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“In America, first you get the sugar then you get the power, then you get the women”

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@XThreeee AEW:
Escorting the dog outside in the cold 🙃 Reece James was meant to be good?Bayern will keep scoring until Hoddle pronounces “Bayern” rightThese players are going to kill me @Firtinho They’re fine imo @GraceOnFootball Unless it’s a tactic @iresimpsonsfans Will not stand for this rich tea slander @Green_Scouser If we don’t win the league because of thisHe really wants out @Sabah07 You’ve only just recovered?🔞 Longest winning streaks in top flight league football in England: 1️⃣8️⃣ Manchester City 1️⃣7️⃣ Liverpool…
Retweeted by David @Nico_OMorales journalists trying to write something positive about Keita
#DisneyPlusUK being pushed as a promoted topic on Twitter but they won’t confirm if the Simpsons will be on there o…
Retweeted by DavidE4Cès on s'étonne de la série sans défaites alors que ça fait des bails d'incantation nan c'est bon c'est trop là ç…
Retweeted by DavidThis MNF segment is good1992/93 1993/94 1994/95 1995/96 1996/97 1997/98 1998/99 1999/00 2000/01 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2006/07 2007/08 200…
Retweeted by Davidrat the teams back then were so shit you only needed 79 points to win the league, even Leicester got more said: Scouse not English it, run from it, the reds arrive all the same.The stink eye from Sadio then3rd CB, this has never worked JuergenShieeeetShit he’s offDADIOWas worried about VARSAD I OHahahahahahaTake bobby offHas Trent completed a single pass that wasn’t a set piecePatheticFuck offFfs FirminoWe thought Klopp beat the January curse but he merely delayed itWe’re really banking on City not picking up 22 more pointsRemember when we were goodThis is bad yoThe shite January has been delayed to February 😭😭😭 @NathanAClark Would Rose/Nagelsmann been available? Like 3 months into their first season at a clubGomez wake up @Sabah07 All because stats nerds started talking about our recordShit thatTrent does that a lot and I wish he would stopNabySZN baybay @rossthecfc and ain't nobody getting him @Danielprice92 @ThatRexGuy think playing in the bundesliga is better than the championship @GraceOnFootball Crazy how only the record signing happenedThis is...Wow way fandom immediately sprung into existence with the XFL is mad
@inihelene @Shannxo i hate this gamePeople more freaked out about higher taxes than caging children are kind of telling you all you need to know about them.
Retweeted by DavidAlberto Moreno slander @Shannxo I worry that we won't be able to break them down @JuzaShannon Calvert-Lewin only had the one celebrationBeen a great day for celebrationsOh Everton @GraceOnFootball If only he was on his knees begging for a specific club to sign himThis is akin to people hoarding food during a famine. 10,000 people are categorised as homeless & people are dyin…
Retweeted by David @gemmaxo__ as per @RossOnRasslin #HackTheoryreshare if you hate the united states of america
Retweeted by David
After years of “They’re both as bad as each other, I can’t support either” the centre are now angry at Corbyn for l…
Retweeted by DavidRemember when Mourinho was giving assists to ball boyswith his LIJ brothers backing him, Bernie is going to win. #Bernie
Retweeted by DavidOh baby it’s beginning #NevadaCaucus
Retweeted by David @Sabah07 Nothing will match Fekir’s friendTimo Werner is getting dangerously close to Piotr Zielinski/Nabil Fekir levels of “This Thing’s Done But Not Actual…
Retweeted by DavidPodcast about a film spends the first 10 minutes discussing the Athletic and journalism, they are well and truly ba… wants it @LFC not putting 4 past LeicesterIf a ref uses VAR to make the wrong call THAT. IS. NOT. THE. FAULT. OF. VAR.
Retweeted by David @JuzaShannon They’ve got nothing to lose at this point, should do it for the cultureHahahaha give the pens to Ederson you coward @GraceOnFootball This is a playoff for the 2014 league titleFuck off Vardy @mostlyinane @GraceOnFootball Purely based on the order the names appear, Bernardo @Nico_OMorales Would be niceWtf were the Tottenham players doing thereRefs are trying their hardest to fuck up VAR to make fans hate it so they can put an end to calls for it theory int…
Retweeted by DavidI beg Lo Celso scores an equaliserIt’s amazing how bad English refs are @_jackhy go live to Frank Lampard as he sees Giroud score
@Jon_Mackenzie they've all signed NDA'sMan who plays for a team that's literally just been done for cheating, is mad their achievements hasn't gotten resp… was a part of the Nike deal, just so he can model the gear
Retweeted by DavidThere was talk that Adrian might leave a while ago, if he does Karius would be fine as back up @JuzaShannon Live in fear of an official‘Scouse Samurai’ shirt @Tokyo_Silk2 The not so fresh prince
@docklanders If the Sheffield job is available maybe you could go back and finish where the save started like in the Millwall saveRyan Babel is a SAVAGE! Alan Nyom starts rolling around on the floor, Babel starts imitating him and then mocks hi…
Retweeted by DavidHahahaha BabelFrom @thetomkinstimes ...& yes, it works.
Retweeted by DavidLiverpool stay winning