfps Gotchu @vcnusfps @SeptFPS Fan new weekend this buy @vcnusfps Found @sieb3n @ValorantUpdated Man ;-; that means two more weeks of playing fracture more often @ValorantUpdated Does split get removed after the two weeks? @OliveSalad02 <3 @Instxnctxz I'd do it, but I wouldn't be able to break ur heart🥲 @Guiiimond <3
@Nadeshot @HaleyHey_ WOOOO CONGRATS @followdunc Fr insane @celinedimzon L